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Adelaide Krause

Human Automaton

0 · 829 views · located in Brightside

a character in “Do we need this kind of hero?”, as played by nannaramma


Adelaide Krause

Citizen of Brightside

Adelaide works at the Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory, as an assistant emissions manager. Basically she has a boring job where she looks at a screen all day, making sure an alarm doesn't go off. What she doesn't know is that despite her job, that the information she sees is false. The companies polution is the cause of a terrible illness that affects young children in the poor neighborhood where she grew up. An illness that killed her childhood friend.



Appearance Description
Adelaide is of average height and weight, someone with no extraordinary features that make her stand out in a crowd. Like many of her coworkers she seems drab, sort of a blank slate that fades into the mass of human bodies that work at the factory. She often has a vacant expression on her face, that gives her an almost emotionless look.

The only thing that makes anyone an individual in her world is the distinct barcode tattooed on her neck. This is something required by all employees of Fujiimatsu Mechanical. It is used to identify each individual, their position, and your clearance level within the factory. It also is a way to track your behavior even when you're not at work. Anything you do outside of work that is against the standards of Fujiimatsu can effect your position at work.

Adelaide really has no sense of style, when shes at work she wears the uniform that is required by all employees in the emissions department. It consists of a simple brown skirt suit, black or gray shoes, and a white lab coat. Hair for women should be kept up and out of the way, however after eight hours or more of staring at a computer screen you canend up with your hair looking a little disheveled. Speaking of staring at a screen all day, when Adelaide started her eyesight was fine but over the past couple of years she now has to wear glasses.

Now you'd think well... maybe she dresses differently when she's not at work. You'd be wrong, because of the pressure of being basically monitored when she's not at work, her style doesn't change much at all. Simple blouses and skirts, nothing revealing, very conservative. So many in the poor underlying neighborhoods that work for the massive corrupt corporations that rule in Brightside, look like Adelaide. People more like lifeless automatons then human beings.

Computer Skills-Adelaide like many who grew up in the poorer parts of Brightside have certain skill set that is determined early in life. Most as young children are put through a series of tests when they begin grade school. Your abilities are rated in certair areas. Like compter comprehension, math skills, and so on. After you are graded, you are placed in classes that specialize in what you scored the highest in. This process was created so that people who had children in the poor parts of Brightside, and would be unable to afford to send their children to any kind college. Those children would now have an opportunity to gain skills that would make them desirable for companies to hire. Adelaide was found to be very proficient with computers early on, therefore most of her schooling revolved around honing and perfecting those skills.

Reading-Despite being exposed to so much technology, Adelaide is very drawn to the written word. She loves books even in a time where they are almost "extinct". She reads very quickly, and can finish books almost twice as fast as others. Most people nowadays don't even bother looking at a book but Adelaide loves them amd has managed to acquire alarge collection over the years.

Photographic Memory-Adelaide, never forgets a face, or much of anything for that matter. This has helped her allot, in her job at Fujiimatsu and why she is assistant manager in the emissions department. The manqger can rely on Adelaide, to process large amounts of information and still manage to make sure project deadlines are met.

Phobias / Fears
Drowning-When Adelaide was around four years old she almost drowned in a drainage ditch that she, her older brother and some friends were playing in. Her best friend Ami saved her by pulling her head above the water.

Arachnophobia-Adelaide is dreadfully afraid of spiders to the point where she will run from them. Even the smallest spider sends her into frenzy. Some say that it is when Adelaide is possibly the most emotional. It stems from an experience she had as a child when she got caught up in a spider nest, after walking through a web. She found herself covered in dozens of baby spiders.

Bad Habits / Vices
Adelaide is horrible about biting her nails, it's someghing that she's done since she was achild. Her motner tried everthing but could never manage to get her to break the habit. Another problem is just her all around lack of emotion, some could say that it just come with living in a world basically your no better than a cog in a machine. But they're are plenty of people that work with Adelaide that aren't like her.

Best Qualities
Hard worker, attentive to details, cares deeply for friends and family despite her lack of emotion.

Worst Qualities
She really doesn't know how to enjoy herself, her life revolves around work.

  • Reading
  • Coffee
  • Bagels
  • Romantic Stories
  • Cats
  • Cooking

  • Cabbage
  • Slackers
  • Being in trouble.
  • Her job
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Talking to allot of people.

Adelaide feels like there is something more for her in this world, however she has no idea how she could change her circumstances. She has been taught her whole life by the powers that be, that she will never be anything greater than what she is. That because of the circumstances of her birth, the amount of money her parents made, and where she lives she will be nothing more than a button pusher.


