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Locke Cole (FF6)

A wandering Treasure Hunter and member of the Returners. He uses accessories called Relics to deliver various attacks.

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a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, as played by HeroOfAwesomeness



(Character is copyright of Square Enix / Final Fantasy VI. This artwork is credit to "isaiahjordan" of DeviantArt.)

Name: Locke Cole

Race: Hume.
Class: Treasure Hunter.
Age: 25.
Hair Color: Light brown. (It's silver in his 2nd alt.)
Eye Color: Hazel.
Blood Type: O−.
Height: 5' 9”.
Weight: 147 lbs.
Build: Slender and agile.

Possible Assists: Edgar and Terra, possibly other Warriors of Cosmos too.


Locke is first introduced as something of a ladies man (though not to the degree of Edgar), and he puts his life on the line to save Terra, a girl he barely knows. It is revealed, however, he has vowed himself to protect any woman after the loss of his love and fiancée, Rachel. Locke continues to feel guilty over Rachel's death, believing her amnesia and death both to be his fault, sparking his continual search for a way to revive her to right his wrongs. Though he does not directly tell her, Celes reminds him of Rachel, which is one of the primary motivations for Locke falling for her during the course of the game. Locke is also shown to be a brave and caring man, and somewhat enjoys jokes, making many of them throughout FF6 about Edgar's flirtatious nature.

Likes: Adventure, and napping in fields.
Dislikes: Goodbyes, and mushrooms.
Hobbies: Treasure hunting, and collecting maps.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Celes Chere.

Crystal: Phoenix Magicite.

Manikin: Phantasmal Rogue.

Victory Pose: Twirls his dagger around and then holds it in front of him like in this artwork. If he's in EX Mode, then he twirls two daggers and holds them in front of him with his arms crossed.


Weapon: Thief's Knife.

Alternate Outfits:

Locke's default appearance in this RP is based on his Amano artwork, giving him a black vest worn over a white shirt with yellow and purple circle patterns, along with black pants and white and purple shoes. In addition, he also wears a colorful, multi-layered bandanna. See "Description" pic for further detail.


“Classy Collector”: Based on an alternate Amano artwork. In this alt, he wears a somewhat brighter vest over a low-cut V-neck with a zebra pattern, along with brown pants and black metal-tipped boots. In addition, he also wears a multi-layered bandanna that consists of a burgundy cloth over a zebra pattern cloth.

“Azure Adventurer”: Based on his SD Art and FF6 in-game sprite appearance. In this alt, he wears a blue vest over a plain, white shirt, along with blue pants. He also wears a solid blue headband, along with brown gloves and brown boots.

Bravery Attacks

Dragon Horn{Aerial}: Locke dashes towards the foe and slashes once with his dagger.

Offering{Aerial}: A fast attack that deals four cutting dagger blows.

Hermes Sandals{Aerial}: A fast, single swipe of low damage and tiny range.

Zephyr Cape{Aerial}: Locke dodges behind the foe, then twirls forward in a slashing dagger attack. Can activate Sneak Attack.

Dragoon Boots{Ground}: Locke jumps above the foe, then brings his dagger downwards in a stabbing motion.

Gauntlet{Ground}: Locke wields his knife like a sword in a mighty slash with some starting lag.

Gem Box{Ground}: A mid-range magic attack that consists of a Fire projectile with strong tracking, followed by a line of Thunder.

Guard Ring{Ground/Aerial}: Locke guards, then unleashes a fatal slashing attack.

Sniper Sight{Ground/Aerial}: Locke hurls a boomerang that slowly picks up speed as it curves towards the foe with strong tracking. If the boomerang hits the foe, they are stunned whilst being hit, potentially leading into combos. In EX Mode, Locke will throw a second boomerang after the first has already been thrown. Deflectable.

Steal{Ground/Aerial}: A quick, high priority dashing attack with decent range - it will guard stagger, but deals no damage. Instead, it attempts to steal a small portion of the foe's EX Gauge. Deals damage in EX Mode.

