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Snowy Love

Current Governess of the Chicago Factions

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a character in “Divergent: Thriving Factions”, as played by Snowy_love


Name: Snowy Amethyst Love
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Rank: Governess
Looks: Snowy has an neat-hour-glass body shape with a naturally robust chest of large proportion as well as wide, strong thighs. She's short in stature, reaching a height of 5 foot 2 inches. Her skin is so pale it's almost completely white, hence the name "Snowy". She has waist-long bleach-blonde hair that she often keeps braided, but when it's loose and flowing it's very wavy. Her eyes are the same color as the ones on old porcelain dolls - sky blue.
Personality: On the outside, Snowy is very shy and delicate, She's easily startled and can be very sensitive or emotional. She also has difficulty trusting people, but is very friendly and can grow attached to people. Snowy is always a good sport about things and is kind to everyone she meets, even if they are her rival or even her enemy. However, this delicate nature is combined with an internal drive for success. Snowy is always willing to put in the extra work needed to achieve her goals but without sabotaging the others around her. This infectious motivational drive of hers paired with kind heart and intriguing behaviors caused others to naturally flock to her. Gaining a large group of admirers at a young age, Snowy became very protective of them and swore that the only time she would turn another person away or intentionally harm another human being is if she knew they were a threat to those she cared about. When she became Governess, Snowy grew protective of everyone within the Chicago confines - even the Factionless. This molded her into a fierce and intimidating leader who was still lovable and admirable.
Other: Ms. Love was born to parents within the Dauntless Faction, but her anxious nature when it came to Dauntless activities, as well as her unquenchable thirst for knowledge, made her a natural candidate for Erudite or even Candor. At her Choosing Ceremony, Snowy selected Erudite and left her family behind for a life of studies. During her time as an Erudite Initiate, Snowy was always putting in the extra effort that the others were too lazy to give. This resulted in her being the top Initiate when she became a full citizen of the Erudite Faction and began her job as a doctor. Shortly after her graduation from Initiate, the Erudite Faction leader passed away. Having made a good impression on the others in her Faction, Snowy was voted to be the next Erudite Honoree without much competition. When Snowy turned eighteen both the Faction leader and Second-In-Command, who were almost as old as the former Faction leader who had passed away a year prior, stepped down. This left a young Snowy Love to take over leadership of the Erudite Faction. Only a year later did the Governor step down from office after the discovery of a scandal he was involved in. Though it was a tough race for the Governor's place, Snowy's kind nature and encouragement of her rivals eventually won over a majority of the general population. It was then that she was announced as the new Governess of the Factions.

So begins...

Snowy Love's Story