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"The God of Mischief, at your disservice!"

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a character in “Divinity: Gods of Pandeum”, as played by Seveneleven



God Name: Palchard (Pilchurd, Pillcard, Picard, Pilchor, Pilcock, Philock, Pilfor, Palchol, Palchon, Pakkon)
Title: The God of Mischief, Cruelty, and Deception. Patron Deity of Liars and Criminals. The Trickster, The Deceiver, The Inflictor, Underhand, Blackhand, He Who Laughs At Pain, King of the Black Carnivale
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
God Appearance: Image

Personality: "So, you would like to get to know me? Then you must be as mad as I! That or you're an absolute fool, I don't mind which! Either way allow me to tell you how great and important I am. Sure, sure, the others would say I'm atrocious! Deceitful! They'll also say I'm a Vile, Villainous, Violent Vilifier! Ooh, quite the alliteration! Makes ya wonder if the Gods are po-ets and they just don't know-it! Oooh, a rhyme this time! AGAIN!! I should become a bard and travel the land, regaling others with my baleful ballads! No? Hm, perhaps you're right being a God I can force others to sing songs about my cruelty and cunning. Anyway, off with you! As much as I like talking about myself, I find it boring if the other participant adds nothing to the conversation. Really, you mustn't be so quiet! Life is meant to be obstreperous, tumultuous, uproarious! Do you understand!?"

Opinion of mortals: "Tiny lives, filled with tiny dreams and tiny minds. I do oh so love it! Nothing quite like tricking mortals into doing horrible things for you're own amusement! The best part is, there are those that praise me for it! Worship me for it! These are the people I like to give a guiding hand in to populating the world with delinquency, malfeasance-y, and indecency! After all being a God is a lot of work and I need my deviants to help spread my will!"

God’s Domain: Palchard lives within a strange, mind-bending reality known as Mania, where the sky is green, the clouds are yellow and the water is black. The ground is often a dark purple, with disorienting forests that contain bare trees, contorted into unnatural poses. The area is largely mountainous, with equally disorienting ranges that are jagged and even fragmented, with pieces of earth floating in mid air. In the Land of Mania, nothing is as it seems. The land often likes to trick it's visitors by casting convincing illusions that are often disturbing.

Palchard lives within a palace known as Castle Deliria that is built atop the tallest, steepest, and most twisted mountain in all of Mania. Castle Deliria is built in an awkward fashion that defies normal logic and convention. Within the building, rooms appear randomly as long, incomprehensible halls and stairwells appear in-between.

One may find townships within the Land of Mania, the buildings are also made in a twisted fashion. The populace of these towns are impish or ogreish as all beings have a black sense of humor. Their favorite time of year, however, is when the Black Carnivale comes to town. A depraved and devilish version of the great circuses of the normal world. This then ensues a wild time of revelry and entertainment.

Avatar Name: Gulbrand the Goblin King
Avatar Appearance: Image

Personality: "Immortal and Nefarious, I am the true representation of my Lord, Palchard's cruelty and malice. I command both fear and respect from my, otherwise, demented Goblinkin! I am strong but also cunning and calculating, an enemy you would do best to not earn. We Goblins may be viewed as ugly and vulgar but I am above that! You would understand this if you were to look upon my visage, both regal and terrible!"

Magic Abilities:
Goblin Fire: A magical ability that creates a wicked flame immune to water and smothering. Can only be stopped with magic.
Transform: Gulbrand has the magical ability to alter his appearance quite drastically. He can appear as an entirely different race or even appear as an animal.
Illusions: Gulbrand is able to cast illusions that befuddle and beguile the mind.
Teleport: Gulbrand is able to appear and disappear at will. Although he is limited to a small range of about 100 ft.
Fireport: A mixture of Goblin Fire and Teleport, Gulbrand is able to summon a portal made of fire to transport him across vast distances. The portal does not work however if one uses it to enter areas highly guarded with magic. It also has a limit on distance as well. It also takes time to cast, making it a bad option for a quick getaway.
Summoning: Imp: He can summon an Imp from the Land of Mania to aide in his actions.
Summoning: Barghest: Can summon the wild fiend from the Land of Mania.
Summoning: Ogre: He can summon an Ogre from Mania to assist him.
Summoning: Jabberwock: The ultimate summon. He can call forth the strange dragon found in Mania.
Poison Craft: Can create poison using magic.
Telepathy: Able to communicate with his followers telepathically.
Nilbogism: A "gift" he grants to his chosen that reverses adverse effects into curative ones. For example a strike from a sword would normally injure will instead heal. Yet on the downside remedies, healing spells and potions causes harm to the individual.

Hero(es): Malgrim Red-Eyes
Rank/Reason: Warchief. Perhaps the toughest Hobgoblin in the Goblin King's forces, Malgrim commands not only vast military forces but also governs territories underneath the Zoadian banner.
Personality: Stoic, fearsome, and cruel. He is everything a Goblin should aspire to be.

Hero(es): Krillock the Red and Mangore
Rank/Reason: Warchief. Barghest. A deadly duo, Barghests are wild fiends found in Mania but as a gift for Krillock's impeccable service, Gulbrand summoned one forth as his companion.
Personality: Krillock is arrogant and boastful but a tough warrior. Mangore, being a lupine-goblinoid hybrid, acts little more than an animal but does hide a certain degree of intelligence.

Hero(es): Badhoc Slave-Master
Rank/Reason: Warchief. Known for his warrior slaves called the Reborn, Badhoc is the top military instructor available to the Goblin King.
Personality: An oddly well-traveled, worldly Hobgoblin, Badhoc has ventured beyond the Goblin lands to experience other countries and cultures. Taking the knowledge he's gained, Badhoc returned and rapidly became one of the the top Warchiefs in Zoadia. Badhoc's a shrewd and merciless warrior who has a knack for instruction and slaving.

Hero(es): Holshank the Crafty
Rank/Reason: Military Commander. A Hobgoblin born with an enlarged cranium. Holshank was abnormally intelligent but an incredibly fierce warrior. His cunning and skill landed him as a top commander in the Goblin King's hordes.
Personality: Intelligent and fiercely loyal, he serves Gulbrand with savage devotion. He does everything he can to please both his Lord and God.

Hero(es): Zubor Giant-Killer
Rank/Reason: Champion. Among the Bugbears, Zubor was the largest of his kind. Using his incredible strength and durability he slew a Giant, making him an icon amongst the Goblinoids.
Personality: Brutal, Bloodthirsty, and Proud, Zubor is hungry to prove himself in battle and loves to take trophies for himself. Whether it be gold, concubines, gear, or status.

Hero(es): Ickit the Warforger
Rank/Reason: Engineer. Ickit is a smart Goblin that's skilled in weaponsmithing and design, thus making him one of the major engineers in the Goblin hordes.
Personality: Standoffish, stubborn, and demented. Ickit constructs cruel and dangerous weaponry in the hopes that one day they shall be used in warfare.

Hero(es): Lord Eberion Kelbourne
Rank/Reason: Crime Lord. Under the guise of a Human nobleman, Eberion is more than just the lord of a fiefdom, he is a lord of crime. Using his wealth, influence and connections, he helps to control all criminal activity within the hearts of Human empires.
Personality: Meticulous and methodical, sly and duplicitous, Lord Kelbourne rules his Criminal empire with an iron will.

Hero(es): Glekin the Chanter
Rank/Reason: High Shaman. Having a strong connection to the dark spirits of the earth, he sees them as agents of Palchard and thus invokes them to embolden and empower the many Goblinoids.
Personality: Fervent and fanatical, he uses his beliefs and oratory skills to enforce the Goblin King's doctrine with a religious flair.

Hero(es): Dorduken Wolf-Tamer
Rank/Reason: Raider. A Hobgoblin that is the master of the Mount and Spear. Dorduken has an affinity with the wild wolves and wargs of the land. He helps to capture these beasts and tame them for use as war mounts.
Personality: Sadistic, loves to inflict pain, misery and destruction. Whether it be a raid or a battle, Dorduken will be there to shed first blood.

Hero(es): Sarna War-Mother
Rank/Reason: Matriarch. Sarna is a She-Gnoll that's known for her pack of viscous Gnolls. While not Goblinoids, the Hyena-like race is favored by Palchard and thus Sarna does her best to represent this Mad God.
Personality: Viscous and feral with a wild cunning.

Hero(es): Kafka the Mad
Rank/Reason: Pyromancer. A combat mage specialized in fire magics, Kafka has an affinity for being crazy and is well-known and feared in the Goblin hordes.
Personality: As his title suggests, he is mentally unstable. Even so he can follow commands given to him as he carries them out with frenzied glee.

Hero(es): Kaeva the Shadow
Rank/Reason: Assassin. Quiet and deadly with a dagger, her approach is one that goes unnoticed by most until it is too late. This has made her one feared servant in the Goblin King's ranks.
Personality: Mysterious and mission-oriented, a woman of intrigue, she feels a degree of pleasure on sneaking up on unwary foes and stabbing them ruthlessly in the back.

Terrain Preference: The Goblins are known to live in dry, grassy, badlands with jagged mountains serving as their back drop. Their towns and cities are testaments to Goblin ingenuity, covered in metal, wood, and smoke. Despite the machinery one may see, the very designs of these places seem haphazard at best. Then there are some that live underground, deep within the mountains, mining for resources to fuel the horrid Goblin war machine.

Name of Kingdom/Empire: The Kingdom of Zoadia

Capital: Earthrend

Major Cities: Greskine

Port Hatchet




Goblinoids- The main populace of Zoadia and Palchard's mortal race. Typically the other races hear the word Goblin and tend to think of small, green, irritating ankle-biters. While Goblins are that and more, Goblinoids however is a term for a wider range of beings. Goblinoids include Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears.


