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Corbin Joa

"Alright men, let's show these pranks how a real soldier fights."

0 · 484 views · located in Brightside

a character in “Do we need this kind of hero?”, as played by Commisar_Gaunt


Corbin Joa

Citizen of Brightside

Resistance Member



ImageAppearance Description
Scar running from from middle of forehead down to middle of left cheek innumerable smaller scars on chest and arms, large scar running across palm of right hand. Also has a cybernetic eye under the eye-patch, but refuses to remove eye-patch unless entering combat.


Military-grade Combat Armor
Civilian Clothes: Whenever Corbin needs to go out for casual duties, he dresses in a pair of old jeans along with a Red shirt or his button-down undershirt.
Dress Clothes: When the event calls for formal wear, Corbin adorns his old Military Dress uniform, however it is missing any insignia of the army he once served. Looks like this.


Marksman- While in the military, Corbin was one of the best shots in the Sniper Corps, a skill he has kept to this day as well as being the record holder for the longest confirmed kill at nearly 4km away. Capable of taking out any person within almost a kilometer with his personal Sniper Rifle without much trouble, Corbin has since been nicknamed as the "Blue Mist" by Military forces, named due to the blue stripe on his helmet and his ability to appear and disappear quickly.

Weapons Expert- Corbin takes notes about the weapons he uses, knowing them forwards and backwards. This gives him the ability to field-strip, modify, or fix any weapon he has used in the past. If he finds a weapon he is not used to, it will only take him a few hours of tinkering to figure out how the gun ticks.

Phobias / Fears
Spiders, Grenades (Many of his wounds are caused by Grenade explosions, including the loss of his eye), losing his sister.

Bad Habits / Vices
Chain Smoker, Alcoholic, constantly and consistently distracted by women.

Best Qualities
Calm and collective in the face of danger, capable Officer, intelligent, incredibly loyal to those who prove themselves trustworthy.

Worst Qualities
Very irritable when cut off from his smokes and/or booze, wary of outsiders, gets anxious when things go according to plan.

  • Strong Rum
  • Guns
  • Women
  • Dogs
  • Long-range combat

  • Cats, can't trust 'em man.
  • Liars
  • cheap booze
  • New guys, almost got me killed one too many times...
  • Close Quarters Combat

To bring down the forces that are trying to destroy this world.

Corbin's family have a long and rich tradition of serving in the military, a tradition that Corbin took on when he was of age, joining the Army an later the Sniper Corps, where his high accuracy and leadership gave him access to the Sniper Academy and Officer's School at the age of 20. At age 23, Corbin had rose to the rank of Lieutenant and serving as one of the Snipers regularly assigned to eliminate Resistance leaders wherever they appeared before they became a major problem. However, he became disillusioned with it all after he was captured by the Resistance during a mission and was told the truth of what was really happening. While he refused to believe what they said, the final straw was when his parents, who were secretly Resistance members, were killed during a raid to recover Corbin and several other POW's from the Lower Echelons of the City.

Soon after the incident, Corbin retired with full honors from the military and silently defected to the Resistance which he had previously devoted himself to eliminating alongside his sister Elena, serving as their best Marksman and Elena as his Spotter when the mission calls for such.


Hex Code

Other Important Details
Due to his status as a former member of the military, Corbin has access to weapons and other things that the normal civilian would not be able to utilize legally, such as automatic firearms and bulletproof armor.

Weapons and Stats
(This is one of my guilty pleasures, seriously it is.)
Primary Weapon: SRS-900C Sniper Rifle, heavily modified.
  • Length: 157.48cm (62in)
  • Weight: 13kg (28.66lbs)
  • Cartridge Size: 14.5x114mm rounds
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,500m/s (~3937ft/s)
  • Magazine Size: 5+1 rounds
  • Fire Style: Semi-Automatic
  • Maximum Range: 5.4km (3.35mi, estimated)
  • Round Styles: HE, AP, FMJ, Incendiary, Tracer
  • Misc: Equipped with 15x50 Variable Zoom Scope capable of switching between normal, IRNV and Thermal settings
Secondary Weapon: G7B Caseless Sub-Machine Gun
  • Length (extended): 62.7 cm (24.68 in.)
  • Length (retracted): 47.4 cm (18.66 in.)
  • Weight: 3.17kg (7 lbs)
  • Cartridge Size: 11.43×23mm (.45 ACP) caseless rounds
  • Magazine Size: 25+1 rounds
  • Fire Style: Varied; can fire Single, 3 round Burst, or Full auto.
  • Fire Rate (Full Auto): 15rnds/sec (990rnds/mind)
  • Maximum Range: 200m (660ft)
  • Round styles: FMJ, Incendiary FMJ, Tracers
  • Misc: Has built-in Silencer, equipped with Reflex Sight and pistol grip.
Close Combat Weapon: Special Operations Kukri
  • Length w/ Handle: 17.5"
  • Blade Length: 12"
  • Blade Composition: 100% Adamantium
  • Name: Rosie

So begins...

