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Samuel Zabka

'I don't need you so just go away.'

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a character in “Diuinitati”, as played by Sorant



Appearance: Height/Weight: 5'11/185 lbs

Name: Samuel Zabka
Age/Year: 19/ Year One
Gender: Male
Blood: Pure
Clan: Dawes
Wand: Sturdy 8 1/2 Ash with an imported Stymphalian feather core. Picture
Astrological Sign: Aries (Ram)


Care for Magical Creature
Defense Against The Dark Arts

Class Strengths/Weaknesses: Sam's best classes are Potions and Transfiguration. For some reason taking things and turning it into something else really appeals to him and allows him to put his all into it. He is an average student in Care for Magical Creatures, Herbology, and Runes. But his worst class is Defense Against the Dark Arts because he would prefer to learn more about how to do the dark arts than defending against them. Although his marks in Flying are low it is not because he is bad at it it is because he will often go out and fly around ignoring the class lesson and just going simply because he has always been good at flying and doesn't see it as worthy of his time. The only reason he passes if because his aunt is the teacher

Personality: Sam is a solitary person who doesn't need anyone because of he knows you can't rely on anyone but yourself. If he fails at things he knows it was because he wasn't good enough and he will try harder to succeed. He will always give a helping hand to those that need it but wouldn't accept help easily. He is an easy going guy to those he spends time with but seems to be serious all the time. When making decisions he always goes for the logical answer which causes some confusion for him at times since magic itself isn't always logical. Although Sam thinks of himself as a great person to be around he has trouble making and keeping friends due to his solitary nature. He is at a loss at times when it comes to others because he doesn't feel that he processes social interaction as well as other people do. When he feels that his relationship between himself and someone else changing at all he tends to back out of it. This is why he is viewed as a bit of a jerk to those that knew him before he came to the school.

Background: Samuel has always known he was a wizard and his family made sure of it. Growing up knowing he was different caused him to have a bubble around himself that would not let people get close to him. Once he was old enough he was sent to Diuinitati he was excited and a bit scared. Being his first year he doesn't really know how he should act in a full wizard world seeing how his parents had brought him up in the muggle realm. This would be the first time he would interact with many people like him without them being related to him. The only person he really knows at the school is his aunt from his mother's side Helena Poudderflout. When he wants to know more about the school he asks her.

Extra: Yes his mother had him at 15. He has a pet miniature wyvern about the size of a cat. Samuel is a distant relative of Dawes but his family has no claim to his wealth at this time. Also has no one he is interested in.


Mother:Shannon Zabka (Poudderflout maiden name)

Father:Thomas Zabka

Aunt: Helena Poudderflout

Pet: Pepper - Female Miniature Wyvern

So begins...

Samuel Zabka's Story


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#, as written by Sorant
This submarine trip was a pretty exciting experience to behold. Samuel had enjoyed the entire trip spending most of it taking notes in a small red notebook about the various animals and sea life he saw that interested him. Plus it would be good to know what kind of things were here under the water and if he could find any ingredients for different potions or spells. Even though he knew his classes would provide ingredients he wanted to know where to get his own in case he ever wanted to make things in his spare time. Once he was done with his notes he closed the book and took out his wand and uttered a few words. The book's color changed from red to black and if anyone opened it they would find the pages blank. Only someone who knew the magical phrase and Sam's personal password they would not be able to read any of the secrets he had in the book.

Soon he noticed that the sub's speed was slowing which could only mean that they was coming to their destination soon. From all the books, brochures, and people he had spoken with he knew this would be the time to put on his robes but he already had put them on to save times later. His robes were similar to all the other students except that his crest was Dawes. Under these robes he wore brown slacks with a brown leather belt, black comfortable loafers, and a button down royal blue shirt that was tucked in. Around his neck was a striped blue and gold tie that matched his crest. He had wanted to give a good impression of himself to people on this first day. But these clothes weren't what he normally liked to wear but he knew that people judged by looks even if they didn't matter. He checked his bags and belongings making sure everything was secure and put away as the sub came to a stop. Which they were since no one but himself had been in this room at all except the elves that had brought food. He had wanted someone to ride with him, not for companionship, but to gather a bit more information from them. When he had tried to go into one of the higher year cabins they had hastily ushered him out with excuses of 'Saving that seat for a friend'. There had been one with a rough looking woman who seemed a little taller than himself who sat alone. But the dangerous look she gave him the moment he opened the door had told him not to even try. So he had ended up alone which suited him fine. But he knew if he didn't get along with someone his mother would worry. And it wasn't like he could make up friends since his aunt worked at the school and would tell his mother everything.

