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"I pray there is a purpose for me in this world."

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a character in “Divinity Unbound”, as played by KumoriRyuu



Age: 1,434
Race: High Elf
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Voice: Elena's Voice

Magical Element: Healing

School of Practice: Sothalin School Of Healing
Years of Practice: 1,352
Primary Focus: Healing
Mentor: Uustro Laulson

Affiliation: Elven

Personal Strengths:

* Healing
* Compassion
* Wisdom
* Experienced

Personal Weaknesses:

* Frail Body
* Emotional
* Doesn't speak the modern tongue
* Shy

Personality: Elena is the walking incarnation of the word "Innocent." She's shy, quiet, and often can be seen with a small blush in her cheeks when something surprises her, makes her afraid, or makes her smile and laugh. She speaks softly, and when she speaks with someone who doesn't know the High Elven tongue she uses signs and gestures to get her point across. She's a little defensive about her life story and doesn't enjoy talking about it. While it's true she's lived a happy life by majority, she's lived through horrific tragedies including one which no woman of any race should ever be forced to live through. Elena's kindness, generosity, and calm, shy demeanor have all garnered her numerous friends and allies everywhere she's gone... But they've also made her a target more times than she can count.

Biography: Elena’s story began long ago, not that she can remember it. The faces of her parents, any siblings she may have had, and any other family she may have built have all been lost to her. Nothing but blank slates she wouldn’t recognize even if they were still alive.

So how did it come to this?… Allow me to share the story.

Elena was born into High Elven society as a Maiden of Nobility. During her youth, age 30, she fell in love with and married a fellow High Elven Noble. Within the next two years they bore a daughter together whom they named Nomiya. She was their pride and joy, and looked just like her mother. However, Elena’s husband hadn’t told her of his past before their marriage. At least not the important parts. He had made promises and agreements with a clan of murderous Dark Elves in years past, and that past came back to haunt them all shortly after Nomiya’s 8th birthday. While on the road one morning, the family was attacked by those Dark Elves who’d come to collect on her husband’s debts. Upon seeing how beautiful Elena was, and how much her daughter looked like her, the pair were both taken back to the Dark Elf camp after they murdered her husband…

What the pair experienced was nothing short of unspeakable. Forced to face one another with tears flowing in waves down their faces, Elena fought desperately to comfort her daughter through the ordeal, but was eventually gagged and prevented from doing so further. Late that night the pair were dumped naked, used, and freezing in the cold winter air on the side of the road. Elena crawled to her daughter and embraced her hoping the warmth of her body would help keep the girl conscious. But with blood pouring profusely from between her legs poor Nomiya didn’t survive the night, and she died in her mother’s tender embrace shortly before sunrise despite Elena’s heroic efforts to save her.

Understandably, Elena was never the same again.

Still naked, frightened, injured, and freezing, Elena carried the corpse of her daughter for over ten miles to the nearest town where she was seen to by a local doctor for her condition. That evening her daughter was given a proper burial by the kindly townspeople with Elena present to light the fire.

Following this, Elena wandered the land aimlessly. The weight of her sorrow felt so intense that she was hoping in her heart it would break through her shoulders and crash through her heart and to the ground beneath her feet, welcoming her to death’s sweet release. But that death never came. What followed was only more tragedy and horror for Elena as she eventually found herself in the Orc nation of Gulturod where she was taken hostage by the Chieftan and turned into his personal sex slave. He had her to himself every night, often inviting his top warriors to partake with him, for five long years. However, Elena’s High Elf brethren never forgot or gave up on her. A rescue party tracked her down and rescued her from this fate, but by the time they reached her she was a hollow shell of her former self.

Having been brought back to High Elven society, Elena was put through intensive Healing and psychological therapy and treatment. It took many years, but she was eventually given a clean bill of health by the age of 80 and released from care. With newly renewed desire to live and to find a purpose in life, she sought a seer. And it was there that she learned she had an affinity for Healing Magic. At the seer’s urging, she journeyed to the Sothalin School Of Healing where she met the Headmaster and beseeched him and his school to give her purpose I this world by helping her become a Healing Mage. The plea was accepted following the interview, and Elena was welcomed to their School where she spent the next sixty years becoming a Master of Healing Magic.

At the age of 142, she left the School and became a traveling Healer, but not before befriending a powerful warrior and mage who was also a Miithi. An Eagle, to be precise. His Eagle Form towered above her at a standing height of fourteen feet, and his wings, even in human form, were a beautiful forest green. The pair, while traveling, fell in love and shared their world together. With purpose as a healer, and a new lover to hold her close and fill her heart, Elena had found happiness once again… Only for it to be taken away the night before their wedding.

That fateful day Elena and her fiancé, as well as all of their friends and acquaintances, were attacked by allies of the Orcs Elena had been rescued from. The raid was conducted by a combination of humans, Orcs, Dark Elf degenerates, and a few Giants. Elena’s fiancé fought like a demon to keep her and the rest of their friends safe, but he was felled by three arrows to the heart by the Dark Elf archers. Many of her friends also died that day, including a long time friend she’d known since childhood. But it wasn’t over for Elena. Before they fled the scene the raiders burned down the town the wedding was to take place in, having set explosives and using magic to do so to cover their escape. Hundreds of townsfolk died in the flames, and Elena barely escaped with her life. That night, she was forced to watch as the very same town, which had been so kind to her when Nomiya died, perished in a sea of fire along with most of its inhabitants.

Time goes on, but for Elena that time, even for a High Elf, was an eternity. At the age of 547, Elena once again found love and bore a child. This time a son whom she named Aurthor. He grew into a fine young man over the next twenty years and became a fantastic swordsman in his own right. Traveling with his Mother for her Healing journey, he served as both her family and her protection. And he was very good at what he did. However, even those who know what they’re doing have weaknesses. Aurthor’s weakness was that he was alone in his protective detail, and when he and his mother were ambushed on the road by bandits when traveling between two peaceful towns, he was, despite his mother’s best efforts, struck down beyond her ability to heal. The bandits fled following his death leaving Elena to grieve the death of her son and drag his body to a more protected spot where she could lay him to rest in peace before finishing her pilgrimage.

And so time once again moved forward, but for Elena time had stopped when her son was killed protecting her. Shortly after her 1,000th birthday, Elena fell victim to an attack by a rogue Mage practicing fell arts. Memory Magic, to be precise. The mage wiped out all memories of her relationships and her magical experience. Thankfully the Mage was apprehended and executed and Elena was taken to a Healer, but sadly there was no restoring the damage. It was done, and it was here to stay.

And so we find Elena today having taken to living in solitude in the forested mountains just outside of the human city of Galaoa. She lives in peace with nature, and has done so for 434 years enjoying the simplicity of her isolation. She’s made friends with many local animals and regularly feeds, cleans, and cares for them as a fully accepted child of the forest.