ImageIt was a simple beginning when you're a child you really don't see how bad off you really are. You have a carefree attitude and a exuberant amount of optimism, but that changes when you become old enough to see the true struggle that life is. Adelaide grew up in a place called Doldorf Plaza, considered to be one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brightside most of the people lived in the shadow the factories. The skies are filled with smoke and polution. Overcrowded and unkept, it's surprising that any child can grow up here and expect to strive. But the cildren here tend to be the most of it and thats what Adelaide did. She and her older brother Damon were often left to their own devices while their parents worked. Along with many otherchildren in the apartment building, this included a little girl that was Adelaide's age a girl by the name of Ami. Adelaide and Ami, grew up together and stayed friends all the way into their teens years.Image Sadly when Ami was seventeen years of dealing with am illness she contracted as a child took a final toll on her and she died. A disease called The Gray Death over time the child becomes weaker as their immune sytem breaks down. Till finally the smallest of colds is fatal, if left untreated. Can be diagnosed by the physical effect, which is when the white of the eyes turns gray. It can be treated but it is more commonly contracted by children in poor neighborhoods like Doldorf Plaza, because the treatment is so expensive the children who contract it typically don't live to adulthood. Adelaide had so many good times with Ami, she felt like all the hope and happiness in her life died with her. As she and her brother grew they realised that they weren't going to be any better than their parents before them. Damon took a job working at the docks, when he finished high school, managed to get married and start his own family. Adelaide started working at Fujimatsu two years after Damon, she now lives in a small apartment not far from where she grew up. It's a building provided to employees giving them a discounted rent. Her life revolves around Fujimatsu... She doesn't really know where to go with her life but she feels like something is terribly wrong with how the world is.
Hex Code

Other Important Details
Anything else you'd like to share?

So begins...

Adelaide Krause's Story


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The Raid

Some starting plot points

-A Resistance espionage squad has been deployed to the Fujiimatsu Mechanical factory to glean vital intel about the rumored Corrupted superweapon.

-After the Resistance squad has breached the factory and searching for the intel that may or may not be there, corrupted units around the city begin forming a perimeter around the factory and is closing in to cut off escape. Corrupted stealth bombers are already flying through the skies.

-Some of the heroes arriving to Throst are teleported right into the heart of Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory(Heroes could be teleported elsewhere initially.)

-The Corrupted leaders knew the Heroes would be teleported to Fujiimatsu, Resistance units are only there by coincidence.
Their orders were to allow no one to leave the factory alive. Troops will be positioned around the factory to gun or cut down anyone that leaves; stealth bombers will bomb the factory to erase any evidence.

-Operation takes place at night when factory workers are preparing to go home.

-Not all characters have to be on the scene.

-Heroes, could post about events leading up before their teleportation to Throst.

-A door of light transports the heroes to the new world

The roleplay is officially open.


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Wake up! Wake up!

Adelaide heard the little holographic image pip up from her phone on the other side of the small bedroom, just like every morning. Jumping from her phone to the visual port on her bedside table the holographic animated girl sighed. She laid down on the pad putting her hands under her chin and kicked her feet up in the air behind her.

"You're gonna be laaaaate."

Adelaide groaned sitting up in bed. "Nori... did you ever think that I set you three hours before I have to be at work for a reason. I have my time schedule pretty well set... I'm not going to be late."

The little animated figure shrugged, and Adelaide got up to start her day. Shower, breakfast, make lunch, gather up everything she needed for work and head out the door. Like most living in Doldorf Plaza you can't afford a car or anything that used fuel for that matter. So Adelaide got on her bike and headed into the mass of other people who were on their way to the monorail station. It was like watching a school of two wheeled fish as they all moved along. The only vehicles on the streets being delivery trucks and other transport vehicles. That is until you got out on the more busy roads leading up to the station.

Adelaide listened to music on her phone as she rode along eyes focused on the road in front of her. The mass of people on bikes all focused in one direction, to be an outsider watching it must be lind of creepy. All of those people and none of them interacting with each other. Adelaide however didn't see it that way it's just the way things were, small talk with the person riding a bike alongside you could cause an accident or worse cause someone to be late for work. Finally she made it to the parking area, everone stopping at a security checkpoint. The guard handing everyone a keycard with a number on it. You then head to your designated spot for the day, swiping your keycard through the port and a mechanism locks your bike in place keeping it safe for the time you're at work. Like the mass of people Adelaide parked her bike and headed into the monorail station.

Being a worker at Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory, she received a monorail pass each month. It was one less thing that Adelaide had to pay for, so she appreciated it, the monorail could take her anywhere she needed to go in Brightside. The turnstile turned as she went through, clanking as it turned. The whole of the station was a symphony of shuffling feet, people talking on phones, and the clanking of the turnstile as people filed through it.

