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Anderson Kay Fitzgerald

A feisty girl who doesn't take no for an answer. Stubborn and wise she's a force to be reckoned with.

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a character in “Diuinitati”, as played by Writing Nitrate


Anderson, or Andy as she prefers, has a curvy figure that she is glad to hide beneath a robe. With full lips and a heart-shaped face, many people find her attractive, and she finds many people annoying. With grey eyes and a height of 5'9'' she can seem a little intimidating, though when you see her angry face, you'll know what intimidating really looks like. Andy is pale to say the least with her skin being all the same shade.


Name: Anderson Kay Fitzgerald

Age/Year: 19 a second year.

Gender: Female

Blood: Half-Blood

Clan: Blackburn

Wand: Yew 14 inches with a dragon fang as it's core, the bottom looks like ivory, but it's a dragon fang.

Astrological Sign: Libra

Classes: Animagus Training, Herbology, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Potions, Astrology.

Class Strengths/Weaknesses: Andy is best at Potions, Transfiguration, and Defense Against the Dark Arts. She isn't so great at Herbology, Charms, or Astrology, but she tries to do her best.

Personality: Andy is a socialable person. She loves to talk and is almost never boring. Being on the move is part of who Andy is. She can work her way into almost anyone's heart, but almsot no one is let into Andy's. She doesn't back down from anything and likes challenges and dares. Despite her looks, Andy isn't surrounded by guys constantly because she feels that they've got to prove to her they are worth her time. Andy needs a man who is willing to put up a bit of a fight. Andy isn't a rash girl, but she won't hesitate to stand up for herself or for anyone.

Extra: Andy is Leader of the Blackburn clan. Andy has a tattoo, two actually, that she doesn't like to speak about and doesn't like for people to see, usually because of where they are.


Background: Andy was raised with seven brothers and sisters. Her mother was surprised when she had that many children, but her Father wasn't. Andy was the middle child, and used to not getting as much attention as some other children, she simply made herself stand out. Andy was a natural born leader, even at a young age. When she got her acceptance letter from Diuinitati her father wasn't surprised. Andy had the makings of a true Blackburn in his eyes.

Andy quickly excelled after coming to Diuinitati. She studied hard, even in her least favorite subjects, to get good grades in order to become Leader of the Blackburn clan by the time she was 19. Now Andy regularly meets with the Headmaster in order to arrange for certain things to happen, such as the dueling club, and animagus training. It is new this year because of the pains Andy took to get it instated.

So begins...

Anderson Kay Fitzgerald's Story


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Reader continued to munch on the treats brought by the house elves, choosing as much as she can as the submarine takes them towards Diuinitati. Excited first years looked like they are ready to bounce of their seats as they become fascinated by their surroundings. Which totally freaked out Reader, she hated being under water. Why can't they travel on land just like they did on that other school back in England? The one her dad took her too when she was a kid. What was it's name? Something like pigwarts? Oh shoot, whatever Read thought. All these seaweeds and fishes looked weird for her taste. She'd rather breath fresh air than smelling other people's sweat and odor.

She was about to finish last of her chocolate frogs when she saw a smaller bloke bumping into her least favorite person- Izzie. He seemed familiar to Read as she saw a better view of who he was, the Quibbler reading guy! Now if she just can remember his name, was it Al? Oh well, the scene was more fun to watch than to think of what his name is.

Read watched as he tried to start a conversation with one of the least sociable students of the school who is most likely to end up having a fight with her most of the time. She was ready to see Quibbler guy getting beat up when she heard her best friend's voice from afar as she instructed the first years who have now eagerly lined up according to Andy's orders. She smiled mischievously, planning to make things more interesting for the new students. She pulled out a piece of Puking Pastilles from her bag, imported from England from a famous joke shop they called Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes. How she loved that place. She even thinks she's an honorary English woman rather than an American. Their school's is way hidden in the mountains instead of being partially underwater and on an island.

She tapped a gullible looking first year and said, "Hi, how are you? My name's Izzie and I would like to welcome you into Diuinitati in behalf of the other students. And I would like to give you these Pastilles in honoring the tradition of welcoming new students. Go on try some and pass these few around. They are terrific," She gave the boy around 4 pieces as he passed it towards the other students. She slid out and slipped on to her robes as she made her way towards the exit with her bag. Pretending to be Izzie was fun but it's more fun when the new students report her name instead of hers. Izzie deserved it in Reader's opinion. She still owed her a few points deducted from her house after the fight they had last year. And it wasn't even her fault.

