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Kitty Laurent

I swear I'm not bitter, I just see them for what they are.

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a character in “Divination Academy”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter then the fire around me."
Theme Song

Basic Information

|| Name ||

Kitty Laurent
"Its pronounced, lo-RAWN"

|| Nickname ||

"As if my name isn't short enough!"

|| Age ||

"People always say I look older..."

|| Sexuality ||

"Why does that matter?"
|| Love Interest ||

"I love everyone."

|| Nationality ||

"Yes I've been to all the tacky tourist spots!"

|| Power ||

Control over fire
"More like it controls me."

|| Face Claim ||

Moka Akashiya
"I guess pink hair is pretty popular."


|| Height + Weight ||
5'7" and 143lbs

|| Hair ||
"Are you color blind or something?"

|| Eyes ||
"Some people say they change color, I think they are crazy."

|| Tattoos ||
"Not yet anyway."

|| Piercings ||
Two in her right ear and one in her left
"I like to mix it up sometimes."

|| Distinct Features ||
A huge scar that stretches from her left shoulder blade
to just under her right breast.
"because My hair wasn't distinct enough, huh?"

|| Clothing ||
School uniform and sweats when not in class
"I just like to be comfy"

Mental Aspects

|| Personality ||
Although Most people think she couldn't have a care in the world Kitty is very self conscious and can sometimes get very depressed. She puts on a front to the world that she is very happy but anyone who has ever spent an extended amount of time with her would say otherwise. Her sense of humor is very dark and some people cant handle it. Even thought she had he dark side Kitty is one of the most trustworthy persons you could ever meet. She doesn't have the best body image of herself and has struggled with everything from depression to bulimia, anorexia and binge eating.

|| Likes ||
βœ” The color pink
βœ” Her cross neckless
βœ” Little dogs
βœ” All kinds of music
βœ” Popcorn
βœ” Singing

|| Dislikes ||
✘ Thunder storms
✘ People who smoke
✘ Drugs
✘ Cats
✘ Having her picture taken
✘ Being told what to do

ImageEverything Else

|| Family ||
Trinity Laurent || Female || 45 || Mother ||X
Edward Laurent || Male || 47 || Father ||X
"I love them but I know they are tired of having to deal with me."

|| Brief History ||
She grew up in a suburb in Paris, and loved it. A lot of spare time spent with her mother, who modeled for a small agency in the shopping district. Kitty wasn't spoiled but she did have everything she could want to be comfortable. Up until she was 11 she went to a private school but her parents decided she should get more interaction so the switched her to a public school. Kit didn't mind and she quickly made friends but she also made enemies. One day she decided to go explore the city a little before heading home and she was jumped by a girl who had it out for her. Trying t fight back Kitty accidently burnt the girl alive with her mind. She didn't know what had happened and decided to run away because she was so afraid of getting thrown into jail. That was when she found out abut the Academy.

So begins...

Kitty Laurent's Story

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Divination Academy

9:00 am ~ Monday

Cold breeze weaved in between the students as they flooded in through the industrial gate. The almost castle-like academy loomed over the crowd of students, the loud chatter eventually filling the hallways. Of course, not everyone had classes first thing in the morning, some had free periods, or some were just too rebellious to go. Everyone had to line up to collect their planners, which were booklets that contained the rules and their class times, along with the roommates for the year.



❄ Amber Park & Catherine Marina Silvers ❄


❄ Kitty Laurent & Flora/Air Element ❄


❄ Flora/Air Element & Trenton Camyron ❄


All students must be inside of their dormitories by 10:00pm.

No girls are allowed in the boys' dorms, and vice versa.

No students are allowed to enter any staff exclusive areas or forbidden areas.

Do not speak of magic or display magic to any mundane humans.

All students must attend all meals, rollcalls, and classes.

All students are not allowed to leave school grounds after dinner.

No harassment or bullying.

Pets are not allowed anywhere within school grounds.

Any students caught breaking these rules will have their magical abilities suspended for one day. If it happens again in the same week, the punishment will increase by one extra day, and another day if the student continues to break school rules.

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Amber Park Character Portrait: Catherine Marina Silvers Character Portrait: Bram McKee Character Portrait: Kitty Laurent Character Portrait: Trenton Camryon
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Amber Park


Amber said her goodbyes to her parents as she shut the car door. Pushing open the bulky doors, which lead to the reception of Divination Academy, she took a deep breath. A correctional school for magical delinquents was certainly an interesting explanation for an academy.

Collecting her planner, she looked at the roommates section, 'Catherine, huh?'. Amber was subconsciously biting her lip, she couldn't stay still, not on the first day of school. Even if it sounded rather clichΓ©, it was true, the girl found the first day of school exciting, despite the strict rules and rumours of ghosts. How many years would she spend here? Two, maybe three? She could survive two years, she hoped.

Glancing at her timetable every few seconds, she noticed that she didn't have a class first thing on a Monday. That was good, she didn't have to worry about a class for another hour. There were multiple ways she could kill the time, the library, the cafeteria, or just explore. The librarian, assuming there was one, would probably dislike Amber for her inability to stay still and she'd probably get in trouble for walking around the school during classes. 'The cafeteria it is!' Amber boldly thought, probably making a strange face. She started making her way to the cafeteria.

The set of doors leading to the said cafeteria were heavy, like fire doors, but not impossibly heavy. The cafeteria was empty, aside from the lunch lady, who had a resting face that resembled the receptionist from Monster's Inc. Amber bought an English Breakfast tea, along with a crossaint. She sat on one of the stools, which was covered in red leather, and looked around. It could be worse.