"Transport to Fujiimatsu, platform 12-B is now boarding"

Adelaide heard the computerized female voice say over the PA system, she began to move towards the platform along with many others. The ways was congested, you could barely move without bumping into someone and still there was little to no interaction between people. No, excuse me, or pardon me everyone was just so used to being bumped into they didn't even bother with pleasantries. Adelaide managed to squeeze into one of the cars, only standing room but atleast she knew she was on time. After the cars were filled over capacity, some of the conductors helped push people back enough to close the doors. Adelaide held onto the handrail above her head the best shecpuld manage, but when the rail car lurched forward she nearly fell. Just before she sunk to the floor a hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her up.

"Oh wow thank you usually I can manage but..." Adelaide looked around while pulling one of the earbuds out of her ear. No one was looking and the hand that grabbed her was gone. ~Now I know someone grabbed me... but where did they go?~, she thought to herself. After standing there a moment confused Adelaide shook her head and blew it off. Soon the monorail met it's destination and all thoughts of kind strangers left her mind. The exit platform went directly into the factory. Thousands of workers poured out of the monorail, as thousands filed into the cars again. Things became less congested , as people branched of to their respective departments. Adelaide filed onto the elevator that would take her to the emissions department where she was assistant manager.

"Ah.. Adelaide ready for another day?"

She looked over to see the manager of the emissions department... and her boss standing in the elevator with her.

"Oh... umm, yes ma'am. I made sure to bring the readings summary from last month so you can present them to the board this afternoon." The older woman nodded.

"Good... good Adelaide I can always count on you to have everything planned to the last detail, over the past year since you became my assistant. I've hardly had to think for myself."

The older woman chuckled, as the door to the emissions department floor opened. Adelaide folowed closely to her boss, taking mental notes of everything the woman wanted, then transferring all of the data she needed frpm Nori, to the department managers own phone. After that was finished Adelaide made it into her office. Slumping down in the chair with a sigh, the computer screen in front of her. Numbers zipping past, all tracking the toxins the factory emitted, the information that came up was as it always was everything was in the green levels. Nothing was so high it had to be noted or worried about... thus beginning another day for Adelaide.


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Takezo woke up to the sounds of around 10 alarms going off, none of them were his; he had no need for one. Since he was blind, all his other senses were enhanced to compensate for his lack of sight. Takezo could hear every noise below and above, he could feel the vibration of the floor as the people of his apartment complex woke up to begin their lives. There was not much to do today other than participate in a very important espionage mission for the Resistance, which was to take place tonight; he could of have slept in, but getting more sleep has been impossible ever since he became blind. He groggily got out of bed without putting on his shades that allowed him to see outlines of a once vibrant world; he always performed his daily routine of stretches after waking up before doing anything else.

Takezo had memorized the layout of his apartment and he lived alone, so walking around blindly was no big deal. He went through his usual morning: getting groomed, locating clothes, and making breakfast from whatever leftovers he had from last night. The last thing he had to do before leaving the apartment was to inspect his weapons again. Bow and quiver of arrows. Check. Sword and replacement blades. Check. There was one last thing he had to do before leaving,Hey Mabbel wake up, how much longer are you going to sleep in?" Takezo felt a tingling sensation in his right arm.

"huuuh... HUH? It's morning already? But I'm soooo tiiiired... give me 5 more minutes pleaaaaase."


"Daddy is so mean to meeeeee" The arm whined in the voice of a young girl.

Takezo ignored the complaints, and equipped his shades; outlines of the the apartment appeared. Since he was not in combat, the images of the surrounding rooms was not shown.

"Brrr...Looks like it's going to be another cold day, I hope you're wearing gloves for me daddy."

Yeah yeah.

Takezo slipped out of the apartment and closed the door behind him, the electronic lock activated; he put in ear buds and selected a good song to start off the day as he walked down the stairs into the bustling streets of lower Brightside.

It was neglectful of Takezo to shut off one of his major senses with music, but he felt lazy today, and left the work to Mabbel, as he just hummed along to the tune on his music player. The city was noisy as always with people going in all sorts of directions with a purposeful destination in mind. His destination was the Fujiimatsu Mechanical factory, where he will infiltrate and locate any possible information related to the superweapon. Taking the monorail would allow him to easily get to the factory, but the thought of being crammed in with all those people made him nauseous; he would be able to hear all their voices clearly and it gave him a headache.

Takezo was suffering in the stuffy and crowded train, as his music could only drown out some of the noise surrounding him; it's probably a good idea to invest in a pair of noise canceling headphones. Mabbel was being awfully quiet, probably processing all the notes provided for the mission. The train was extra crowded today due to the other monorail line being under maintenance for the day; people were being crammed in like a can of sardines. The train began to move forward suddenly and out of the corner of his eyes he saw a outline of a person falling due to the sudden lurch. Without thinking, he reached out and grabbed her arm before she could hit the floor. Not wanting to deal with the person's gratitude, Takezo slipped away into a different part of the car.

"Awwww that was nice of you daddy, did you eat something weird today?" Mabbel spoke up for the first time since they got on the train.