Corbin Joa's Story


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The Raid

Some starting plot points

-A Resistance espionage squad has been deployed to the Fujiimatsu Mechanical factory to glean vital intel about the rumored Corrupted superweapon.

-After the Resistance squad has breached the factory and searching for the intel that may or may not be there, corrupted units around the city begin forming a perimeter around the factory and is closing in to cut off escape. Corrupted stealth bombers are already flying through the skies.

-Some of the heroes arriving to Throst are teleported right into the heart of Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory(Heroes could be teleported elsewhere initially.)

-The Corrupted leaders knew the Heroes would be teleported to Fujiimatsu, Resistance units are only there by coincidence.
Their orders were to allow no one to leave the factory alive. Troops will be positioned around the factory to gun or cut down anyone that leaves; stealth bombers will bomb the factory to erase any evidence.

-Operation takes place at night when factory workers are preparing to go home.

-Not all characters have to be on the scene.

-Heroes, could post about events leading up before their teleportation to Throst.

-A door of light transports the heroes to the new world

The roleplay is officially open.


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"Well, so much for everything going as planned."Corbin says to his sister as he watches Corrupt soldiers surround the abandoned factory through his scope. "Attention all Forces, this is Charlie-Juliet-Sierra, Corrupt forces are surrounding the building, I repeat, Corrupt men are surrounding the building, get out of there now people." He called into his helmet's build in microphone as he prepares to take a shot on a rooftop Sniper. "Range is 2.5 kilometers, wind negligible, adjust 3.5 degrees up. Fire when ready." Elena calls out from her view finder as Corbin silently adjusts his scope to compensate for the range and weather conditions, aiming a bit higher to compensate for collision with snow.

Using a tried and powerful technique, Corbin slows down his heartrate and breathing almost to halt, before pulling the trigger between heartbeats. The sniper makes a loud crack, as the bullet streaks through the sky and goes clean through the head of the Corrupt Sniper, the lifeless corpse dropping like a sack of potatoes onto the rooftop. "Target down... Wait, what the hell is going on down there?" Elena says as she signals him towards the factory itself, where a door of light appeared in the middle of the factory, and a strange man walked out, then proceeded to punch a computer and slay a Corrupted Swordsman in close combat. "Well, there's something you don't see everyday..." Corbin mutters as he quickly changes the channel of his comms to a private channel he uses to communicate with one of his friends in the Resistance. "Takezo, things are getting real interesting down there, I just saw a man walk through a random door of light and take out a Swordsman without a scratch. I don't know what the Goddess is going on or who that man is, but he's not one of us and he's sure as hell not one of them." He talks as he lines up and pulls off another shot on a Sniper, dropping them like flies as he moves from building to building, bringing down any Corrupted Snipers he sees before moving down to the men on the ground, clearing a path for the Resistance members to escape the enclosing circle.


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"I should have put down a second shot." Xander mumbled to himself as he moved through the water, his helmet hiding his face from the polluted water. The water was warm, even at 50 feet below the surface, only concrete and metal pillars giving any form of a landmark. Here the water was a deep green that dissipated before it even came out from underneath the Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory.

10 feet...
8 feet...
6 feet...
4 feet...
2 feet...

Xander shot up from under the water, looking at the maintenance exit of Fujimatsu. It was a stainless steel round door with a simple electronic lock and a manual handle, with a ladder next to it that went across the bottom of Funimatsu. Xander took a small pen like object from a small pocket on his shoulder, placing it to the lock and pressing the end. The device made a sound similar to a straining electric motor, quickly causing the lights on the lock to go red, then shut off all together. Xander's mechanical free hand shot onto the manual handle, throwing the piece of metal to the bottom of its indentation.

The door lifted slowly as Xander crawled into Fujimatsu while simultaneously placing the pen like object back into its pocket. He looked around the metal and cement building, identifying the hallways and corridors of the under-building. Identifying position...
Position identified: Displaying path

A yellow path ran across the floor as Xander looked at the floor, memorizing several of the turns through the normal map overlay. He quickly moved about in bursts, force dampeners nullifying a majority of the sound his metal feet should have made as he moved across the concrete floor.

After a few minutes of moving out and about the under-building, Xander reached his destination without detection. A ladder into the main portion of the building. A ladder which Xander bolted up, arriving in an empty maintenance closet. Walking silently up to the door, Xander silently opened the door to two Corrupted Infantrymen, one looking at a computer screen and the other looking at some readings while talking into his comms.