The common race seen in Zoadian society. They are small in stature but make up for it in deviousness and cruelty. They are mischievous, vile, creatures that love to cause pain to others and sometimes to each other. They also have a knack for ingenuity and love to build and construct machines and objects that reflect both their intellect and malevolence. There are some Goblins that are known to be down right mad and have no sense of preservation whatsoever. These Goblins often are made into suicide bombers in times of war, because...well lets be honest, they would probably blow themselves up anyway.

Goblins perform a wide range of duties in Zoadian society. They are engineers, alchemists, soldiers, assassins, miners, smiths, builders, spiritual leaders, sorcerers, and government officials. So long as a Goblin is smart and willing to work they have a place in society. Those that are a bit on the dumb end, well even they have their place as test subjects, cannon fodder, and target dummies.


Taller, stronger, and hardier than their smaller kin, if Goblins are the backbone then the Hobgoblins are the head. Hobgoblins are militaristic, stern, no-nonsense beings that don't fancy mischief like their Goblin cousins. Yet they are as cruel as they come often seeking blood and conquest to bolster their ranks and power. The Hobgoblins drive Zoadian society towards war and expansion, often being the guiding hand over Goblin invention and creation. They serve not only as the bulk of the Goblin Army, but also as it's top commanders, strategists, and warriors. They are mostly generals or top government officials in society.


Bugbears are the largest and the strongest of all the Goblinoids. This race is both kin to Goblins and Giants representing the best of both races. Strength and size mixed with cunning and ambition. Bugbears are known to be excessively violent at times finding any job, outside of combative roles, as boring. So Bugbears mostly are soldiers, guards, and mercenaries. Though there are some that find content in physical labor and are found doing the many manual jobs in society. Bugbears also have a strange fascination with fame and often seek challenges to enlarge their status in society. They often become champions of their people dealing in feats of strength, survival, hunting, combat, and warfare.



Living on the fringes of Goblin society are the other favored race of Palchard, the Gnoll. Based on the cruel and sly hyena, the Gnoll personifies mischief on a more primal level. The Gnolls have a natural instinct and cunning but fall short in intellect compared to Goblins. The Gnolls are more tribal and are not suited to the large, industrial cities the Goblins live in. The Gnolls have their own system of government based on Patriarchs and Matriarchs of Packs. They ally themselves with the Goblins but dislike their tendency to take advantage of them. Yet they are fierce and loyal warriors with a skill for raiding or ambushes.


The Economy of Zoadia is based mainly on industry and war. Goblins are avid miners that burrow deep within the earth to search for minerals and ore. The main currency of Zoadia is Gold and Silver and Precious Stones. The Goblins own a special mint where they create crudely shaped, gold coins called Bits. The highest value Bit is the Piece, which has the visage of Gulbrand branded on both sides. The lowest value Bit is the Niblit, which is also the smallest coin. There are also silver coins.

The big economic factor of Zoadia is industry, whether it be in construction, weapons, or technology. The Goblins build large mills and foundries that spew large amounts of pollution and waste. Since waste does become a problem at times, the Goblins have built dumps to toss away materials that couldn't be reused or recycled. Do not be fooled, the Goblins are no environmentalists but they are cheap and frugal preferring to over use materials to the point of dilapidation. Hence why their products seem haphazardly made at times. Yet the Goblins are always constantly building and advancing their methods to create bigger and better products.

The second biggest factor is warfare. The Goblins are a war-mongering society that largely deal in the building of arms and siege technologies. Goblins build these war machines in hopes of conquering more land and adding that land's resources to their own. The Goblins are not always stingy with their weapons and do seek out opportunities to sell their arms to other races at war. Of course Goblin Tech is notorious for being unpredictable and shoddy, leading many to believe that the Goblins are inept as weaponsmiths. The truth is that the Goblins like to give their hand-me-downs before they sell their new wares. They usually do it out of humor or spite but also because they're parsimonious. Of course gold is a big persuader and enough of it will make the Goblins more willing to trade their better arms. It is in these instances that Goblin Tech shines and makes other's aware of their capability.

Since the Kingdom is split up into divisions of land called Territories, each Territory generates wealth based on whatever resources the land may have. All wealth made must be given to the King who places it inside the Sovereign Hoard. From there the wealth is redistributed back into all the Territories. All trade agreements are made by the King with help from the Chief Hoarder. Warchiefs cannot make trade agreements with other nations but can make suggestions or inputs if their land's resources is the object of trade. Whether or not this will be considered is ultimately up to the King. All Warchiefs and their Territories start with a standardized grant. A Warchief may be awarded more wealth for him and his Territory based on land gain. They may also be awarded more wealth from monies earned from their Territory's product or resource.


Goblin politics aren't known for their breakthroughs in diplomacy. They aren't the most compromising or the most cooperative and are definitely not known for peaceful resolutions. Yet the Goblins understand the values of deals, barters, arrangements and treatises and will respect certain documentations. It really depends on whether or not these things interfere with their interests as a nation and as a race. They may be prone to war but that are not obstinate. They are easy to bribe and can be bought off for a time. Yet they do not take perceived slights and inconsiderations lightly and will end certain agreements if appeasements aren't made.

The Goblins are not opposed to alliances in times of war. So long as their assistance is richly rewarded, they can be quite the powerful ally to another nation's conquests. They are also not opposed to open trade depending if relations are good and the participating nations have something they want. In the end Goblin politics is very self inclined. If their wants are not being made they have the inclination to break relations, and even betray their allies in lieu of better offers. This doesn't always make the Goblins the most reliable ally and their tendency to be suspicious of others places further strains. Caution should always be met when dealing with the Goblins.

Goblin government is first and foremost an autocracy. The Kingdom of Zoadia is ruled by the Goblin King and all final decisions are made by him. Yet since Zoadia may in fact hold multiple regions at any given time, Gulbrand has allowed some of the power and responsibility be shared. These come in the form of Warchiefs. Not only do they act as the commanding generals in times of war but also serve as governors over designated regions dubbed Territories. While the Warchiefs do lord over these provincial governments, that said office's power can be revoked at any given time by the Goblin King for any reason he deems fit. The Warchiefs primary duty is to subjugate and enforce the laws and rule of the Goblin King over their charted Territory. The Warchief may impose additional laws over his Territory but only if it does not conflict with previously established laws. All new laws must be notified to the King for approval before implementation.

The Warchiefs may in fact hire aides to further compartmentalize responsibilities for better effectiveness. These range from Chancellors, to Ambassadors, to Secretaries, and Adjudicators. The Warchief may also have war aides, like Commanders and Lieutenants. Then Commanders hand down positions to lower ranks such as Brigadiers, Captains, and Sergeants. Sometimes a Territory may be quite vast and in order to ensure that the King's will be done, Warchiefs may divide their Territory into what is known as Wards. These portions are controlled locally by a Warden and these Wardens are appointed by the Warchief. When it comes to specific towns or cities, they are run by a municipal leader called a Chief. Chiefs are appointed by the Wardens provided they are approved by the Warchief.

A peculiar power the Warchiefs own is the ability to wage war themselves. Since a Warchief has his own standing army, he has the capability to do so. This usually occurs when a Warchief wishes to expand his Territory, but he can only declare war if approved by the King. A Warchief however cannot wage war against another Warchief. A Warchief may aide another Warchief in their endeavors but usually at the cost of sharing any land won. If the Goblin King wishes to declare war then all Warchiefs and their forces must focus their efforts on the King's foe, regardless if a Warchief is currently at war. If that does happen then the Warchief must cease all action and retract his troops, giving up any new land won in the process. If a Warchief loses his personal war he is stripped of rank and if his Territory is lost, it must be reclaimed. All forces must assist in the reclamation and once reclaimed the Goblin King appoints a new Warchief. If the Goblin King wins his war the new lands go through registration, then divided up into Territories, and finally a Warchief is appointed for each new Territory. If invaded without any provocation from either a Warchief or the Goblin King, all forces must assist in repelling the invasion. Then all forces will follow up with a counter-invasion.

Other: Despite not being made by Palchard, the God does have a fondness for Humankind. Their openness makes it easy for him to corrupt them to his way of thinking. So his name is often associated with criminality since Palchard encourages trouble-making and rule-breaking.

So begins...

Palchard's Story


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The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest was a picture of tranquility. The sun gently washed over the field surrounding the Great Oak and fantastical birds fluttered overhead whistling charming songs. Kneeling in the tall grass below them were dozens of fairies, listening to the words of Lydio the Wise, the most respected shaman in the forest. Among this congregation were the two queens of the Fairy Courts and all their closest advisors. Although the monarchs sat next to each other as a sign of unity, nearly every fairy watching them could feel the distance between the matriarchs. Lydio, however, seemed unbothered.

The great horned fairy sat with his legs crossed and a wooden bowl of cream with one hand, while he gestured with the other. “The Faces of the Oakborn are many and none of them are like the other. Some are kind, some are cruel, some are civilized, and some are savage. However, at the end of the day, they are all the same god.” He paused, taking a swig of cream and gulping loudly, causing the Unseelie Queen’s features to harden with impatience.

“They are much like us,” He continued. “Although we come in many shapes and sizes, we all fit together to make a whole. Seelie or Unseelie, it matters not.”

Freya could hear her sister, Sprigga, as she struggled to stifle her laughter in the row behind. The Seelie Queen looked at the grass below her, embarrassed, and sighed as quietly as she could.