"Yeah that weird noodle shop you begged me to try when you found its website on the internet"

"Heyyyy, I thought it was delicious! Plus you said you liked it cuz it was cheap. Hmph!"

"You weren't awake when I woke up at 3 AM to go crap my intestines out. Want me to tell you what color it was?"

"Ewwww...." Mabbel went silent again."

They arrived at the Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory stop and got off the train. There was time to kill before night falls, the time of the operation to begin, so Takezo made his way for the nearest cafe to relax for the next few hours...


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Everything had started normally and it had seemed like it was going to be a typical day of Adelaide sitting at a computer feeling like her brain was going to ooze out of her ear from inactivity. Her boss stepped into the small office with a large smile on her face. It was getting close to shift change, and Adelaide recognised the look on the woman's face ghat said "Guess what!".

"Oh Adelaide everything is running smoothly I assume?"

She nodded to the older woman, "Yes, ma'am is there something you need? You, rarely come directly to my office ma'am when you need something. Typically you just call and have me come to yours."

Her boss nodded, but there was something in her eyes that Adelaide picked up on. She really seemed nervous about something. Typically the manager was very confident, however now she looked like she actually might have sweat on her brow.

"Well, Adelaide my dear... I really need you to work overtime tonight... I have allot of paperwork that needs to be in order. Unfortunately, my secretary has logged all of the overtime she can already this month. So I cant ask her to stay over and do this. You my dear, I know is fully capable of filing it and haven't taken any overtime this month."

Adelaide nodded, it was true she knew exactly what the manager was asking of her. She rarely took overtime because it was almost never given in the emissions department.

"So... you want me to go to your office and work on the paperwork?" Adelaide looked at the clock on the computer in front of her. It was around the time her replacement came in and she started head to the payroll office to pick up her weekly payment. However if she was going to do this for the manager, she wouldn't be able to do that till after work tomorrow. Adelaide thought for a moment or two but figured the wait was worth the extra pay on next week's paycheck. She stood up and stretched, she figured it would be alright to head to the manager's office now and get started her replacement would be in soon enough.

"I really do appreciate you doing this Adelaide... I'll see you tomorrow morning I suppose."

There was quite a long pause before the manager said she'd see Adelaide in the morning, it made the younger woman wonder what she actually meant by that but she decided not to worry too much and get to work on the paperwork. Adelaide sat at her manager's computer for a while, her fingers flying over the keyboard with some swiftness. It wasn't long till thoughts of eating dinner crossed her mind. The factory had cafeteria, so she figured she would just eat there. She was snapped out of her train of thought by odd sounds coming from the hallway outside the manager's office. Adelaide sat there for a moment trying to put her finger on it.

"What in the world... sounds like screaming... and gun fire. Is someone watching television in their office?" she stood up from the chair amd walked over to the office door. Sliding it open just enough to stick her head out and look down the hallway. Adelaide's eyes went wide and she gasped, theses things were standing in the doorway of an office at the far end of the hallway firing guns into the office. People would scream, and these... monsters would just mow them down... and move to the next office. Adelaide clamped her hand over her mouth.

~"I... have to get out of here if those things find me... I'll end up dead like the others."~ she thought to herself. Watching the monsters for a moment she timed them. When they were concentrating their fire on an office they really didn't pay attention to much anything else. So when they put another dozen rounds into the next office she made a run for it. However as she ran through other hallways she found out that this wasn't just an isolated incident in the emissions department it was going on all over the factory. She didn't know how to explain the things, they looked kind of like robots. Her heart pounded in her ears as she ran, screaming, tears streaming down her face. It was complete and utter chaos, people were either running like Adelaide was or being shot some doing both. The only thing she could think of was to get to the factory manager's office and pray someone was their trying to help. Typically the area would be restricted for her, but because she has authorization from the manager it temporarily gave her access.

When she made it to the elevator going up to the administration level, the scanners automatically scanned her opening the doors to the elevator. She hoped that had kept the monsters attacking the factory away from, there and that maybe there was a group of managers holding out there. When Adelaide stepped off the elevator.... it was a different story. It was pretty much dark and abandoned.

~"Did... they know this was going to happen? Is that why my boss had me stay?"~ the thoughts raced through her head as she saw some of the monsters lurking around the halls of the offices. She squealed out in fear and slipped into one of the offices. The next thing Adelaide knew she had locked the door, crawled across the floor, and ultimately hid under one of the desks. She hoped whatever it was hadn't seen her, keeping her hands over her mouth she sat and waited. She could hear the heavy footsteps of the monsters walking just outside the door. A blaze of bullets shot at the door, the doors were armored in the administration department but theses things were using guns that Adelaide had never seen before. There was a loud clank as the door hit the floor. She tried to stay quiet, hoping whatever was would give up and leave if they thought no one was in the room. The footsteps started to come in the room and Adelaide was sure that any second the monster would start shooting.