Staying crouched and silent, Xander slid beneath the windows of the room nearing the Corrupted talking into his comms. The moment the Corrupted stood up straight, Xander extended his body his left arms monoblade shooting straight out of his palm and stabbing through the back of the Corrupted's helmet, killing him as it cleanly slid into his brain and twisted. Xander carefully set the Corrupted down as he retracted the monoblade and dropped below the windows again.

Bang! The sound of a sniper echoed through the room. As the Corrupted at the computer began to stand, Xander rushed up from behind, his right arm's monoblade piercing easily through the spinal cord and neck of the Corrupted, as the door to the rest of the facility opened. Another Corrupted walked in, raising his rifle at the sight of Xander, who rapidly moved the body of the Corrupted on his monoblade in front of his body. With a single step, Xander gave the Corrupted only 7 shots before his left hand's monoblade punched through the bottom of the Corrupted's chin and through where his spinal cord connects to his brain.

Pulling the two bodies in the room, Xander quickly put his monoblades into the wall to cut the door's hydraulics as soon as it closed. Xander then walked over to the window as another flash came from the muzzle of the distant sniper, angrily displaying a middle finger in the general direction of the sniper. After releasing his initial anger, Xander moved to the computer, plugging in a small drive to the terminal. He then downloaded data from sensors that he had place just a week ago to monitor what pollution the facility actually produced.


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Takezo Didn't look up from the computer screen as he scanned the trails of data being projected directly onto his eyes. Everything went to shit very quickly, the operation has somehow been compromised despite the resistance covering up extremely well as always. Perhaps there was a traitor? Whatever it was it was up to central command to sort it out anyways; not his problem, he is only an agent.

Mabbel stopped decrypting the data to say in a concerned voice,"Daddy, enemy soldiers are closing in, they have reached the inner halls of the factory."

"Yeah, it's time to go. Pull up the map and show me the quickest way out."

The map of the factory with a drawn path appears in the corner of Takezo's vision. Takezo collected as much data as he could before unplugging the cord connected to his helmet that was storing the data. There were no enemies in the hallways so he rushed out of the door,"The exit is in... that direction!." Takezo unsheathed his sword and cut a triangular opening in the wall with 3 clean strokes, and entered the next hallway; there was no time to be running around in this maze of a factory.

Mabbel would've have complained how he made her do more work, but she knew the situation was dire and remained silent. She's a good girl.

"Incoming transmission from Corbin, daddy."

"Takezo, things are getting real interesting down there, I just saw a man walk through a random door of light and take out a Swordsman without a scratch. I don't know what the Goddess is going on or who that man is, but he's not one of us and he's sure as hell not one of them."

Is Corbin smoking the good stuff again?

"Alright Corby, I'll keep an eye out for him."

After cutting down a few more walls, Taekzo ejected the the blade from the hilt of his sword and reached back to attach a fresh blade. There were corrupted on the other side of this wall and some factory workers? Takezo decided to wait a moment to catch his breath, and decide whether or not to engage the Corrupted soldiers. What the corrupted soldiers did next made Takezo's blood run cold...

The five corrupteds lifted their rifles and took aim at the factory workers. Before Takezo could respond, the six factory workers were gunned down in a wall of bullets.

Those bastards were killing innocents!

The lines on Takezo's right arm turned from a soft faint blue to a bright neon red, and he could barely hear the sound of Mabbel's pained and trembling voice begging him to do something...

"Dad-....don-.... pleas-.... don-... it...wi-..."

The childish voice of Takezo's right arm transformed into a growl, and Takezo let out a horrible roar that did not sound like a human's. The roar reverberated down the halls of the factory. The Corrupted soldiers on the other side of the wall did not know where all the killing intent was coming from, nor did they see the blade that cut all three of them pass through the wall as if it was made of air.


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"Oh my God, they're massacuring civilians..." Corbin mutters through his scope as he watches the slaughter through his scope. "Corbin, top floor 3rd window, someone's trapped in an office." Elena calls out as he quickly moves over and sees 2 Corrupted moving in for the kill. "Not today you fuckers..." Corbin thinks out loud as he pulls the trigger. Another loud crack echoes throughout the city as the bullet shatters the glass of the window, before entering and exiting the heads of both Corrupted Rifleman, not leaving much head left as their lifeless bodies collapse to the ground. "Dont worry Miss, Ive gotcha. Elena, signal her to come down the fire escape." Corbin calls out as his Sister quietly signals Adelaide with a flashlight. He quickly packs up and heads down his own fire escape, quietly leaving the scene of his work.


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Takezo Woke up from the sound of Mabbel's voice.
"Daddy please wake up!! Thank goodness you're awake."

He jumped at the outlines of a room full of factory workers. How long was he out? As if reading his mind, Mabbel answered him,

"You blanked out 20 minutes ago daddy, I piggybacked into your consciousness and fought through the halls and rescued all these people! Be proud of me! Praise meeeeeee. I used all your regular arrows though, you know I'm not good at fighting..."

