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Kaillynn Dakotas

" Wait for me, somewhere between reality and all we've ever dreamed~"

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a character in “Divine Darkness”, as played by *Falie~Nyan~Kat*



Full name: Kaillynn Dakotas, Most just call him Kailly. Pronounciation - (Kay-Len)



Appearance:Image Kailly has wavey-ish brownish red hair that is shaggy and usually looks unkept, but it matches his style and personality. He has deep, soft chocolate brown eyes surrounded by a fringe of thick long lashes. He has pale skin that is smooth and clear. His body type is small standing at five foot three inches and weighing around 110 pounds. now saying this doesnt mean he is weak he has very fast reflexes and years worth of karate practice to defend himself causing itty bitty muscles.

History/biography:Kailly has lived with his parents, older brother, and younger sister until just recently when he came out to his parents that he was gay. When he told them they immeadietly kicked him out of the house with his things and a thousand dollars to get by on. He was crushed and started cutting himself from depression. He was staying on the streets and started sleeping on top of one of the alley ways in town. He has been searching for a place to live ever since then.

+The stars & Moon

Reason for being at the mansion(prisoner, slave, etc):TBA

Vampire you ‘belong’ to: TBA

What your room looks like:Image


So begins...

Kaillynn Dakotas's Story

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#, as written by S1mon
Where do we fit?

Where is the missing piece of the puzzle?

Will our lives ever be complete?

Such questions on the mind on many young vampires as they are just starting out. Unsure of where their roads may lead now....if....they lead anywhere at all. Charles was one of those who did not know where he was going, even in life. Despite being the son of a banker, his future was always decided by his parents, yet as soon as they discover he's in love with a girl of a lower class, they disown him, and then later shut him out when they disappear the beast that he had become.

The same happened to love. Love also shut the door in his face. Sometimes by the person, or by his parents since they also had their plan. However, Charles viewed himself as a bit of a rebel. He wanted to follow his own pathway like anyone else, and for those seeing for what he is now, it is clear that his pathway didn't go down so well. On the good side though, he has seen change in two centuries and had two centuries worth of girls admiring him while each of them age while he still remains fresh and young. With how powerful he had become with his heightened senses, faster reflexes, his constant youthful look and inability to get hurt, except emotionally, he could pick and choose what he wanted, have what he wanted, but his human side still held him back and it was that side that kept him sane somewhat.

Some vampires didn't hold back. Some simply wished to be friendly with the humans while living off others blood, but he didn't realise till he became a vampire, how much value as in a single human being, no matter what class, or even gender. Charles had a choice of who he could lure away and feed on, and it was his personal choice, which was to take those that had no-one, who was an outcast, much like what he was when he was rejected by everyone. The only one that showed him any sign of care, was that of his newfound vampire inheritance.

Vampires had existed for many many centuries, though Charles had only been one for two. He was not as old as some. It was upto vampires, as to whether to eat a human or change them into a vampire too. It was real hard for Charles at first, even going so far to go on a hunger strike which was a silly thing to do, which he realised how bad it was. Thankfully, the vampire who he turned him was nearby and told him that he must do it in order to keep fit, since he'd just live immortality in pain.

However, it seemed either way, there would be some pain there. Though, 200 years later, he was still alive and kicking, though he wasn't the same way than his younger years, but there was still his compassionate side there. In his time, he had seduced anyone he saw lonely, male or female, and without a friend, some he made vampires, some he made slaves until releasing them, only for another vampire to take them out. He wasn't used to having slaves, but guess it helped him rest a little.

It was then, that he decided to take a stroll, putting on a warm cloak and making sure his hair looked alright. Not too fancy to look like he was from the 19th Century, but not too cool so the way he acted clearly shown he was not, as his cool blue eyes led the way out the Mansion. He was much thankful for the hospitality Luke gave in letting him stay. Not to mention the werewolf they had prisoner which helped in desperate situations, but he sure missed his walks.

Charles, though now calling himself Charlie with the change of the century, didn't know who or what he was looking for, not knowing where he was going as he left the Mansion behind. He walked for a few miles. Even going so far as to enter town, as the moon shone above him. His day was only starting, while humanity rested their heads. Charlie paced the streets, taking slow and casual strolls, while his hands remained in his pockets, before sniffing up and embraced a smell which he then followed.

Arriving at an entrance of a dark alleyway, he glanced down and noticed a young lad down the side. Intrigued, seeing as the young lad was alone, and with his bags, and with no-one else which meant there was no-one else the boy had, Charlie decided to investigate furthur. Afterall, if the boy had no-one, then he would be Charlie's next take, though he was unsure what to make out at the moment, and whether he'd be good for food after being in such a condition, or maybe lift his spirits and become a vampire like him.

"Hey, Kid", he spoke towards him, as he merged himself and his shadow into the shadow of the alleyway while his eyes watched the boy. "Why, are you out here all alone?", he asked in a concerned tone, which was always, just the beginning...........

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#, as written by S1mon
Charlie didn't make it his priority to prance on those who were alone, before digging deeper. It was more of a....obligation. Besides, if he targetted the weak, helpless and single, then their disappearance would not affect those around them so much. When the female vampire had came to him, all he had was a girl that he loved very dearly with his parents opposing such a move. As soon as he turned, he lost the only thing he had. Though he found it hard to pick up the pieces left at the start, he learnt to move on, and soon got used to it. Though to be truly honest, he really didn't have any other choice, and never expected to leave through two centuries. Would that, be an achievement?

