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Divergent: Where will you stand?

Divergent: Where will you stand?


Please ignore this thread as it is no longer active. Thanks!

952 readers have visited Divergent: Where will you stand? since ~*~ Divergent ~*~ created it.

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"How do I know that this works?" I ask the girl in front of me. I am lying in a chair in a small white room, waiting as the girl prepares a needle.

"You'll just have to trust me about that one. Many people have been in your place before, honey, and they've been fine. No one has ever died during their test before either." Charlotte, the girl administering my test told me carefully, like she was avoiding something.

“I’ll be honest, I’m not a very trusting person.”

Charlotte smiled timidly. “That’s okay. It’ll be over in a moment.” She stood up and wiped a clean spot on her skin. “You ready?” I gave a curt nod, squeezed my eyes shut, and waited for the sting of the needle that never came.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a part of the world of Divergent? What about what faction you would be in or what one you would be born in? Even if you haven’t taken the “well-thought” time to do so, you still can be a part of this Role Play! Read below to find out more!

On this Role Play, our characters will be starting at the Choosing Ceremony. We will all transfer into the Dauntless faction, so that all of the characters will then be in the same faction. After that, we will go through the Dauntless initiation (see the character descriptions for more information on their relationships) and our characters won’t get dropped, but there will be a few “background” characters that will be. We have to be realistic.

It will be like the revolution never happened, except that it did. After they decided to keep the city open, a new ruler took his place and he closed the city off and reinforced the factions. His name was Cameron Sails. Of course, this was some 20 years before our characters were even born, but it was like they wiped the memories of the citizens in the city because they never remembered it. ;)

Now, our characters are digging up the past to create a new future. All of us choose Dauntless and we all go through the initiation. Later on, three of us will finally figure out about the Bureau of Genetic Welfare and we organize a plan to confront Cameron about it. They do and he quickly turns them down and says that they are crazy. When they try to get more people involved, he takes matters into his own hands and arrests them, threatening them all with death when they resist. They will eventually escape and devise a plan to get outside, but when they finally do, there is no Bureau of Genetic Welfare. All there is is dirt everywhere. Where did their chances at pride and comfort go? Along with the wave?[/center]


|Name|Gender|Age|Faction|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|


1) Image
|Haven Charlotte Wisher|Female|16|Abnegation-Dauntless|Little sisters: Mave and Avalon/Mother: Heather/Father: Henry |Played by/ Reserved for: ~*~ Divergent ~*~ (Me)|

She is a fun loving, quiet spirit who is willingly to believe that anything is possible if you believe it will happen and put your mind to it. She hates when others are arrogant and think of no one but themselves. She is extremely stubborn, which fuels her determination and strong-will. Being very opinionated, she seems to have a little Candor in her, except that she isn't honest to a fault. Her Abnegation traits show through when someone needs help or she has a choice to make. She is extremely kind and helpful, but what she wants most in the world is a sense of freedom. She believes that Dauntless could give her that. She will eventually become involved with the Abnegation (2) character.

2) Image
|Name|Male|16|Abnegation-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|

He is an outgoing and a “go with the flow” character. He is simultaneous and makes quick decisions. Being smart, he never exactly fit in with Abnegation rules and didn't understand why somebody had to give up everything they had for a complete stranger. He tends to be the popular kid in a crowd full of strangers, and he’s naturally likable. He will also be Abnegation (1)’s girlfriend at the end of initiation.


1) Image
|Name|Male|16|Amity-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|

He doesn't fit in in Amity. You can decide how he doesn't. He is an only child and he is a player. He hits on any girl and every girl that he finds interesting. For that reason, he will be an interesting character to play. You can date whomever you want, but when you start the role play you are single. And, to be clear, everyone else’s characters must agree during the role play and be asked. You may not just say you are suddenly dating them or anything. Your character can cause major drama within this role play.


1) Image
|Name|Male|16|Candor-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|

He is brutally honest and he loves to talk. Not many people find him funny, but he thinks he is. He will eventually date the Dauntless (1) girl and you and the role player of the Dauntless (1) girl can decide if you stay together or not.

2) Image
|Name|Female|16|Candor-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for: aurban 16|

She is very funny and loves to make people laugh. She has a great sense of humor and is always on the go. She has a little brother back in Candor and she was reluctant to leave him, but she felt that she couldn't stay there. She told them all the morning of the Choosing Ceremony and none of them approved, but she still chose Dauntless as that was what she got for the test. She is single and whoever role plays her is free to start relationships with other guys for her.


1) Image
|Name|Male|16|Erudite-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|

He is Erudite smart and he loves to let people know. He is a show-off and is always rubbing his success in other peoples’ faces. He thought for sure he would get Erudite for his test results, but he got Dauntless. He refused to go and only told a few people, but they told him to leave. No one really liked him in his faction, but once he got to Dauntless, he realized how much he fit in. He will get involved with the Candor girl (2) whenever you and the role player of Candor (2) girl find it appropriate.

