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Christian Moore

"I'm no different than anyone else."

0 · 82 views · located in Abnegation

a character in “Divergent: Obeying The Rules”, originally authored by JacquelineJuliet, as played by RolePlayGateway


Christian Moore
Name: Christian Moore
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Original Faction: Candor
Chosen Faction: Dauntless
Aptitude Test Results: Divergent
Running, giving advice, lying, heavy lifting.
Hobbies: Running, boxing, reading, goofing off.
Favorite Color: Red and black
Relationships: N/A
Personality: Christian is a kind but cocky individual. He loves to joke around and tease others, but he has his limits, of course. His moods tend to change quiet easily depending on what's happening, but he tries to stay as cool as he can. He has an easygoing sense about him, and never seems to take anything seriously. However, he has an extremely bad temper if not controlled.
History: Growing up in Candor, Christian never seemed to fit in. It seemed as if everyone but him could easily tell the truth. His parents always tried to help him, but he never seemed to quite get the concept of it until he was maturing. Seeing as though he couldn't be honest the majority of the time, he quickly learned to lie. As time went on and he did it more often, the lies came naturally and smoothly. Whatever he said, people believed. After all, no one in Candor lied, right?

As he grew, Christian was lost. He knew he didn't fit in Candor, but he didn't see himself in any of the other factions. Christian never understood why everyone had to be separated based on their beliefs. When the day of the aptitude test rolled around, he was overjoyed. Christian knew this would be his chance to find out where he really belonged, but the results came out inconclusive. Once again, the 16 year old had no idea what to do. So, he went home and contemplated. Being a Divergent was dangerous, and he thought he could take care of himself. But what if something were to happen? He'd need to know he could absolutely be safe. Dauntless seemed like the perfect place to go.

So begins...

Christian Moore's Story