Lydio shook his head, his antlers nearly knocking a bird from the air. “You may laugh, but we are all the children of the Oakborn. Our ancestors rose from the same pool and we all come to the same tree to pray. In uncertain times, we must remember that far more unites us than divides us.” He lifted his bowl in the air and smiled at the queens before him. “Do you agree, Your Majesties?”

Freya looked up and smiled as genuinely as she could. She looked over to see unconcealed distaste in Leannan’s dark eyes. “Of course.” The corners of Unseelie Queen’s mouth twisted as she spoke, pulling her lips into an unnatural grin. Freya nodded in agreement, taking her rival’s cold, smooth hand into her own. “Yes.” she said. “Far more unites us.”

Grandmother watched from the window of her cottage, a look of worry on her face. The roots of the Great Oak were restless, constantly whispering to all the Faces of the Oakborn and they knew for certain that war was coming to the Enchanted Forest. However, they spoke of far greater dangers that threatened not only the Fae Folk, but all creation in Pandeum. Grandmother would have to let others keep an eye on this matter.

She turned to a simple wooden table in the middle of a bare room, four fantastic beings seated around it, waiting for her to speak. They were the Kings of the Wild, the proudest and most powerful of the Oakborn Faces. They were forces of nature and rulers of a plentiful realm, but at this moment they looked terribly frightened.

“I’m not sure what it means.” Grandmother’s voice was raspy and tired as she took a chair and slowly sat in it, her body groaning like the Great Oak’s limbs on a windy day. “All we can do is tell the Gods what we know and allow them to prepare.”

The Raven shook her head. “But we don’t even know what’s coming. How will any of us prepare?”

Grandmother patted the Raven’s hand from across the table. “Relax, dear. We will figure this all out.”

The Snow King nervously scratched the shape of a snowflake into the table with claw like nails as he looked over to Grandmother. “But what if our plan doesn’t work?”

Grandmother shrugged. “Then it all ends.” She slowly stood up again and looked out the window to watch as the fairies disbanded and went back to their respective courts. “Well, children, I believe it’s time to go. The Gods hate to be left waiting.”

She clapped three times and by the last echo of the last clap, they were in the great hall of the Other Place, seated at a large round table filled with the gods of Pandeum.

Grandmother stood to address the pantheon, a warm smile on her face. “Greetings brothers and sisters.” She did not yell, yet her voice echoed across the hall so every deity could hear her. “I have called you because the Faces of the Oakborn believe the threat that shattered our mind so long ago is on the horizon.” She paused to look at the Kings. They wore strong faces now, unwilling to let the “true gods” see them cower or worry. They were such prideful creatures. “We have little information about the threat, other than the fact that it is real and it is imminent.”

“We believe that there may be someone with answers.” The Green Woman spoke, sending butterflies fluttering around her. “The true Oakborn may know enough to help us and the mortals defeat whatever great terror will be unleashed on the world.”

Grandmother nodded. “We will attempt to repair what damage has been done to our mind and hopefully it will be enough to awaken the Oakborn. For now, go home and do as you will. Indulge in your petty wars and torrid affairs, but keep in mind that we all may only have a limited time left in these worlds."


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#, as written by Zalgo
“Greetings brothers and sisters. I have called you because the Faces of the Oakborn believe the threat that shattered our mind so long ago is on the horizon. We have little information about the threat, other than the fact that it is real and it is imminent.”

“We believe that there may be someone with answers. The true Oakborn may know enough to help us and the mortals defeat whatever great terror will be unleashed on the world."

"We will attempt to repair what damage has been done to our mind and hopefully it will be enough to awaken the Oakborn. For now, go home and do as you will. Indulge in your petty wars and torrid affairs, but keep in mind that we all may only have a limited time left in these worlds."

A man sat at one of the chairs of the round table. He wore a strange mask upon his face. One half of the mask was golden and made to represent the visage of the sun. The other half of the mask was silvery and modeled after the face of the man in the moon. Upon his body he wore a massive black hooded cloak which enshrouded all but his mask. The trim of the cloak were colors of orange and deep red tinged at the base with a hint of sky blue, the colors of both sunset and sunrise.

Deep within the eye sockets of the mask blazed two burning eyes of phantasmal purple flame, an expression of psionic energy deep within the darkness of it's almost endless emptiness. Underneath the hood a faint shadow of what could be considered a head laid within but such could only be discerned through glimpses as the cloak seemed to move to obscure any glimpse of the form which existed within.

"That of many faces, the Oakborn, may be of many bodies but all share the same dream. Different sides to the dreaming yet all the same dream, no?"

The voice was not natural nor was the sound by which he was heard. His voice seemed distant yet all too close as though it were in each deity's own head. Naturally this was because the speaker was not speaking through vibrations of the air but directly into the minds of all attendees. This created the illusion of speech whilst betraying the very notion of speaking. It was much like the man himself, present yet not actually there.

"I haven't brought those who walk with me but we exist in a similar symbiosis. As it has come to be understood I, Mask of Many Masks, serve to speak for the minds of the Dream Walkers. In turn we act in The Watcher of The Lines's place as it desired. As of those who walk the dream we humbly respect each deity's authority but our kind have always shown fondness towards the Oakborn and towards nature in general for they are united even despite his state of fracture."

The Mask of Many Masks's eyes scanned across the faces of each deity as if to evaluate their expressions before finally setting his blazing gaze on The Great Grandmother herself.

"It is brought to attention that at one stage of history several faces of yours were destroyed. Should the Oakborn come back together would it have an answer that none of the other living faces hold? Would it possess an answer that might of been lost with the departure of the fallen faces?"

The blazing purple fires within his mask closed, vanishing from sight. The Mask of Many Masks seemed to meditate for a moment. He was consulting the other Dream Walkers briefly before opening his eyes, meeting the eyes of the Grandmother once more.

"We do heed your warning in our considerations. We ask questions only out of respect for your warnings. We would assist to see the mending of your mind accelerated if only to grant more time to prepare regardless of whether the Oakborn has the answers to this foreseen threat or not. Our only caveat is that the role we play in your future does not contravene our role as minders of the dreaming. The permission to lend our expertise to your cause of course lays with your general approval. Our desire is not to combat all faces should they all refuse our aid. We do understand if your opinions are... divided as to your choices."

With that said the Mask of Many Masks lifted it's unseeable hands from it's lap and placed them together, palm to palm, while the sleeves mingled in effort to ever conceal what lay beneath.


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The Sunbearer

Kassius steepled his fingers, attempting to be serous or at the very least look serious. To tell the truth, the Oakborn intimidated him. He could distantly remember a time when the Oakborn was not the way they were. There was a time when he a strong and wise deity. He used to come to him for advice when he was young. Then he saw something in the future and he became like this. Now, he felt like the Oakborn knew something he could never comprehend and it made him want to run or blow up something with the power of a thousand sons. He sighed as he couldn't take anymore contemplation. At LiesseiL's words, he nodded.

"We'd definitely want to see you whole again. That's for sure. Except for Pichard," he noted pointedly he could not stand the mad god.

As he spoke, he could not help but glance over at Ai with a small smile, dire warnings already forgotten. He was not one for depression and she was always a pleasing sight to see. He smiled winningly at Grandmother, once again in high spirits.

"Well, hopefully there'll be more torrid affairs and less petty wars, Grandmother. A life spent in the light of pleasure is a life well-spent. I should have Cyrus make that a part of my canon. The Festival of the Sun approaches after all and my people throw such fine festivities. I do feel like going. It's just not quite the same in my domain. Dead souls are just not as full of fire as the living."

The Senate

"And Senator Sforza's family has foreclosed on yet another acre of land. Dozens of families left homeless or forced to become his tenants..." a heavy-set robed man stated, attracting scattered applause and boos from the assembly before him. An older man answered his accusation, his face red in indignation.

"Perhaps Senator Nikoulas will feed them. Gods know, he eats enough to feed a village even before his wife left him for a base-born gladiator," he snarked, causing the room to erupt in laughter and shouts as indignation. Nikoulas had already crossed the room to grab the older man even as Crassus Orsini, Consul of Solaras, raised his hands to signal guards armed with clubs to intervened lest the Senate erupt into chaos. Again.

"We will have order!" the old man shouted angrily, "The Sforzas cannot be censured as they broke no law."

"The tax system is unsustainable regardless. It makes little sense for Libertii and Khorikos to be so burdened while Sforzas ilk takes advantage of rewards for service done centuries ago," Senator Nikoulas announced, once again receiving a mix of applause and boos, "Lord Cyrus agrees, surely? With true reform, we can pay for the heavy cavalry our legions sorely need."

From his place in the corner, Cyrus mutely nodded. He had forged the legions of the Republic into Pandeum's most feared land-based armies. With numbers and strict mechanical precision their infantry was hailed as among the best in the world and their archers, blessed by Kassius, were reputed to never miss, though this was an exaggeration of course. Combined with an engineering corps that adapted readily to new circumstances, the legions had every advantage save one.

Their heavy cavalry, the equites still consisted of Nobilitas and Mercators who could afford to maintain their own equipment and animals. He had compensated for this lack with light cavalry and was experimenting with horse archers, but the army needed more equites. The selfishness and infighting of the politicians always irked him, but today, he had chosen to attend a Senate meeting for once to nip this problem in the bud. However, this was not to be.

"That is a noble goal. However, the Festival of the Sun approaches. Today, we must prepare. The people expect the festivities to be appropriately grand and the expected grain to be available..."

And with that, along with petty squabbling and rivalries, true reform was put on the backburner for all Solarans loved the festivities. Cyrus would need to find another way to fund the expansion of the equites and as he left he frowned.

Damn them all to the Underworld. I will find a way.


