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Ivy Welworth

"I think it's so funny when people tell me that they've given me everything... they've truly given me everything when they have taken their last breath." -Ivy Welworth

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a character in “Divided By Sin”, as played by Sophia & Sovia



Ivy Welworth

Poison Ivy

Your Sin: Greed
Favorite Sin: None
Least Favorite Sin: Pride


Female, a dominant one at that.

Bisexual, she is attracted to either sex the key factor is how would she benefit from the relationship. Love and passion is insignificant in this sinner's life... or at least she would like to believe that.

Love Interest:
Wrath, she see's beyond the emotional aspect but Wrath would be closest due to the fact if on her side Wrath would be a powerful weapon.

Ivy is a woman of interest, in other words things that interests her is the thing she desires the most to the point that it might be an obsession. She only collects things that she finds interesting ranging from weapons to live human beings. She can be a rather patient person a long as she believes she'll be able to claim her prize, but if she gets the slightest feeling that she just might not be able to receive hat she wants that's when the anger comes out. The anger is nothing compared to Wrath's but it's still frightening nonetheless. The other issue is her short interest in her newly acquired toys, she will lose interest in the things she acquires it's just a matter of when and once that time comes she needs a new toy. Aside from her obsession, Ivy is a woman of locked up emotions. She would like to believe she is emotionless. but the emotions are there just under the surface and once they slip she becomes extremely defensive and rather avoid any confrontation revolving them. In the end the only emotions she let others see is the anger and nonchalant attitude.

Ivy prefer darker colors, but if the clothing she desires are in bright colors she will compromise. Her clothing revolve around dresses and shorts, jeans on required occasions. As for her accessories it all depends on what new jewelry that peaks her interest that day, but they are usually bracelets, ankle bracelets, and necklaces. Even though her clothing and accessories the red ribbon tied around her right thigh will always be there, reason for it is unknown to everyone except her.

- The fear of letting her emotions escape the cage she locked deep down.
- The fear of not ever being able to satisfy the hunger for more.
- Losing everything she once cherished.

(What was your life like before the gang? What were you like? Your family? Your friends? Etc. This doesn’t have to be filled out until later in the RP, but include how you found the gang and probably why you entered it.)
Ivy 's obsession began at an early age when she was given her first birthday present. The thing is that Ivy had a twin sister, Violet, and ever since their first birthday Ivy wanted every present including Violet's. Violet was the older sister by a few minutes so she took on the big sister role and as far as Ivy could remember Violet would willingly give Ivy her presents and that simply fed the fire deep within Ivy. Ivy's Father and Mother was worried about their daughter, but she was the baby so they simply overlooked it and let the problem grow outside the family. It got to the point that Ivy would claim things from her friends and extended family to the point that her friends, family, and loved ones simply began retaliating resulting in her losing the ones that loved her. It got to the point that she began cherishing the things she acquired the same one a regular person would cherish their friends and family. Unable to truly quench her obsession, due to the fact that her family would refuse to buy things for her, she left for another life a quest that brought her to the gang.

The way she found out about the gang is truly interesting. Along her travels she mastered the art of theft in various manners, since purchasing what she wanted was out of the question, but one day she eyed a group which happened to be from the gang. During her observation she witnessed one of the males place a beautiful diamond ring into his pocket, a wedding ring most likely, so she went out to steal this ring. She successfully pickpocket the ring from the male but was only caught when she walked off and the group decided to do truly cruel things to her. Attempting to fight them off the diamond ring fell from her person only to be inspected and confirmed that it belonged to one of the members. Angered the small group instead of raping her decided to beat her, they were able to inflict a few pains that was both temporary and permanent before another member from the group came across them and ended the scene. Upon explanation of what caused them to commit such a deed Ivy's savior decided to recruit her for her talents.

Theme Song:
Touhou Project - Bad Apple

She carries around a few scars, some visible and others not.

So begins...

