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Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story

Ultimecia Castle


a part of Dissidia Gaiden: Two Sides To Every Story, by HeroOfAwesomeness.

The Clock Tower arena is the representative arena of Final Fantasy VIII in "Dissidia Final Fantasy" under the name Ultimecia's Castle.

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"The arena features a large open central area with four tall pillars in the corners and a spiral wooden platform with railings. The wooden platforms are destructible, and also break if a character stands on them too long. The side of the area has a long alcove lined with gears, and the top has a small balcony that can be destroyed if a character is knocked into it. This stage is notably the only one to have a banish trap set in the ceiling as well as in the ground."
(As stated in the wiki.)
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Ultimecia Castle

The Clock Tower arena is the representative arena of Final Fantasy VIII in "Dissidia Final Fantasy" under the name Ultimecia's Castle.


Ultimecia Castle is a part of Ancient Volcano Ring~Gulug.

6 Characters Here

Lillith Nevarre [9] A young former scientest from Midgar, she seems to enjoy testing her opponents.
Roxas [6] Sora's Nobody who resulted when Sora became a Heartless for a brief period, he wields two Keyblades rather then one, though skillfully.
Cloud Strife [5] A 23-year-old former SOLDIER that became a delivery boy.
Locke Cole (FF6) [4] A wandering Treasure Hunter and member of the Returners. He uses accessories called Relics to deliver various attacks.
Xemnas [2] So... it seems your hearts have led you to obliteration. Perhaps it doesn't pay to be too loyal to one's heart. I will have to be sure and remember that.
Ba'Gamnan [0] "The whole affair has the smell of money. I may have to whet my beak a little."

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Lillith Nevarre heaved a sigh of relief, pulling her hammer over her shoulder. "Yes. Please. ", she stated, glaring at Xemnas.

The Nobody simply shrugged, ready to fight.