"Andy!" She called unto her friend and came closer to her side. "I'll see you inside the school okay? I'll save you a seat before all these munchikins take ever spot on the table." She finished and dashed out once again. Squeezing her way out of the submarine as it came to a halt and the entry way opened, just in time to hear a few students hurled as they started puking and becoming sick. If they read the wrapper- they'll see how to cure their selves but for now Reader happily got out of the submarine and was more than relieved to be done being under water.


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As Theodore and Blair Lexington boarded the submarine to take them to Diuinitati neither of them felt overly excited, being Teddy’s third year and Blair’s second the excitement of this enchanting school had faded when their first year had ended, now it was just like any other school, just because they were witches and wizards didn’t mean they didn’t have classes, hell, they probably had to study harder than regular students at your average Joe high school. Yet even though the prospect of spending another year at the school seemed extremely tedious, neither would deny the small smile that appeared on their lips when they first laid eyes on the school and the warming feeling that gathered in their hearts.

As the siblings pushed their way down the crowded, long corridors of the submarine, in hope of finding an empty compartment or at least one that wasn’t full of first years. Stopping in front of one Blair turned to her brother with a smile “Told you I’d find one Ted” she smirked opening the door to walk inside, as Teddy placed their carry-on’s in the overhead rails Blair took a seat and peered out the small porthole, idly twirling a strand of blonde hair around her finger she smiled as the different underwater species passed by. Blair, for one had always preferred mammals to fish, however she could not deny the beauty that they held as they swam past the porthole.

“So you ready for this year?” Teddy’s voice broke the silence as he flopped down in the chair opposite.

Blair nodded leaning her head back to rest against the back of the chair “Not looking forward for the questions off all these first years though” She added glancing back out into the corridor as they continued to mill around.

Teddy let out a small laugh “You were one last year B” he reminder with a smirk.

“Urgh don’t remind me” she laughed, remembering last year’s antics, she had to admit for the most part her first year had been fun, it had been great being able to spend the time with her brother, instead of being left behind at home like the year previous and she had made some amazing friends.

The journey past with idle chatter amongst the siblings until Blair noticed the time on her wrist watch “ah Crap!” she cursed standing up.

“What’s wrong?” Teddy asked looking up from his paper.

Reaching into her bag she quickly pulled on her robe “I’m late” She stated, quickly pulling out a compact to check her hair and makeup, after applying a little more lip gloss she put everything away “Why did I opt to become a clan leader again?”

Teddy chuckled “Extra credit” he reminded her, remembering the ultimatum she had been given by the headmaster, either re-sit the year or become a clan leader for the Campbell clan, seeing as their clan were seemingly low on students who wanted to take on the responsibilities.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll see you later” she said with a roll of her eyes. Leaving the compartment Blair hurried down the corridor to the front of the submarine, where people would soon be disembarking. She immediately spotted Andy near the door and made her way over to her “Hey” she greeted with a smile.


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Reader did her best to one of the first people to get off the submarine as soon as came to a halt and had it's doors open. She was getting agitated again- which isn't a good sign. She has forgotten to check the full moon schedule once again- to which her father would totally go ballistic about. She should be more responsible- she isn't like any other girl. Aside from being a full blooded witch, a curse runs through her veins. A curse passed on by her mother who had to endure certain sufferings when the moon is at it's fullest.

Not checking her schedule meant she has also forgotten to take her wolfsbane, and speaking of wolfsbane- her stock is almost running out. She has to get a few bottles from her Potions professor who happens to be one of her parents' close friends since her mother's accident.

The problem with wolfsbane is that she can't just take a dose without computing how much she needed and when she needs to take it. And not many can help her. Okay so it must be karma for pranking the first years but then it is no joke if the side effects starts to kick in. But then the school should be more thankful that she doesn't fully turn into a werewolf like her mother and instead just needs to be separated from the other students as she can cause havoc and start running and jumping (real high) and can be a harm to others.

"Hurry up Andy," She mumbled under clenched teeth. Andy has always been more responsible than her, in fact her friend even knows her schedule more than she does. Which is totally fine with her, best friends are supposed to look after each other.

Her insides grumbled which made her grab her stomach and rest her body against a tree. She had just gotten out of the submarine and got a breath of fresh air. It made her feel a lot better but not entirely well enough. She checked her wrist watch and saw the time, if her thoughts are correct- she's in a whole lot of trouble. "Anderson," She tried to call for her friend but it was easy to be covered by the hustle and bustle of the first years and other students who were again reunited with their friends and clan members. Her hand began shaking as cold perspiration started forming on her forehead.