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Theodore 'Teddy' Lexington

0 · 226 views · located in Diuinitati

a character in “Diuinitati”, originally authored by Calvazara, as played by RolePlayGateway


ImageName: Theodore 'Teddy' Lexington

Age/Year: 21, Third Year

Gender: Male

Blood: Pure Blood

Clan: Campbell

Wand: 12" Oak, Dragon String

Astrological Sign: Libra


Class Strengths/Weaknesses:

Personality: Teddy is a bit of a hot head, he has a very short temper and often finds himself loosing his rag more often than not, he is a very protective brother to his younger sister and would do anything for her. Once you get past the slightly egotistical persona he gives off you will find he has a good heart. He is your typical practical jokester and loves to have a laugh and make people laugh and due to this he often finds himself in some deep Sh*t (Pardon my language) He see's himself as a bit of a player when it comes to the ladies, but the truth is he had a serious relationship with a girl in high school and he got his heart broken, he doesn't want this to happen again. Teddy doesn't have a lot of patience and when things don't go his way he goes in a mood and the only one who can seemingly get him out of this is his sister, who plainly puts it "Teddy grow some freakin' balls already."

Background: Teddy was born in New York to Harry and Diane Lexington, he is the youngest male out of 4 siblings, with two older brothers and a younger sister he and the rest took on a very protective role for Blair, he can remember beating some kid up in high school after he cheated on her, breaking her heart, he's always been there for her and always will be there for her no matter what, she's his best friend and vice versa. Teddy has always lived the comfortable lifestyle, he comes from a long line of Wizards and Witches, yes the Lexington line had been around for as long as anyone can remember, making them rather powerful at the Ministry.

Harry Lexington: Father, 47, High up at M.O.M
Diane Lexington: Mother, 45, Housewife
Clarke Lexington: Brother, 26, Works with his father
Brett Lexington: Brother, 24, Currently studying dragons in Egypt.
Blair Lexington: 20, Currently studying at Diuinitati


So begins...

Theodore 'Teddy' Lexington's Story


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Character Portrait: Anderson Kay Fitzgerald Character Portrait: Blair Lexington Character Portrait: Theodore 'Teddy' Lexington
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As Theodore and Blair Lexington boarded the submarine to take them to Diuinitati neither of them felt overly excited, being Teddy’s third year and Blair’s second the excitement of this enchanting school had faded when their first year had ended, now it was just like any other school, just because they were witches and wizards didn’t mean they didn’t have classes, hell, they probably had to study harder than regular students at your average Joe high school. Yet even though the prospect of spending another year at the school seemed extremely tedious, neither would deny the small smile that appeared on their lips when they first laid eyes on the school and the warming feeling that gathered in their hearts.

As the siblings pushed their way down the crowded, long corridors of the submarine, in hope of finding an empty compartment or at least one that wasn’t full of first years. Stopping in front of one Blair turned to her brother with a smile “Told you I’d find one Ted” she smirked opening the door to walk inside, as Teddy placed their carry-on’s in the overhead rails Blair took a seat and peered out the small porthole, idly twirling a strand of blonde hair around her finger she smiled as the different underwater species passed by. Blair, for one had always preferred mammals to fish, however she could not deny the beauty that they held as they swam past the porthole.

“So you ready for this year?” Teddy’s voice broke the silence as he flopped down in the chair opposite.

Blair nodded leaning her head back to rest against the back of the chair “Not looking forward for the questions off all these first years though” She added glancing back out into the corridor as they continued to mill around.

Teddy let out a small laugh “You were one last year B” he reminder with a smirk.

“Urgh don’t remind me” she laughed, remembering last year’s antics, she had to admit for the most part her first year had been fun, it had been great being able to spend the time with her brother, instead of being left behind at home like the year previous and she had made some amazing friends.

The journey past with idle chatter amongst the siblings until Blair noticed the time on her wrist watch “ah Crap!” she cursed standing up.

“What’s wrong?” Teddy asked looking up from his paper.

Reaching into her bag she quickly pulled on her robe “I’m late” She stated, quickly pulling out a compact to check her hair and makeup, after applying a little more lip gloss she put everything away “Why did I opt to become a clan leader again?”

Teddy chuckled “Extra credit” he reminded her, remembering the ultimatum she had been given by the headmaster, either re-sit the year or become a clan leader for the Campbell clan, seeing as their clan were seemingly low on students who wanted to take on the responsibilities.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll see you later” she said with a roll of her eyes. Leaving the compartment Blair hurried down the corridor to the front of the submarine, where people would soon be disembarking. She immediately spotted Andy near the door and made her way over to her “Hey” she greeted with a smile.