Shyl'Vahn Angura

"I'll shield thee in thine time of need."

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a character in “Divinity Unbound”, as played by Lufia



Pronunciation: Syl-Vaan Ang-Ura
Age: 32
Race: Miithi -- Kani
Height: 171cm || ~5'7" (Human)
Weight: 66 Kg || ~146lbs (Human)
Voice: Shyl'Vahn
Face Claim: Panne || Fire Emblem

Magical Element: Warding

* Alternate Form:
* Alternate Form Attributes: Her size grows to around 274cm (~9') long and with a weight of about 382 Kg (842lbs), she looks like a large hare with elongated claws and teeth. While in this form, Shyl's speed and strength are at least four times greater than her humanoid form, allowing her to be almost like a beast of burden, as she takes the size of a horse, with the endurance and fortitude of one to boot. While she loses her magic, the thick, yet soft fur that covers her body also acts as a bit of armour, softening most bludgeoning impacts, and hide toughened to endure the cuts and scrapes that are often experienced in territorial disputes.

In this form, however, Shyl'vahn is not impervious to damage, nor does it keep any harm from affecting her human form. Every injury sustained in either form transfers to the other, and while large and durable, she has her limit, which could cause her to shift back to her human form.

School of Practice: Lythin Academy of Wards
Years of Practice: 22 years
Primary Focus: Warding Magic, hunting skills, hand-to-hand combat (In both forms), herbalism
Mentor: Lucia Gythlin

Affiliation: Umm... Herself? The Carrot Farmers union? Energizer? (I dunno what to put here)

Personal Strengths: Great senses, Good hunter/forager, Instinct and reactions, Judging character, Herbalism
Personal Weaknesses: Charisma, Technology, Fast temper, Boats, the temptation of potatoes, Meat in general.

Often seen as rather independent, Shyl'vahn keeps to herself to a degree, talking when those come near, and holding a fair conversation. By no means is she unfriendly or unlikable, but she would rather be approached than do the approaching. Something that she was taught as a little doe by her father, it was taught with good intent, as it kept her from making an arse out of herself while approaching others, but that reserved mindset oft leaves her seeming aloof and uncaring. Moreover, Shyl'vahn tends to put herself in more danger than others, using her body as a shield against attack against those around her, preferring to take the brunt of any fight, earning the scars and injuries, she's easily the one whom spent the most time in a hospital bed. Straightforward and sincere, Shyl'vahn will seldom lie, or sugarcoat the truth, as her small tribe were very distasteful of lies and deceit.

Shyl'vahn was born to a family in a small village in an unknown forest, each were what they called Kani, a hare-like people that roamed around the forest, unaffected by the predators that would harm the human-form that seemed so vulnerable. The world to Shyl seemed so small within the woodlands she would call home, the village that she lived in were the only sentient people that she could see, or hear. As she became older, her father would teach Shyl'vahn how to survive on her own, with teachings of how to find food for not only her, but for when she had a family. Life was simple for her, nothing to worry about, and oft a stable food source, thanks to her heritage, she was able to eat leaves and grasses when needed, while it didn't taste very good, it was something, kept her from going hungry. That is, until a storm came. It was unlike any other, as the massive explosions shook the air, and a young Shyl'vahn, the village knew what it was, another village, a different clan, was beginning a territorial dispute.

The other clan had hired a mage, whom called upon the wrath of lightning to raze the small village, and claim the lands that they held for generations. In doing so, fire soon engulfed the surrounding forest, forcing the residents out with haste. In doing so Shyl'vahn was among the fleeing Kani. Feeling the dread that had come of the mage's attack, the young doe found herself applying to a nearby academy, to protect her home, the Lythin Academy of Wards, where she began her long study of how to defend against magic, under her mentor, Lucia, a woman whose teachings were kind and patient, which she needed for a young Shyl'vahn, whom would brazenly protect her fellow classmates. But, gradually, the Kani doe would learn to use those barriers and abilities well. After a long time of teachings, Shyl'vahn would set out once more, to hone her skills, and answer the calls for help.

So begins...

Shyl'Vahn Angura's Story


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#, as written by Lufia
"Speech Colour, 8608ad"
'Thought Colour, e000e0'

The world felt quiet for one moment, as the sun slowly rose, it's light, vanquishing the horrible night, then, life began to move, as the birds began to sing, the vermin scurried around, and the sound of heavy footfalls began to echo though the air, anything underfoot would feel the weight of the large creature. Looking forward, a waft of air caught it, leading the creature to dash forward, a sweet and light scent had caught her nose, leading her to what looked to be a tree, with long beans with it's green leaves. The creature shrank in size, as she began to look more human, harvesting the beans, every so often taking a leaf to chew on, ensuring taste.