Okay breath in and out. Then you are ready to interact. Don't blow it no matter what. Sam thought to himself s he got ready to go outside of his room. Once outside he saw plenty of first years and other students gathering and chatting excitedly. He was just as excited as them although his face would not show that. He watched as one of the higher years began spouting out orders to the others to help organize them. He saw many different people doing plenty of different things. One person handed him something like a pastry saying that it was a treat from one of the higher ups named Izzy. He saw plenty of others eating the snacks but he noticed that they all seemed to be the younger first years. Before even opening it he read the entire packaging and ingredients and caught the part that this came from a joke shop. It would induce vomiting and could only be stopped by eating the orange part. He pocketed the joke snack and made his way past anyone he had seen eating it. He had to make sure he was out of the puke zone so that he wouldn't get covered in sickness.

As he pushed and made his way forward he accidentally bumped a few people a bit too hard and muttered quick 'Excuse me's and 'I'm sorrys'. It was a bit cramped with all the bodies. He couldn't wait to get outside in the open. Being cooped up wasn't really for him. Plus he couldn't wait to see his room and Pepper his pet Wyvern. Behind him he heard puking noises and screams as the effects of the sweets started. A few of the higher years went back to help control the situation. Inside he chuckled a bit That's what people get for eating something without knowing what it was. But then again some of them might have known and did it anyway. Oh well he wasn't sick so he had no need to worry. But this snack would be a good ingredient to use in experimental potions. He began to make his way up front again trying to get past the rubberneckers trying to see what was going on behind them.

Once up front he ran into that woman he had met earlier on the trip. Except this time she had her robes on but she stilled had the anti-social aura around her. He thought that it would be a good idea to stick close to her. Mostly because people gave he a wide berth and enough room to pass. It would make getting out of there easier. So he quickly fell into step with her but not so close as to seem like he was walking with her. He was just using the lane she created as a way to get somewhere faster. To some it might seem like they were walking together and would look like a strange sight. One that looked like a proper model citizen and the other who looked like she would gladly kick your head off.


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#, as written by Sorant
He had to get out of this submarine and fast. The smell from the failed or successful joke was starting to catch up with him. He wasn't put off by it but that mixed with this confining space was pushing him to his limit. So Sam quickened his pace no longer caring if it looked like he was walking with the woman in front of him. Once he caught up he actually helped start to push through the crowd with her. He movements were smooth and fluid with a sense of urgency but not a negative one. He politely excused himself when he had to push some people out of his way rather roughly but it had to be done if he wanted to be out of there.

He made it to the front and out onto the school grounds where the fresh air brought a grin to his face. Not wanting to block others he moved away from the exit and off to the side of the obvious path leading to the school where many students were congregating to attend the welcome feast. He saw that out here there were people, students and teachers alike guiding students. A few even asked him for directions on where to go. Luckily he had been going over the school layout and information before coming on this trip so he was able to tell whoever asked him where to go. I could seriously be one of the schools student representatives if I wanted. What was it called.......Oh yeah a Clan head. He thought to himself. But then he remembered why he might not make a good one. He wasn't an extremely sociable guy and while he could lead well he didn't see himself as one to lead others.

Out in the crowd he spotted his aunt keeping watch over the flow of students. He waited until she looked over towards him before he waved to get her attention. She smiled and waved back to him. He half hoped that she would come over there but then again half hoped that she would not. Luckily for his solitary half she did not. He figured he would either catch up with her after the feast or when classes started. Not that he needed to take Flying. His aunt had made sure that he could fly as well as any professional Quidditch player sever since he showed an interest in flying. He knew she hoped he might seriously take up the sport but he didn't have the fire she did in her heart for it.

He looked around the grounds again taking in the scenery. It was an astonishing sight, but then again he always did love watching nature. While many who already had been here have grown bored of it Sam knew he surely would not. As he looked over everything he noticed a girl who seemed to be getting sick. He would not have given it another thought since he knew about the puking joke but then he noticed she seemed to have a different set of symptoms. She looked like she might seriously need some help and no one else had noticed it yet. He quickly jogged over to he and tapped Reader on the shoulder. "Are you alright? " he asked her with genuine concern. He wondered if she might have eaten those pastries and had an allergic reaction. "You didn't eat those joke sweets they were passing out did you?"


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"Are you alright? You didn't eat those joke sweets they were passing out did you?"

