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Zero "Alpha" Okami

I just want to be left alone to sleep.

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a character in “Dissonance”, as played by kylewolfblade




This world could be peaceful if there was no war or no fighting, But I'll get back to you after a nap.


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Image♔ Full Name ♔: Zero Okami

♔ Rank ♔:Alpha

♔ Age ♔: Looks 17  

♔ Gender ♔: Male

♔ Faction ♔: The Order

♔ Sexuality ♔: Heterosexual

♔ Nationality and Place of Origin ♔: Unknown

♔ Physical Description/Clothing Preference ♔:Zero has fluffy ghost white/silver hair, with heterochromia eyes, his right eye is green while his left with a dark red. Porcelain-white skin and usually wears a black sleeveless shirt with a black hood, zipper down the middle, and a red cross in the front. In addition, he wears a pair of black combat pants with a black belt and black combat boots. Alexander wears black gloves with red trim, has his left ear pierced. and a large scar on the left side of his face shaped like an inverted Eastern Cross.

♔ Personality ♔: Although he often appears dimwitted, Zero is actually highly intelligent and clever, and can easily fool any one with his appearance. Despite his generally positive nature, he angers easily when awakened from slumber (which is usually sleeps all the time unless a job as to be down.) and since his bloodtype is AB, most of the allies believe that he has a split personality (i.e. Dark/Nice Zero).

As one of the leader of the order, Zero refers to his fellow allies using the "-chan" honorific. He also serves as a mentor-figure for the order. However, he does not believe in babying people, and not even Gamma who is also a leader of the order, typically does not offer his advice unless he is approached first. He harbors an insatiable appetite, as if he is found awake it would have some kind of food or snack with him.
Zero is born under the star sign of Pisces, the Fishes. The positive traits of this sign are imagination, kindness, compassion, intuition, sensitivity and selflessness; the negative traits being escapism, idealism, a weak will, over-sensitivity, pessimism and indolence. Since he is born on the 29th of February, leap-day, Zero is considered a "leapling" and only celebrates his actual birthday once every four years, giving these qualities a lesser influence on his personality. Even at his age Zero has Eidetic Memory, also known as perfect memory. Eidetic memory is an ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in memory with high precision for a few minutes

♔ Special Talent ♔:bottomless pit apatite (also known as his stomach),
able to sleep for days straight, 

♔ Arcane/Physical Powers ♔ :Electricity charge - Zero is able to turn his own magic into electricity. With this he able to do Kanmuru (also known as god speed). With his hair, hands and feet changed into electric type aura, Zero's Kanmuru ability allows him to react and move his body at speeds that would normally be impossible. This ability changes Zero's magic into a field capable of transmitting all electrical impulses from his brain in a straight line directly to the part of the body he wants to use, completely bypassing his nervous system. It is made up of two parts: Speed of Lightning, the ability to move his body according to his own will, used to travel long distances at high speed, and Whirlwind), the ability to sense his opponents movements and have his body react automatically, which he uses to evade enemy attacks with flawless speed and timing. Kanmuru can only be used for a short amount (about 30 min. or less depending on the state of health Zero is in.) of time before needing to be recharged.

♔ Primary Weapons ♔: Ryūketsu no kama - Also known as bloody scythe. This scythe is made and forged by the welders own blood. The scythe starts off as a small peace of demon steel. the wielder will grab the peace of demon steel and wait for the steel to absorb the blood and grow to form a shape that fits the wielder. The dangers thing about the scythe is that it shall draw a lot of blood all at once, Enough blood to kill the wielder at that point. Zero heard the legend of the scythe and set off to find it. After finding the scythe Zero grabbed the demon steel and at once he felt the demon steel starting to absorb his blood at a fast pace. The scythe then was starting to form. After the scythe has taken its full form to fit the shape that fitted Zero, he was still standing and wieling the scythe in his hands.

Ryūketsu no kama shares the same bottomless pit of hungry as Zero, but Ryūketsu no kama hunger for blood. A single cut from Ryūketsu no kama will mean death, as Ryūketsu no kama will drain the blood of Zero's enemies from that single cut. If Ryūketsu no kama shall be damaged in battle, it can heal it self by absorbing the blood of the fallen enemies or it can drain Zero blood to heal it self.

Image♔ Likes ♔: Naps, sleeping (like a lot!), and food, and some times fighting
♔ Dislikes ♔:being woken up from his nap, being defeated, and minor being told what to do

♔ Talents ♔: Sleeping, Eidetic Memory, can indore a lot of pain

♔ Flaws ♔: Gets lazy fast due to wanting to sleep

♔ Fears ♔:Not being able to get another nice good nap

♔ Secrets ♔: His history of who he is

Image♔Bio ♔: Zero past is a mystery to the people of the order. It has been about 5 years since Zero showed up and rose though the ranks to make it to leader. The main reason Zero has claimed the title Alpha one of the leaders of the order was due to his strength. Every one wonders what Zero true age was, but when ask Zero just says, "It's a s-e-c-e-r-t," Smiles and then changes the subject. Even due to all his sleeping and eating, Zero kepted up with his role as leader and is known to be one of the best along side Gamma of course.

