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Alex Ramsey

Heya! Watch out for the Nargles...they bite. Really, they do.

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a character in “Diuinitati”, originally authored by BekaL101, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: Alexander Lupin Ramsey

Age/Year: 19, second year

Gender: male

Blood: Pure blood

Clan:The Demopilous Clan (he's just ever so slightly weird...)

Wand: Fir, Dragon heartstring, 10.5in

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Classes: Care of magical creatures, Charms, Transfiguration, Swimming, Marine Essence, Divination, Defence against the dark Arts.

Class Strengths/Weaknesses: Isn't too good at Defence against the Dark Arts, since it involves a lot of study, but shows promise for Tranfiguration and Charms. His best subject has to be Divination though, as he is very interested in the subject and tends to focus most on it. Is a highly accomplished swimmer, but tends to get distracted when he 'catches a glimse of a Dabberblimp', and so, has to try to follow it.

Personality: To say the least, Alex is...well...a bit weird. A devout reader of 'The Quibbler', and believer in all sorts of wild theories and creatures, if you need a nutcase, Alex is your guy. He tends to drift into a dream at times, and if he were a Muggle, people would assume he was on some kind of drugs. Under this ditzy and random personality, Alex is actually quite intelligent...even though his supposed 'intelligence' is about the wrong things, and he often comes away with totally random comments about situations. If someone were to do something silly, he would say it was because there was a Wrackspurt in the room, making their brain go fuzzy. He's also a bit of a prankster, and very childlike, in both his speech and manner. Probably has a mental age of about 11 or 12, rather than 19...

Background: Despite Alex's crazyness, he actually grew up in a relatively normal family. His obsession with all that is weird and wonderful began when he (at eight years old) claimed to have found a Moon frog in his garden. Whether it was or not has never been discovered, but since then, he kinda went crazy. His parents accept this, as they feel that he isn't exactly hurting anyone with his antics. Besides, Alex could be interested in worse things...even though, when he was 12, he begged his family to holiday in Sweden, to look for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks...

Extra: He is quite interested in Muggles, and enjoys Muggle music, particularly rock music.
In terms of sexuality, he isn't really all that fussy. He likes people, and doesn't pay much attention to gender. He leans more towards guys though, girls are too petty and too concerned about appearances and how a relationship with him would affect their 'social standing', whatever that means.

So begins...

Alex Ramsey's Story


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Alex was really looking forward to this year. He might even see the Liopleurodon this year! That alone made coming here worth it. That and the awesome dorms, all underwater. That was just sheer genius! Underwater dorms! He had spent the journey alternating between staring out the window, looking for creatures, and reading his 'bible'. The Quibbler, that is. He loved that magazine! It told so much more than anything else. Of course people thought he was crazy for reading it, but those people were just ignorant. That was his opinion though.

He hoped that this year would be better than last though, last year had been pretty bad. All his books had gone missing, along with the pair of Spectrespecs he had gotten from The Quibbler. He had found them, eventually, but who knew how many Wrackspurts had been floating about in the weeks he hadn't been able to see them. Then again, people had been suffering the effects of them anyway, so he assumes that the silly antics that the Wrackspurts had caused was punishment enough. Oh yes, he knew that his Spectrespecs had been stolen, and had a fair idea of who had taken them as well. The list was pretty long, but he at least knew who it hadn't been. That was enough for Alex.

He saw some people getting ready, and he grinned. They were nearly there! Yes! Oh, right, his robes. Where were they? Ah yes, under the seats, away from the Nargles. They hid on the ceilings, and damaged things. So he had hidden his robes. Okay, they were a bit creased now, but at least they were safe. Hah! Take that, Nargles! Outwitted by Alexander Lupin Ramsey, nineteen years old, second year in Diunitati, of the Demopilous Clan!
Pulling the robes on, he grabbed his magazine and left the compartment, his excitement making him partially oblivious to the flurry of people around him, and so he crashed into an extremely tall witch ('Izzie').
"Oh, sorry, didn't see ya there! Hi~ya! You were here last year, right? Izzie, isn't it? Hi~!", he said in a kind of sing-song voice, sounding more like a hyper child than a nineteen-year-old wizard.