But a call is emanating from far away. A primal call for help which she can sense deep within her heart. A call which echoes in her mind every night as she tries to sleep. But from who does it come And why does it reach her so deeply and so powerfully? She has no answers, and she won’t find them in her forest home. But… She’s reluctant to leave it and seek the answers she craves.

Perhaps a group of travelers will be able to convince her to come with them, hearing the call as well?

So begins...

Elena's Story


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A cold autumn breeze swept across the land of Irleth (on the world map, it's the Southwest region labeled Lhamia). At the tip of the Northeastern mountain range sat a small cabin in the woods surrounded by forest animals. They all seemed to wait for something. Or someone. And, sure enough, as the door groaned upon opening a beautiful High Elf maiden stepped foot outside into the morning air.

Wearing a long white dress with frilled shoulders and hem, sporting metallic coverings over her ears and a face angels themselves would be jealous over, she was the epitome of natural beauty. Upon her reveal to the world the animals stirred and began approaching. A deer on the left. A few rabbits on the right. Several birds and squirrels in the trees and edges of the cabin lined up to greet her.

"Good morning, everyone." She said in the High Elven Tongue.

"Jean, how are you this morning dear?" She asked, scratching the chin of the deer.

She squatted down and pet some of the rabbits, "Good morning Kolan, Alandra. How are you and the children today?" The rabbits, and their numerous children, scooted over and enjoyed pets and scratches behind the ears and along their backs. Birds chirped and tweeted whilst the squirrels and other small animals gathered round for their turn to share time and affection with the Elven beauty.

Suddenly, the animals scattered. The Elven maiden stood slowly and looked out towards the Northeast following the line of the mountain towards the sea.

"... There it is again." She whispered.

A soft voice on the wind echoed, "Please... Save them... My children... Please."

"Get a hold of yourself, Elena. It's just a trick of the wind. It has to be."

She turned and began to go back inside, but as she tripped the door handle she couldn't stop herself from looking out again to the distant horizon beyond the trees.

"Who are you?" She asked aloud.

The only thing to the Northeast, as the crow flies, was Dragon's Cove, a series of islands in the center of the world where dwelt the Dragon Race. And none dared venture anywhere near it. The Dragons were known to attack anything and everything that ventured too close with incredible ferocity. Sailors. Traders. Water Mages on overseas pilgrimages using magic to glide through or across the surface of the water. Bandits and raiders. Treasure hunters. Glory seekers. None were spared the Dragon's wrath.

A long standing superstition and theory was that the Dragons were protecting something on those islands. Maybe it was just their territory. Maybe it was their food source. Maybe it was their nesting grounds... Nobody knew for certain. But theories and superstition abound the world over as to what exactly was being kept hidden on those islands.

As the wind swept Elena's hair over her shoulders it caused a chill to run down her spine.

"The voice is growing louder of late." She muttered. "Maybe I should-... No! No... Just go inside and get some tea, Elena. This will pass... Eventually."

Elena walked inside and closed the door softly, but the world around her continued to stir as a malevolent wind overtook the once gentle breeze forcing it into the opposite direction. Now flowing Southwest, the winds carried a dark and heavy weight. And the faint sensation of malice and ill will tickled her senses. She was instantly back on her feet, having sat down in her chair, and walked outside once more to feel that horrible wind. And as it blew across her body it felt almost like a violation of her existence. Like hands of darkness were caressing her body without her consent. It made her shudder, and she unconsciously gripped her elbows in a self-hug as she went inside and closed the door more forcefully.


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From the center of the world, Dragon's Cove, home of Dragons and the slumbering Goddess unbeknownst to the world beyond, came a surge of black magic. The Dragons roared in pain as the darkness seeped into their flesh tainting their purity and benevolence, and transforming them into black, twisted versions of their original selves.

... All save a select few.

The handful of Dragons who shook off the magical wave swarmed to Sil'Eph Niir's head to protect her most sensitive area as the twisted Dragons took flight and began flying out towards all corners of the world. Their mission... Was anyone's guess. However, given the level of negative Mana emanating from their bodies, it wasn't hard to figure it out.

Sil'Eph Niir's body stirred, and her mouth opened slightly as she released a deafening roar shaking the ground for dozens of miles in all directions.


In her cabin, thousands of miles away, Elena's mind was suddenly overcome by a loud, clear message from a desperate and pleading source.

"Mortals! Hear my voice! The Evil King has unleashed a plague upon your world! My Children, the Dragons, have been tainted by his vile magic! Protect yourselves! And please! Save my Children! They mean you no harm, but they cannot fight his evil will! Save them! I beg you all!"

Elena fell to the floor from the magnitude of power emanating from that voice. If she didn't know better she'd think that voice belonged to-


Pau'Ka, a few hundred miles from Elena, heard the voice and fell to her knees as she walked the dirt roads of the countryside. The pressure. That's what it was. Pressure. Like the magnitude of pure Mana in that voice was weighing her down. Crushing her. But the voice seemed... So familiar, somehow.

Alas, Sil'Eph Niir's call would not reach everyone. Only certain bloodlines would be able to discern it from a whisper on the wind. But for those who could hear, it came without the need for further explanation. Sil'Eph Niir's telepathic powers sent them a clear visual of what happened to the Dragons. Their twisted, blackened forms. The dark Mana emanating from their bodies. The danger and terror they would soon unleash. They could see it all clearly in their mind's eye.

Elena and Pau'Ka, simultaneously despite their distance, turned towards Dragon's Cove with determination in their eyes. They had to find the source of this voice. This "mother" to the Dragons. Whoever she was. She would have answers, and she would know what to do to save them.


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As Aznyxphia was attempting to mime out a request from the weapons smith, she suddenly staggered back as if she had been hit, her eyes wide. The merchant was probably confused, but she could not see him. All she could see was great shadows rushing across her vision, attacking a... larger white shape? Wait... were those dragons?!
Within her mind a voice was screaming, but it was as if it were screaming from afar. She could only make out some words. "Mortals! Hear my ... The Evil King ... plague upon your world! ... Children, the Dragons, have ... his vile magic! ... please! ... They ... harm, ... they ... his evil will! ... beg you..." The voice got fainter and fainter as it went on until it was silent.
She had missed most of what the woman had said, but she immediately recognized the voice as the one that had spoken earlier, saying "Please... Save them... My children... Please."
Obviously, when she said "children" she meant the species living on this planet. Who else could she be talking about? The gods created the humans, elves, succubi, and all the other beings of this world. The dark shapes must have been these dragons she spoke of, and the white shape... could have been none other than the goddess herself!
Using all of this information, Aznyxphia was able to piece together what the goddess had really said: "Mortals! Hear my call, and heed this warning! The Evil King has brought forth plague upon your world! Children, the Dragons have gained usage of his vile magic! Please! They will do great harm, for they serve his evil will! Please... I beg you..."
Aznyxphia could already see it playing out in her head. She, leader of a group of a select few heroes of the divinity, would go on a grand quest to save the life of the goddess and the world itself, with all its inhabitants, slaying this "Evil King" - probably some powerful mortal sorcerer who'd acquired the power of dragon mind control - and any dark dragons he sent their way. I must lead these heroes. It has always been my destiny, but I have never realized it, the knight errant realized.
All thoughts of the merchant gone from her head, she took to the skies after a running start, flying in the direction she had first heard the voice - where she was determined she would find others to help her.


