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"To fall asleep in crypts and awaken in gardens." [wip]

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a character in “Divinity: Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Lithaldoren



The Void. Floating gently in the dark galaxy of oblivion, he watches worlds blossom and shatter all in the breath of a single moment. He kills with a kiss, releasing souls into the never-ending cycle of life, death, death, life. And he merely watches history repeat itself in an everlasting battle of wills without ever lifting a finger.

The Void, empty and eternal. Galaxies are destroyed with one action, one butterfly wing. He watches indifferently as lives return to the cycle again and again; somehow, he finds their actions pitiable. Somehow, he finds it sadly amusing that mortals would never be able to see what he sees, that they would never know just how important a cruel or kind action could be. Mortals would never be able to see the pebbles they could drop, changing history for a few centuries- until a fool comes by, erasing the ripple, and remaking the universe in a copy of someone else's reality.

His beautifully carved features were always arranged in the most gentle of smiles, but not even he knew if it was a lie. For, what was death but inevitability? There was no need for Azrael to be charming.

In the end, there will only be him and the Void. Beings come and go, their life-force ebbing and flowing with the various moods of the Cycle. History repeats over and over again until the world is but a mere creation of carnage.

In the end, there is only Death and Time.

God Name:Image

The God of Death and Time
Destroyer of Worlds, Manipulator of Time

Genderless; appears to mortals as whomever they imagine Death to be.
Male; his preferred form when among deities.

True Neutral

God Appearance:
When among other deities and such, Azrael tends to wear a suit of armor whose material seems to have been taken directly from the night sky. It is unknown whether he materializes it himself, or if he had commissioned it from another. A long cowl leaves his features in darkness, allowing for none to view his face. He takes on different identities when showing himself to different beings, usually donning the features of whom they think Azrael to be like. However, no one, outside of his avatar and his people, have ever seen his true face.

When not making an appearance in public, Azrael takes upon the image of a young mortal male, deeming it easier to do paperwork in this form. With night-dark locks feathering down in light curls and malachite irises set under slender brows, the God of Death and Time cuts a rather nonthreatening figure. Pale skin is marred by traces of stylized black swirls, appearing most everywhere and contrasting against his ivory epidermis.

Though he might take upon the form of a human, there is one distinct feature of his that never seems to change. His eyes are made up of the aurora borealis, golden-green with flecks of glacial blues and silver-blacks. Whenever he looks upon something, it is as if he does not see merely them, but all that they could've been and all that they would be. Azrael usually has his features affixed in an almost dreamy fashion, signifying the fact that although he may be present, his mind passes through many universes on a daily basis.


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So begins...

Azrael's Story