Ivy Welworth's Story


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Ivy Welworth

Ivy, my darling wake up The voice within the darkness stirred Ivy Welworth in her sleep, normally she would sleep through it but this time it kept echoing. In an attempt to sleep through it Ivy curled up in a small ball within the blanket on her queen size, barely decent, bed.

IVY! The shriek caused her eyes to fly wide open. With unfocused eyes she looked around in the familiar darkness only to realize she was within her bedroom, sighing she looked down at her body which was now in a sitting position with her arms wrapped around her knees... shaking. Not again... Her small thought brought a small smile in the dark, then a chuck which grew to a laugh, an empty laugh. Hearing the commotion downstairs she threw off her peach colored blanket, that made her bed look half decent, and walked over to the window beside the bed. Raising the blinds she squinted out into the dark, gloomy, horrid place they unfortunately call home. Tightening her grip on the window sill thoughts of something more entered her mind. A mansion? Riches of the world? Happiness? Why not all that this world had to offer and so much more.

Accepting that idea she went to her tattered dresser and yanked open one of the compartments, pulling the nightgown off her lean and fit body she peered into the crack filled full body mirror. Even though the mirror showed a small framed hungry girl in her undergarments, she saw an empty girl that needed more... more than this place could ever offer. Pushing the thoughts out of her head she went onto stripping off the small bits of fabric that hid her naked body. Exchanging her undergarments for another; she began the dressing process with a black and grey sundress, black leggings, and sandals. Slowly walking over to the stand beside her bed, she took the red ribbon that laid alone on it, and sat on the bed. She stared down at the ribbon for a few seconds before tying it around her right thigh, finishing the dressing procedure.

Walking out the door, she left the dark familiar and yet not so familiar bedroom behind her. Making her way down the hallway she noticed Valentine and Kylie heading the opposite way, taking her eyes off them she counted the tiles, only when they were inside Valentine's bedroom did she focused on their voices. From the conversation Kylie needed assistance with his glasses, she recalled having a tape of two but i was hers and she was not going to allow Kylie use her tape for his own benefit. Smirking she continued down the stairs to the room everyone seemed to be located. Looking around she noticed everyone was on the move, but they didn't perk her interest until her eyes laid on Chance. He was walking out with Merrick at his back and by the way he didn't linger to show off his so called "Perfection" and his urgent footsteps he had a plan he was itching to lay on them. He was so irritating and realizing how much she observed him irritated her even more so.

With a sigh she calmed herself and walked after them, "Sooo, what are we doing now?" Even though she did not like Chance he was useful unfortunately and if she could get something out of this plan, success or fail she would follow him to the ends of the earth... oh gosh. Nodding at the thought she crossed her arms at the chest.


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Ivy Welworth

"Did he just?" Ivy mumbled to herself as she stood at the front door which was just recently closed inches from her face. Clenching, releasing them, and repeat she glared at the door as her anger settled.

"Oh, screw it," Kicking the door open the sound of the door slamming against the wall drowned her angry footsteps. Her mornings usually was much better than this. She would start off with a bit of a teasing of each member, then head outside to boss a few people around, and finally begin her search for the new big thing. After all that she was willing to do whatever those idiots wanted her to do as long as she benefited the most, but having Chance come so early and starting the day off with his plans she was barely in the mood.

I could be actually doing something I enjoy right now, thoughts like these were beginning to fill her head only when she hear her stomach painfully growl did her anger dissipate. Sighing she slowly made it up to the position Chance and the Glut stood. She made sure to keep her distance from the two, she hated one and the other hated her. To be honest everyone in their group seemed to hate one another, it was no surprise they couldn't get a single thing done together. Deciding on attempting to cooperate she remained silent as she peered out into the distance as she listened.

Hearing the plan of getting food brought a smile to her face but then again she felt good in the sun, it was late but even a little bit was good enough for her. She couldn't help but to think about all the wonders the sun spread its light across, if she could she was chase after the sun and take up all the treasures she could find. Sighing she realized she needed a new toy, turning back to the two she finally spoke up, "is it possible for this plan of yours to land me a toy or two?"