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For Elena, the message was all too clear. Not a word escaped her. Not an ounce of the Goddess's anguish left unrecognized. She was a Goddess. There was no denying it. But the sound of sadness and yearning to save Her Children was unmistakable.

But... Why would it be so? Elena didn't have any children that she knew of... No matter. The message was clear. A Goddess needed help, and with her faith in the Gods being as strong as it was there was no way she'd ever leave a Goddess in distress. She would find a way to help.

It took three days of hiding, but she reached the port town of Hylen and found a boat service. Dragon's Cove was her destination, and although the driver was reluctant she managed to show enough coin to convince him to take her. Shortly after arriving, another woman appeared asking the same. She was a pale white skinned woman with blonde hair and red-pink eyes. Scars adorned her body, a warrior, clearly, and she boarded the vessel greeting Elena who could only bow and wave her hello.

The two shared a moment to speak, with Elena signing her answers or gesturing to get her point across. Pau'Ka introduced herself and figured enough out to understand Elena heard the voice as well, and they decided it would be best for them to team up and prepare to meet the Goddess together.

With that done and no further passengers daring to accompany them, the boat departed.

To do so, the driver, also the owner of the vessel and a water mage, began concentrating the water around the base of the boat to push it away from the dock. Turning the vessel, he then began concentrating the water behind the vessel to push against its rear and move it forward out to open sea. A fairly simple process.

But it was the method of "continuous propulsion" which drew Pau'Ka's attention. The mage was able to cast a repeating spell which handled itself by utilizing the Mana in the water around the boat to keep the enchantment running. A useful technique. Self-sustaining magical enchantments were very rare and very situational. But in this case as the boat moved it was able to absorb Mana from the water and air and continue to power the enchantment until the mage had to change directions or bring the vessel to a stop. This way he didn't have to constantly concentrate on or waste energy on the boat's movements.

With the vessel on its way, Dragon's Cove would be a roughly 8 day journey at sea... To meet a Goddess.


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White water rose in undulating walls around the boat before crashing into the calmer rippling waves which carved a 'V' shape behind them. The tranquil blue waves of the ocean rose and fell with the tides and currents, gently rocking the passengers aboard as they leaned over the edge watching the horizon.

Pau'Ka, a Draconian. And Elena, a High Elf.

An odd pairing, to be sure. But a pairing nonetheless. In the two days they'd been at sea they'd formed a silent, but powerful bond as two women sensing the same Divine voice and searching for answers to questions yet answered. Though one didn't speak the common tongue beyond a few select words, they communicated with their eyes, facial expressions, and and gestures. And they had a great time doing it. Constantly they could be seen laughing and playing on deck. Sometimes the crew would just sit and watch while the boat's owner and driver steered them on with silent dread in his heart.

It would take another week or so on the waves before they arrived at the Cove. In the meantime they occasionally stopped to fish and partake of the ocean's bounty in an effort to conserve food for the journey. Stored food on ships usually kept well, but the changing temperatures and rapidly shifting weather wreaked havoc on their preservatives.

On this day, the ocean was calm and the skies clear. But that silent, ominous wind still tainted the world around them. The very air was thickened by its foul weight, bearing down on their shoulders like gripping and slithering hands caressing places which didn't wish to be touched. Both women felt violated just being held within its grip, though for Elena it was much, much worse.

Hours passed as the boat was drawn to a fishing stop. Even taking once-a-day fishing rests for about two hours would not delay their arrival time, so they saw no reason to push themselves. As the men partook in fishing, the women lounged on deck soaking in the sun's rays and joyously playing games to pass the time. Pau'Ka was, in particular, an excellent player of "Fisherman's Bluff," a board game where you rolled a single six-sided die and hid the result from your opponent. The goal was to bluff your way to a total cumulative score of 40, a number considered lucky in the sea-faring cultures of the world. If your bluff was called once, your score reset to its previous value. If your bluff was called two turns in a row, your score reset to 0.

Elena, by contrast, was terrible at the game and often found herself with a score of 0 by the end. She was just too honest in her face and body language for her own good and easy to read. Meanwhile Pau'Ka even took to betting the crewmen for meals, as she had quite the ravenous appetite for a woman of such a fine, slender, athletic figure.

... And then, the winds changed.

It was in the middle of a game of Fisherman's Bluff as Pau'Ka was about to throw her die when her hand caught on the wind and the die fell from a semi-open palm to the table below and rolled onto the deck. She and Elena both stood up and gazed out at the horizon as they felt a tremendous, evil pressure building and beginning to rapidly approach their position. The two women held hands as the crew looked on in bewilderment, none of them having magical potential to sense the threat. But the boat owner did, and he concentrated his magic, as did Pau'Ka, for what lay ahead.

But what they saw quickly sapped any and all sense of "fight" from their bodies. A dark, undulating cloud appeared on the horizon. It moved consistently and with grace, like a bird in flight... And as it drew closer it became clear that this was no cloud. It was a black, winged creature large enough to make their eyes believe they were seeing a cloud until it broke through the haze of the horizon line.

"Dragon!!!" Cried the captain.

The men all dove for cover below deck as the captain and Pau'Ka prepared their best magic for combat, Pau'Ka warming up her voice for her most powerful Seid song. Elena was whisked below deck with the crew, but watched from the door in silent prayer that her friend and the captain would be okay.

The Dragon rapidly approached and slammed its wings at the boat causing the seas to churn and twist beneath rocking it violently too and fro beneath a rapidly darkening sky. It was almost as if the Dragon's presence alone drew in the power to block out the sun. Pau'Ka's breath hitched in her throat as she tried to begin singing. Her body trembled in primal fear as the Dragon unleashed a mighty, ear-splitting roar to the heaven's forcing all on board to cover their ears. As the roar came to an end the Dragon up and over the boat looking down at its terrified prey before beginning a dive.

The boat master quickly threw a massive pointed wave over and across the deck blocking the Dragon's path which broke its dive as it veered off to circle around and try again. The boat master continued to use his magical skills to deflect its path away from the boat, but he wouldn't be able to keep this up for long. Eventually the Dragon would push through once it realized these were smaller and less powerful spells meant only to visually distract it.

Meanwhile, Pau'Ka closed her eyes and chanted an ancient incantation passed down through the Ancient's Tradition in the Seid Magic community she grew up in. Harnessing all of her power, Pau'Ka shifted from a chant to a song, and as she sang the sea trembled, the ocean's surface vibrated and the boat along with it, and the Dragon began roaring in pain thrashing its head left and right to the rhythm of Pau'Ka's song.