♔ Other ♔: Zero can easily be won over by someone offering food or sweets to him

So begins...

Zero "Alpha" Okami's Story


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September 21st, 2123; Shinjuku Prefecture, Japan

A radio hummed over the discordant rain. A recent incident in the Shinjuku Prefecture was reported. A 23 year old young male, Kaneki Hatake has been reported missing and presumably dead. Shortly a few days later, it was reported that the victim's clothes were reported spotted in the Aichi-Nagoya Prefecture, bloodstained. The culprit's identity remains a mystery. Serah switched off the bloody radio that she was holding as she smiled curtly and threw it on the floor, staying under the cover of the building roof above her. She parted her dress as she sighed deeply.

"What's all this ruckus over a silly meal? He wasn't even that delicious to begin with.", she said in a low tone. She sighed as the downpour became thunderous and ominous even. She was not the type to walk in the rain. She was too refined to do such a thing. And then again, there she was. Her insatiable hunger was the sole reason she was here. Food. To eat or be eaten, was her profound motto. She looked towards the side of the building where there were a few kids playing with marbles in the rain.

Delicious appetizers, she thought. She licked her pink lips voraciously as she stepped faintly towards them. Just a little snack then., she said to herself.

She ran towards them and turned her head, giving the kids a reassuring look. As much as she loved strolling around in the afternoon, this must have seemed pointless to her. Although earlier she said she wanted to show up in the kingdom and take leadership, there were no promising results from living in human territory for so long. The old stone path in front of kids was barely visible, and huge trees obstructed the sky, creating an inky black veil around them, misty with the damp trail of droplets cascading against the floor. There was nothing attractive about playing in the rain, so why would they be here? Despite her probable doubts, she still trailed close to him, making sure she didn't lose sight of them.

As soon she approached the kid, she had realized her fatal mistake. She slowly turned the left kid's shoulder, since they were facing their backs towards them as she realized that this was a mannequin.

I've been duped.

Shortly after she had realized, a ticking sound ticked a few times and then stopped with a click, creating a series of explosions, each 20 feet in diameter. Serah promptly got up as she laughed scornfully, her clothes tattered and torn in various places.

The Order sends it regards I see.

The dust settled as the rain cleared the debris out of the way. There were about 10, maybe 15 Order soldiers and 5 Soul Templars providing secondary support in the background in a circle.

She laughed maniacally, as her eyes turned into a pitch black vampirism state. "Do you think that is enough to kill ME?", she asked with a conceited air about her. Suddenly as she said that, her desire to finish things and escape quickly before others were on her trail came to mind. She pounced at the Guard and Templar nearest to her and pierced through their flesh as if it was scissors to paper, slicing finely through bone and organs alike simultaneously. And just like that, they collapsed to the ground. She jumped to the nearest power line tower and made her exit as the humans attempted to chase her down. Unfortunately for them, the rain had veiled her escape.

Serah hopped from post to post as she exited human territory, licking her hand until it was clean of blood. Damn, I've caused a ruckus. Now the Order and the Templars will be after me. She took one last leap as she exited the human territory, shrouded in the mist.

OOC: Your posts can follow Serah and the murder case if you are in The Order/Soul Templars. The replies can be free form in this world as long as it ends up tying to this fight.


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Zero was running along the side of the building, to an area where a group of his men and some of the soul Templars are planning to ambush the vampire queen. It was raining pretty hard now and Zero's hood was the only thing keeping the rain out of his eyes at this point. The only thing Zero could think of though was, 'Those BAKAS!!!!! There gonna get themselves killed! Need to hurry!' He ran faster watching the serener pass by him in a blur. As he got close to the area where it was to happen, He climbed the nearest and tallest building, then looked down at the area to see a sight he feared would happen. The queen killed one of his men and a soul templar easily and then ran off. He clenched his teeth together , as Zero was about to run after her. He stopped himself, because he knew that wasn't the right choice. He had to make sure everyone else was okay and then punish his men for following a order that was not given by himself or Gamma. Zero took a deep breath before sighing heavily. He then jumped down off the building and walks over to the dead bodies.

As he was walking over he could hear whispers, 'Shit dude, its Alpha!' 'Shh, don't let him hear you.' Zero then stood up after examining the bodies. He sighed more as he then faces everyone standing around waiting for him to say something. He looks around as he then speaks to everyone in a strong voice.

