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Divided States of Anarchy

Divided States of Anarchy


After the fall of the American Democracy due to Anarchist uprisings, four major Brotherhoods battle for dominance of the scarred land.

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Many United States citizens believed that the year 2020 could bring positive change to the country: Promising presidential candidates on both sides of the political spectrum, a thriving economy and an increased quality in education among many other great improvements. It was a time of peace, growth and love that was shared nationwide. Foes became friends and the divide between Democrats and Republicans had decreased significantly. Yes indeed, the future seemed bright for the aging country of America.

However, what many didn't know was that Anarchists all over the country - young and old - had secretly begun to band together in attempts to subdue the common enemy: Government. The Anarchists believed that all systems of government were flawed, and therefore the best way to prevent more mistakes was to disband the United States Administration once and for all in order to claim America as their own. For months, the rebellious secrecy trained themselves for the combat to come. Finally, on the night that the next United States President was being elected, the Anarchists struck.

The strongest in the rebellion sieged the White House and poll booths all over the nation, their orders being that they were in charge of making sure people submitted to the reign of a new type of leadership - Anarchy. The most intelligent Anarchists were burdened with the duty of overriding all technology and media, stopping the spread of news about the overthrow to other countries in the event that backup may arrive to help push democracy to the win. The swiftest and stealthiest members of the Anarchy Army were in charge of guarding the borders to other countries, that way if someone did manage to flee captivity from The Strong, there was no chance of them getting out of the country.

Thanks to the methodical and careful organization of their attack, the Anarchists won the battle and officially destroyed democracy in America. For months, they did everything to bring democracy-supporters to their side: Brainwashing, beating, coaxing, threatening; any method of manipulation (or even torture) that would put Anarchists at the majority. After several years of this, most prisoners finally gave in and turned to Anarchy. They found comfort in destruction after long periods of suffering from their captors. Though, many people remained imprisoned for refusing to convert.

Once the majority of America's population had turned in favor of Anarchy, the land was divided into four groups that were called "The Brotherhoods". These Brotherhoods were comprised of the four main groups of The Revolt. The strongest were named "The Lion Brotherhood" and were given the whole Western front as their territory. All prisoners were moved of west to a single prison where The Lion Brotherhood could safely keep an eye on them.

The second Brotherhood was named "The Owl Brotherhood". These were the intelligent individuals who had been in charge of blocking communication and taking control of all technology. The third and fourth Brotherhoods were "The Cheetah Brotherhood" and "The Fox Brotherhood" The Cheetahs had been the swift and The Foxes were stealthy. The Owl Brotherhood was given the Midwest as their territory, while The Cheetahs received the Southern region and The Foxes were given the Northeast.

For many decades, things worked out the way they were intended. Each Brotherhood stuck to their assigned region, living life freely. However, The Brotherhoods eventually got greedy and began battling each other for territory. Now, in the year 100 After Revolution (A.R.), the Brotherhoods live in a constant state of war. Who do you stand with?

Toggle Rules

- Keep content PG-13: No depictions of sexual acts and no graphic depictions of gore
- If you want to kill a character in battle, ask the creator of that character if it's okay to kill them before doing so
- Weapons, pets, supernatural powers, human-animal hybrids and supernatural beings permitted (within reason)
- No godmodding or powerplaying
- Forbidden romance roleplays are allowed
- LGBTQ+ permitted (I thought that was obvious but I'm putting it up just in case)

Rules of The Brotherhoods: A basic set of rules that govern the limited boundaries of the Brotherhoods

- You may not trespass on another Brotherhood's terrain (i.e. A member of the Lion Brotherhood cannot enter the territory of the Owl Brotherhood)
- You may not steal/loot from or kill members of your own Brotherhood.
- All children under the age of 10 must be fed by the other members of their Brotherhood, everyone else has to fend for themselves.
- If someone is unhappy with the Brotherhood Leader, they are permitted to challenge them to a fight that will take place on Selection Night. If the Challenger wins, they become the new Brotherhood Leader.
- At the age of fifteen, children can change their Brotherhood if they desire (Note: In order to change their Brotherhood, they must battle someone of that Brotherhood. If they win, they can join. If not, they remain in their birth Brotherhood. This ceremony only takes place on Selection Night.)
- On Selection Night, prisoners can join a Brotherhood if they are willing to dismiss democracy and embrace Anarchy. They may choose whichever Brotherhood they desire, however they must win a battle against someone from that Brotherhood in order to gain entry.
- Members of Brotherhoods can not marry one another (i.e. a member of the Cheetah Brotherhood can not be in a relationship with someone from the Fox Brotherhood)

- Brotherhood Leader
- Brotherhood Member
- Prisoner

Physical Description:
**APPLICATION NOTE** You are not required to provide additional information such as pets, weapons, sexuality, etc. It would be nice if you did though.

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The Lion Brotherhood

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The Lion Brotherhood

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The Cheetah Brotherhood

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Divided States of Anarchy

"In a post-Revolution America, four groups hold claims in the land:

The Lion Brotherhood - Home of the strong.
The Owl Brotherhood - Home of the wise.
The Fox Brotherhood - Home of the stealthy.
The Cheetah Brotherhood - Home of the swift.

Will you stand with one of them? Or will you live your days in prison as a believer in Democracy?"

Welcome to the OOC forum thread of Divided States of Anarchy! This universe is a roleplay of a revolutionized America that now functions in a state of Anarchy where the four Brotherhoods live together, but as the Brotherhoods become greedy for more land and begin to battle each other for land things get ugly. Will you join the chaos?