Divines bless my Soul, for I am unto thee your humble servant!
Banish thine enemy within my sight, my body thy loyal Sword!
Unto thine blessed hand, my blade shall pierce the night!
And through my hallowed vessel, thine might shall slay the Beast!


In response to Pau'Ka's song, far in the distance, a single glowing golden eyes opened. And from a gaping maw large as a mountain emerged a powerful roar, the force of which streaked through the skies fueled by Divine Magical energies in the direction of the battle.

Back on the boat the Dragon floated ominously as the boat master began to tire from the use of his spells. And Pau'Ka, still in song, but now having little effect as the Dragon had acclimated to her assault and now merely absorbed the incoming mana before deflecting it harmlessly away in an invisible diffusion of magic. However, as the Dragon began to calmly descend like a wolf upon its prey, the Dragon's head suddenly snapped upwards and turned around before its body was struck with the oncoming rush of Divine Magical energy. Its body thrashed and convulsed in the air as the energies raced toward and slammed into Pau'Ka's body.

Her eyes went white as her mouth opened and she unleashed a shriek like none she'd ever let loose before. Her body crackled and glowed with white-yellow light, and within seconds her shriek came to an end as the magical energies settled within her body and her now glowing pink-red eyes snapped open laced with ferocity. Pau'Ka's arms flew to the sides, palms open facing the Dragon, and she began her song anew as the Dragon continued convulsing and thrashing about before falling into the waters below.

As Pau'Ka's song came to an end, she dropped to her knees and fell unconscious on the deck of the boat, her eyes rolled into the backs of the sockets and her mouth hanging agape with a trickle of saliva dripping from her mouth. Elena rushed to her friend's side immediately shouting in High Elvish and shaking her body in an attempt to wake her. The Dragon, shockingly, was still alive and burst from the water before flying off to the far West back the direction they'd come. Thank the Gods it didn't continue its assault, or they'd all have been dead right then and there.

However, Pau'Ka's condition did not improve. An hour passed, and she was still the same. Elena grew frantic, fighting desperately to wake her friend and see her pink-red eyes once more the way they were meant to be seen. But it was no use. Pau'Ka would not wake.

In sheer panic and sadness, Elena gripped the sides of her head as a wave of helplessness overcame her. Shaking like a leaf in a hurricane, her body suddenly began glowing with golden light, and the energies formed a small, thin line to the center of Pau'Ka's back. Elena was oblivious to the change as her eyes, shut tight, leaked tears of sorrow and internal torment. Pau'Ka's body began to glow in response to the energies being sent to it, and Elena's eyes finally snapped open as she looked at Pau'Ka and felt the magic within taking hold.

... It was warm... It was oh, so very warm. And as she instinctively laid her hands upon Pau'Ka's back, the light grew brighter and Pau'Ka's eyes slowly rolled back to where they belonged as her eyelids slid shut. Her breathing returned to normal, and her mouth closed softly. The light faded, and Elena knelt down checking on Pau'Ka's heart to find a steady and strong beat beneath her palm. With tears now of joy leaking from her eyes, she laid down on top of Pau'Ka's torso embracing her in a hug. Sitting upright, she set Pau'Ka's head in her lap and stroked her hair until the sleeping blonde awoke a few minutes later.

Sitting upright slowly and shaking her head, Pau'Ka asked what had happened. Everyone, the crew, captain, and even Elena, all did their best to relay what they saw and experienced. Pau'Ka's memory of the event flooded back into her mind as the recollection of that impact of energy suddenly became clear.

"I heard Her... The Goddess." She whispered.

Everyone's eyes widened in shock.

"When the magic flooded into my body, I heard her voice. She said, 'Receive my Power, my Child, and protect yourself!'"

Everyone was stunned that the Goddess had spoken to Pau'Ka once again. Not only once before in plea to save "Her Children," but now again to protect herself from a dark and obviously corrupted Dragon. Just who was this Goddess, truly? Who was Pau'Ka to receive a second hearing of Her Holy voice?

At Pau'Ka's command, the captain resumed the journey. The path to the Goddess would not likely end with only one such attack. They were likely to face more. But if not more Dragons... Surely more servants of Darkness.


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(OOC: Skipping ahead to the date of arrival with Kumori's permission. If anyone objects, talk to him in the discord.)

Finally, the Dragon's Cove. The thing everyone had been searching for. It has been many days since they first left, but at last their long journey is over. But little did anyone know that it had only just begun.
As the hardy group of travelers arrived on land after so long, the first thing they would encounter would be a woman sitting on a large boulder, cleaning her sword. She wore black armor and had large, raven-like wings sprouting from her back. As the group approached, she looked up and smiled, sheathing her sword. She jumped off the boulder and landed softly on the ground, using her wings to slow her descent.
The woman pulled out a large piece of parchment. Written on it in dried ink was this message:
"Hello. My name is Aznyxphia. I have been waiting for all of you here on behest of the gods. As decreed by our Lord and Creator, I hereby announce myself as leader of this band of hardy adventurers. I cannot speak, so if one of you knows sign language it would be handy. In any case, you shall follow me to our grand destiny."
After they all got a good look, this Aznyxphia woman rolled up the parchment and then stood waiting for a response, smiling faintly.


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The islands came into view on the horizon, and everyone's hearts were erratically beating in their chests. Elena's heart was in her throat while Pau'Ka rubbed her back and helped calm her with a softly hummed melody. Korose, meanwhile, was arriving as well on another boat just beside theirs.

As the boats touched down, they all disembarked and met for the first time as they all acknowledged they were there for the same reason: They heard the voice of the Gods.

"So you all heard the voice as well."

"Yes. Both of us."

"I see. Does she speak?"

"She does, but she knows very little of the modern tongue. She speaks in the ancient language of the High Elves."


As the trio walked forward, they beheld a woman with black wings who approached them and held up a parchment detailing that she was declaring herself the leader. Something about the Gods wanting it to be so. But given what they'd heard, they couldn't really dismiss the thought. They didn't know what she was told compared to themselves, so they agreed to go with it for the time being.

However, they were all noticing something rather... Ominous.

The Dragons who were present were all watching them like hawks. No blinking. No signs of even breathing. If they were, the breaths were so subtle and well controlled it didn't look like they were. They almost looked more like statues glaring down at them. But they weren't attacking which was... Interesting.

"Wonder why they're being so passive?"

"I sense concern in their hearts... They're scared."

"What did she say?"

"I don't know. She usually writes it down on parchment or signs."

Elena approached the black-winged woman and signed: Have they said anything to you?, motioning towards the Dragons.


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Aranaea’s boat arrived to Dragon’s Cove, and the Fire Mage used her spell to jump off the ship and fly to the Beach and land, approaching the gathering group. Out of the corner of her left eye she saw another elf taking a rowboat off of another ship and arriving as with the rest of her gaze, spied several others. One of which was a dark haired elf that, to say in short, took her breath away by his appearance.

