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Character Portrait: Thomas Larson Former mercenary. Actively hunted by unknown number of groups, because of the bounty on his head.
Character Portrait: Wrath Literally revenge itself with major anger issues.
Character Portrait: Zakia Valdez Is a human and tired. Pretty much it.
Character Portrait: Chandra The goddess of the forge, metal, stone, magma and playing cards.
Character Portrait: Roothor The reincarnation/son/something of Rootthelucario, apparently. Also the god of life and nature.
Character Portrait: Lord Vice Stein Rugal A Shape-shifting Lord given the power of the elder gods to be immortal and access imminence to the arcane.
Character Portrait: Gregorias The god of the sea
Character Portrait: Mrs Leotard One of the many gods, along with Rootthelucaria, who created this realm.
Character Portrait: Rootthelucario He is awesome and the most awesome on the planet