~"Please... someone... help!"~ she screamed in her head.


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"Oh my God, they're massacuring civilians..." Corbin mutters through his scope as he watches the slaughter through his scope. "Corbin, top floor 3rd window, someone's trapped in an office." Elena calls out as he quickly moves over and sees 2 Corrupted moving in for the kill. "Not today you fuckers..." Corbin thinks out loud as he pulls the trigger. Another loud crack echoes throughout the city as the bullet shatters the glass of the window, before entering and exiting the heads of both Corrupted Rifleman, not leaving much head left as their lifeless bodies collapse to the ground. "Dont worry Miss, Ive gotcha. Elena, signal her to come down the fire escape." Corbin calls out as his Sister quietly signals Adelaide with a flashlight. He quickly packs up and heads down his own fire escape, quietly leaving the scene of his work.


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0.00 INK

Takezo Woke up from the sound of Mabbel's voice.
"Daddy please wake up!! Thank goodness you're awake."

He jumped at the outlines of a room full of factory workers. How long was he out? As if reading his mind, Mabbel answered him,

"You blanked out 20 minutes ago daddy, I piggybacked into your consciousness and fought through the halls and rescued all these people! Be proud of me! Praise meeeeeee. I used all your regular arrows though, you know I'm not good at fighting..."

So that's how he got here with all these people. Takezo looked around around 15 terrified and tired faces, some were wounded but everyone seemed to be healthy enough to run.

Yeah I'm proud of you Mabbel, good job Their consciousness were still somewhat synchronized.

"Yaaaaay I got praised by daddy~"

Takezo got up to address all the survivors, but pain shot out throughout his body. It looks like he sustained some serious injuries to get here; Mabbel really was no good at close quarters combat, but she managed to protect all his vitals. He wasn't sure he would be able to fight anymore today, or even escape.

"Mabbel, come up with directions and explain to everyone how to get to the roof, the extraction craft should be there to pick them up along with the other resistance members if there are any even left alive... uhg," It hurt like hell to speak.

His suit was heavily damaged so he was unable to connect to long ranged channels; Takezo relayed a short message to Corbin.

"Yo, I don't think I'll make it out, but I'm sending some survivors up to the roof for pickup. Keep an eye out for them and tell the extraction crew that there's an additional 16 people."

The com line shut down before Takezo could receive a reply. Oh well He thought. Mabbel wase done giving instructions to the survivors. There was only one thing left to do. Takezo unsheathed his sword with his left hand and raised it above his right shoulder, where Mabbel was connected to him; she did not have to go down with him. Before she could cry out in surprise, he slashed down.

That won't be necessary Takezo.

A blade blocked Takezo's before he could severe the ties with Mabbel; it was vaguely familiar. The blade's owner was a white robe clad figure with it's face covered by a hood. Next to it was a young girl as pale as snow wearing a simple white dress; it seemed like she was the one who spoke to him. The words could be heard by his ears but also appeared in his mind as well... It was a strange sensation, he felt rejuvenated by her voice.

I will lead these people out of here, your task lies elsewhere, my disciple will lead you.

Takezo did not question the girl, even as she laid her tiny hands upon his chest and a feeling similar to a chilly spring breeze filled his body and his wounds were healed.

Go with haste hero of Throst, there is not much time; this entire facility will be engulfed in flames soon.

He quickly lept up and ran after the figure clad in the white robe, in his peripheral vision, he could see the pale girl guide the people out of the room. Mabbel remained silent. After running for a couple of minutes, he saw through the wall that there was a figure running down the adjacent hallway; it was a factory worker. To his dismay, there were corrupted soliders in a room and they heard the worker run by; they quickly exited the room and took aim at the worker. He wouldn't make it if he cut through the wall. Takezo unmounted his bow and notched a grappling arrow in one rushed fluid motion, took a full draw on the 1 ton draw strength bow, and aim at the soldiers through the wall and fired.

The arrow pierced through through the wall and the two corrupted soldiers. Takezo gave a mighty tug on the cord that was connected to the arrow, pulling the soldiers towards the wall; he quickdrew his sword and slashed both of their heads off through the wall in one fluid stroke. The inaccurate sword strike wore down the single atom edge of the blade instantly; it was a fresh blade too, the same one he tried to cut Mabbel off with. The white clad figure stood by silently and unmoving as the whole situation folded out. Takezo ignored it and slashed an additional two times after replacing the blade for his sword. He kicked down the cutout on the wall and stepped through to help the worker who had tripped running from the soldiers; the white clad figure simply passed through the wall.

The white clad figure finally spoke as they were walking towards the factory worker,

I must go now, we have intervened too much today... I am truly happy to see you again Takezo. Mabbel you've been a good girl. I am truly sorry I couldn't see both of you sooner...

Goodbye Takezo, please continue saving the world for both of us. I will be returning to the Goddess now.