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While many of the others had simply taken their places within the chamber; Anwen instead sat on a chair which floated above the smooth floor with her knees pulled up close against her body while she glanced feverishly between each of those present. On the whole there weren’t many that she trusted and even fewer that she would openly approach, least of all in such a confined space. Perhaps were they in the endless void far above the war-torn world she would be at peace with the others, less unnerved by such close proximity.

The flickering shards of light which adorned her head shifted in time with her thoughts, mirroring the light in the room as much as they cast their own for each was but the pale reflection of a true star

As each of the gods spoke back in forth, listening and advising eachother as well as musing on the warning of their host she instead tried to make herself less of a presence here so as to avoid the discussion. However as the words of each god echoed from the walls she began to quietly sing to herself, a sweet and calming tune to be lost among the words of her fellows but a sound that would linger in the quiet moments to come once they had all went their separate ways. The song itself was heard across the lands of Pandeum as Bards began to sing to their patrons of the tune that filled their hearts with sorrow.

Do you ever think of me, In the quiet, in the crowd?

Laylandra lounged in one of the beautifully carved thrones, her delicate fingers creating faint sparks as she lightly traced them up and down the armrests. It was rare that they all gathered like this as while she looked forward to understanding the purpose of this gathering the wait for it to begin was bothersome to her for her mind was lost to other things that she wished to return.

At last the one to have summoned them spoke their peace and offered them council should they take it or not. When the multi-faceted deity had finished her warning the storm queen couldn’t help but cast uncertain glances towards the split stone of the throne on her right. No matter how far apart they could be the two were always entwined; even now she felt the sorrow and pain her twin had endured for her and how much it mirrored that of the Oakborn. So she too, understood their suffering as he did.

”Petty though the wars may be the storm will endure; the storm shall not cease its thunder. Knowledge will endure madness for even fractured the concept can still exist, simply awaiting those who can piece it back together. If we are indeed threatened then you shall not stand alone, united once we were though fractured we are now the concept is not beyond our reach. Beyond us all.”

As she finished she shook her head gingerly and firmly rested her hand against the rough stone of Kairos’ broken seat, her mind wandering to wherever he might be.

While the others gathered around to listen to the warning of the Oakborn, Kairos was instead overseeing a storm as it gathered around the snow-covered peaks of a range of mountains in the northern half of the main continent. His eyes glowed brightly while his fingers danced among the darkening clouds; causing sparks of multi-coloured lightning to flash across the sky. As the clouds began to expand outwards across the horizon the deity closed his eyes and simply let himself fall, carrying the storm on his shoulders as it billowed outwards like a cloak.

At first he soared gently in freefall his silhouette appeared momentarily at the heart of the storm with each crack of lightning across the sky. However as his momentum slowed he at last opened his eyes and brought his hands forward to guide the storm down towards the lush lowlands, rain and wind carried in their wake as electric pillars burst down between the crisscrossed fields and luscious farmsteads.

By now the storm had begun in earnest, and Kairos was lost within the turbulent sea of rolling cloud.


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Throne Room of the Other Place

((Collab between Seveneleven and TheCrimsonLady))

Anansi sat weaving white webs into angular spirals, idly watching as her twin brother grew more and more impatient. Her pale green eyes flicking over to her twin every so after and he shifted and fidgeted. The polar opposite of her twin, she sat straight, almost curiously, while weaving her webs, her smallest fingers poking and pulling thread to and fro, while also listening to the Green Woman as she spoke.
“Greetings brothers and sisters. I have called you because the Faces of the Oakborn believe the threat that shattered our mind so long ago is on the horizon. We have little information about the threat, other than the fact that it is real and it is imminent.”

“We believe that there may be someone with answers. The true Oakborn may know enough to help us and the mortals defeat whatever great terror will be unleashed on the world."

"We will attempt to repair what damage has been done to our mind and hopefully it will be enough to awaken the Oakborn. For now, go home and do as you will. Indulge in your petty wars and torrid affairs, but keep in mind that we all may only have a limited time left in these worlds."

The darker twin rocked her foot, that was crossed over her copper skin legs, draped with black silk, embellished with a gold band that sat lovingly on her curvy hips, abdomen bare, a golden brazier keeping her modest, that ringed every so often with beads as she moved. Hanging from her arms, was cuffed with a black silk as well and atop her head, sat a regal crown, angular and rounded at all the same much like the webs she weaves, marking her as the Spider Goddess she was.


"Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, boooooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggg! Board, board, boredom, such a bore....dull, listless, lifeless, uninteresting, mundane, humdrum, tedious, monotonous, unexciting, wearisome, tiresome, enervating, uninvolving, unvarying, flat, dreary, unimaginative, uneventful, uninspiring, insipid, absolutely pedestrian, Gods! Yes I invoked myself in vain."

"Well, it's official. I've become bored of even saying the word. Trust me I even tried saying it in many different ways and yet it does not alleviate this absolutely numbing feeling in my head." Palchard spoke aloud so all could hear. Palchard, the God of Mischief, dressed as a demented jester, his garb was adorned with various stripes and diamonds following a distinct asymmetrical pattern. Even his colors follow a certain scheme of red and black alternating between each shape and line. The Mad God sat lazily in his chair inside the Hall with his boots on the table and his body completely slouched. Every bit as disrespectful as one could imagine, his disinterest and continued efforts to entertain himself could be grating to some. At least it seemed to bother Kassius, which he felt a nice ping of satisfaction over that fact.

Sitting next to him was his dear, sweet sister as he lazily turned his head to look at her. He merely grinned that toothy grin that seemed to stretch from ear to ear. "Hello my sweet...are we also having a most miserable time?" He cooed. "You know, I've been thinking Sis? Why are we stuck inside an old, rotting tree that's inside another, even older, rotting tree or what ever the Hell this place is? I've never understood the Oakborn, the hunk of wood has more voices in it's head than I do." He laughed aloud suddenly. He then stared around at any of the Gods who could be eyeing him with confusion. "Sorry, inside joke, HA! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!" He then continued to chuckle to himself.


It was an odd thing, listening to this, the Oakborn having been seemly attacked by some unknown force. This intrigued her but she didn't show it.
"We'd definitely want to see you whole again. That's for sure. Except for Palchard," The Laughter god teased and Anansi clicked her teeth. She didn't care whether the Oakborn was whole again, she was curious as to how it got that way in the first place.
"Well, it's official. I've become bored of even saying the word. Trust me I even tried saying it in many different ways and yet it does not alleviate this absolutely numbing feeling in my head." Her paler twin said and Anansi merely arched a brow, not looking up from her work. "Then stop saying it." came her simple reply. She turned to her brother, brushing her midnight hair over her shoulder, after setting down her weaving, into her lap, she sighed as he turned to her, grinning his toothy sneer.
"Hello my sweet...are we also having a most miserable time?" He said, and she merely cocked her head.

"Of your doing, Brother..." The Spider Goddess murmured. "You know, I've been thinking Sis?"

"That is never good." She grumbled as he went on. "Why are we stuck inside an old, rotting tree that's inside another, even older, rotting tree or what ever the Hell this place is? I've never understood the Oakborn, the hunk of wood has more voices in its head than I do." He said and she merely pursed her lips. Palchard laughed suddenly calling her from her thoughts. "Sorry, inside joke, HA! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!" He guffawed and Anansi, de

"Hush now, brother," She said, he was just about the only one who could draw chuckle from her. "One of ours has been injured, are you not -at the very least- entertained by this, A God, hurt? Do you not find intrigue in this?" She said and leaned into him. her full lips curling into a dark smile, as the Mistress of Lies gaze upon her twin. "What can harm a god but another god, which begs another question..." hissed the Storyteller, leaving him hanging on the answer a moment before she whispered, into his ear. "Who among is not what he seems?" She leaned back, letting that simmer, hoping that her twin would be interesting in who might be the deceiver. That was his area of expertise.


Palchard shifted his eyes over to Anansi as he smirked. "Oh, you are ever so cheeky aren't you?" He chuckled. He then found himself gazing at the other Gods who seem to be giving their support to the Oakborn's full recovery...well, at least from the ones that could attend. He looked over to the representative of LiesseiL, this began to irk the Mad God. "Hm, why do I have to attend this...rousing reunion, when the masked wonder doesn't!? What makes him so special? And this whole one mind many body excuse is just excuse." He thought bitterly to himself. Finding the echoing of the proxy's voice in his head adding further agitation.

"Then of course Kassius must open his big, fat mouth, cocky little fly he'll get his someday." Still, Palchard just merely grinned at the Sunbearer showing no ill will towards him. "Why yes, of course, an improvement I say! I mean really, it's quite the fulfilling sensation to listen to a being that can carry on an argument with themself!" Palchard spoke whilst having chuckle. It was then his attention went back to Anansi who had some interesting words to speak.

"Hush now, brother," She said, he was just about the only one who could draw chuckle from her. "One of ours has been injured, are you not -at the very least- entertained by this, A God, hurt? Do you not find intrigue in this?"

"Mild intrigue I suppose." He said nonchalantly. "And of course another God's pain is another God's treasure." He chuckled. "What can harm a god but another god, which begs another question..." hissed the Storyteller, leaving him hanging on the answer a moment before she whispered, into his ear. "Who among is not what he seems?" It was then Palchard leaned in closer to his sister as he looked over to her.

"An interesting proposition my dear. Of course my first guess would be myself, but, then again I don't recall shattering any psyches that weren't a mortal's." He mused as he looked around the room. "I was pondering this earlier but it is rather peculiar LiessieL himself would not come to, despite how much fun we are all having. But, no, he sends one of his little faceless minions to come in his stead and expects us all to be satisfied with that. Such poor taste that is." He speculated. He then looked over at Kassius, the drunk of a God, he didn't see much potential out of him to do this sort of thing. He then looked over Laylandra, while he didn't expect her to have done the action, it does raise the question however as to where Kairos is?

