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Corvin Dailey

"I'll neutralize the threat, you do the paperwork."

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a character in “Division 372”, as played by SadLittleKing



Brief Overview:
__CORVIN DAILEY__ is __22__ and in their __4TH__ year of training. They have the ability of __PORTAL CREATION AND QUANTUM AWARENESS__. Their preferred pronouns are __HE/HIM__.

Detailed Summary:
Corvin is in his 4th year and is one of the top students in Division 372. Along with the powers to open portals that allow instantaneous transportation to any location he's been before, and heightened awareness of his immediate surroundings, he's also very skilled at hand to hand combat and the use of a wide array of weapons. He has goals of becoming a Division 1 operative and stopping the most dangerous threats to humanity.

Disciplinary History:
Corvin is always five minutes early, and greets his superiors with salutes. His disciplinary record is spotless. He's never been formally charged with a single infraction... although he's been suspected of quite a few including (but not limited to):

  • The aquisition, possession, and use of unapproved weapons
  • Unauthorized operations against superhuman threats
  • Impersonating a high level P.H.O.E.N.I.X operative
All evidence was circumstantial.

Psych Eval:
Corvin's first manifestation of superhuman abilities occurred at age 6. He suffers from delusions of grandeur and narcissism, as is common with people who manifested abilities at such a young age. His eval indicates a disregard for rules, but his strong social tendencies and an innate desire for the approval and admiration of others, prevents him from ever crossing the line into antisocial behavior. He has a strong sense of morality and a personal code of behavior that guides his actions. He has been found fit for continued employment.

Other Records:
P.H.O.E.N.I.X had an eye on Mr. Dailey long before he was old enough to formally join the organization. He caught a lot of people's attention with attempts at vigilantism in his early teens, appearing on the front page of his local paper more than once. As with most super powered teenage vigilantes he ended up causing more problems than he solved. He'd been arrested and sent to various detention centers as a child but none of them were equipped to hold him.

Corvin currently has active warrants out for his arrest but P.H.O.E.N.I.X. has been able to persuade law enforcement agencies not to pursue them.

So begins...

Corvin Dailey's Story

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Quantum awareness they called it. Corvin had always been very aware of his surroundings but he'd never considered it a super power. It wasn't until he joined P.H.O.E.N.I.X and he was told it was classified as a class 2 power -- a rank higher than his portal creation, a class 3 -- that he realized it's significance.

He couldn't turn it off. The fly fluttering around the other side of the room, the bead of sweating running down a training partners neck, even the electrical impulses shooting through the wiring in the walls... He couldn't not notice these things.

It became stronger when he meditated and sleep was the strongest form of meditation. When he dreamed details of the things going on in the building -- in the city -- around him manifested in his mind. A lost child wandering the alleyways might come to him in his dream as cub weaving through towering forest cedars, trying to find it's den. A police car with wailing sirens might come to him as a knight riding a steed, shouting as loud as he could as he charged into battle. This night, however what he saw was Godzilla tearing through his city. Ripping buildings apart, and bellowing it's mighty roar. This vision yanked him out of his slumber.

He sat bolt upright. After the shock of the dream wore off he stretched the tightness from his arms. He checked the alarm clock right next to his bed. 7:30 AM. "Not enough time," he grumbled to himself, voice still a bit hoarse.

When he had bad dreams he liked to sneak out of the training facility and make sure the city was safe, covertly taking out any threats he might find, and then sneak back in before anyone noticed he was gone, but at the moment he had to get ready for training... or as he liked to call it "purification by fire"... and he was the fire.

He took a shower, brushed his teeth, threw on a fresh pair of clothes, and fussed with his hair for a few minutes. When he was done getting ready his eyebrows narrowed in concentration. A portal appeared in front of him. It was as if space in front of him ripped open to form a large circular window overlooking the training room, framed in a ring of bright light. Corvin stepped through it and the next instant his room was empty.


The sparring area was empty when he arrived. As usual he was the first there. He strolled over to the punching bag looking to get warmed up before the others arrived. He took a few bounces on his toes, warning the bag of the beating that was to come, and then started unloading quick hard shots.

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Justice laid on his bed in the comforting darkness of his room. He really didn’t sleep much due to his relationship with the darkness. He feels things that others cannot. He hears things that shouldn’t make sounds. He sees things that others should never see. The darkness is the unknown, mortal men have no clue as to what lurks in the dark. Not to get confused with the night but there is a whole other world that is simply referred to as the Dark World. A place Justice has been to way too many times.

Suddenly, a small whisper that sounded as if a dozen child-like voices were speaking at once had broken the silence of the room,”Massster… we miss him… Busy Massster hasss been…” Impossibly, the room grew even darker. Imagine being in a cave system deep within the earth where you can’t even see your hand in front of your face. Now multiply that by a hundred. All senses, whether advanced or not, is lost in this Absolute Darkness. As if a person only dreamed in black and couldn’t do anything but breathe. Justice calmly looked to his right to see a pair of yellow eyes hovering about 2 feet off the ground. To the normal eye it would look like a small shadow but Justice could see much more. The best way to describe this creature was to say it looked like a small imp but it had more of a mist to its body. The creature didn’t seem to be solid but at the same time it was able to keep its shape.

Justice smiled,”Shade, you know you can call me Justice… But yes I have been busy. Sorry, I haven’t visited the World lately. Im just getting close to finally doing what I’ve been dreaming of!” For a split-second he thought of Faith and what he needed to do to protect her. As if the creature read Justice’s mind it spoke in it’s eerie voice,”Thisss one hasss been watching Masssster Faith… Good girl sssshe issss Misses you sssshe doesss….” The creature known as Shade slid its way up the bed and sat on top of Justices stomach. Luckily it really didn’t weigh much.

Justice started to scratch the back end of Shade’s ear like you would a dog. Shade made a sound that could maybe be described as a purr but also as an ominous growl. ”Thanks buddy, I don’t know where I’d be without ya!” Justice had said gratefully, ”I will visit the World tomorrow night and then maybe we can see Faith as well, sound good? Shade nodded with approval as the surround mist off its body seemed to be excited. This must have been equivalent to a dog wagging its tail. Justice continued,”Alright, Shade, its getting close to day time. Go ahead and watch my sister today and I’ll meet you back here when its time for lights out. Sound good?”

Shade hopped off of Justice’s stomach and plopped on the ground, it replied,”Yessss Massster Jussstice…” Then a circular vortex of dark energy appeared in the closet. Shade hovered/crawled into it looked back at Justice tried to smile and melted into the vortex. Justice laughed a little bit and lifted the Absolute Darkness from the room. He did that as a precaution to make sure his privacy stayed private. No form of technology or superpower could break the veil of darkness, keeping Justice’s secrets safe. His alarm clock started to glow again and it read “0700” meaning it was time for Justice to start getting ready for the day.

Justice headed over to the shower room to get cleaned up. He took a quick shower then headed over to the sink to finish up. Once he was done Justice headed back to his room to finish changing. Knowing that he was going to be training he was sure to pick cloths that were loose and free flowing. He picked out some cobalt blue UnderArmour shorts and a black compression UnderArmour shirt to go with it. Once he finished Justice laced up his shoes and jogged over to the training room.

Corvin was already in the room working with a punching bag. Justice greeted him with a,"Hey bro!" Justice headed over to the padded area and started stretching up. Justice loves to workout and he knows that a person needs to stretch up before hitting anything too hard. His jog warmed him up so now he just needed to loosen his muscles. He sat down, tucked his left leg towards his torso while stretching out his right. Using his fingertips he reached out past his toes to start up a sitting hurdler's stretch. Then he started counting in his head so he could switch over.