Takezo froze in his tracks. The white clad figure began to fade. Memories of that day began to flood his mind as if a dam at one of the Bightside power plants broke.


"Daddy what's wrong!? Mabbel was confused and scared, she had never seen Takezo like this.

The white clad figure turned around slightly and Takezo could see bright red lipstick, like how Rachel used to wear. The mouth was in a sad smile. And then there was nothing, no trace that she existed.

Takezo collapsed on his knees and tears streamed out of his eyes, the cracked helmet did not hide his emotions. It seems as if the Factory worker did not see the white clad figure.

((The factory worker Takezo saved is Adelaide btw. Just in case someone missed it. Corbin had killed the corrupted sodlier in the initial room, and Adeliade escaped, but more soldiers showed up. Sorry if I screwed up anything... I was nearly done with this post before Gaunt posted...))


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0.00 INK

Escape and Respite
--The Goddess appears before characters to tell them to get to the roof ASAP

-Two Resistance Extraction Craft arrives at the roof of the factory to pick up everyone:survivors, resistance agents, heroes, anyone who is not corrupted. You can choose which one you want to board

-Characters cover the escape the best they can

-Heavily armored Resistance Extraction craft will be able to sustain quite some damage, but heroes will protect it from as much damage as possible. The corrupted will be firing everything on site at the Extraction craft.

-Characters do not have to escape by the Extraction craft, but It will be hard to otherwise.

-Corrupted stealth bombers will level the entire factory, even with their soldiers in there. Characters escape bombing by a hair

-The craft will take everyone to resistance Headquarters

-Heroes will be shown to a room and detained for a while but the situation will be explained to resistance leaders by character witnesses and heroes themselves.

-Heroes allowed to leave resistance HQ to explore city/look for other heroes.

You do not have to rush to get through all this, I am only posting this for future reference.


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
ImageVenelope spent the rest of her day doing her normal work routine which mainly was her patrolling the area she had been assigned to years before and a lot of paperwork. Paperwork isnt something you really think about when youre planning on becoming an officer for the government, but it is a huge part of everything done in most peoples life. The time felt like it was crawling as it got closer to calling it an end and start getting ready for the meeting at the factory. She had been notified that there would be a raid at an older factory, why theyre not sure, but the Resistance would be there and thats all she needed to know. Her mission was a simple and easy one, its just a bit delicate and she would need to be able to have a lot of will power. She was going to cover as a normal citizen at the factory while the mechs were attacking, then stick with them for as long as she can.

Vene got off early so she could go over the simple plan and get into her civies, also into the factory so she could find the perfect place to be when things went down. The most important part was she needed to be able to identify herself to the A.I. that was inside the factory, it was on the Corrupted side but its best to make sure it doesnt try to end her while the Raid is going. Simple procedure, all she needed to do was send a small frequency when she entered for a few seconds so she could be committed to the memory as an ally. She did this using the small device in her arm that worked as a little computer that they had set her up with along with many little things with her arms and legs. When the Raid went down she hid away or at least enough that it looked like she was a normal citizen scared out of her wits and afraid for her life. She followed a pair of people who she was sure was part of the Resistance, listening to them chatting until they got to a fork in the path, the man went one way soon after and the woman went another. Vene chose to follow the woman since the man sounded like he was going to get more people, whic ended up being her best bet seeing that people seemed to be attacking the woman as soon as she got the door open. Vene was sure she heard some yelling but it didnt matter, she had to make sure that they would pick her up and take her with them. So when the woman began fighting she moved, a surge of energy bursting through her as she walked calmly towards the roof entrance. Everything around her was still, there only being a small sign that anything around her changed its position.

Veneolope looked around at the scene, the Corrupted looking as bad as believed and Resistance being as heroic as citizens made them out to be. The fight was an interesting one, at least in the speed it was going now, she could see the bullets as they hung in the air. They moved the smallest bit as they made their way to the target they were aimed at and not being able to control herself Vene moved some. She spotted a few people on the fire escape when she went over to look over the side to see how tall this building was. It had nothing on her building but the view was still nice as she looked off into the distance. Really she should just kill everyone here and now but she couldnt hold onto this for much longer and she needed to find a place. There was one part of the roof that she could hide on, she could tell them she thought the roof would be safe and that it had been closer than the street had been. Tucking herself away she let the energy go and the world sped up again, to anyone else she wouldnt have even been a blur when she had been moving. After a moment she let out a frightened scream and she curled her body into a protective ball, she couldnt get tears to come out but besides that she felt that she was a fair actress.


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There was a loud thud, Adelaide sat there for moment expecting the whole sharp pain, then the cliche bright white light. However it was none of those she even took a moment to feel around for a hole through her body, still nothing. When she finally got the courage she peaked out from her hiding spot and found the thing that had stalked her into the office laid face first on the floor in a pool of it's own blood... well she guessed it was blood. Without a second thought she shot up from her spot to try to run away again. As she made it into the hallway again it must have altered the rest of them. She could hear the sound of heavy feet pursuing after her as she made a bee line for the elevator she had come in earlier.