Reader could hear a voice but couldn't distinctly understand what he was saying. It was more of a blurb than actual words. Her eyes glinted, somehow becoming more of a dog like than human like. Not good.

She kept her head bowing as she held her stomach, few of her things remained lying on the ground as she winced in pain. She tried to call out Andy's name once again but it turned out to be more of a soft growl rather than actual words.

"Stay away," She managed to utter. Pushing who ever it was with her free arm, a little too hard. She hoped she didn't hurt the person. She knew he was just curious or worried that she looked sick. Her strength can be unbearable when she suffers, actually hurting a lot of people. Her father had barely enough space not filled with scratches from her mother and Reader when she was a child. She was glad Wolfsbane was discovered. She refers to her condition as a curse rather than a gift. Who can blame her? Who wants to turn into a were wolf that you can't control yourself even if you want to.

Reader let her body drop on the ground as she rolled around in pain, now both hands clasping her stomach as her legs kicked the dirt. Other people started circling her wondering what was happening to her but no one dared to touch her. Few first year girls gasped and run away while the others tried to get a teacher or staff to see what was happening to her.


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#, as written by Sorant
This girl was getting sicker and sicker in front of him. He doubted it was from the sweets so it had to be something else. He tried to look at the symptoms and go through what it could be in his head. So far she was having abdomen pains, sweats, and couldn't seem to speak very well. His mind wanted to say PMS but he knew that was too stupid to even mention. He heard her trying to say something so he leaned in closer to try and understand what she was saying.

"Stay away."

She growled at him and pushed Sam causing him to fly a few feet backwards. He landed on his butt with a thump and was a bit winded since she pushed him in the stomach. That push pretty much gave him the final clue as to what was happening. The unusual strength, sweats, and pains were all signs of a 'Were-animal' transformation. While there were plenty of different kinds of 'Weres' he was willing to bet this was a werewolf. Especially since there was a Clan here with ties to Lycanthrope.

He stood up quickly and tried to think of a way to help. The best remedy would be a Wolfs-bane potion but he didn't have the time nor the materials to make it. So he grabbed a passing student and told them that they needed to get the potions master quickly for Wolfs-bane and that a student was turning at the submarine docks. He watched as they ran off alerting people as they went. Soon other students began to notice the girl and some even began to scream. No one else seemed interested in trying to help her though. He knew that he shouldn't get involved because of the dangers but he still couldn't just watch either. SO he made up his mind and ran back over to her.

"Okay okay okay....What to do?" he said more to himself than to her. His mind raced at the different things he might be able to do. There wasn't much information on what to do while someone is turning. Most of the facts about werewolves were about what to do before they began and after they turned. There were a few spells that were rumored to work but most were still in their experimental phases at best. The only one he could remember full and didn't require a ritualistic set up was a version of the Homorphus Charm. It was developed out east and hadn't been confirmed to completely work yet and at best this one would only stave off a transformation for a short while if it even worked.

Sam took out his wand and stood over Reader and tried to keep calm and visualize the words he needed. He focused only on this girl and nothing else around him. Slowly the words came to him and he began to say them while keeping his wand pointed at her.

*Comprimi bestia intra
Trahere umbra super luna
Animum eam proprio
Ne transformatio

A soft yellowish light came from the tip of his wand. The light floated away from the tip of his wand towards Reader. The ball grew as it got closer to about the size of a child's fist. When it floated above her it floated down towards her head. The light began to stretch and flatten until it looked like a gold plate was floating above her head. If it had a hole the yellow charm would have looked like a halo. Sam wasn't sure if it would work or not but if it did manage to help at all he would be glad. Even if all it did was distract her for a bit it would be fine. Hopefully whoever went off to get that potion's master was on their way back with them.



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Suddenly she was enveloped by something warm, like a mother's embrace as she feeds her child from her bosom. There was something soothing about the feeling though still a few pain jolted across her vein causing her to ease on the ground and some occasional jerks. Reader let her eyes closed as tears stream down her cheeks, mixing with the dirt that soiled her face.

She felt like dying, if she was on her way to heaven it was sure a hellavu bumpy ride. Her throat began feeling parched as the cold earth rubbed against the exposed part of her skin, through her legs and some have managed to get inside her clothes. Most probably because of the way she kicked and wrestled herself on the ground earlier. Her hair was messy while a few pieces of grass and leaves stuck to it.

The warm feeling continued to soothe her like a pacified baby leaving a few sobs to escape her lips. Whatever it was, it took away the pain.