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Rinoa Heartilly

A member of the Timber Owls, who later joined SeeD. She has the innate power of a sorceress, and wields a disc-like projectile weapon.

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a character in “Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story”, as played by Hydrokinesis


(Credit To Square Enix - Final Fantasy VIII)
Name: Rinoa Heartilly
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Class: Sourcress
Age: 17
Weight: 140 lbs
Build: Avarage
Relationships: Was with Seifer Alsmay though is now with Squall Lionheart


A very compassionate and friendly person with flare, but at times is stubborn and naieve. Even though she was born into a well-to-do family and her father being an important figure for the Galbadia Military she isn't spoild or selfish, and is instead worried about the world around her. She fights for equality and freedom, and this is shown by her bravery and not being afraid of a fight.
Likes: Dogs, Freedom, Spending time with Squall
Dislikes: Sulking from anyone, Seeing her friends hurt, Bullies
Hobbies: Teasing Squall


Weapon: Blaster Edge
EX Burst Angel Wing: The weapon 'Shooting Star' is equipted. The damage of her magic casting is boosted by five times, she can chain cast five spells together which are - Firaga, Blizzarga, Thundaga, Waterga, Demi.
Alternate Costumes:
Alternate 1
Alternate 2


Rinoa rebelled against her father, an important figure in the Galbadia military, after her mother, a singer-idol, died in an accident. She joined the Freedom Owls, a freedom fighter group. She had had a romantic relationship with Seifer Alsmay before she met Squall Lionheart, whom she had meet at a party at the Balamb Garden. She and a select group, which Squall was a part of, were sent to assasinate Edea. Upon learning that Edea was possessed by a witch from the future Ultimecia, Rinoa is soon after possessed by the witch herself. Ultimecia had attempted to use her to unlock Adel's tomb, after this she left Rinoa to die in space. However she was rescued by Squall. After all of this she was awakened and recognized by the government as a sourcress.
Center Character Theme: "Eyes On Me" variation of "Waltz for the Moon"
Battle Theme: "My Mind"

So begins...

Rinoa Heartilly's Story