”He’s handsome, I’ll give him that.” Aranaea thought. She watched as the winged woman held out a parchment introducing herself. She raised an eyebrow at her apparent declaration. Whilst she may have also heard the voice of some of the Gods, it was apparent that somehow, she may have interpreted it with her own beliefs in mind.

That was when fate gave her the shock of her life.

”Leader? You? You take off and leave someone without a word of thanks for attempting to help you for some delusion? What kind of leader would be that rude to a person?” said the elf she saw before. Aranaea turned to face him.

”Don’t be rude to someone you just me-“ She shouted on Elvish before she stopped short. She stared at the Amulet around his neck and slowly reached for it.

”Paws off you crazy lady! That amulet’s the only thing I got left of my sister!” the elf declared, making her gasp even more so.

”I know. She gave it to you when you were seven years old. It was your birthday present from your big sister. A sister who was afraid she’d never see you again, Zaldir.” she said, switching back to common as she pulled back her hood, revealing her face, now showing that there were tears openly flowing. ”But I finally found you, after fifty long years I’ve found you.”

Zaldir’s eyes blinked once, twice before they widened. ”Aranaea? S-Sis? Is it really-agh!” he couldn’t say anything more, as the embracing hug surrounded and crushed him like a snake. Something they were both very afraid of. But soon, Zaldir returned the embrace.

”I have so many questions.” He said, voice cracking with emotion.

”All in good time, little brother. We have a much more pressing matter to tend to.” Aranaea replied, wiping her tears and looking up to eye the dragons currently watching them.


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#, as written by Saivie
As Saewyn arrived at the cove she realized just how bad a bunch of fools she could've been trapped with. A hefty sigh left her lips, as did a well-needed sum of her mana, used toward the end of masking her presence to the others. A few steps forward and she already found herself evading one of the... people... on their way to the ocean. Oh good gracious. What HAVE I gotten myself into? , She asked herself as she studied the others. With a second of hesitation, Sae stopped and wondered if taking down her cloaking was a good idea, but it would have to be done if she was to truly decide if the fools around her were just that.

"You! All of you. Why are you here, if not for a summons." she said rather loudly, whilst moving from spot to spot hoping to remain hidden for the time being. Her cover now mostly blown by her own choosing, she stepped out from behind Dreux, dropping her use of mana to upkeep the illusion of being part of the surroundings.


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Aznyxphia stood shocked as everybody started complaining to her. One angry fellow lashed out at her, saying she could not be leader with her traits. Two people were hugging, one was barfing, and pretty much everyone either ignored her or were angry with her for some reason.
Personally, Az did not understand all this. She had a decree from the Great Goddess; how could these people dare defy the orders of a god? Such blasphemy!
As the others squabbled, Aznyxphia wrote down yet another decree, and when she was done, she began stomping her foot to get everyone's attention. Once she did, she held up the scroll once again, the peppy smile gone from her face and replaced with a stern frown.
"To the young brown-haired woman, no, those are simply statues. No fell magic can cause any creature to be so stalwart and still. It is probably either an illusion, or perhaps an enchantment to create golems we must fight to gain entrance. A test from the gods, I assure you, to weigh our belief in their strife. I thank you for taking concern in your new leader's well-being, however. And I can hear what people say, so do not feel the need to sign at me. However, it would be useful if you could serve as my translator so I don't have to keep writing these big posters.
"You, merchant. I apologize for my sudden urgency to leave our matters behind, but the call of a goddess cannot be ignored. I was sent a calling by her, as all of you were, that we must save her from the vile sorcerer who calls himself The Evil King. All earthly matters are behind us now in the eyes of the gods, and I hope you may put our grievances behind you as I lead us on to divine glory. Also, I congratulate you on being reunited with your family member. May your platonic love for one another never falter.
"You there, one who calls himself Vernon." As he read this part, Az glowered at him with all of the holier-than-thouness she could muster. "How dare you blasphemy the gods who have sent you on this grand mission. If not for them, you would be a measly, unimportant sea urchin squalling around the world with no purpose in life. Fortunately, the Great Goddess, my queen and fearless leader, is ever-forgiving, and forgives this grand insult you have placed upon her daughter. I am not as forgiving. But, as the Goddess wills, I relent. But I will bear your harmful words in mind, and I promise you - there shall be retribution. I will lead all of you to victory, whether you like it or not. As the gods command."
After that, she rolled up the parchment and began walking off towards the entrance to the cove, not looking back to see if any of them were following her or not. At this point, even in spite of her goddess' decree, she had no interest in travelling with such dull, spiteful folk. They were the ones who you could make a mistake with once and would never let it up to you, always carrying that grudge. Especially that pirate lad, Vernon. She did not like him. Not at all.


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Elena was rather perturbed by the exchanges. Such hostility. They were in a foreign land after all of them had heard the voice of a Goddess, so there was an element of understanding within her heart despite her wish to speak out. But it was Korose, the elf behind her with the glowing red eyes, who spoke first.

"We may as well follow her for now. Standing around bickering about who is or is not 'in charge' isn't going to help anything. If we all heard the voice of the Goddess Sil'Eph Niir, then it stands to reason that she's here somewhere and can clear everything up."

"I can't say I agree with you about the leadership role, but I agree we should find the Goddess if she's here."

Elena turned and nodded her agreement. It was time to move, not bicker.

However, before they could go much further than the edge of the beach, one of the dragon statues suddenly shifted. Its eyes darted downwards and, in an instant, it leaped from the hilltop it was perched on and landed before the woman with black wings.

The creature stood, at least, 20' tall at the shoulder alone not including its neck and head which made it look even bigger. With its massive forward swept horns and elongated claws, it was not a creature either Korose, Pau'Ka, or Elena dared wish to tangle with. Nevertheless they all stopped and remained very still as the creature growled and hissed at them. An obvious indication that they were not to proceed.

But a moment later a soft rumbling in the Earth caught their attention. The dragon seemed to hear something they didn't and turned its head around to look down the path Az had previously been walking. When its gaze returned to the newcomers, it seemed to carry a softness to it as the creature walked back up to its hilltop and laid down. The other dragons around it also laid down, a clear indication that they'd dropped their hostilities.

"Looks like they're letting us pass after all." Korose said.

Together the group walked on down the grass-bordered dirt path. As they walked, they passed by an expanse of grasslands framed by mountains which seemed to go on forever into the horizon. And yet, somehow, despite how far they walked they never seemed to tire nor feel the burn of fatigue. There was something about this place which seemed to preserve their stamina and vitality. And for Elena, it was obvious.

As a High Elf with the greatest sensitivity to mana, she could feel the weight of mana in the air as they walked pouring through her body. The sheer magnitude of it is what preserved them so. But what she didn't know was why the area was so thick with mana. Was it the dragons? Their magnificent existence possibly fueling the mana's pooling here? Was it the presence of the Goddess? Her massive energy and divine presence? Or was it just the nature of Dragon's Cove as a location?