"This is it my luck ran out!" she yelled as she ran, but as she turned to look back.

She heard a guttural growl, then a yell as a man in some sort of armor came in through a hole he made in the wall. Taking out the group of things that had massacred so many like they were nothing. Time almost moved in slow motion as she watched him take one...three, soon every one of the monsters that Adelaide had been sure would be the means of her demise were in a pile of bodies dead. She looked at the man for a moment as he stood there his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.

"Oooouch...", she hissed as reached out and pressed her hand on her leg. She slumped down to the floor, looking down at her leg she could see blood pouring from a wound.

"Dammit, that must have happened when that crazy thing shot into the room." Adrenaline had been pumping through Adelaide's veins and she must've not noticed while she was trying to run to the elevator. As far as she could tell it wasn't life threatening. But it might make it a little difficult to get around from that point on.

~"Follow him... if you want to live. Get to the roof, he will save you."~

The voice was like a whisper in the back of her mind, Adelaide was stumped by the voice, but for some reason she felt like she had to do as it said. She watched as the man came towards her. It was odd it was like he was back lit by a bright white light so bright that Adelaide had to put her hand in front of her eyes, she had never seen anything like it. However the light started to subside, the closer he got to her. Then all of a sudden he hit his knees in the hallway. Adelaide gasped thinking he had been hurt, she did her best to pull herself up from the floor, hobbling over to her rescuer. The closer she got to him she could see that... he was crying. Adelaide for some reason could sense that this was not tears of pain, these were tears of sadness and heart wrenching anguish. She knelt down next to him, her leg was killing her but she knew that they needed to move before more of those things showed up. She could hear someone speaking to him through an earpiece. Slowly she reached out and nudged his shoulder.

"Sir... I... I... know you're upset about something. But... we really need to get moving. We have to get to the roof.... I don't know why but I know thats the way out. Please... I know you just saved me and all. I hate asking so much of you, but I still need you... I've been shot in the leg. I can tie it off and stop the bleeding. I just know I would never make it to the roof on my own." She nervously looked around, hoping they wouldn't get cornered like this. "Please, we're sitting ducks here!"

Adelaide sighed looking down at her leg, she took her right hand reached over to her left shoulder looking for the seam on the lab coat she was wearing. She remembered a hole in the shoulder that she had been procrastinating sewing back up. Working her finger into the hole in the seam she managed to make the hole a little bigger, as quickly as she could working her fingers in till finally she could get a good hold of it. Then a few good pulls and there was a resounding rip as she pulled the sleeve off of the coat. She had been taught basic first-aide not only as a child but all employees have to take a crash course when they hired in. She winced and hissed a little when she tied the sleeve onto her leg slowing the bleeding. With a slight sigh of relief she then turned her attention back to her savior.

"So.... my name's Adelaide.... what do I call you other then sir?"


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Mabbel was confused to what was going on, but she could feel that Takezo was in a great amount of pain. She didn't know who that person clad in white was, but she did know Takezo was married to Rachel, and she was the one who also created Mabbel. Mabbel had never actually seen mommy before, but has felt her presence, felt her touch, and heard her voice. That person was mommy, yet she wasn't mommy at the same time; Mabbel knows mommy is dead, she died the day Mabbel fully woke up after being attached to Takezo. Mabbel knew mommy had entrusted protecting Takezo to her that day, and today is just like any other day. She pushed Takezo's consciousness to the back of his mind to give him time to recover.

"Hiiii factory lady we just saved!"Mabbel put on a cheerful voice despite her feelings of sadness and confusion.

She was not alone in her confusion because the lady named Adelaide seemed to be extremely confused; Takezo's lips weren't moving after all, so it might've seemed a little strange. Mabbel also noticed Adelly was wounded.

'Heeeeey Adelly, down here! Hiya, I'm Mabbel, occuptation: daughter and Takezo's right arm, and this is Takezo my daddy! He needs a little alone time so I'll be taking over. Oh if you're wondering, I'm speaking from built in artificial vocal projectors so don't be too scared. Oh cover your eyes Adelly!'

Mabbel saw through Takezo's eyes that the ultrasonic sensors picked up a squad of Corrupted soldiers approaching their hallway. She charged up energy stored within her; Takezo had absorbed energy from a nearby outlet on the way here, so they were fully juiced. It didn't really matter if Adelly had her eyes covered or not, no one would be able to see a thing anyways. Mabbel raised the right arm up and a bright white light emitted from the palm that engulfed the entire hallway, blinding the Corrupted soldiers who had turned the corner and took aim. The palm also emitted a powerful EMP that jammed any energy related function within the 20ft radius: guns, lights, sensors, etc. Mabbel was blinded too since everything but her biological functions remained; the effects of the EMP wont last long so she had to get out of there.