After filling a small satchel with the beans, the woman kept walking down the path, soon turning into the large creature that was seen earlier. Her speed was better with four legs rather than one. Running through the forest was easy, though the light soon brightened up fast, the forest had receded back naturally, leaving the giant rabbit looking person standing on her hind legs in the open, gazing around with ruby-like eyes. The area was clear, devoid of human interference. It was nice, an island solely of nature, leaving the troubles of the world behind once in a while was pleasant....

If it weren't that she was trapped, and had been for about two weeks. This made life rather frustrating. Walking along, there was something in the distance that caught her eye, a ship. As much as she hated those, it was something to get her off that damned rock. Picking up the pace, the giant rabbit-looking person began her rush towards the direction of said boat, hopefully someone was there, and she could return to the mainland, and finally continue this journey she was on. As she got closer, voices were heard, they were young voices, interesting to say the least. With a change in direction, the loud thumping sound approached towards the sounds, where as it was now seen, twelve people were.

This was awkward, as they walked on a slight downhill from her, as she could see at least the few in the front, two seemed to be elves, with their ears being sharp, off their heads... It still bugged the woman as to how that even happened, the other two seemed to be human, the others, however, weren't seen, as something stole her mind aside. As, there was another problem that posed, stopping before crashing into these people. She turned to her side to try to change direction, knowing full well this will end in a tumble, avoiding the majority was easy, however avoiding everyone was out of the question, and unfortunately, as the clawed foot slipped, the raven-haired woman with wings at the front, would see a mass flying towards them, seemingly attempting to contort itself from the impact, as the giant hare felt itself tumble along the ground, unsure if they hit the person, and hoping that they weren't underneath the fluff.

'Such a grand way to introduce thineself, Shyl'Vahn....' She thought, as she spent a second on the ground, 'Run at them and take one of theirs....'


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Unsurprisingly, Aznyxphia was doing a poor job as a leader.
Partly, this was do to her isolated lifestyle - first a pariah, then a soldier, then a wandering knight errant who seldom ever spoke with anyone; though not literally spoke, of course. She didn't really know how to socially interact with people, and that was not even taking into account of her disability. Another factor was that her mind was shattered by learning her entire religion was false, and was too busy rebuilding her beliefs to think about anything else. Perhaps it was that she was so intent upon pleasing the Great Goddess Sil'Eph Niir that she'd forgotten about pleasing her own "subjects".
But, deep down inside of her heart, the reason that she was loathe to tell anyone was that she honestly didn't care about the others. They were like side characters in a story; adding flavor to the cast, maybe a bit of drama or comedy relief, but honestly inconsequential in the end. That's really what Aznyxphia's life was; one great, giant story in which she starred as the gallant, heartthrob knight errant, sent on a holy quest by the Great Goddess to rid the world of evil once and for all. Everything else in the world revolved around her, whether they liked it or not (*hem*hem*Vernon*hem*hem*). However, she cared enough about their feelings to not tell them this.
Sometimes, doing this was a bit hard. Nobody in their grand questing party really took her seriously. Just another uppity, flighty, mute succubus who thought she could just swoop in and take things over - this is what she assumed the others thought of her (and, applied to certain people in the party, she wasn't far off). Very few could understand sign language, and writing out everything she wanted to say on those big sheets of parchment was getting rather tedious. She wished she had the ability to reach out and speak telepathically into their minds, like Sil'Eph Niir had done to her. It would be so much more efficient.
Despite the fact that she for the entire trip, rather than interacting with her crew as a good leader should, flying above the clouds, lost in contemplation about her existential crisis, she was somewhat aware of the drama that had been going on with her crew. The young pirate had been boisterously strutting about, befriending all in their merry crew, while a romance (or two) was being kindled between members of her group. These latter few she envied; in fact, she envied them all for being to express their romantic interests for other people when she had been punished and exiled for expressing hers.
As the ship docked and the party filed out onto this new landscape, Aznyxphia flew out from the clouds, a dark shadow against the clouds. Landing in the nearby woods, she took out her pen and parchment and began to write the address to the party she gave every time she met with them.
Suddenly, a great amount of snapping and crashing reached her head, and she whipped her head around to see a dark shape heading towards her. Reacting quick, she leapt out of the way, flying above the treetops as the thing blundered by. Then, she dived towards the creature, sword out of its sheath and ready to pierce the flesh of whatever vile monstrosity this was that had attempted to kill her.