Whatever the reason soon became irrelevant, as the group rounded the bend in the path and, from behind the edge of a mountain up ahead they beheld a massive red wall crossing the Cove. Partially submerged in water, this red wall looked, at first, like it was curved. But surely it was not, right? No. It was curved. This was no "wall." This was a tube of some kind, surely. But then... Why did it seem to have scales?

Pau'Ka felt something from the structure. A kind of... Sense of "home."

"Is that... A dragon?" She asked quietly.

Elena felt the mana emanating from it, even from this distance, and she was all but overwhelmed by it and became light headed and somewhat unsteady on her feet. Pau'Ka helped lend her shoulder so she could walk easier, but still Elena seemed to suffer from the sheer magnitude of mana pouring free from whatever that was.

As they drew closer, the tube appeared to, ever so slowly, stretch and relax. Like it was breathing.

And, at long, long last... They beheld Her.

Crossing a bridge and coming free of a line of trees, the head of a massive dragon the likes of which the group could not even imagine in their most lucid dreams emerged. Partially submerged in water, laying on Her side, was the massive body of the Dragon Goddess Sil'Eph Niir. Her long, serpentine form stretched from her head all the way to the far side of the Cove. And it became clear to them that her body nearly lay across the entire thing.

"She's... I can't even..." Pau'Ka whispered to herself.

"Is this the Goddess?"

Elena nodded.

"She's sleeping, but it's her. The Goddess Sil'Eph Niir. I can sense it." She said in High Elven.

A pair of mighty dragons lay to either side of her massive head which had to be the size of a small mountain. Her enormous form was miles long. At least two by the looks of it. The sheer scale of Her was... Staggering.

"Incredible." Korose said quietly.

The group approached as far as the two dragons would let them, and then stopped... Waiting.

And finally, the head of Sil'Eph Niir stirred and one of Her eyes partially slid open. Glowing with golden light, it pierced through them all at once before her head shifted slightly, putting Her more on Her stomach.

"You have come..."

Her mouth didn't move, but they all heard Her voice in their heads.

"You all have my eternal gratitude."

Korose, Elena, and Pau'Ka were all slack jawed as they watched the Goddess and heard Her voice. It nearly brought tears to Elena's eyes, and a sense of comfort and warmth to Pau'Ka like none she'd ever felt before.


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As Aznyxphia approached the statues, they immediately leapt down to confront her, making predatory hissing noises. I guess that young woman was right about them being statues, the knight thought to herself, drawing her azure steel longsword. Very well; a battle it shall be.
But she never got the chance to do any combat. The dragons cocked their heads, as if they could hear a sound she could not. Then, they stepped to the side, resting docilely. As the others walked past, the dragons did nothing but stare and blink slowly. Aznyxphia sheathed her sword rather hesitantly, fearing a trap, but as nothing happened, she willed herself to move back to the head of the group. She was their leader, after all, and leaders must appear strong (especially with such mutinous folk like Vernon among her group).
As they entered the fertile valley, everyone felt the rush of strong winds over their head, and anyone looking up would see Aznyxphia swoop by on her ebony wings, leading them onwards in the air - at least, in her mind. The air blowing by her usually felt good, but today it was... different. The air felt almost... heavier. Thicker. Sweeter. As if it were drugged. As she traveled farther, the sensation became greater. She did not like it. Not one bit. I knew this was a trap, she thought. If anything happens, I must protect my vassals - even if it means my death. Just in case the drugged air got too much for her, she touched back down to the ground and continued walking from there.
As she travelled forwards to almost certain doom, Aznyxphia uttered a prayer to the Gods of Light, the creators and protectors of the humanoids of the world - gods who, ironically, did not actually exist, though not to Az's knowledge, of course. Great Goddess of Light and all the lower gods of Light, here my prayer. I cannot remove thy cup from mine lips, so I shall uphold your duty to the best of my honor. Mark my words, this day the Evil King and his vile dragons shall fall, and the world shall be safe again. If I may die, I pray I shall be forever rewarded in the shining Halls of Valour. Amen.
Finally, the group reached the source of what they had been looking for. What first appeared to be a rounded red wall reared its ugly head and stared the intrepid adventurers down. Soon, everyone began to fall to their knees from the aura of unholiness the loathsome creature generated. At once, Aznyxphia knew this was the Evil King, the Plague Upon the Land, the King of the Dragons. The monster the Great Goddess had sent them to slay. Their doom, and their salvation.
Even as she realized this, the dragon spoke lies of power: words to coax her chosen warriors into betraying their goddess and join his side. One of her subjects, a young, pretty blonde-haired lass who had apparently lost all rational thought, began approaching the Evil King on weakened legs, tears streaking down her eyes.
With the sweep of a dark gauntlet, Aznyxphia pushed the girl back, out of harm's way. There was both fury and fear in her eyes, and everyone could tell what she meant: "GET BACK!!!"
Then, the Pariah Knight turned back to her sworn enemy, swiftly drawing her sword again and spreading out her wings to form a shadowy wall that would protect her chosen from the evil sorcery the dragon could work.
EVIL KING! Aznyxphia snarled mentally, using the two-way telepathic communique the fell monster had set up with them. BY THE ORDER OF THE GREAT GODDESS OF LIGHT, YOUR TYRANNY SHALL BE VANQUISHED. THIS DAY, YOUR PLAGUE UPON THE WORLD SHALL BE ENDED! THIS WORLD SHALL SURVIVE!!!


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Pau'Ka shook her hand and smiled warmly for her.

"It's not a problem at all, Neden. Social anxieties born of isolation are common among all races. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

She let go of Neden's hand and gently placed her index finger against her chin.

"So what would you like to know? I'll answer as best I can."

Meanwhile, Korose had wandered closer to the Goddess as well to speak to her mentally.

You can hear my thoughts, correct?


What's going on? Why are we here?

Sil'Eph Niir let her answer carry to the entire group so that all may hear, including Az as she flew away even if this was a bit of a recap of what she'd heard before.

The Evil King seeks to break the seal we placed on him long ago and escape to your world. His servants now siphon magical energies from around the globe in an effort to see this dark design fulfilled. If they succeed, he will grow stronger and likely attempt to overtake the Higher Plane just as he tried to do eons ago. You are all here because you hold ancient bloodlines blessed by the Gods. Once you awaken the power of your bloodline, you'll be strong enough to take the fight to his servants and prevent his escape from the Nether Realm. Seek out the Diviner on the tallest peak in the world in the frozen North, and he will help you awaken your long-dormant power.

And the dragons?

As their life force is siphoned to fuel the rebirth of my Son, Maglissos, under His wicked control, their forms become tainted and twisted into the beasts you fought previously. But they can be saved. If you combine your awakened powers, you can help sever the connection which siphons their life force and return them to normal. When they come back to themselves, they will aid you however they can. You have my word as their Mother and Goddess.

