Divided We Stood

Divided We Stood


These students were divided all their lives. The Rich Westies lived on one side, and the Poor Easties lived on the other. Now they are forced to share a school. What will happen? Find out!

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East Side High

You are the poor, unfortunate teen who lives in the east side of town. Your house is falling apart, and your parents have no money to fix it up or
even buy you nice things. You wished you could help out your family, but what can you do? You just go to school, maybe work at a afterschool job,
and hope maybe things would go your way for once. They don't. You and the other students in your class make fun of the prissy, stuck-up, high class students
of West Side Academy. They have everything you want, and they don't even care. Sometimes you would see a Westie student, and they would laugh
in your face at the salavation army clothes your wearing or the fact you don't own at least three sports cars. The East side students
really can't stand the stuck up westies. During the earthquake that struck a few weeks back it destroyed their school. They had been
doing work over the mail, but now the officals have an idea. Send them to the West side school, after all segregation is over- right?
Well these students hate the idea, but they have no choice. Now they are going to school with the prissy west siders. Will they adapt?
Or will they continue their hatred for each other?

Class One

1. [Boy East]
2. [Girl West]
3. [Boy West]- Raiden Kameyama
4. [Girl East]- Sayako Yoruichi
5. [Boy East]
6. [Girl West]
7. [Boy West]
8. [Girl East]
9. [Boy East]
10. [Girl West]

West Side

You are the rich, spoiled, demanding students of the west side of town. You always get what you want whether it be in relationships,
material possesions, or grades. At least that what it seems like. Your happy to go to a school with kids just like yourself because
you pretty much have the same problems, like wondering how many people you are going to invite to your weekly party. Not really, but you
get each other. Your parents may not have always been around, but they did give you unlimited access to your credit card so it doesn't
matter to you. Your perfect life changed when you found out the poor students where going to go to your school. It isn't fair- right?!
Why should those hoodlums invade your life- I mean your parents do pay taxes for these people to be living on welfare. Why should you
have to share your school. They just want the poor kids gone, but they have to get along- or at least fake it. Will these students learn
to compromise? Or will they just continue to live their high end lifes with no respect for people with no money? Find out!

Class Two

1. [Boy East]- Randy Wolf
2. [Girl West]- Lacuna Faye
3. [Boy West]
4. [Girl East]
5. [Boy East]
6. [Girl West]
7. [Boy West]
8. [Girl East]
9. [Boy East]
10. [Girl West]

4. Raiden Kameyama
10. Sayako Yoruichi
19. Lacuna Faye
20. Randy Wolf

Toggle Rules

Age [16-17]:
Year: 3 [junior]
Personality [no 'not telling']:
Biography [no 'ask me']:
Crush or In a relationship with:
Best Friend:
Westie or Eastie:
Class [1 or 2]-
Locker [1-20]:
Picture [use anime]:

1. No God Modding. No one is perfect.
2. Do not control another person's character. This also means don't "read" the other characters mind, and be one step ahead of the actual character.
3. Be Literate. At least three sentences, and of course more is welcomed. w3 d0 n0T t@Lk lYk3 d!$
4. Keep everything PG-13. Do not go over board with the swearing. I don't want to read f-bomb after f-bomb. No cybering, ie no sex. I'm sure you are capable of roleplaying without it.
5. Of course Relationships are encouraged.
6. Try and stay Active.
7. Don't make your character one way, and then have them have a completely opposite personality.
8. Don't use '*' act out the process, and please no short, and useless posts.
9. Be Respectful of others. You cannot kill another person's character without their permission.
10. Ask questions.
11. You may have two students, but they must be in different classes.

Who knows maybe we will get a couple of RomeoxJuliets in the story. This role play only a 20 spots once they are all filled we will start the rp. The Teachers, and family member [unless they go to the school & and are part of the plots] will be npcs.

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Character Portrait: Randy Wolf
Character Portrait: Sayako Yoruichi


Character Portrait: Sayako Yoruichi
Sayako Yoruichi

The Tomboy

Character Portrait: Randy Wolf
Randy Wolf

An East Side student with fists hard enough to beat down any West Sider


Character Portrait: Randy Wolf
Randy Wolf

An East Side student with fists hard enough to beat down any West Sider

Character Portrait: Sayako Yoruichi
Sayako Yoruichi

The Tomboy

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Sayako Yoruichi
Sayako Yoruichi

The Tomboy

Character Portrait: Randy Wolf
Randy Wolf

An East Side student with fists hard enough to beat down any West Sider

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