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" I must stop this now for the earths sake"

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a character in “Divine Knights: Shadow Lands”, originally authored by zodiak177, as played by RolePlayGateway


name: saru

eye color: light blue
hair: short light brown

height: 5ft 10in
body type: leen muscle

close:monks robes no armor

village: earth
personality:out going, hyper, kind sort of guy
weapons:steel staff
abilities: sommon earths gaurdian(can sommon some sort of earth beast), Gi focus "G-ee" (focus of the earths life force used to heal him self or others), hidden ability(will be brought into the story line latter)
history:raised with monks all his life untill the dark lord distroyed the temple , all of the other monks are dead

So begins...

Saru's Story


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((this is the gods talking to rocanto)) "uggggh my head" rocanto muttered "where am i?" "rocanto demploy.... you are the chosen one.... who will defeat the evil lord.... and heal this land.... with that rocanto awoke witha strangers hand on his forehead. rocanto scrambled to his feet "please pardon me sir but i need to go to my dad." rocanto sputtered he then ran to his father to tell him of what he heard in his "vision"

(if anyone has any questions please ask via pm))


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#, as written by pipzel
As it picks up their sword from the ground and places it back behind their cloak, Makani let out a hearty laugh at Sarus' actions. "Alright, alright." ser said, backing away from Saru with their hands up. "Don't go all psycho on us, mate. We were just having some fuuuuuun! Though chances are you're unfamiliar with that word." Makani grinned and twiddled with the handle on their dagger. "So..." ser began, "..I assume you are one of the warriors?" It gazed up at Saru, awaiting his answer.