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Unsurprisingly, Aznyxphia was doing a poor job as a leader. Partly, this was do to her isolated lifestyle - first a pariah, then a soldier, then a wandering knight errant who seldom ever spoke with anyone; though not literally spoke, of course. She didn't really know how to socially interact with people, and that was not even taking into account of her disability. Another factor was that her mind was shattered by learning her entire religion was false, and was too busy rebuilding her beliefs to think about anything else. Perhaps it was that she was so intent upon pleasing the Great Goddess Sil'Eph Niir that she'd forgotten about pleasing her own "subjects". But, deep down inside of her heart, the reason that she was loathe to tell anyone was that she honestly didn't care about the others. They were like side characters in a story; adding flavor to the cast, maybe a bit of drama or comedy relief, but honestly inconsequential in the end. That's really what Aznyxphia's life was; one great, giant story in which she starred as the gallant, heartthrob knight errant, sent on a holy quest by the Great Goddess to rid the world of evil once and for all. Everything else in the world revolved around her, whether they liked it or not (*hem*hem*Vernon*hem*hem*). However, she cared enough about their feelings to not tell them this. Sometimes, doing this was a bit hard. Nobody in their grand questing party really took her seriously. Just another uppity, flighty, mute succubus who thought she could just swoop in and take things over - this is what she assumed the others thought of her (and, applied to certain people in the party, she wasn't far off). Very few could understand sign language, and writing out everything she wanted to say on those big sheets of parchment was getting rather tedious. She wished she had the ability to reach out and speak telepathically into their minds, like Sil'Eph Niir had done to her. It would be so much more efficient. Despite the fact that she for the entire trip, rather than interacting with her crew as a good leader should, flying above the clouds, lost in contemplation about her existential crisis, she was somewhat aware of the drama that had been going on with her crew. The young pirate had been boisterously strutting about, befriending all in their merry crew, while a romance (or two) was being kindled between members of her group. These latter few she envied; in fact, she envied them all for being to express their romantic interests for other people when she had been punished and exiled for expressing hers. As the ship docked and the party filed out onto this new landscape, Aznyxphia flew out from the clouds, a dark shadow against the clouds. Landing in the nearby woods, she took out her pen and parchment and began to write the address to the party she gave every time she met with them. Suddenly, a great amount of snapping and crashing reached her head, and she whipped her head around to see a dark shape heading towards her. Reacting quick, she leapt out of the way, flying above the treetops as the thing blundered by. Then, she dived towards the creature, sword out of its sheath and ready to pierce the flesh of whatever vile monstrosity this was that had attempted to kill her.