"Excuse meeee!"

She had remembered where Adelly was so Mabbel swiftly scooped her up in Takezo's arms, and they bolted down the hallway and turned the corner. Since she had been with Takezo for so long, Mabbel remembered how long each of his strides were; in addition to remembering the general location of everything in the vicinity, she was able to estimate where to go despite being completely blind.

The effects of the EMP were wearing off, but they had lost the soldiers. The first thing to resume functions was Takezo's ultrasonic sensors and Mabbel regained eyesight again. She set Adelly down and said,

"Hurry! We're gonna take a short cut Adelly, you'll need to piggyback Takezo and hold onto him with your entire body as if..."

Mabbel hesitated for a moment.

"...You've never hugged anyone before in your life." Mabbel remembered that she has never been embraced or been embraced by anyone in her life, since Takezo was never the touchy feely type, and generally avoided other people. She felt kind of excited and nervous to find out what a hug feels like.

The the slight hums of the Extraction crafts could be heard outside over all the bullets ricocheting off the hulls.

((Mabbel is the AI that lives inside Takezo's artificial right arm btw))


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Adelaide blinked several times in confusion when a child's voice came from the man's arm. It was obviously a little girl who affectionately referred to the man as daddy, after explaining that her name was Mabel, Adelaide determined she was some sort of AI. Her chipper disposition reminded her allot of the AI on her phone Nori, however Adelaide was sure the Mabel was much more advanced. She didn't understand why or how she took over, for he man whom Mabel had said was named Takezo.

"Um... okay.", Adelaide covered her eyes as she was told to do. However, she really didn't know why she had asked her to. There weren't any bright lights the Adelaide could see. But when she uncovered them she watched a group of the enemies sputter out and hit the floor with a thud... like they had suddenly lost power. Adelaide was still in a bit of shock as she was quickly scooped up in Takezo's arms bridal style, well Mabel did using Takezo's body. As they began to run around the corner, Adelaide couldn't help but wonder how and why Mabel had to take over for Takezo. What was so drastic that he would allow the AI to take over like she did? They moved very quickly, faster then a normal human being that's for sure. Takezo suit obviously gave him abilities that made him almost superhuman.

When they had put a good amount of distance between the things, they stopped again. Mabel instructed Adelaide to hop onto Takezo's back and hold on tightly. She nodded doing her best to hop up on the taller man's shoulders hoping she wasn't to heavy. She wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"Mabel..., do you know what these things are that are killing people... I've never seen anything like them before?"

She didn't know if Mabel knew or not, but from the way that Takezo had been fighting them before, she figured that she would have a better idea than Adelaide did. As they grew closer to the roof Adelaide could hear what sounded like some sort of aircrafts. It made Adelaide feel like there was hope they would make it out of this alive, even with the sound of bullets hitting metal she was beginning to calm and feel a little more relaxed.


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Her blade remained unwavering as she pointed it up the stairs, ready to catch any of the five knights who may have been dumb enough to give chase. However, the incoming fire faded away. She figured the knights were focusing their attention on the larger vessels that were approaching. She knew that if the knights were smart, they would have one of them keep an eye on the door. The last thing Cordelia wanted to do is telegraph her position again, else it make her actions more predictable. She decided to wait for whoever was approaching that her chi detected.

When she looked back once more, Cordelia spotted a man and a girl when they rounded a corner to ascend the steps to the rooftop access. Cordelia held up a free hand towards them to silently indicate them to stop. Her left hand kept the sword pointed upstairs, away from the incoming individuals.

The first two appeared to be a little girl and a man with some kind of prosthetic arm. Cordelia had never seen technology like this before. This world was very strange indeed, but the monk knew her fists proved stronger than the advanced-looking armour of the knights she had beaten so far. These two did not look like the soldiers Cordelia had fought. The girl was clearly a non-combatant, while the man’s armour looked vastly different. Unlike the bulky armour of the knights, this man’s armour was relatively tight-fitting. Considering he’s escorting a girl, it was safe to assume they were not on the same side as the knights who were attacking the approaching transport vessels.

The second appeared to be some kind of soldier in a suit not unlike the knights, but with a distinct lack of heavy metal plating or circuitry. The visor design was also very different. If he hadn't mentioned something about an evacuation, Cordelia would've thought the third individual was one of the knights.

“There are five knights lying in wait up there,” she told the non-knights, “I can’t reach them with their long-ranged weapons pinning me here.”

She then heard a scream coming from somewhere on the rooftop through the slightly more open door on the roof access. By the Goddess, did the knights hit an innocent up there?

“If you have anything long-ranged, I need at least a full second of cover,” she told the armoured individual who was carrying the girl.