"Wh-Who's there..? Why d-do you care i-if Im out h-here...?!", the boy responded to his query, clearly in pain. There was a saying that has been passed out through the centuries he had lived, that carrots help you see in the dark. For vampires, the sight comes natural, so as a result, he could see the boy clearly. His eyes examining him from his head to his feet, while watching his lips as he spoke, seeing him stop now and then. After he asked, Charlie took a moment to remain silent. Afterall, no harm in bringing a little tension to the atmosphere, as the only sound that was heard, was his footsteps as he continued to walk inside the alley's shadows.

No doubt the lad would be fearing for his life, as he could be anyone. A copper, a friend, a foe, a thief, a walkabout. Luckily for him, he stumbled upon a vampire. If that was lucky. Though the reasoning of his casual walk, was to take a closer look at his surroundings which were not comfortable at all, while his senses smelt some tasty blood, which Charlie was trying to block out. "Why do I care, you ask? Is it wrong for me to be curious, why a young man sleeps in the dangerous outdoors".

Deciding to reveal himself, he took out his lighter. As he did so, he then spoke softly, "I mean no harm", yet, "and if I break my word, then you may beat me up as much as you like and take what you require", as if the boy would win him in a fight. Still, it was simply a way of reassurance, before the flame rose from the lighter to reveal his face. He didn't need it, but to the lad, he had no idea who he was talking to. Least he was a who, not a what, for now.

Taking a few steps closer, he then knelt down and tilted his head slightly, as if he was just examining him for the first time, before saying, " seems not only do you sleep outdoors on such a cold night, but your hurt too", as his free hand took off his warm fur jacket and passed it to him, "Put that on......". Once he had, Charlie then stood up and saw some crates, as his foot kicked into them and begun snapping wood off and then putting aside into a pile which he then kicked over towards the lad, before sparking a fire with the wood. His eyes, motioning him to come to the fire.

Putting his lighter away, he then pulled a cigar which he then lit from the fire, and brought it to his mouth and sucked, before turning away from the lad and blowing. Once he had done, he then spoke again, "This fire won't last long, and will no doubt raise attention if spotted, so use it while it's there. Though I will say, you are indeed the youngest I've ever saw sleeping outside. I see some older men, though they have sleeping bags and whathaveyou, yet you are seriously under-equipped. No offence intended. So I ask again, why you here?".

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#, as written by S1mon
With the flames reaching for the dark sky, the area around the fire began to warm up. Not that Charlie needed it since vampires were accustomed to many temperatures, so the cold or the heat didn't affect them. Well, the sun did. Though right now, nothing concerned him except for the lad infront of him, who appeared to be an outcast, much like what he was. The lad was not calm, though he was alot calmer than before with his coat wrapped round him, and now had some heat getting him so he could speak clearly.

"I know the fire won't last, as soon as we finish talking I'll find a new alley. About the being unequipped, that I can't help some old hobo gashed my side and took all my things". That was a shame. A real shame. When he spoke of his gash, he looked towards where it was where he was hurting, before looking back up at about the same time he did, no doubt he felt ashamed of being attacked and unable to defend himself. What was ironic, that despite his experience, the condition he was in now, the gash he had to his side, he would move to another alley and keep all this up. What this lad needed was a warm space to sleep at night.

"....and why Im out here....I was kicked out of my house by my parents for telling them I was....", as the lad stopped and begun to blush. Something that would of been hidden in the darkness, but clearly shown in the light, but at least he was getting warm and getting better, as he cotinued, "I was gay.....and so here I am". His head lowered. Again, ashamed, or at least, ashamed to speak of it, as he wouldn't of been ashamed of being gay if he could openly admit it, despite the consequences.

Immediately, Charlie brought the cigar to his mouth again and taking another breath, before blowing out again. Again, he turned so the smoke went elsewhere. Once he had done, he then spoke, looking at his cigar, "There are those who tell me I should stop blowing all this stuff, but I don't.....I know it's not the same...", turning to him, "but it's what I want to do. It's upto me what I do, and whatever happens as a result is for my concern only". He couldn't of spoken no truer words. What with the whole ordeal with the girl of his dreams and his parents denying their relationship since it weren't what they wanted, much like the lad's experience. Then there was the whole ordeal of choosing to walk in the park, bringing about his transformation into a vampire, and being rejected by all.

A smile appeared on his lips. It seemed the lad hadn't had the best of luck. What he needed now was a friendly face, and Charlie would provide. "Though I disagree with your parents' decision, I do not think that they would leave you completely helpless despite it all, and if that is so, I assume that these were the things the hobo took from you?", piecing the pieces together in order to gain an understanding. Afterall his family were wealthy and very knowledgeable, and so was he.

"The name's Charlie by the way", he announced as he extended his hand to shake his, before his hand then proceeded to touch the sides of his face with the back of his hand, "As I're still pretty young, so I'd say mid-teen to late-teen, maybe 16? 17? 18 probably not as they'd be signs of shaving there. Sure is a pain, and once you start, it's hard to stop. Bit like ecstacy. Not that I've tried it", giving a snigger.

Now for the nitty gritty part which intrigued him, once establishing what sort of age he was, "So, other than your parents, is there anyone else you know who could put you under their roof? Friends? Other family? Siblings?....Boyfriend?", leaving the boyfriend part till last and with an intended pause. There must of been something that made the lad feel that he was gay, so he wished to establish if there was someone he did "feel the hots" for, or someone he could be with, before he advanced any furthur.

"Oh! and how rude of me...I forgot to ask your name?", he asked. Though he didn't mind calling him kid or lad, he did have a name as did he. Charlie had nothing against his orientation. Though he would of questioned it once, he does not question any longer. Infact, he'd probably consider himself pan-sexual know, since he didn't look at the sex of those who came near him, but their inner self. From what he had heard and how he was acting, he seemed a good kid.....