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Paladin Cecil (FF4)

A kind-hearted knight wielding both the powers of light and darkness, he prizes the bonds with his allies that at times are the cause of his doubts.

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a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, as played by HeroOfAwesomeness



(Credit for this artwork goes to Square Enix / Dissidia.)

Name: Cecil Harvey

Race: Hume. (Half-Lunarian.)
Class: Split Soul
Age: 21.
Height: 5' 10".
Weight: 128 lbs.
Build: Handsome, and well-muscled.

Possible Assists: Kain, Rosa, Ceodore, and other Warriors of Cosmos.


A warrior of Cosmos, he relies on experience as both a Dark Knight and a Paladin, and may freely switch between either during battle. He deals with his feelings for Golbez, torn between fighting him as an enemy and trusting him as a brother. He appears to be insecure regarding the way to obtain the crystals and facing his opposing villain, Golbez. Much like in Final Fantasy IV, he cherishes his bonds with his companions, and believes that working together is the only way to succeed. Cecil's relationship with Golbez also deepens throughout the story. Cecil is respectful of Golbez, listening to his advice and believing in his inner goodness, while often asking him to join the Warriors of Cosmos.

Likes: His friends and allies, and Rosa. He also trusts Golbez.
Dislikes: Injustice, wrongdoing, and the thought of having to fight his brother.
Sexuality: Straight.
Relationship Status: He's with Rosa.

Crystal: Lunarian Crystal.

Manikin: Delusory Knight.

Victory Pose: The same as his Dissidia and Dissidia 012 victory pose.


Weapon: Paladin Lance.

Alternate Outfits:


"Knight of the Red Moon": Cecil's first alternate outfit recolors his armor to reflect a supplemental drawing by Amano. His Dark Knight armor is a lighter black with red accents, and his Paladin vestiges have silver and red highlights with an orange cape. To keep in-line with the color scheme, his dark swords are a black red, while his Paladin swords are silver-blue.


"Knight of the Silver Moon": Cecil's second alternate outfit is his appearance from the opening FMV of Final Fantasy IV's DS remake. His Dark Knight form dons a different helmet with dark gray armor adorned in red and silver highlights. Cecil's hair as a Paladin is straight combed, whereas his armor has more silver accents and a different cape. Both forms have different shoulder plates and symmetrical spikes. His swords reflect the new color scheme, while his EX Mode weapons take on their designs from the remake's opening FMV.


"Knight of the Twin Moon": based on Cecil's super-deformed designs, while incorporating aspects from his Final Fantasy IV sprites. When a Dark Knight, he has a more streamlined suit of dark blue armor, and his helmet has a red gem on the forehead and exposes his mouth. His Paladin form wears gold and blue armor and has a white cape with a red lining. His hair is purple, shorter and spiked, he wears a gold headpiece, and has green eyes instead of purple. His swords are recolored to reflect the color scheme of his armor, and his EX Mode weapons are based on the SD art.

EX Mode{Job Augment}: He gains the Deathbringer as a Dark Knight, and the Mythgraven Blade while a Paladin. Cecil gains "Inner Strength" and "Proteus" abilities. Inner Strength boosts Bravery damage Cecil does by 1.5 times, while Proteus allows him to change forms without attacking.

EX Burst{Soul Shift}: Performs a combo in which he switches back and forth between Paladin and Dark Knight. If it connects, the final blow ends with him shifting to Paladin and forming a cross by slashing through the opponent. Video Link.


A knight of Baron, who once served as Captain of the Red Wings. However, he was stripped of his title and command when he questioned the king's actions. He was sent to deliver a Carnelian Signet to the Village of Mist, and upon opening it he found that it was a trap to summon Bomb monsters. Unable to prevent the town from going down in flames, he and Kain encountered a young girl named Rydia who was living in the village. She summoned Titan and caused an earthquake, separating Cecil and Kain. You know the story if you've played FF4. Here however, he has been summoned as a Warrior of Cosmos to fight against the forces of Chaos.

World: Blue Planet.
Hometown: Baron.
Parents: Kluya, and Cecilia Harvey. (Deceased.)
Alliance: Warriors of Cosmos.

Character Theme: "FFIV Main Theme~Arranged". {Dissidia Final Fantasy.}

Battle Theme: "Battle 1~Battle Theme". {Final Fantasy IV.}

Battle Vs. Rival: "FFIV Battle 2~Arranged". {Dissidia Final Fantasy.}

So begins...

Paladin Cecil (FF4)'s Story