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Divinity's Corruption

Divinity's Corruption


A prince's world turns upside down in an instant. His family and friends are turning on him, and he is branded a traitor to his country. Is the last hope for the world doomed to fail before he can even escape his own home?

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Beletora is a massive continent, covering space from the north pole all the way down to the equator. A land of extremes, with every biome imaginable. Once, it played host to five powerful kingdoms.

The kingdom of Drenix, founded on Beletora's east-most shores. A pristine coastline provides plenty of fish and opportunity for commerce, and cliffs hide valuable ores and tamable griffons behind sturdy rock. Forests dot rivers feeding into the ocean, providing wood as well. Their soldiers are some of the finest on the continent.

Freylice, settled in the frozen north. The kingdom of Freylice is an alliance of nomadic tribes that roam the frozen plains on winged mounts, with permanent dwellings near the southern border that function as venues for trade. Their hard life makes them some of the strongest and hardiest people on the continent.

Hellepontes, a collective of twelve city-states built into the twelve tallest mountains in the range that fills Beletora's western coast. The mountains provide a natural stronghold, and are practically bursting with metals and ores, and the wyvern that fill their collective military. Weapons and armor forged by Hellepontes' blacksmiths are the finest on the continent.

To the south, massive forests grow, lays the theocracy of Quel' Thaasa. Theirs is a kingdom hidden among the trees, where massive eagles roost. Though their military is small, it's mages are among the most gifted on the continent, and the standing army it has is well-versed in the bow.

In the middle of the continent, in the shadow of the massive Hellepontes range, Tylenda sat, settled on rolling prairies and next to gurgling streams and rivers. It's people were a democracy, electing their own rulers as they chose. As a hub for trade, they grew rich and powerful. Guilds rose and fell, and defense fell to the countless skilled mercenaries on the Democracy's payroll.

Now, only four remain. Tylenda was obliterated two hundred years ago.

The Divine War

In addition to these earthly kingdoms, two others exist: Those of the Angels and the Demons. These exist on an ethereal plane, separate from Beletora. They are ever at war with each other, and their battles' effects occasionally spill over into Beletora. Earthquakes, plagues, drought, cyclones, flooding, landslides. Natural disasters, all caused by the ever-shifting battle between Angels and Demons.

Tylenda was when that war finally spilled over into the realm of humanity. The five Archdemons, the most powerful of their kind, broke the "wall" that separated the ethereal plane from the physical plane. Darkness crashed through like a tidal wave, corrupting the people of Tylenda and the land itself beyond recognition. Rolling plains turned to wastes and deserts. The water ran black and red. People, tainted to their core with demonic energy, changed into monstrous forms.

The same break that allowed the Demons through, though, also enabled the Angels to enter onto the physical plane. However, where the Demons entered as a massive flood, the Angels trickled through, fighting past Demons on their own plane to enter the next. Demons and the half-man-half-demon spawn began attacking the other four kingdoms, seeking new warriors in their fight. The four kingdoms rallied behind their new angelic allies, and fought the Demons to a bloody standstill, then back onto the plane from which they came, and the five Archangels sealed the rift, and imprisoned the Archdemons into enchanted gems, capturing them.

Tylenda's surviving people became outcasts in society. The other four kingdoms initially viewed all people of Tylenda as enemies, and those people, now without homes, took to a nomadic life, traveling always, never staying in one place, only taking what they needed to survive, and never anything else. Once, the term Scavenger was an insult to them. Now, it is a badge that they wear with pride, their skill in the saddle unmatched by most. However, while many Scavengers have moved past the initial hatred that they initially received, some still refuse to forgive, and are among the most dangerous raiders on the continent.

Not all could leave Tylenda, though. Many lacked the means to travel far, and therefore were forced to remain alive in the corrupted lands of Tylenda. Living there, constantly exposed to the taint of demonic magic, lead to a gradual, but noticeable, transformation of the people that lived there. Many refused to live as part-demon outcasts, and killed themselves. Those with a will to live became the Forgotten, groups of part-demon tribes who roam the Tylenda Badlands. Some have an easily-recognized demonic "taint", while others have the ability to change shape into a myriad of creatures, like true dragons, hydra, and cerberus, among others. Some Forgotten managed to work their way back into the other countries, but most remain outcasts, living their lives among their own.

