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a character in “Do not join, this is a test”, as played by Marxism_smiles




"Your character's quote here, should be expressive of his personality"

"A common phrase the character says often here"

Image Surname: Fujimori
Forename: Risako
Nickname: Maya (to family)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Genin
Height: 5.25 feet (Metric:1.60)
Weight: 114 pounds
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Blood type: B +
Clan (if any): -
Kekai Genkai: -
Chakra Type: Wind
Team number: 5
Tailed beast: -


Childhood history: (Prior to becoming a Genin, how where your character's childhood years? how did he fair in the academy? was he a star pupil? a social outcast? a bully? the class president? How did the ongoing war affect his childhood? Did people close to him perish in the conflict?)

Operational history: (Since becoming a Genin and until the Battle of Kaiba Mountain Pass, Has the character been involved in the war for a long time? Or was his team involved until recently to internal missions?)

Current status: (Overview the events of the past few days before the roleplay and how the character lost his/her's team)

Family: (if any, who raised the character? does he have grandparents, Parents or Siblings? if so, what is their relationship? did any one of them die in the war?)


General Description: (Describe your character's personality, how he reacts to people, what is his/hers attitude to life, how he thinks?)

Motive: (What is are your character's goals? why does he live? why does he fight? is it to avenge a loved one? to protect the village? or is the character just trying to do his duty and stay alive? or, is he a coward, why?)

Major interest: (What is the singe most important interest to your character?)

Worst skill: (What is "that subject" the character never quite figured out? could be anything from Math to Genjutsu)

Hobbies: (Does not have to be a Shinobi issue, Jiraiya liked to write, I am sure some Shinobi like to fish,dance or gamble, what are your character's hobbies?)

Talents: (Like hobbies,you could be talented in healing, or maybe in bargaining?)

Shortcomings:(weaknesses, not necessarily what your character can't do, maybe if your character is very skilled at Genjutsu but has also attention deficit disorder? Maybe, a selfless healer is also stubbornly convinced he is doing the right thing when he isn't?)




Main weapon: (What is that weapon your character always takes out first? could be a Kunai, could be a sword or a fan ((sounds familiar), or maybe the character does not have one, that's also possible)

Second weapon(s): (Don't think in terms of if not the main weapon, then that - A shinobi should have different weapons for different situations, maybe the second weapon is a ranged one while the first is a melee one? such as needles?)

Character unique items: (choose 1-3, remember you only have one small backpack, more then that would imper your ability to react and fight at a moment's notice - which is critical against an ambush. I won't set defined limits on the general items you can carry but be realistic, take the time to choose 1-3 items important enough to your character to carry with into the battlefield. Maybe a special toxic grenade, or maybe a simple flute? )



D - Rank jutsu:

C - Rank jutsu:

B - Rank jutsu:


(Delete this line: completely optional, you may choose to fill in these details for fun and to increase the deapth of character, if not just delete the section)

Favorite Sin:

Favorite Virtue:

Favorite season:

Lucky number:

Favorite color:

Favorite drink:

Favorite fruit:

Favorite food:

Time of day:

Favorite animal:



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