"I want all my men from the order to head back to base and be waiting for their punishment!'

He then turns to the Soul Templar. "I suggest you guys head back your base also!" Zero then looked toward one of his men before they left. "Make sure Mike-chan gets to rest in peace in his grave." The men nodded as he went to follow that order. Zero then was able to relax a little as he then gave a yawn. But he knew his job wasn't done. He then turned and started to follow the path to the Soul Templars HQ. Before he was able to arrive at the scene, Zero was asleep in office before he was interrupted by other person giving him details of the plan that some of the Mercenaries were going to go on with some Soul Templars. His rage from being woken up grew more after hearing this and he rushed off to the scene before something bad would happen. But he was to late, so now he was gonna go and make a complaint to the group that got his men killed in the first place.

After about a hour or so of walking, Zero had made it to the Soul Templar HQ. He took a deep breath before entering the building and walked into the middle of the main office building before he was confronted by two soldiers. The soldiers looked down at Zero as they began to tell him, 'Hey boy, you shouldn't be here. This place isn't for kids.' Zero eyes narrowed as he figured these soldiers are probably new not to know who he was. He took a deep breath and then shouted. "Ace!! Blackjack!! I know your here. I have to talk you!!!!" He tried to ignore the two soldiers and walk past them, but the two soldiers grabbed his arms and tried to hold him back. Zero was still pissed due to being woken up earlier and he was about to kill these two for just getting him more annoyed.


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September 21st, 2123; 11:24 PM; Forest Outskirts of Busan, South Korea

Serah had just finished travelling across 963 kilometers of water and land to get back to one of her main hideouts. She was not surprised as she was used to travelling almost every day.

Dam, pesky humans., she hissed as she entered a middle aged chateau of some sorts. She walked in a orderly fashioned towards the steps of the front porch. They sighed in unison as her dainty feet approached each step, creaking as if making a symphony out of ancient oak wood. She traversed the porch carefully and twisted the front door knob. She pushed the door open and poked her head in to see if the coast was clear. After all, some pesky agents might have followed her to Busan across the ocean. Then again, how much of a bounty was really on her head? No doubt, a big one after the fuss she had made after almost a decade of radio silence. She enjoyed her meal though.

Human blood. Nothing satisfied her more.

A slight hum came from the room as 2 vampiric maids hustled out of the room and undressed Serah, and put on new clothes for their master.
"Anything else I can do for you, milady?"

"Please give me some food in stock. I'm still hungry, my dear.", she smirked as she laid back in a reclining chair, awaiting for her subjects to pick her up and relocate her to the kingdom. She sensed a speck the size of a small gumdrop unusually attached on her thigh.
A tracker. Shit she hissed.
"Luna, call the elders and tell them to delay their plans to fetch me. Looks like I'll have some fun visitors coming around.", she smiled as she licked her lips.

OOC: Please continue posting as Ghost Glow has not posted yet.! Happy New Years Eve.


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Just as Sora lowered his head and was about to accept whatever punishment Blackjack would dish out, a soldier quickly and unceremoniously opened the door. She rushed in and spoke quietly into the General's ear. With a nod from Sora she turn on her heels and walked back out the door she came in.

" There is a man at the front gate demanding to speak with you and Ace. " He quickly said to Elise. " My punishment must wait until after we deal with this Intruder." Sora waited a second to hear any objections from Blackjack, then while hearing none, turned and headed toward the gate. As he headed down the quiet hall, he heard several sets of boots running past him, headed to the same destination. He entered the main corridor leading to the gate and heard whispers about a boy with different colored eyes and a tattoo on his face. At the sound of these rumors he knew if he didn't intervene, more Soul Templar blood would be shed on this day. He turned the final corner out of the main corridor and saw the reason for the commotion. Two soldiers were holding a young man with two different colored eyes and a red tattoo on his face. The young man was clearly annoyed and stood there unflinching. Sora eloquently walked up to the young man and stood still. Tall and strong he looked the young man up and down.

" Zero Okami, also know as Alpha, President and leader of The Order. What brings a guy like you to Soul Templar command?" He says as he makes a gesture to the two soldiers holding the young man. They immediately release Zero and salute Sora, waiting for any other order he deemed fit. If this became a fight, no matter how strong Zero was, he would have to fight through well trained Soul Templar Guard, hundreds of Soul Templar soldiers and their General. Sora knew Zero would not be so rash to risk that. Even if Zero knew nothing of Sora, he could surely tell he wasn't just another soldier. Sora just stood there, waiting for a responce from the young man who so defiantly stood in the center of his enemies stronghold. At any moment Sora would be ready, just in case he saw the young man reach for his scythe. The General heard many stories of Zero and his scythe, Ryūketsu no kama. He knew not to underestimate either Alpha or his famed scythe.