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Reader continued to munch on the treats brought by the house elves, choosing as much as she can as the submarine takes them towards Diuinitati. Excited first years looked like they are ready to bounce of their seats as they become fascinated by their surroundings. Which totally freaked out Reader, she hated being under water. Why can't they travel on land just like they did on that other school back in England? The one her dad took her too when she was a kid. What was it's name? Something like pigwarts? Oh shoot, whatever Read thought. All these seaweeds and fishes looked weird for her taste. She'd rather breath fresh air than smelling other people's sweat and odor.

She was about to finish last of her chocolate frogs when she saw a smaller bloke bumping into her least favorite person- Izzie. He seemed familiar to Read as she saw a better view of who he was, the Quibbler reading guy! Now if she just can remember his name, was it Al? Oh well, the scene was more fun to watch than to think of what his name is.

Read watched as he tried to start a conversation with one of the least sociable students of the school who is most likely to end up having a fight with her most of the time. She was ready to see Quibbler guy getting beat up when she heard her best friend's voice from afar as she instructed the first years who have now eagerly lined up according to Andy's orders. She smiled mischievously, planning to make things more interesting for the new students. She pulled out a piece of Puking Pastilles from her bag, imported from England from a famous joke shop they called Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. How she loved that place. She even thinks she's an honorary English woman rather than an American. Their school's is way hidden in the mountains instead of being partially underwater and on an island.

She tapped a gullible looking first year and said, "Hi, how are you? My name's Izzie and I would like to welcome you into Diuinitati in behalf of the other students. And I would like to give you these Pastilles in honoring the tradition of welcoming new students. Go on try some and pass these few around. They are terrific," She gave the boy around 4 pieces as he passed it towards the other students. She slid out and slipped on to her robes as she made her way towards the exit with her bag. Pretending to be Izzie was fun but it's more fun when the new students report her name instead of hers. Izzie deserved it in Reader's opinion. She still owed her a few points deducted from her house after the fight they had last year. And it wasn't even her fault.

"Andy!" She called unto her friend and came closer to her side. "I'll see you inside the school okay? I'll save you a seat before all these munchikins take ever spot on the table." She finished and dashed out once again. Squeezing her way out of the submarine as it came to a halt and the entry way opened, just in time to hear a few students hurled as they started puking and becoming sick. If they read the wrapper- they'll see how to cure their selves but for now Reader happily got out of the submarine and was more than relieved to be done being under water.


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Alex was suddenly cut off by finding himself getting shoved out the way by Izzie, and he watched as the older woman stalked off, the crowds, perhaps sensing how pissed off she was, quickly getting out of her way. He blinked in confusion: did she hate him? Or did she just hate everyone? As social as Alex was, he didn't really have a good understnding of people's emotions and reasons for doing things. Or maybe he never really took much notice. Maybe both, who knew?

Whatever it was, Izzie's violent action surprised him, not because he hadn't expected it (he had seen how the older witch had acted last year), but because he had only been trying to be friendly, and he wasn't used to people rejecting that...not right away at least. Normally it was a few hours before they made their excuses to leave his odd presence.
"Oh...okay...Bye then!", he called after her, noticing a dark haired boy taking advantage of the path Izzie cleared and following her, though not close enough that she would notice and kick him into next week. He liked that saying, 'kicked into next week' was funny. Even though it didn't make sense, and wasn't even physically possible...It was a Muggle saying though, and he found Muggles interesting. He was pure blood though, as much as he hated referring to himself as that. It just sounded pretentious and arrogant, two things that Alex wasn't. What you saw was what you got with him. If you didn't like it, then you could...well, Alex couldn't think of anything at the moment. He wasn't a predominantly mean person. He could hurt people, sure, but he didn't like it. He actually wanted to keep the few friends he had.

Speaking of which, where were they? Oh well, he'd probably see them later. He wasn't too worried about them really. They knew where he would be if they needed him.