"Yet another God who decided he was too good to come, look over next to Laylandra." Palchard spoke pointing at Kairos's empty seat. "This one didn't even have the courtesy to insult us with a substitute, instead he doesn't have a presence here altogether! Of course I guess he expects his Twin to do all the work... a shame siblings don't get along famously like ourselves?" He trailed off almost sing-songly. "Still mighty suspicious and the Storm God is rather...capricious." He added. He looked over to Houdan who seemed rather intensely invested in what the Oakborn is saying. Houdan does have the strength and the mind for such an act he supposes. Yet it seems farfetched.

He then looked over to Krieg. Yes, the only other God he believes that would have the audacity to do such a thing. He does have the motive of being quite bitter over his lessened state of being. Perhaps he was so angry he decided to split the Nature Deity's consciousness into many little ones? "Well we have the God of War here, he certainly has his reasons for doing such a thing...I mean just look at him!" He said pointing at Krieg. "Then there's you. What have you been up to little Sis?" He snickered at her.


Anansi gave her brother a fang-toothed smirk. "I am the Narrator, Brother, not a Character." She told him simply. She'd honestly hoped this would keep his mind occupied not his mouth, but at least he was no longer complaining, though she knew that wouldn't last. "You've mentioned near everyone, everyone but the love goddess, but she'd sooner bed the Oakborn than harm it." She said, her eyes moving to the goddess who was idly playing with her Avatar's hair, looking nearly as bored as her mad brother. "Are you going to investigate this matter?" She asked him. "Since it was on your mind." She added as one of her ilk crawled from her dark locks and up and over her shoulder. She looked over, smiled softly, before scooping the eight-legged creature into her palm and set it upon the table. "I could aid you in this, it would be a good story to tell."


Palchard laughed aloud at Anansi's retort, "Fair enough...though I wouldn't put it past you. Quite the fable it would be, the Spider frightens the Tree so much it split it's bark many-fold!" He snickered. He arched an eyebrow once Anansi decided to mention the Goddess of Love, including her among a list of suspects in this scheme. "Oh please, I figured she wasn't even worth an honorable mention." Palchard groaned as he waved off the notion with his hand.

Palchard then rested his elbows on the table instead of his boots as he laid his chin down upon his open palm. Already he was losing interest once more in these matters. Though he would applaud whoever confesses to the crime and declare them his new best friend but since he was not the one to do it, he found it hard to even care.

"Are you going to investigate this matter?" She asked him. "Since it was on your mind." She added as one of her ilk crawled from her dark locks and up and over her shoulder. She looked over, smiled softly, before scooping the eight-legged creature into her palm and set it upon the table. "I could aid you in this, it would be a good story to tell."

Palchard lifted his head at this proposal as he looked over to Anansi and grinned. "Hehe, sticking our noses where they don't belong?" He then laughed, "What good are our noses if we cannot do that very thing?" He chuckled. " inquisition is far more entertaining than a council meeting anyway." He said with a smile as he stood up. He then clapped his hands together drawing the attention of the other Gods to himself. "Well thank you for my daily dosage of doom and gloom! I'll be sure to watch for any suspicious characters while I'm away!" He addressed the Oakborn in a very sing-songly manner. "But for now, I shall take you up upon your offer and indulge in my assortment of torrid affairs and petty wars! Besides, I fear the world has grown rather dull in my absence!" He continued to hum as he turned on his heels in a very comical fashion. "Shall we take our leave, dear Sis? After all, you have people to scare and I have people to deceive." He then laughed a rather sinister laugh as made his way towards the exit.


Anansi watched her brother raise and make a grand show of his exit, and she merely chuckled in response. "Very true." She said, and rose, in a more graceful manner then her twin, scooped up her spider before sauntering behind her brother without a mention or acknowledgement to the others. There was really no need for it and Anansi was never one to waste a word.


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Krieg was not pleased one bit by the news that the Oakborn had summoned him for. It was vague and incoherent. In the time that they had been waiting he could have razed a city or watch a battle between his worshipers and heathen barbarians within the high mountains of Orgot. Yet here he was listening to the ramblings of what was left of the old fool he would have broken himself.

He glanced at Houdan for a moment. His servants had recently entered Shadolbha in his hopes to steal a secret so grand it had been rumored to grant any wish. The wish, of course, would be to restore Krieg to his former glory, flesh and all. Yet it had been some time since his servants had contacted him, which made him concerned that they many have been caught. In that case, although the god of strength would be wary, there would still be hope. His compassion could easily outway his wisdom, given a certain scenario.

"Why are even here?" He asked aloud to the others in the chamber. "[b]This crone speaks of what is impossible. Some of us are tied to the very laws of nature in this world. Violence, light, cruelty, and darkness. Do any of you think a foe could use those elements to kill the very entities that represent them? The world order had been well established centuries ago. Why would it possibly change now?[b]" Frankly Krieg was tired of meeting for trivial matters such as this.


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Goddess of Love, Lust and Sexuality
Theme: Fairy Glade
Interacting with: Avatar Ashika, Kassuis, Krieg

Sitting with her young Avatar, playing in her long brown locks, The Love Goddess listened to her brothers and sisters speak. Ai barely registered what they were saying, none of it concerned her but she figured she'd at least be polite. The Oakborn had been hurt and the old woman thought to warn the others, it was kind thing to do, though Ai's attention was torn between her Avatar and Kassius who always seemed to have a smile for her in which she would happily return.
"My Goddess, do you think we should worry?" Ashika asked not moving her head but looking up with her eyes at the Goddess.
"Not even a little bit." Ai said softly to the girl, while Krieg blew a fit. Ai sighed. The Lie Twins had already gone off on their own, though the Spider Goddess lingered a bit, in the shadows, clearly not trying to hid but not wishing to be visible either and only a handful of them wanted to be there int he first place, some of the gods hadn't even been arsed to show. It was impossibly rude, now Krieg had something to say.

"This crone speaks of what is impossible. Some of us are tied to the very laws of nature in this world. Violence, light, cruelty, and darkness. Do any of you think a foe could use those elements to kill the very entities that represent them? The world order had been well established centuries ago. Why would it possibly change now?"

"Oh Come now, brother, there's no need for such harshness." She told him, flirting with her eyes, though her interest in the conquest was low on the list. The conquest at the top of that list had been smiling at her since the start of this thing and she had to admit that she wanted it to be over so that she might conquer.

She toss a flirty grin in the Laughter God's direction before looking toward Krieg. "The Oakborn has been hurt, perhaps he just wants comfort, and to warn the rest of us?" She offered with a shrug as she braided Ashika's hair. "T'was a kind gesture, in my opinion." She said and prepared for one if not all of them to tell her no one asked nor care for her opinion, they rarely did, but she was used to it.


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"Oh, I am happy you love my people's wild side as much as I do! You are welcome to come my friend!" Kassius laughed, ignoring the Winter King's comments. The Stag was his favorite aspect of the Oakborn. Sure, he could run a little wild, but everything worked out in the end. As he was about to speak further, he paused, disconcerted. He thought he heard a tune, a lament of time long forgotten and sorrow he could not comprehend.

The moment passed however as he caught the look the Love Goddess was giving him. It was the look of a jungle cat eying a tasty snack and the Sun God would only be too happy to be the helpless prey caught in her claws. He spared a glance at his companion, suddenly less interested in a night on the town with a drinking buddy. Still, he laughed merrily and slapped his back.

"Just be responsible, my friend, as dull as that might be. Cyrus would not speak to me for a decade if he had to deal with a demigod running around."

As he listened to Ai's words, he nodded in agreement and approached her, bending down to kiss her hand, heedless of Krieg's ranting, "Agreed. We should not forget that the Oakborn is our dear friend and was wise before I could talk!"

His paused, remembering those years so long ago. He had not changed, but so much else had. He suppressed a sigh, but shot a smile at Ai nonetheless, one different from his usually carefree grins. It was a small, grateful one conveying a maturity that seldom manifested in him.

"We cannot forget the bonds that tie us. Or the joys that come with the present." He announced. He nodded at the Avatar beside Ai Perhaps she would be a welcome presence among his people. They could use a bit more love.


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Throne Room of the Other Place

Houdan sat in the Hall lost in pensive thought. He took note of how the other Gods felt and he wasn't surprised the reactions would be mixed as they are. He was intensely invested in the warnings of the Oakborn and despite the Deity's current state Houdan trusts in the wisdom the Grandmother is trying to impart. He felt a certain kinship with that particularly Face of the Oakborn, perhaps because they seem similar in many ways. In fact some of the Young Gods have affectionately called him the Grandfather, which the God of Strength found amusing. While Houdan wished to keep this meeting civil some of the more rebellious youth intend to raise some dissent.

He looked towards Palchard and found his blatant disregard for anything the Oakborn says as utterly rude. Still there is a reason he is called the Mad God and madness is not very privy to wisdom were it may concern. Still he took off in a relatively quick fashion, as he did not care to stick around further and ask questions or even offer some aid. He also found his side conversation with Anansi whilst the Oakborn spoke to be also in poor taste. Then harsh words came from the God of War, Krieg. Houdan looked towards the wispy form of the War God. Before coming here he had been made aware by his servants in Shadolbha that some poor fools have attempted to invade the Realm of Harmony. Their aim was apparently the Zen Monastery and the secrets it contained behind it's walls.

