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Danielle Auguste

"Just because I'm here for you all the time, doesn't mean you can take me for granted."

0 · 232 views · located in Heaven&Earth

a character in “Divine Intervention”, as played by broken-wings



Name: Danielle Auguste

Age: Seventeen

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Standing at 5 foot 4, Danielle has a long lean body, great for running, though she actually uses it for catching her amazing photographs. Her hair reaches a few feet below her shoulders, the straight strands sometimes being a little bit too wild than she would prefer. Her skin is slightly tanned and smooth, her eyes two large orbs of baby blue, called "Cute" one too many times by strangers in her opinion, and a set of perfect white teeth, four years of tourture, as she calls it.

Personality: She is the quiet type that loves to hang around the parks and the most unexpected places, searching for great candid photos that she posts on her personal blog. Danny, as you can call her, is a rather sweet person, never hesitating to say hello to anyone, yet always trying to be as discreet as possible with other people's feelings and life.

-Skinny Jeans

-Loud Places
-Rude People
-Extremly hot weather

Role: Human 3

History: Danielle was raised in a loving family with her younger brother, Justin. At a young age, she started showing an interest in photography, loving the way how a picture could capture a whole memory. She didn't miss anything throughout her years, wanting to be a Princess when she grew up at the age of five, giving her life for the latest teen group of boys at the age of thirteen, and having her first kiss at the age of fifteen, she went through it all. Not once, would Danielle complain, but lately, she has been edging to the daring side, never backing down from a dare, and always adding a hint of adventure to her days.

-Can't see far, and has to use contacts, which she hates but prefers over glasses
-Always carries one of her cameras


The Monsters Within Us

ImageYou know those silly stories of having control over time, the only thing that has always been there, and has not once waited for us? You must have thought of it at least once in your lifetime, am I right? Oh darling, wouldn't it be just lovely to posses all that power? Oh well, have fun dreaming.

Benvenuto to Venice, Italy, the "City of waters", a place mostly known for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks. A perfect place for robbery and theft, wouldn't you think? Well of course, and many people do take it seriously indeed; you can say it's their way of earning a living. But, what if we told you there was more to some than it seemed? What if we offered you a little information, but you won't tell anyone, right? I sure hope not, because you wouldn't have an splendid time here, darling.

Well, what if we told you that those silly stories actually are more real than they are given credit for? Now, let's get down to point, I believe we have wasted too much time, and well, I have to admit, I'm getting rather bored of your sight.

There are some wonderful, lucky people out there, who get to live life with a little more spice. They have the power of time, oh, how I wish I had it, why must it have been them? You would think they all succeed or make something of their life, you would think they all are welcomed into their society. But if you do, well, you are simply wrong. No, instead, they are believed monsters, a shame to humanity. So, they do what they can; they leave. Somehow, someway, those runaways always end up with what we call Anonymous, a group of time handlers, cunning and ambitious thieves who know how to use their powers too well and use it for their own good. They kill yes, but goodness, wouldn't that be a bloody complication? So, they just make sure they never mess up.

About Anonymous

Anonymous is much larger than you would ever think, stretching over every corner and edge of the world, the biggest Families living off in the beauty of the Hawaiian islands and in Morocco's finest, the first group traced back to the early 1400s with little to no information about their past. What about Venice, you might ask, with so much to take from, shouldn't they be one of biggest and wealthiest? Well, they are. Or at least were, a few years ago, before tragedy swept over the time handlers of the city. What happened to them, you might wonder, but it is still a mystery to the members of the other families. Many were found dead, many never discovered at the water's depth, but this was no information shared with the rest of the world, not even to the other times handlers themselves. To those new members who have no knowledge of the mysterious massacre certainly would not want anything to do with it, and for those who do, won't have any intention of telling anyone, the less who know about it, the better. And they know, that if they do tell, the For the members outside of Venice, despite their worry and questioning, all of their questions were left unanswered.
What happened then, did everyone forget? No, but they acted like they did, knowing that if they payed more interest than they should, their punishments would be severe. It was none of their business, and that's how it would stay. Now, new members were thrown into the city. Placed into the group's previous home, or to some 'headquarters', they are expected to function well and get along with each other. They will, or else, the Main Five will make sure they do, one way or another. None of them are from Venice, but many were recruited from nearby cities, so they have somewhat of an idea about Venice. They will be provided with food and the money necessary for their daily needs in their first month, in the meanwhile, they will learn all they can about the city. After the one month passes by, they will be expected to be a 'Family' by them.
There is nothing much to tell, because there is nothing really known about them. They come when they are needed and they go when they are not. A little bit of information the people have been able to gather up is that one of them has a power that no other Anonymous member is known to have, and more than one is known to possess control over more than one power. And boy, do they know more secrets than anyone to what the powers hold. You might ask so, because one thing is certain, they have not been replaced since anyone can remember. Now, however do they do that?

The Powers

Characters will only be allowed ONE of the powers, no question about that, unless I ask you to make your character that way, and if I do, it would most likely be for a special Plot I have thought of or something along those lines. These are the basic definitions to the powers and few of the set backs that come with them, but I expect you to have common sense in what to do and what not to do. Using the powers drains energy from the manipulator, and will most likely leave them tired, depending how much of it and how long they used it, but it is like a muscle, with time and practice, it will strenghten. Do not make your character a sudden professional with their powers, like they took night classes for mastering it. What's the fun of that? That's right, none for the others. Make things go wrong once in a while, the possibilities are endless.

With this power, you can take a memory away from anyone or anything.
Note: This does not mean that they can go into people's mind. They can only erase memories they have large knowledge of or has seen, or experienced with the person. Example: They can't erase a bad experience memory from the previous day unless they were there with the person or they have told them enough to have a picture.

So begins...

Danielle Auguste's Story