HP Attacks

Paladin Shield{Ground}: Locke guards with the Paladin Shield, a medium priority block akin to Jecht Block, only defeated by attacks with guard crush; if he guards successfully, he will dash forwards and counter with a slashing dagger blow, dealing HP damage. The dagger attack is only of medium range, and will often not connect against longer range attacks.

Ragnarok{Ground}: Locke slowly lifts the Ragnarok above his head, then slams it downwards, creating a small explosion. Locke's slowest attack.

Lightbringer{Aerial}: Locke lifts the Lightbringer and plunges downwards, slicing a white projectile in the air that travels towards the foe with some tracking. Either the slashing attack or the projectile will deal HP damage.

Valiant Knife{Aerial}: Locke withdraws the Valiant Knife, then dashes towards the foe in a series of slashing attacks. Deals heavy bravery damage, but is Locke's slowest attack on start-up next to Ragnarok.

Moonring Blade{Ground/Aerial}: Throws a disc-like projectile weapon at the enemy that hits them and then boomerangs back to Locke, hitting the opponent again on the way back. The second hit deals HP damage.

EX Mode{Hoard of Relics}: Locke equips three relics to enhance his attacks and statistics. The relics become visibly equipped and slightly alter his outfit.

“Genji Glove”: Physical attacks involve twice the amount of hits. Equips two daggers, similar to OK's Ninja form. Throws two Boomerangs in succession during Boomerang attacks.

“Sprint Shoes”: Running speed is increased. Makes his shoes have wing-like decorations.

“Brigand's Glove”: Steal becomes Mug, causing it to deal bravery damage.

EX Burst{Mirage Dive}: Locke charges up similar to Terra's EX Burst, and then leaps at the enemy followed by a trail of afterimages of himself. The illusions of Locke deal damage as well, resulting in a total of four hits. The fourth hit deals HP damage.


In his youth, Locke used to travel with his father, who was a treasure hunter. Eventually his father died and people in Kohlingen started treating Locke like a common thief. Rachel was the only person who did not consider him as such, and they fell in love, but her father did not like him still. In an attempt at proving himself to Rachel's father, Locke went exploring a dangerous cave with Rachel. However, a bridge crumbled under Locke, and Rachel, out of love and devotion, rushed to save him. As a result, Rachel fell to her near death. Locke rescued her and took her home. He succeeded in nursing Rachel back to health, but she developed a case of amnesia. Blaming Locke for her condition, Rachel's father threw him out of their house; Rachel agreed, because she had lost her memory. The fallout from these events caused the village to turn against Locke, who then left Kohlingen. Locke felt guilty for Rachel's loss of memory, and he tried to redeem himself by protecting every female he came across. One day, Kohlingen was destroyed in an Imperial attack, and Rachel died, but not before she recovered her memory and declared her love for Locke. As a result, Locke joined the Returners and began to help the resistance against the Empire.

World: World of Balance.
Hometown: Kohlingen.
Birthday: November 24.
Parents: Unknown. (Deceased.)

Character Theme: “Forever Rachel”. (Final Fantasy VI OST.)

Battle Theme: “Locke's Theme”. (Final Fantasy VI OST.)

Battle Vs. Rival: “Decisive Battle”. (Final Fantasy VI OST.)

So begins...

Locke Cole (FF6)'s Story

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Locke Cole (FF6) arrived inside a tower-like castle. There seemed to be several large yellow gears along the floor and walls, as well as a spiral stairway above a seemingly bottomless pit. "Well, I hope that map was right. I didn't come to a gloomy old place like this for nothing." he thought out loud.

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Locke Cole (FF6) looked up at Cloud who was standing on the spiraling ramp. "What do you mean? I'm pretty sure I got here the same way you did." he replied to the blonde spikey-haired swordsman.

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Locke Cole (FF6) shrugged, and took out his dagger. "So, you're one of Chaos's goons are you? Then I suppose you're here to get in our way, huh?" he said to Lillith.

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"Make that two against one. It doesn't seem right to me...fighting a woman." the brown-haired rogue said, putting his dagger away. He decided to let Cloud and Roxas deal with Lillith.