2) Image
|Name|Female|16|Erudite-Dauntless|Family|Personality|Played by/ Reserved for: Horseygirl|

She is kind and caring to the one she loves, but she may appear hard to approach and reserved to total strangers. She is extremely smart, but humble about it and she never likes too much attention. That’s not to say that she doesn't like a little. She is loyal to her family before her faction and she isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She speaks her mind, but she is careful not to hurt others feelings. She wants a sense of purpose in the world and she hates not knowing what’s out there.


Dauntless Initiator- Image

|Name|Male|24|Candor-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|

1) Image
|Name|Female|16|Dauntless-Dauntless|Family|Played by/ Reserved for|

She is one tough cookie. She is that one girl who will pick a fight with anyone who crosses her, and no one wants to. She always has a weapon with her: her fists and she learned how to shoot a gun at an early age. She believes in the saying ‘Faction before blood’ and stands by it. She will be dating the Candor (1) boy. (If you’ve ever read or seen the Mortal Instruments, she is like Isabel Lightwood.)


Code: Select all
[center][color=HEX COLOR HERE][size=400][font=AR BERKLEY]NAME OF CHARACTER[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[font=Times New Roman][center][img]GIF HERE[/img][/center]
[hr][/hr][color=HEX COLOR HERE]All About Me…[/color]
[left][img]GIF HERE[/img]
[img]GIF HERE[/img]
[img]GIF HERE[/img][/left]
[b]What is your full name:[/b]
[b]What will be your new name, if you choose to have one:[/b]
[b]How old are you:[/b]
[b]Of what faction origin are you:[/b]
[b]What day were you born  (Not applying to Abnegation):[/b]
[b]Are you a male or a female:[/b]

[hr][/hr][color=HEX COLOR HERE]Me, Myself, and I[/color]
[right][img]GIF HERE[/img]
[img]GIF HERE[/img]
[img]GIF HERE[/img][/right]
[b]Fears and Phobias:[/b]
[b]Do you like your current faction:[/b]
[b]What faction are you hoping to get on your aptitude test:[/b]

[hr][/hr][color=HEX COLOR HERE]My Past…[/color]
[left][img]GIF HERE[/img]
[img]GIF HERE[/img]
[img]GIF HERE[/img][/left]

Toggle Rules

~ Romances are allowed! But please don’t make it graphic. No one wants to read about your character making out. Take it to PM’s please!
~ No OOC drama please! I, and all others, do not want to hear people bickering online.
~ Please be active enough that you post at least twice a week. I understand if you aren’t on all the time, as we all have lives offline, but when you sign up here, you are committing to a character.
~ If you are not on for more than a week without an explanation, I will have to remove your character again. However, you may sign up again as long as you promise to not grow inactive without an explanation again. I will only be giving second chances; no third’s or fourths!
~ Please be literate! I understand that we all have low muse, but if you have read the books, you have the jist of how things should go. I will require a minimum of 100 words per post, which isn’t a lot, so if you like to write, go crazy! I won’t say a maximum amount! 
~ You also must be able to use proper spelling and grammar. Spelling should be easy as when you spell something wrong, there’s autocorrect.
~ You may reserve characters in the OOC tab for up to two days (48 hours)! I will not allow any more time to a person’s character sheet unless you ask. You must be responsible! First come, first serve!
~ No Mary Sues or GMing!
*Mary Sue- A perfect character that doesn’t haven’t any flaws or can do anything.
*GMing- When a character has already done something to another character and then that character says they got out of it in some way. (i.e. when a character jumps and land on a character and then the other character “rolled out of the way.”)
~ If you are going to quit this Role Play, please tell me and don’t just not go role play anymore. That way I can take your character off the list or kill them.
~ Please don’t swear, but if you feel that the line would be better with a swear, just star the vowels out like th*s.
~ I won’t be using FC’s (Face Claims) because I personally don’t like having the image of Jennifer Lawrence in my mind when I’m talking to a character. And I’m not singling her out, I’m saying any celebrity in general. Please don’t complain.
~ I have nothing against bisexual and homosexual people, but for this Role Play, please keep your characters straight.
~ All characters must be 16 years of age.
~ All of the character descriptions are vague and you are free to add on. It’s encouraged, actually. You must keep what’s already there, though. If you have any questions, pm me! 
~ No character may be a descendent of the Priors or the Eatons or the Mathews.
~ If you have read these rules, please put “Abnegation” in the ‘Other’ section of your form![/center]

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Character Portrait: Haven Charlotte Wisher


Character Portrait: Haven Charlotte Wisher
Haven Charlotte Wisher

She is a fun loving, quiet spirit who is willingly to believe that anything is possible if you believe it will happen and put your mind to it. She hates arrogant people.


Character Portrait: Haven Charlotte Wisher
Haven Charlotte Wisher

She is a fun loving, quiet spirit who is willingly to believe that anything is possible if you believe it will happen and put your mind to it. She hates arrogant people.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Haven Charlotte Wisher
Haven Charlotte Wisher

She is a fun loving, quiet spirit who is willingly to believe that anything is possible if you believe it will happen and put your mind to it. She hates arrogant people.

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