The Archblades

Each Archangel, upon their attainment of that status, forges a powerful weapon to use in their battle against the Demons: their Archblade. Each Archblade is imbued with powerful Celestial magic, able to obliterate demonic energy and cleanse souls. Traditionally, this weapon is a sword, but axes, lances, and even staves and bows have been forged as Archweapons.

However, in the Divine War, the Archangels discovered a haunting reversal. The Archdemons had the ability to take an Archweapon, and corrupt it to its core, making it the antithesis of what it once was. These corrupted weapons poured darkness into whatever they cut, corrupting former allies into dangerous foes almost instantly. When the Divine war finally came to a close, only one Archblade, belonging to the Archangel of Tylenda, remained uncorrupted and unbroken, and that was left in Tylenda as a monument to what had happened.

Beletona and Archangels

Now, the five Archangels at the time of the Divine War remain behind in Beletora, serving as unseen guardians of the remaining nations. Tylenda's Archangel, without a country to watch over, was given an even more important task -- to watch over the Soul Gems: the enchanted gems that held the very essence of the Archdemons. These Guardian Archangels are cut off from the ethereal plane that was their home, and dream of the day that they may meet the Archangels that led their angelic kin to victory.

Beletora Today

Two hundred years later, Beletora is still recovering. The loss of Tylenda as a hub for trade among the countries has slowed the continental economy somewhat, and raids from hostile Scavengers and Forgotten are always a threat, especially in lands bordering the Tylenda Badlands.

Within the last month, though, things have gone from bad to worse. The demonic taint has begun to creep forwards at a startling pace, and the Guardian Archangel tasked with keeping an eye on the Soul Gems has gone ominously silent. However, the forward creep of the demonic energy means that the other four Guardian Archangels must hold their ground, focusing on trying to hold back this mysterious new threat. Drenix's army, under the pretense of moving to put a stop to the recently heavy raids by Scavengers and Forgotten, is moving to Drenix's borders.

Toggle Rules

This RP will operate on a strikes system, with a possibility for redemption. If, at any time, you violate any of the rules I post here, you will be given a strike. If that rule violation is from a post you have made in the RP, you have the ability to edit your post within 48 hours of the violation, and the strike will go away. Otherwise, the strike will be added to your total. After three non-corrected strikes, you and your characters will be ejected from the RP.

Violations include, but are not limited to:

  • auto-hitting/god-modding
  • inappropriate conduct in the OOC (Not redeemable)
  • inappropriate content in a post (drugs/sex/alcohol/swearing can be a part of this RP, but are meant to fade to black after a certain point)
  • failure to obey a reasonable request by a GM or Co-GM (If you feel that a request was not reasonable, please tell me, as this is otherwise not redeemable)
  • posting five lines of text or fewer (unless you really can't think of anything else to say)

This list can and will be updated, but updates will not go into effect until 24 hours after the update to prevent GM exploitation, and to give RPers a chance to avoid strikes.

I will allow reservations, but they will only last for 24 hours. You may PM me for a single 24 hour extension, but if your character is not in by the end of the extension, it will not be accepted.

Please, have fun with it. Though there are quite a few rules here, I believe that if you use common sense, you should be able to get through this without breaking any rules.

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Character Portrait: Qela Alciel
Character Portrait: Andreas De Nari


Character Portrait: Andreas De Nari
Andreas De Nari

"My family wants me dead, my country thinks me a traitor, and my world is crumbling to corrupted dust. And yet, things can always get worse."

Character Portrait: Qela Alciel
Qela Alciel

"This world has suffered enough in the wars of Angels and Devils. What it needs to heal are Humans, not more Demons. The likes of me... are best left Forgotten."


Character Portrait: Qela Alciel
Qela Alciel

"This world has suffered enough in the wars of Angels and Devils. What it needs to heal are Humans, not more Demons. The likes of me... are best left Forgotten."

Character Portrait: Andreas De Nari
Andreas De Nari

"My family wants me dead, my country thinks me a traitor, and my world is crumbling to corrupted dust. And yet, things can always get worse."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Qela Alciel
Qela Alciel

"This world has suffered enough in the wars of Angels and Devils. What it needs to heal are Humans, not more Demons. The likes of me... are best left Forgotten."

Character Portrait: Andreas De Nari
Andreas De Nari

"My family wants me dead, my country thinks me a traitor, and my world is crumbling to corrupted dust. And yet, things can always get worse."

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