Gabriella Francesca Marino

Sniff, a member of the Moretti Mafia

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a character in “Division”, as played by sweet_angle66


Name: Gabriella Francesca Marino
Age: 20
Gender: female
Race: Caucasian-Italian
Socio-Economic Status: you could say she is wealthy
Where You're From: Rome, Italy
[b]Where You Live Now:
The Moretti’s Mansion, Milan Italy
Brother-working for the Division
Relationship Status: single

Hair: Light brown/blonde
Eyes: hazel
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 122lbs
Clothes: a wide range of clothes but usually she wears shorts, tank top and black leather jacket. Her hands are most of the time covered by a pair of black tight leather gloves. Gabriella wears tonnes of bangles around her wrists, hooped earrings and boots. Her nails are usually coloured black and she applies dark eye make up around her eyes.

Likes: fast cars, motorcycles, guns, alcohol, lollies, the night, music,
Dislikes: girly girls, authority, Moretti’s enemies, rules/law
Fears/Addictions/Disorders/etc: Smoking-when in stress she tends to go through a number of cigarette packets, Sweets-enjoys her lollies a little too much.

Power: Sniff
Level of Control: has mastered her power very well, is able to located people or objects over a wide distances. Her powers work much better when she has access (able to touch or smell the scent) to an object with has come into contact with the subject.
Alignment: With The Moretti – Against Division


Gabriella is a very loyal and trustworthy person; she seems to always put her fellow mafia members needs before her own. She is very close to the people in The Moretti Mafia and trust them with her life. She is also very protective over them so anyone who gets in their way or hurt them, she will not hesistate to defend them. Therefore towards strangers she can come across as a quite cold and tough girl and it usually takes her sometime to trust strangers. Gabriella tends to hide her emotion and if she was ever to cry she would hide it from the others because she doesn’t like to be seen as weak.Layla used to be a sweet and innocent young child but ever since the kidnapping and being turned into some lab rat her personality and views on people and society has changed quiet a bit. She doesn't enjoy folllowing rules or the law and so tends to always find herself in trouble with authorties. The only person she shows any respect to or listens to is Big John (her boss). Gabriella is very confident and tends to say what she thinks even if it might hurt someone. At times she can also be a bit stubborn.


-pack of cigarettes
-two silver pistols
-world map


Gabriella was born into a poor family; her parents had at least two jobs each just so they could put food on the table each night. Life was tough for the Marino family and it only got worse when Gabriella’s parents were brutally murder in a home invasion. Luckily tho both Gabriella and her brother were at school when it happened and therefore were unharmed. Having no other family around the Marino children were sent to a foster home. The next few years they spent moving from home to home and both children’s powers started to develop.

Then one day there was a knock on the door as a couple of men in suits showed up. They order for the foster family to hand over Gabriella and her brother. A struggle broke out as Gabriella was able to escape, while her foster parents were murder and her brother was dragged into a van kicking and screaming. That was the last time she saw her brother ever again. Gabriella fled to the streets were she stayed for a number of years, stealing food and money from strangers until she crossed paths with Big John. He saw her stealing a car from some wealthy man’s driveway and liking her skills he decided to make her an offer. He offered to recruit her to his mafia, ‘The Morettis.’ The Morettis are a well known Italian mafia who deal with illegal weapons. Since Gabriella had nothing better to do she accepted and was able to live in Big John’s mansion/Morettis hideout. It didn’t take long for the Morettis to learn about Gabriella’s powers and over the next few years she had become a great asset to them. She would either located certain objects for them or locate people who might’ve double-crossed them or people who didn’t pay for their protection.

She has been with the Morettis ever since, helping them with their dealings.

So begins...

Gabriella Francesca Marino's Story