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Andreas De Nari

"My family wants me dead, my country thinks me a traitor, and my world is crumbling to corrupted dust. And yet, things can always get worse."

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a character in “Divinity's Corruption”, as played by 10tanksonawall


Andreas De Nari
"I stand here before you, not as a man of high position,
but as a man who needs help now more than ever."

Gender: Male
Age: 21
Nationality: Drenixi
Profession: Andreas is many things. He is a politician, a commander, a soldier, a leader, a merchant, and a hero. In a phrase? Crown Prince of Drenix.

Appearance: Andreas stands at an imposing 6'2”, with long arms and broad shoulders. His whole body is well-muscled from exercise and training, and fairly tanned from his time outside. His skin bears scars from many battles.

His face is the antithesis of his body. While his body might easily belong to a thug or brigand, his face speaks only volumes of kindness. His eyes sparkle blue, his smile flashes white. His brown hair, though often messy, is cut short and kept out of his face.

Andreas, despite having plenty of money to spend on extravagant clothes for his wardrobe, has mostly plain clothes to wear. Wool and leather make up most of his daily wear, with a few finer items for special events.

His armor and weaponry, though, have had very little compromise. Strong leather holds together steel plating forged deep inside the Hellepontes range, the hand-and-a-half sword he carries was a gift forged by one of Hellepontes' master blacksmiths, a beautiful weapon in form and powerful in function. The armor and blade are enchanted by sages from Quel' Thassa, made stronger and gleaming with a soft white light. On the battlefield, his armor covering all but his head, he almost looks like an Angel.

"I keep telling myself that it wasn't my fault.
Maybe, one day, I'll actually be able to bring myself to believe that."

Skills and Abilities: Andreas, as the Crown Prince of Drenix, has been trained and taught since he was able. To fill the many roles that would be required of him at any given time, he was given tutors and trainers for anything and everything, from archery to zoology. Most of his lessons have stuck with him, and he is a very intelligent individual. However, his passion was always for two things: diplomacy to avoid combat, and combat when diplomacy failed. These two things he pursued even after his fifteenth birthday, when his ten years of non-stop tutoring finally ended, and on many occasions, he gained practical experience in both regards.

"For my family, my country, and the future of Beletora,
I will cut you down!"

Personality: Andreas seems out of place as a member of high society, and even more so as royalty. He is honest, never sticking to the double-talk, smoke and mirrors, or half-truths of the political world. If asked for his opinion on a matter, he will speak his mind truthfully, even if what he says will get him in trouble.

To his friends, and indeed his country, Andreas is a kind man. He truly cares for the people around him, and more often than not spends his time among the people, even going so far as to help them with common chores, and donating time and money to make wherever he goes a better place to live.

On the battlefield, though, his personality changes dramatically, yet stays the same in some ways. He plans for swift battles, with a minimum loss of life on either side. He is not afraid to take the life of another, but he remembers that each soldier that he kills, be it with his sword or with his orders, has a family and friends that will never get to see that soldier again.

Backstory: To be revealed.
Other: When I think of it.

So begins...

Andreas De Nari's Story