Worst of all it was said to have been servants of Krieg himself. Houdan looked at the God of War with an angered stare, he felt it rather audacious for Krieg to attempt such a thing and then present himself before his very eyes as if nothing had happen. He wasn't entirely sure if Krieg was daring to challenge him out in the open. Houdan wouldn't think it wise, yes, before the war he would have been concerned, a fight between the God of War and the God of Strength would be a particularly devastating one. Yet in Krieg's current shape of being he did not expect he would out right challenge him in physical combat. If he did Houdan was certain he could over come him if need be.

This matter is an issue for another time, however, for now Houdan would not act upon Krieg's transgressions, not until this business is settled. Still, that does not mean Houdan would let this slide, he shall keep on eye on him for further actions he may take against him. The God of Wisdom then looked over to the Oakborn and voiced his own concerns, "Grandmother, if I may? I too shall lend whatever aid that is required of me. Whether it be my wisdom or my strength you, for any reason, may call upon me when needed." He said. "Furthermore, what has happened does not mean the same will always happen. Nature does change...sometimes in the most unexpected of ways. I advise none of us let our guards down...if the threat is eminent then what crime that was done to the Oakborn could easily be done on to us." Houdan spoke, his voice resolute, strong, yet caring at the same time.


Earthrend, Capital of Zoadia, Throne Room of the Goblin King

On the world of Pandeum sat a barren land ravaged by the throes of industry and mayhem, sat the Goblin Kingdom of Zoadia. In the heart of Goblin Country was the capital of Earthrend, like the name suggests, the very land was torn asunder and like a great pustulent boil it has burrowed and embedded itself deeply. Smoke rises from the various foundries and factories creating a black cloud of pollution that hangs over the city threatening to blotch out the sky. The echoes of miserable shouts and screams could be heard deep beneath the city within miles and miles of underground mines. There the laborious slave force was in full effect as chained Humans and other denizens of Pandeum are forced to toil away for unspeakable hours.

Cruel Hobgoblin and Goblin slave drivers force them to work until they are no longer of use. While the Goblins do enjoy overworking their slaves to the point of death, it seemed their work day had alas finished. "Awlright, git on yeh mewlin' buggers! Yeh lucky ya survived the day! Git home to yer stinkin' shacks yeh bunch of pissants!" Shouted the Goblin Foreman. Soon the drivers were whipping and kicking the weakened workers shoving them out by the tens of hundreds. High above them however, sat the royal keep of the Goblin King, the vile and despotic Gulbrand, Avatar of the God of Cruelty himself! Deep within it's gilded halls sat the tyrannical ruler upon his throne. In his presence was the Chief of the Slave Trade, a Goblin named Greken. "Good evenin' yer Majesty. It is a honor to be within yer presence oh great and terrible King of Goblins!" Greken proclaimed.

"I trust the latest shipment of slaves was to yer likin'?" Greken asked. Gulbrand sat on his throne paying more attention to his pet Barghest, Meathook than the Goblin Slaver in front of him. Meathook growled at Greken as the little Goblin tensed up as the lupine fiend bared it's deadly fangs. "Yes, yes they were quite alright, a most lucrative selection this time." The Goblin King spoke, sounding as refined as any Monarch should be. "Aye! I see m'King has quite the eye for wares? Yes theys are quite the strong lot, all of 'em! We got them not too far off from the Wolflunds! Of course m'sire, we didn't enter their lunds, just pick'em off the outskirts ye see?" Greken explained.

"The Empire of the Wolf? None of them were Lycans I take it? I would hate to see my subjects killed in the middle of the night by maulings all on the count of one stupid Slaver." Gulbrand calmly spoke. Meathook was practically salivating at the thought of attacking the Goblin and eating his flesh. "Why,, of course not yer Grace! These be some outcasts that did not accept the Bite! Bunch of ingrates, they are! Deserved to be captured and placed into labour, they is!" Greken reassured. "Well, then pray for your sake they are just that...ingrates. Lest you be mauled several times over for every Goblin found dead in the streets at the hands of your slaves." Gulbrand threatened ever so slightly. Meathook snarled. "Yes...uh, right you would be, sire. I...shall take me leave then, I will." Greken finished obviously shaken. He then quickly left the Throne Room with his fellow Slavers seeking to leave the Capital as soon as possible.

"Greetings, sire." Spoke Kob, Gulbrand's personal Adviser. "Oh, Kob, what news have you?" Gulbrand his demeanor noticeably more friendly than earlier. "Well sire, talks with the Unseelie continues." Kob responds. "Oh? And what do the Fae want this time?" Gulbrand asks. "Well they seek an ally for some war of their's and they have chosen us to be that ally." Kob answers. "Really? And why should I help the Unseelie? Or any Paleskin for that matter?" Gulbrand questions. "I'm not sure, sire. We have no love for the Paleskins either and I dare say they could care less for our own. Still the Unseelie Queen herself has asked for an audience with you mi King." Gulbrand mulled Kob's words over in his head and after awhile he responded. "So, one of the Paleskin Queens wishes to have an audience with me? Very well, I'll see what the Fae Filth want with me...go and respond to their request, that the Goblin King shall receive her! I only ask when and where?" Gulbrand commanded. "Of course right away mi King." Kob bowed as he ran off to give the word.

Gulbrand stood up and paced about his Great Hall. "Hmph, Fae Filth. Of all the people I despise, none so more than those wretched Paleskins! They believe themselves fairest of all creations and therefore spit upon all others! I cannot stand their smug sense of self-assurance! They'll soon be begging me to end them once my great war begins." Gulbrand said to himself. Meathook growled as another Barghest entered the room, it was Mangore followed by his owner, Krillock the Red. "Bloody, Paleskins, they don't know how good they got it." The Hobgoblin sneered. "Ah, Krillock, how good it is to see one of my top Warchiefs. Tell me why are you here?" He asked. "I've come asking for more gold. I intend to march on the bloody Pinkskins of Solara...they're about to have their little festivals soon. Now's a good a time as any to harass them." Krillock laughed with savage glee. "Hmph, Pinkskins, yet another nuisance that earns my ire...still, I am not one to forward gold without any results to support this transaction." Gulbrand responded. "Well, I have sent envoys to speak with the Orcs! I have a feelin' they'll agree to side with me." Krillock answered. "Perhaps...the Orcs have been good to us in the past...fine, if you have their support I shall agree to lend you more gold." Gulbrand finished.

"Good, mi King...I shall conquer more of their lunds in you're name!" Krillock saluted as he marched out of the throne room. "MANGORE! COME!" He shouted as the two barghests spent the time growling at each other. Mangore quickly followed after it's master leaving Gulbrand alone to ponder the future of the Goblins in Pandeum.


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The Oakborn
The Otherplace

Grandmother’s face hardened. Her eyes became like steel as she listened to several gods mock the threat that they were called to discuss. They acted as if the Oakborn was nothing. As if it had not vigilantly watched the world for danger. As if they had not all come to it at one point or another for counsel or a favor. Her jaw tensed, her eyes narrowed, and the air around her went cold. The Raven, Snow King, and Green Woman took note of this change in mood and sat back in their chairs to avoid the carnage to come. The Stag, however, paid no mind and continued to laugh with Cassius. “Well, my friend, I already have quite a few of those running around! Perhaps your kingdom needs a few Changelings! Perhaps some Oakborn blood could bring some more life to the Solaran cities!”

Grandmother stood up and the Stag immediately silenced himself. “Whoever believes that this does not concern them is a fool.” The rasp in her voice scratched at the air with restrained rage. Her eyes ran over the forms of Krieg and Palchard, two extremely vexing individuals. “Need I remind you that the Oakborn was a god in its prime when it was assualted?” She saw Palchard and his sister, Anansi move towards the exit. With a wave of her hand, the great wooden doors slammed shut. Oh course she knew that closing the siblings in would not prevent them from leaving, but she never wasted a chance to be theatric.

“Has it been so long that you don’t recall?” Her voice boomed throughout the room, echoing off the walls. “We were more powerful than all of you.” Grandmother shook her head and laughed. “And you have the audacity to mock such grave danger? Do you believe you would fare better than us against this threat?” Her eyes shot to the war god, Krieg. “What room do you have to speak, Warmonger? You’re too busy wasting away to stand a chance against whatever waits on the horizon.” She spat her words towards the corpselike body of the dark one. “The rules of this world have never been set in stone. Things are the way they are because we, as the gods, have willed it. But, as the Watchers of the World, we can tell you that there is nothing stopping our dynasy from being toppled by something stronger.”

She looked towards Palchard with cold anger in her eyes. “And I won’t even waste my breath on you. You will simply brush off what I say with a joke and tumble out of here like a common street performer, unfazed and ignorant to the meaning of my words.” The Grandmother sat back down in her chair, as if the passion fueling her speech had exhausted her. She watched the trickster god, still seething with anger. Perhaps the mysterious force would take that troublesome deity off her hands. She sighed and the doors opened once more. “I am tired of your disrespect. Leave this ‘old rotting tree’ before I have to suffer another moment of your company.” She glanced at Anansi, but said nothing to her. The spider goddess had done nothing to offend the Grandmother, but she was wary of the storyteller. Although she was nowhere near as irritating as her brother, she was a dangerous being all the same.

She took a breath as she addressed the table once more. “I thank you all who have offered your support.” She looked to Houdan and smiled, bunching up the crows feet by her eyes. “Thank you, Enlightened One. Your Wisdom and Strength will be greatly appreciated in the coming trials.” The Grandmother smiled at Ai. “Thank you as well, my lovely. I know these matters don’t interest you, but it is kind that you entertain an old woman. You must come over to my cottage for tea some time.”

