Divergence of the Survival Instinct


The years always seem to fly before our eyes, don’t they?

One moment we’re young and spry, living in the moment without any thought of regret. Though we overlook it, the world is bustling with activity and innovations, ripe for the picking before us.

The next moment, we’re staring into the glazed-over eyes of a decrepit bag of withered bones, watching as the epiphany of all our regret and sorrow, a stream of tears, rolls its way down our cheeks.

It seems so foolish, the answer is known, yet we can’t help but ask:

“Where has the world gone?”

No one knew how, no one knew why, and no one knew when, but it had happened, the studies whispered about in the dark of night, of genetic modifications beyond the basic premise of editing out certain DNA sequences or affecting the replicating nature of RNA, of cloning, had come true. On the eve of February 8, 2015, the remnants of one twisted woman’s mad experiments was released upon the nations of the world, destroying all in their path and inciting panic amongst earth’s populace. No one was spared, no one escaped, there was nothing left from where these abominations walked. The governments of the world frantically searched for an answer; sending in waves of men, all of which were unceremoniously mowed down; relying on biological warfare, which fell flat against the monstrous legion, and even eventually moving to fall back on nuclear assaults, assaults that barely dented their expansive numbers. It seemed with every new failure, the human world was hastened to its impending doom, until they made themselves known.

They addressed themselves as “Nobles”, egocentric, but powerful beings, they told the world of the answer to the question all had been asking. Who had started the chaos? They claimed to be behind it all, behind the death, behind the carnage, behind the creatures, and they desired only one thing. Power. Initially, the world denied them their wish, but as the death toll increased and many a nation fell beneath the sea of abominations, their resolve washed away. With only a few select areas any longer still holding life, the remaining powers of the world gave them their wish. The Nobles would rule.

The Nobles quickly made their potential for atrocities known, purging the remnants of society of any injured, frail, or old, and taking children from their homes with the intent of study. Institutionalized schooling collapsed, businesses collapsed, everything that the Nobles had not themselves controlled, was soon to fall in this new society. In their place, rose the leagues of Noble owned, controlled, and managed companies, establishments, and laboratories, for which any citizen who wished any semblance of a life flocked too desperately. Today, the year 2025, the population of the world has fallen to only 700 million, with most cities and nations still buried beneath the rubble of the war, indeed it seems only the strong points of each nation have managed to still stand in the madness. Biotic engineering is common place, treason is prevalent, and the morality to birth rate is dangerously unbalanced.

It’s become a fight for survival.

Survival Instinct:
~The universal behavioral pattern that ensures the survival of an organism.
~Pain causes discomfort so that the organism is inclined to stop the pain.
~Fear causes the organism to seek safety and may cause a release of adrenaline, which has the effect of increased strength and heightened senses such as hearing, smell, and sight.
~Self-preservation may also be interpreted figuratively; in regard to the coping mechanisms one needs to prevent emotional trauma from distorting the mind.


A league of rather enigmatic forces, they run society from the shadows of New York, their current strong point. The hierarchy of power within their ranks is tangled and difficult to understand, the only matter any seem entirely certain on is who resides at the top. The “Artist” Nekria, the “Poet” Drean, and the “Scholar” Rorion.
[Nekria is a playable position, along with three Knights. Knights are the personal body guards of the Nobles, and they are loyal to them. The Knights are also genetic experiments. So, there are 4 positions in this faction. Drean and Rorion are available only upon express request]

Noble’s Commandments:
-Do not speak of treason
-Do not question your orders
-Do not exit or enter the city without express approval
-Do not deny any amongst their rank their desires

The Divergent:
Those who run the underground of the City. Similar to their modern day equivalent, the mafia, they have their roots far into the darker aspects of society: drug rings, gangs, slavery, assassination attempts; while being the origins of any uprising the Noble’s may face. There are a few humans among them, but for the most part, they are genetic experiments themselves. Either they were discarded by Nekria as failed, or they escaped. In either scenario, they want revenge on the woman who took their humanity, their lives, from them.
[There are the Prince & Princess -the ones who formed the Divergent- and up to 2 followers, simply to keep a 4x4 balance.]

The Divergent’s Whispers:
-Do not question your orders
-Do not speak of the Underground
-Do not reveal information
-Do not allow oneself to be captured alive

Positions Available

[Noble Faction]
Knight 1
Knight 2

[The Divergent]
-The Princess-
Follower 1
Follower 2

Characters Accepted

Dairen Morgenstern | The Prince | The Divergent | Played by | Naga's Shadow

Morgan Alistair | Knightmare | Noble Faction; Knight | Played by | Naga's Shadow


  • All Characters must be reserved before you submit them for approval
  • Just because you reserve a character does not guarantee that you will get the spot. Final selection of characters is up to me and me alone. If I don't like your character, I will not accept them, end of story
  • If you don't like my rules, don't join
  • Please be literate. And use proper grammar. And please don't make me beg
  • You must use the character sheet that I provide, and complete it in its entirety. You cannot leave anything blank, or condense it at all
  • No one is allowed to post until all the characters are submitted and accepted by me.
  • Please post once every three days
  • Please be courteous of others in this role play. If you cannot post every three days, please let us know via the OOC and when you plan to be back. Keep us updated if at all possible
  • Please have fun. This is meant to be role play, which means I need others to help me complete it. It may be my idea, but you guys are going to write the story. So please, join, and as long as you follow my rules, you'll have fun, I promise!

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