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Edgar Figaro

The young king of Figaro, and quite the ladies' man. He is skilled with both swords and machinery.

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a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, originally authored by HeroOfAwesomeness, as played by JewelGlutton



(Credit for this artwork goes to Square Enix / Final Fantasy VI.)

Name: Edgar Roni Figaro

Race: Hume.
Class: Romantic Machinist.
Age: 27.
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 169 lbs.
Build: Athletic.

Edgar's default appearance is based on his Amano artwork. He wears dark blue clothing with gold and red decorations, along with a light blue cape and armor, a red and purple sash, and white and gold shoes.

Possible Assists: Locke, Terra, Firion, Maria, etc.


Edgar is very much a ladies' man. From the minute he is introduced in FF6, he constantly tries to hit on to Terra, to no avail. He also flirts with Celes upon meeting her, and even shows interest in Relm until he learns she is only ten years old. Several other NPCs, particularly in Figaro, note that Edgar is a flirt. This has been a target for many jokes in the game from many characters, mostly from Locke, while his twin brother Sabin refers to his behavior towards women like an "old bad habit". Despite his constant girl-chasing, Edgar is a king first, and puts his responsibilities as ruler as his top priority.

Likes: Women in general. Though, he understands that his responsibility as a king is more important.
Dislikes: Lectures, and people who give them.
Hobbies: Flirting, and tinkering with machinery.
Relationship Status: Currently single. Though, he flirts a lot.

Crystal: Double-Headed Coin.

Manikin: Phantasmal Romantic.

Victory Pose: Spins his Auto-Crossbow a few times and then puts it away, and sticks his sword into the ground, posing the same way as his description pic.


Weapon: Regal Sword.

Alternate Outfits:

"Gerad": Edgar's first alternate outfit is based on his Amano artwork, as well as his sprite while he is under the alias 'Gerad'. In this outfit he has a dark blue, brown, and black color scheme to his armor.

"Oasis Armor": Edgar's second alternate outfit is based on his super-deformed artwork and in-game appearance from FF6. This outfit gives him a blue and green cape, a white sash, and green boots.

Bravery Attacks:

Noise Blaster{Ground}: Causes a sonic wave, damaging the opponent's Bravery slightly. Picture Link.

Bio Blaster{Aerial}: Fires a spread of poisonous gas at the opponent, dealing gradual damage to their Bravery while they're in the poison vapor. Picture Link.

Flash{Ground}: Causes a blinding light which deals medium damage to the opponent's Bravery. Picture Link.

Debilitator{Ground/Aerial}: Drains some of the opponent's Bravery and gives it to Edgar. Picture Link.

HP Attacks:

Auto Crossbow{Aerial}: Fires at the opponent with the Auto Crossbow. Picture Link.

Drill{Ground}: Attacks the opponent with a Drill. Picture Link.

Chainsaw{Aerial}: Attacks the opponent with a Chainsaw. Picture Link.

Jump{Aerial}: EX Mode only. Uses the ability of the Dragoon Boots to perform the Jump command.

King's Sword{Ground/Aerial}: A simple attack with his sword, dealing little damage.

Air Anchor{Ground / Aerial}: Shoots an anchor at the enemy that acts as a motion-sensor bomb. It deals HP damage when it explodes. Picture Link.

EX Mode{Equip Relics}: Gives him the abilities "Knight's Code" and "Dragoon Boots". Knight's Code reduces the Bravery damage he takes, and Dragoon Boots increase his attack speed and allows him to use Jump.

EX Burst{Royal Shock}: Performs a combo with all of his tools, then finishes it off with his Desperation Attack from FF6 causing a beam of light to rise up from underneath the opponent.


Summoned as a Warrior of Cosmos, he joins the fight against the Warriors of Chaos. He is the king of Figaro, and brother of Sabin. Other than that, know his story if you've played FF6. If you haven't played Final Fantasy VI, then you can look him up on the FFwiki.

World: World of Balance.
Place of Birth: Figaro Castle.
Birthday: August 16.
Parents: Stewart Remy Figaro, and Crystale. (Deceased.)

Character Theme: "Coin Song". (Final Fantasy VI.)

Battle Theme: "Save Them!". (Final Fantasy VI.)

Battle Vs. Rival: "The Fierce Battle". (Final Fantasy VI.)

So begins...

Edgar Figaro's Story