The Raven rubbed her temples and shook her head. “Well, I suppose that was an unexpected turn in the meeting. Grandmother, you really must work on that temper of yours.” The older face chuckled. “My temper is fine just the way it is.” The Raven shrugged, smirking. She told no one of the whispers in her mind, the voices of the Great Oak’s roots. They pleaded desperately with her as they repeated the same phrase over and over again.

'The Beast is awakening. The God Eater Cometh. The Beast is awakening. The God Eater Cometh. The Beast is Awakening. The God Eater Cometh.'


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Abandoned Temple

((Collab Post made by Lucky and Seven))

Leannan stood behind a large stone table, tracing her fingers across the intricate carvings along its edges. Although the cruel Face of the Oakborn that once received worship here was long dead, the fairy queen could still feel magic in this crumbling temple. She stroked the cool surface of the table and the edges of her mouth twitched, as if she were attempting to smile. This place, although it laid outside the Enchanted Forest or any other Fae territory, held fond memories for her. As a child, she and her mother would come here to witness the most sacred sacrificial rituals of the Unseelie. In their eyes, it was the greatest exchange; the sacrifice of a life for the favor of a deity. The thought of it exhilarated her.

She was different now. The world was different now. She was not a child, but a queen and the life that once lit this place had left it long ago. Leannan didn't look behind her, but she knew that Dullahan and several of his knights hid in the trees, just in case the meeting with this Goblin King went sour. She kept a large silver box on the table. It shook violently, rattling the chains wrapped around it and hisses and scratching sounds came from its contents.

This Goblin King was the last piece in the puzzle. Leannan would conquer the world and bask in the glory of it all. She would finally feel again.


"Sire, we shall be approaching the meeting area soon. We should prepare for any eventualities...the Fae Filth will most certainly conspire to harm you if they feel like it. That is why I have sent forth our top Blackblades to scout out the area. I am told it is an old temple, that much is true, and the Queen herself is there, but not alone. We have them positioned in place should the time to attack arise." Kob reported. The Royal Adviser and the Goblin King himself sat within the confines of an imposing carriage being pulled along by two Worgs.

"Kaeva herself has said to have trained this lot, so I'm sure that comforts you, mi King." Kob continued. "Even so, we have a squad of your Royal Guard in tow just in case." Gulbrand was half-listening to his Adviser as he looked out the window of his carriage. It was odd, traveling beyond his Kingdom...he never expected to leave it for any other reason besides conquest. He nearly called off the meeting when it couldn't be arranged for Gulbrand to host this little talk within his walls. Of course he could understand, he would never want to enter the Faelunds for a little chat either.

So here they are, they agreed to a neutral location to minimize any treachery from both parties. Even so, Gulbrand was no fool as he took caution as they neared their destination, he wouldn't put it past the Queen to try something anyway. Not too far off from his convoy was Meathook, he knew the Barghest would come if it sensed it's master was in danger. He doubted the Fae would wish to tangle with a Fiend if they could avoid it. He heard the carriage driver call for the Worgs to stop as the carriage came to a halt. "Aye, it seems we have arrived, Sire." Kob spoke as a Hobgoblin guard opened the door.

Gulbrand stepped out first followed by Kob as their feet meet with the old, hallowed grounds of this abandoned temple. Gulbrand looked up at the old chapel and sneered as it seemed of a Fae denomination. "Let us hope these delegations are brisk." Gulbrand grumbled as the Goblin King ascended the steps of the Temple. Soon enough Gulbrand entered the building followed by Kob and a group of armed guards. The Goblin King looked upon the visage of the Unseelie Queen, despite the animosity he has towards the Fae, Gulbrand was nevertheless civil as he bowed his head, "Greetings, Queen Leannan of the Unseelie Court." Gulbrand spoke in the Fae Tongue. "It is an honor to make your acquaintance. I do apologize forthwith if my Fae is difficult to understand, but I'm sure you could oblige?" His accent was heavy, and very guttural to the ear.


Leannan grabbed her skirts and curtsied to the Goblin King. "Greeting, King Gulbrand. The honor is mine." The queen nodded at Gulbrand, watching him with interest. "I must say that I'm impressed. It is rare for other races to even attempt learning our language and you seem to have a true grasp of the tongue." She grabbed the silver box from the table and seemingly floated around the stone table to her face her fellow monarch, however she knew better than to invade his space. "To thank you for attending this meeting, I've brought a gift that I hope you'll enjoy."

She tapped the box with a golden claw, earning more thrashing and screeches from the inside. The Goblin King was not the ugly little creature she expected him to be. He was both terrible and regal with an intelligent gleam in his eye. He reminded her much of the Unseelie Lords in her court. Obviously proud, clever, and strong, but in the end, he would submit to her.

"They're called Tande Fee or, more commonly, Tooth Fairies. They're hungry little beasts and they feed largely on teeth and bones, but they'll eat whatever you give them." A cold ghost of a smile appeared on her face. "A swarm of this size can shred their way through a group of men within minutes. Usually, they're quite hard to tame, but these have been enchanted with Fae magic. They will obey anyone who releases them." She extended her arms, offering the chest to her potential ally. "I hope you find use for them."


Gulbrand watched as the Unseelie Queen returned his politeness with a curtsy. She must realize it is rare for a Goblin to show respect to anyone but their own and even then that's fickle in nature. Yet this is the reason he is the Goblin King, he understands the value of politics something Goblins care little for. Still it provides results which is something every Goblin values, results give what they seek whether it be gold or the death of a foe. "Well, I have no claims to be any good at speaking don't make the tongue any easier to learn." He responded with a grin.

While she may be impressed, the Goblin King wasn't so easily taken with the Queen. She looked how he imagined every Fae, pale skinned and fair, far fairer than most creatures that's for sure. Even so, her wardrobe was quite conservative and dour something that he found curious. The Fae love their bodies and love to flaunt them every chance they get. Receiving satisfaction by shoving their beauty down everyone's throats! It sickened him and he couldn't wait for the day when their beauty will not save them from his terror.

At least he can stomach this Fae Queen but alas he did hear the Two Courts operate very differently from each other, he supposes that includes appearances as well. She approached him although forward he didn't suspect the Queen to try anything funny, not with his Royal Guard standing only a couple feet away. While the Hobgoblins tensed up, Gulbrand waved his hand dismissively as she handed him a box. Intrigued by what was within, the Goblin King, albeit cautiously, took the box. The Hobgoblins gasped, they were definitely on edge.

"If you lot are going to act so spineless you best leave us!" He sneered in the Goblin Tongue. The Hobgoblins held in their apparent trepidation in fear of the Goblin King's wrath. "Apologies, Goblins can be so paranoid...but, rightfully so." He spoke in Fae. "Kob, take this for me." He told his Adviser. "But, Sire, do you believe it's wise to accept a gift from a Fae?" He asked concernedly. "I gave you an order Kob, take this or I shall open it and have them kill you." He threatened. "Right, Sire." Kob reluctantly took the box from his Lord. "You there! Place it in the King's carriage!" Kob barked as a Guard, trembling, took the box. "And for fuck's sake! Don't drop it!" Kob shouted.

"Thank you Queen Leannan for the gift, it shall serve me well. Now, shall we begin?" He asked. He wasn't one for wasting time and saw no reason for stalling any business they have with each other.


Leannan's eye flicked back and forth between the king and his guards as they interacted, sure to add a look of uncertainty into her eyes as she did so. They were certainly...entertaining, although it would not show upon her face. It was common for fairies to know many tongues and Leannan was no exception. The Goblin language was crude and an assault upon her ears, however she could understand every one of their savage words.

"Yes, let us continue." She nodded. The queen walked back behind the table, waving her hand over the surface. Arcane light flashed in her eyes as the dark stone disappeared and was replaced by an image of a large and beautiful woodland that, even through this illusion, oozed mystic energy. "This is the Dark Forest, the Holy Lands of my people. It is also the home of the Fairy Courts that rule over all the Fae Folk in Pandeum." She touched the table and swirling mists swirled into the image, transforming into the visage of a beautiful blonde fairy queen wearing a large smile as she placed a flower crown onto a human child who wandered into the forest. Sounds of merriment could be heard as Seelie nobles and knights danced and drank around them. Leannan's features hardened considerably. "This is my rival, Queen Freya. I would like her and her merry band of flower pickers slaughtered."

The image changed once more, showing the bloodied bodies of Freya, her knights, and all the Seelie nobility littering their throneroom. She looked up at Gulbrand. "Your people have a reputation as conquerors, something that the Fae have had little interest in." The light in her eyes flickered. " I seek to change that, beginning with the Dark Forest."

The table returned to its original stone surface. "If you assist me in the taking of the taking of the Forest, I can offer a large portions of the land we seize, which is rich with rare magical materials and precious metals and stones." She looked towards the Hobgoblins around Gulbrand and resisted the urge to wrinkle her nose. They were truly disgusting. Her eyes returned to the king. "I would also be able to offer you the Unseelie as permanent allies in your conquests to come. If you take my proposal and we are successful, I would suggest your gaze move to the human kingdom of Grimmshire. They are incredibly wealthy and possess the richest mines in Pandeum. You could strip them bare and equip your armies with the highest quality of armor and weapons, while draping yourself in jewels."

She watched the Goblin King patiently as she waited for him to think over her offer.


The Goblin King watched as Leannan transformed the stone table into a magical illusion of the Fae Lands. Gulbrand watched with great interest in the performance, even sneering in disgust once he saw the Seelie, especially their Queen. These were the sort of Fae he recognizes most and despises the most. The Queen's request to have them slaughtered was something he was most definitely interested in.