Korose nodded, looking back to the others and now speaking out loud.

"If anyone has any last questions for the Goddess, now's the time to ask. If not, we should leave at once for the frozen North. The sooner we awaken our bloodline's powers, the better. The Goddess may be on our side, but time most certainly isn't." He called out.

Elena took a few steps towards Sil'Eph Niir, clasping her hands and dropping to her knees as she bowed her head in respect.

Great Goddess Sil'Eph Niir. Will you not join us in this endeavor?

I sincerely wish I could, dear Child of the Forest. But until my body has recovered from both my battle with the Evil King and my labor of creating the Dragon Race eons ago, I am unable to fully awaken from this state. Even now, despite this mental communication, my physical body slumbers and is useless to you.

Elena opened her eyes and nodded quietly.

We will rescue your children, great Goddess. I promise. We'll save them all.

Elena suddenly received a mental vision of Sil'Eph Niir's beautiful human form smiling at her.

Thank you, dear Child of the Forest. You've no idea the joy it brings me to hear such kind words.

Elena bowed and turned around, ready to proceed with their mission to seek out the Diviner in the frozen North whenever the others were ready to join them.


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Korose. That was his name. She smiled softly as she nodded at his name.”It’s a pleasure. Are you perchance a Fire Mage? You seem to exert an amount of heat.” she asked, getting to the topic of her wishing to talk to him.

In the Meantime, Zaldir was walking behind his sister several paces behind her. He didn’t know what to make of it all, but he gave a silent prayer of thanks to the gods for the chance to finally understand that they were there and his small prayers were at least being heard. He gave a sideways glance towards the High Elf and gave a wave to her.

”Hello. I’m Zaldir, a Magic Blacksmith. May I ask what you are called?” Zaldir said in Elvish. He hoped he would be able to try and establish communication with her using his Elven tongue. If not, well no one could say he didn’t try. Though he was sure if Ardyn saw this and it failed, the horse would be laughing in his own way.


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Korose momentarily paused, his lips parting ever so slightly before looking slightly away.

"I practice Shadowfare magic, actually." He said quietly. "The heat is... Due to something else. I apologize if it bothers you."

Meanwhile, Elena noticed the wave from Zaldir and gave a small wave in return to him. As he walked over and asked in Elvish what she was called, she hesitated. She understood Elvish, but she could not speak it. So communicating with him was going to be tricky.

Luckily, names were universal regardless of dialect.

"Elena." She said, pointing to herself.

"Cal'lik." She said, using her hand to motion like a mouth speaking and shook her head "no."

She could only hope he knew what she meant.


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Aranaea's cheeks visibly turned red when he told her his magical abilities. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didnt mean to pry! It's rare to see another elf sometimes in my travels, well aside from meeting my brother again after 50 years of separation." She said in apology/explanation. She continued to walk beside Korose, with the desire to speak with him some more.

Zaldir on the other hand, was relieved that his name made it through the language barrier and learned her name. Elena, such a beautiful name for a High Elf. However, when she explained she didn't speak Cal'lik he visibly began to turn beet red, clear up to his ears. "Note to Self, See if I can find anything in my nick nacks to help her understand me better. I can't believe I embarrassed myself in front of a beautiful woman like that. And a High Elf at that!" He thought. He walked by her never the less, trying to at least observe her actions in an effort to get to know her better.


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Together the group slowly returned to the boats and made their way to the Northern Continent. The journey took approximately one week, but with all the boats traveling together and sharing in the bounty of the seas as well as their stockpiled goods, everyone was kept well fed and safe.

One Week Later...

Touching ground for the first time in just over seven days, the group all disembarked. Korose set foot on land and smiled slightly, glad to have the Earth beneath his feet again alongside Aranaea. Elena, having gone bare foot the whole time, stepped down and used her toes to grip the sand and dirt with a contented smile as she stretched her arms out to the sides and yawned.

Pau'Ka, had elected to remain with Neden on her ship. The whole time she made Neden tea to help settle her stomach and deal with the sea sickness, even if it didn't quite get rid of it completely. She also took what time she could to teach Neden about little bits of their race's history and culture.

The legend went that long ago the Dragons took to human forms during a terrible crisis at the earliest stages of the humanoid race's introduction to the world. During said time, they encountered a magical menace which used a form of magic never before seen to siphon their energies and create humanoid copies of them. These copies eventually broke free of his control with the help of the original Dragons and, together, they vanquished the menace and his armies of copy-cat races. At the end, the Dragons returned to Dragon's Cove while the humanoids remained as their own newfound race called the Draconians. Because they were copies, they couldn't fully transform into Dragons. But they did have a form which drew from their Dragon heritage which is what both Neden and Pau'Ka had done when they defeated the Twisted Dragons before meeting the Goddess.

Meanwhile, as they touched land for the first time the Goddess reached out to them once again.

"Everyone. Please beware. Having spent time in my presence your bodies are emitting residual Divine Mana which will attract the forces of Darkness to your location. Please always be on guard and ready to protect one another!"

Korose took a deep breath and nodded to himself. Elena did the same, placing her hand over her heart and promising Sil she'd do all she could to help everyone. Pau'Ka nodded firmly, helping Neden work through her seasickness so they could move on together.


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In the following days on the sea, yet again, Neden had been on the bottom deck, nestled away in a corner of the ship as a way to keep her mind and eyes off of the ocean depths that lurked beneath them. The only thing reminding her that they weren't on land was the movement of the ship, too fluid and would occasionally toss and turn as they slowly traveled back. Neden had been forced to go on the same ship with Pau'Ka, Elena, and a few others, much to her dismay with how Dreux treated her. She was afraid of being alone, and with new people, not with Dreux as she had been the week prior. Which unsettled her a bit, too much for her liking.

But she had been accompanied by Pau'Ka the whole time, with constant tea and herbs for her stomach, which she was honestly grateful for. While they were at sea, she had been told of her ancient history of their ancestors and where they came from, how they were related to Dragons, and how they could turn into one. Which explained what had happened to Neden when the dragon had attacked them at sea on that day. The truth and lore of her people both fascinated and scared the young girl, knowing what she was and the power she held amazed her, as well as worried her. But all the while, when Neden wasn't being educated by Pau'Ka, she was either asleep, reading the few books she still had from her village or was busily drawing in the small notebook that she brought, but seeing as she was slowly running out of room, she knew she'd need to get another one whenever they came upon a town or traveling merchant.

Once they reached land, Neden couldn't have been happier. The grabbed their things from the ship and eventually grouped up again on the mainland. As she exited the ship she covered her eyes from the sun's bright and harsh rays, slowly growing accustomed to it as she blinked more. She stepped off the boat and felt her feet hit the sand from inside the boots she wore, knowing full they needn't be on a ship again or so she hoped, the sickness she had been feeling quickly dissipated. She outreached her hand to Pau'Ka and helped her down from the ship and walked to the others that had gathered around.