The job grew sweeter still as he marveled over the spoils of war that he would receive. Yes it all seemed so good...perhaps too good. She was certainly laying the rewards on thickly and it's making it hard for Gulbrand to refuse. Any lesser Goblin Warlord would have caved in by now and would rush headlong into an agreement...thankfully Gulbrand isn't a lesser Goblin. He looked at Queen Leannan with a shrewd eye as he gave a toothy grin.

"My, my, you do paint quite the picture. It's quite hard to look away." He mused. Despite seeming transfixed, almost intoxicated with the idea he looked at the Unseelie Queen dead in the eye and asked, "But why should I trust in anything you say? You are offering an awful lot, might make one wonder if you're just baiting them in to some trap." Gulbrand spoke skeptically. He was right to doubt, a good hunter knows the right bait to trap his prey. Riches galore certainly is a Goblin's bait and he wouldn't put it past the Unseelie Queen to double-cross him.

"How shall I know you'll make good on your promises? How do I know that my forces will not be betrayed the moment they step foot in your lunds?" Gulbrand questioned. "I don't know you from a hole in the wall. Yes, you gave me a gift but do you really expect me to be so easily agreeable?" He rhetorically asked.


"King Gulbrand," Leannan tilted her head slightly as she looked at the goblin. "I have been alive for a very long time and I am tired of my people's way of life. We stay in our lands and hold festivals. We pray to our gods. We have sex, we eat, we drink, and we deceive each other. We only leave to meddle in the affairs of lesser races and make mischief in their lives. We do this all so that we may entertain ourselves for a fragment of our long, miserable existences." Her face remained still, but her eyes shone with excitement. "I am done with that. I see the other races conquer and cement their legacies in stone. I want that. I believe that tying my fate to yours will help achieve that goal."

The fairy queen smiled. "If you doubt my integrity, I am more than prepared to bind myself to my word with a Shee Feerinyeh. With that magic, I will be unable to break my promises to you." She nodded reassuringly. Perhaps that would satisfy him. "And, if that is not enough to sate your distrust, I will offer you something extremely precious to me." Her heart quickened for a second and for a moment she felt uneasy with what she was going to say. However, it was necessary. "If you accept our alliance, you will also be accepting one of my daughters' hands in marriage. Our two dynasties will be joined and any child produced from your union will be the heir to the Unseelie throne." The queen knew it was an extreme offer, but hopefully it was enough to gain the Goblin's favor. "I am indeed offering a lot, King Gulbrand, but I will gain just as much as you from this alliance."


Gulbrand looked at Leannan with a skeptical stare but he did mull her words over. He then rubbed his pointed chin as Kob spoke into one of his elongated ears. "Sire, would you really accept a Fae as your wife?! What wretched union would that bring!?" Kob asked incredulously. "Silence, Kob! These are matters of royalty!" He shouted. Kob then sat down clearly defeated. It was quite the offer of a lifetime and while Gulbrand doesn't mind laying with other races having them for a wife is another matter entirely.

It might not be a popular decision for the Goblin King to marry a Fae Princess but it's one that no subject of his would dare question. He could gain more power than he previously thought and began to question Leannan's intelligence. Was she a fool or was she truly a master of deception? One thing he can tell for certain is the disdain she has for her own race of beings. It's that same gleam in her eye, that tone in her voice that mirrors his own. That is something the Goblin King cannot deny. Still he was an opportunist and he will have everything she said and have it bound to her with her Fae magic.

With a grin he spoke, "Then so be it. I shall lend you my aid but you must first swear with the power of Shee Feerinyeh, on everything you've promised me. That means the Faelunds that I shall own, the Kingdom of Grimmshire that I shall own, your Court's fealty and the hand of your daughter of my choosing!" Gulbrand declared. "Do this and I shall help you win your war. But heed my words, if you dare cross me...then it will be your Court that is destroyed." Gulbrand warned. "I truly hope it doesn't come to that, I would prefer to have a fruitful alliance instead."


Leannan bowed her head slightly as her lips curled into a pleased smirk. “Lovely.” She said. She paid no mind to his threat as many mortals had made similar claims in the past. None had ever come to fruition. “However, before I seal this pact, I do have few conditions of my own.” There was a sudden cold edge to her voice as she spoke. “You will appoint the commander of my knights, Dullahan Ashentongue, as the Warchief of the Fae Lands we conquer. Although he will still be loyal to the Unseelie, he will manage your new territories on behalf of Zoadia and will be subject to your rule. I also demand a fairy presence in your court. A small number of my people will accompany my daughter to her new home in Earthrend to assure her safety and assist you however they can.” She tapped her claw against the stone table. “And we will receive a decent portion of the spoils with whatever conquests we assist you with. Particularly when it comes to riches of mystical potential.”

She felt her core vibrate with anticipation. This was her path. This would be her legacy to the Fae Folk. Leannan Blackward, the Conqueror Queen. “And I would also like a safeguard to assure me that you won't betray my trust.” She said. “You will be protected by the Shee Feerinyeh, but there is nothing to shield my court from potential treachery. I would like something to insure our safety, at least until the wedding that will bind our kingdoms.”

Leannan was no fool. She knew that the goblins, although they were vile and ugly things, were much like her own people in action. They were clever and fickle and were prone to betrayal. “If you agree to these terms, I will swear my Shee Feerinyeh and we may move forward as allies.”


Gulbrand began to groan when the Queen asked for her terms. No Goblin ever liked this part of negotiations but they were a necessary evil. He listened to her terms and then nodded, "Fine, you may have one of your Fae be Warchief but he is bound to my word of law regarding my property." He mentioned. The next request nearly caused Kob to faint, "A fairy in Earthrend!? Surely you must jest sire!" Gulbrand ignored Kob as he nodded ,"Yes, yes I understand." It was then the last request sort of pinched a nerve in the Goblin King.

He really didn't wish to share his spoils of war, he can understand in this instance since this is her war but his? As much as he would protest he decided it best to not push it. "Fine, I'll have my Chief Hoarder meet with whomever manages your riches to discuss the terms." Gulbrand spoke. Then Gulbrand was stumped, a safeguard for her? Normally they would offer up lands for holding but it seemed that might not be enough. He then looked at the Unseelie Queen and then after a moment, "How about I sign a contact? In Zoadia contracts are legally binding, even more so than in other nations. We do pride ourselves on our ill-repute but we did have to find away to trust ourselves sometimes, otherwise, how else would we get anything done?" Gulbrand spoke. "I'm sure with your magic you could perhaps add some sort of condition to make me follow through in case my word isn't good enough?" Gulbrand suggested, he then waited for her response.


She smirked. "That will work marvelously." Something resembling golden dust fell from her palms as a piece of parchment and black quill appeared in her hands. She unrolled the yellowing paper with a snap and as she did, words appeared on its surface. "The Fae have a binding spell called the Shee Conradh. It is similar to a standard contract. Both parties agree to terms and sign, but the oath is then watched over by a Face of the Oakborn. If either party breaks the agreement, a terrible curse will be released on the perpetrator." She placed the paper on the stone table and took the black feather quill. She stabbed herself in the hand with the sharp tip of the pen and looked up at Gulbrand. "I'll take the liberty to combine my Shee Feerinyeh with the Shee Conradh." She lifted her hand as it bled. The fluid that leaked out of the wound was almost certainly blood, but it was an almost unnaturally dark shade of red and its consistency was closer to that of tree sap.

"I, Leannan Blackward, Queen of the Unseelie Court, swear to keep my word to Gulbrand the Goblin King. If he assists me in the taking of the Dark Forest, I will reward him with a large portion of the lands we've conquered, a permanent alliance with the Unseelie Court, the human kingdom of Grimmshire, and a marriage to my daughter of his choosing." She then leaned over the table and, with the blood in her quill, signed her name at the bottom of the contract. She turned to her new ally and offered him the pen. Now, they were just a signature away from Pandeum's deadliest partnership.


Gulbrand listened intently about what was to transpire. He nodded and found that the Shee Conradh is acceptable in his eyes, he wouldn't wish to get on the wrong side of a deity. Kob looked like death warmed over, he wasn't very comfortable with this at all. Still it was not his decision to make and as she read the terms, Gulbrand agreed. He then took the pen and paper contract as he looked at her he said, "I suppose I must prick myself, yes?"

He took the pin and pricked himself in his finger causing a rather, dark, oozy, foul smelling blood to drip on the pen. "And I, Gulbrand, King of the Goblins, Monarch of Zoadia, and Avatar of my Lord Palchard, shall be binded by both word and by the Shee Conradh to assist Queen Leannan Blackward in her conquest of the Dark Forest. Upon success, I hereby declare Dullahan Ashentongue as Warchief of Fae Lunds conquered. The Unseelie shall have a presence in my royal court, the Unseelie Princess chosen, is allowed to enter Zoadia with her escorts given security and shelter within my Keep, and finally, all spoils of war shall be divided accordingly to the terms yet specified." Gulbrand finished this long-winded oath as he signed the paper in his blood.

"Finished, and I hope this makes us trusted allies. I have a feeling we'll have much to discuss on the invasion." He said with a wicked grin, handing over the contract.


"Lovely." Leannan smiled as the contract and the pen disappeared into golden star dust. The contract would soon find itself buried within the roots of the Great Oak, where it would be held close to an ancient Face of the Oakborn. "I must return to the forest to make preparations and I will send representatives to Zoadia for the initial discussions of battle plans, but we will meet again in the near future." She smiled, a feeling of satisfaction filling her chest. "And I will bring my daughters." She curtsied and turned to leave. "Farewell, King Gulbrand. I look forward to conquering the world with you."