Neden nodded as she heard Sil'Eph Niir's voice echo in her head, taking up note to help protect the others she instinctively placed her hand on her hip by her sword, keeping her guard up as the others discussed what to do. Eventually finding Dreux in the group of people she excused herself from Pau'Ka for a moment and walked up to him. She pulled him a few feet away and once they were out of earshot she smacked him on the back of the head and gave him a hard glare.

"You left me alone with them for eight days, you jerk!" she said in a hushed voice as she smacked his arm again.

Dreux chuckled and shook his head at his friend as she hit him, "Hey, hey now...I was doing you a favor, little lady. Because of me you got to spend some time with the Princess as well as learn more about yourself, if not your species in total. So....If anything, you should be thanking me." he said as he nodded towards Pau'Ka and gave her a wink.

Neden looked at him and growled, "That still doesn't make it okay, you know. I was practically alone, and seasick that whole time. So what did you do that whole time? Get buddy buddy with Luther?"

Dreux chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, "All I'm saying is, I still didn't hear a thank you. And no, Luther kept to himself as did I. I mainly read and practiced on the ship while I was alone. I don't know what you did while you were with the others, but you seem to be in a better mood. So, go back over with your friends." he said with a teasing look on his face.

Neden growled and scowled at his comments, "I don't know what you're alluding to, Dreux. But it's not funny..I missed you." she said with a rather somber tone as she looked at her friend.

Dreux gave her a smile and a gentle hug, "I missed you too, Neden. Now...I think the best course of action would be finding a place to pitch camp or find a town to stay in for the night." he said as he began walking back to the others, with Neden in tow.


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#, as written by Tanman
Vernon Shulls / Carmen ‘Ruffles’ Rufferones

The week had gone smoothly for the most part. Sailing was what Vernon and Carmen were used to, so that wasn’t any particular issue. No, the only conflict was that there had been a little bit of bickering between them, Vernon insisting that Carmen remain with the Delmoray as both their navigator and his first mate. Although she really did want to make friends with all the others (And it would have been easy enough for her to swim between the boats), Vernon did make some degree of sense that she’d be needed if they were attacked by another dragon or something. Not only that, but the crew all needed to pull together in order to manage more of the repairs, and as Vernon explained to his less than clever mermaid companion, this might be the last time they saw the ship for a long time. Even though they were busy working, it gave them all a chance to say their goodbyes, Carmen especially popular among the crew; and Vernon’s decision to leave requiring some coordination in order to fill the power vacuum and plan for the future. Still, the nights spent drinking, singing and reminiscing on the good times would serve as fond memories into the future, and were a reminder of just what the goddess had told her. Bonds could be strength; and if she could help everyone get along, that would be the best for the team.

Speaking of the team, they needed a name. Sil’s Sailors? Well, they weren’t going to be sailing when they hit land… Sil’s Secret Squad? No… According to the goddess, they were emitting some aura, so that wasn’t particularly sneaky… The Goddess… Group? No, far too bland… Musing on all of this, Carmen decided now was the time to initiate Project Friendship, and so, she needed a target to become friends with and convert to the cause. Vernon was obviously off the table, he clearly loved her (Like, duh), and although she’d made good initial impressions with Dreux and Neden, she wanted to diversify a little, and it would be easier if she could pick someone on their own to really get to know them. There was the invisible lady… Somewhere? Had she vanished again? That was going to be a difficult one to pin down… Then there was the Succubus, the one who’d written on the parchment. Given the hostility between her and Vernon, that one could be saved for later… Looking through the remaining options, the elf siblings, as well as the intimidating shadowy elf and the fairer, lighter elf companion next to him; as well as the other blonde haired woman, Carmen couldn’t really decide.

“Heh heh heh… If I can’t decide, it’s time for my secret solution!” Laughing to herself and haughtily placing her hands to her hips, Carmen rummaged around her pack, pulling out a small but simple pair of dice. Grinning, she tossed one up into the sky, letting fate and fortune guide her way to success. Assigning names to the numbers, Carmen squatted down to examine the die as she checked the result. Three. That was… Pointing through the different people, Carmen narrowed her eyes at her target, scooping up her ultimate decision making tool and travelling across the sand to meet her. “Phew! That was a fun trip! Lovely weather, you enjoy sailing? Any troubles getting here?” Carmen immediately bombarded the high elf with questions, ignorant to her inability to speak in the modern tongue.

“Not that you’d have forgotten, but I’m Carmen Rufferones, Navigator and First Mate of the Delmoray! Though I suppose that’s not true anymore… I really need to work out a new title… Which means I need to come up with a cool team name…” Mumbling to herself as she tugged on her chin, Carmen got distracted in her thoughts a moment before turning back to Elena. “So, what’s your name, huh? Hey, your dress is pretty, where’d you get it? Do you fight? It’d be a shame if it got wrecked in combat, but if you don’t fight, you can hang with me when things get rough! Vernon’s pretty lazy, but when it comes to fighting, he’s super dependable, he’ll keep us all safe. Well…” Carmen had a tendency towards long and rambling one sided conversation, but Elena would get a chance to interject at some point.

Having followed along with Carmen, weapons on his back, Vernon eyed over the remainder of those nearby, looking between Pauka and Korose. He wasn’t one usually for making conversation, but there was something he felt the need to address, moving towards the male of the two. “You there. Your name.” Vernon demanded, tightening his stance slightly, but remaining somewhat nonchalant. Out of everyone in the group, none intimidated him much. Even the apparent warriors of the group seemed fairly amateurish or inexperienced. But this guy… Ever since they’d arrived, Vernon could feel… Something. A pressure, emanating from this man. Like his instincts were trying to warn him of something. And then there was his eyes… Blood red. Unnatural. Vernon couldn’t entirely tell what it was, but regardless, his body could sense the challenge before him. He wouldn’t necessarily provoke the man, but perhaps if the opportunity to spar or test him arose… Well, it would be better than beating some sense into their ‘gallant’ leader.


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Elena had been preparing to walk back, but was intercepted by a young woman named Carmen who bombarded her with questions which she had next to no time to answer. She attempted to sign, but Carmen didn't seem to take notice of it.

So many questions... It was overwhelming. Elena looked to the others around her as they had begun walking away, and then back to Carmen as she attempted to smile and be friendly despite not being able to reply.

Finally, a moment of opportunity after Carmen spoke of Vernon being able to defend thems.

"No speak." She managed to say in the common tongue.

It was one of the few phrases she knew how to say, but she wasn't sure if Carmen would understand what she meant.


Vernon approached Korose and called to him, demanding his name.

Korose's eye slid to the corner of the socket to look at Vernon, examining him from head to toe before falling back onto his gaze.

"Korose." He said flatly.

He wasn't sure what this human wanted, but he was instantly on guard. This man was only a human, and he didn't seem to hear the Goddess which meant he had no divine bloodline as they did. But still... Something just seemed off about him.