So that's how he got here with all these people. Takezo looked around around 15 terrified and tired faces, some were wounded but everyone seemed to be healthy enough to run.

Yeah I'm proud of you Mabbel, good job Their consciousness were still somewhat synchronized.

"Yaaaaay I got praised by daddy~"

Takezo got up to address all the survivors, but pain shot out throughout his body. It looks like he sustained some serious injuries to get here; Mabbel really was no good at close quarters combat, but she managed to protect all his vitals. He wasn't sure he would be able to fight anymore today, or even escape.

"Mabbel, come up with directions and explain to everyone how to get to the roof, the extraction craft should be there to pick them up along with the other resistance members if there are any even left alive... uhg," It hurt like hell to speak.

His suit was heavily damaged so he was unable to connect to long ranged channels; Takezo relayed a short message to Corbin.

"Yo, I don't think I'll make it out, but I'm sending some survivors up to the roof for pickup. Keep an eye out for them and tell the extraction crew that there's an additional 16 people."

The com line shut down before Takezo could receive a reply. Oh well He thought. Mabbel wase done giving instructions to the survivors. There was only one thing left to do. Takezo unsheathed his sword with his left hand and raised it above his right shoulder, where Mabbel was connected to him; she did not have to go down with him. Before she could cry out in surprise, he slashed down.

That won't be necessary Takezo.

A blade blocked Takezo's before he could severe the ties with Mabbel; it was vaguely familiar. The blade's owner was a white robe clad figure with it's face covered by a hood. Next to it was a young girl as pale as snow wearing a simple white dress; it seemed like she was the one who spoke to him. The words could be heard by his ears but also appeared in his mind as well... It was a strange sensation, he felt rejuvenated by her voice.

I will lead these people out of here, your task lies elsewhere, my disciple will lead you.

Takezo did not question the girl, even as she laid her tiny hands upon his chest and a feeling similar to a chilly spring breeze filled his body and his wounds were healed.

Go with haste hero of Throst, there is not much time; this entire facility will be engulfed in flames soon.

He quickly lept up and ran after the figure clad in the white robe, in his peripheral vision, he could see the pale girl guide the people out of the room. Mabbel remained silent. After running for a couple of minutes, he saw through the wall that there was a figure running down the adjacent hallway; it was a factory worker. To his dismay, there were corrupted soliders in a room and they heard the worker run by; they quickly exited the room and took aim at the worker. He wouldn't make it if he cut through the wall. Takezo unmounted his bow and notched a grappling arrow in one rushed fluid motion, took a full draw on the 1 ton draw strength bow, and aim at the soldiers through the wall and fired.

The arrow pierced through through the wall and the two corrupted soldiers. Takezo gave a mighty tug on the cord that was connected to the arrow, pulling the soldiers towards the wall; he quickdrew his sword and slashed both of their heads off through the wall in one fluid stroke. The inaccurate sword strike wore down the single atom edge of the blade instantly; it was a fresh blade too, the same one he tried to cut Mabbel off with. The white clad figure stood by silently and unmoving as the whole situation folded out. Takezo ignored it and slashed an additional two times after replacing the blade for his sword. He kicked down the cutout on the wall and stepped through to help the worker who had tripped running from the soldiers; the white clad figure simply passed through the wall.

The white clad figure finally spoke as they were walking towards the factory worker,

I must go now, we have intervened too much today... I am truly happy to see you again Takezo. Mabbel you've been a good girl. I am truly sorry I couldn't see both of you sooner...

Goodbye Takezo, please continue saving the world for both of us. I will be returning to the Goddess now.

Takezo froze in his tracks. The white clad figure began to fade. Memories of that day began to flood his mind as if a dam at one of the Bightside power plants broke.


"Daddy what's wrong!? Mabbel was confused and scared, she had never seen Takezo like this.

The white clad figure turned around slightly and Takezo could see bright red lipstick, like how Rachel used to wear. The mouth was in a sad smile. And then there was nothing, no trace that she existed.

Takezo collapsed on his knees and tears streamed out of his eyes, the cracked helmet did not hide his emotions. It seems as if the Factory worker did not see the white clad figure.

((The factory worker Takezo saved is Adelaide btw. Just in case someone missed it. Corbin had killed the corrupted sodlier in the initial room, and Adeliade escaped, but more soldiers showed up. Sorry if I screwed up anything... I was nearly done with this post before Gaunt posted...))


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Escape and Respite
--The Goddess appears before characters to tell them to get to the roof ASAP

-Two Resistance Extraction Craft arrives at the roof of the factory to pick up everyone:survivors, resistance agents, heroes, anyone who is not corrupted. You can choose which one you want to board

-Characters cover the escape the best they can

-Heavily armored Resistance Extraction craft will be able to sustain quite some damage, but heroes will protect it from as much damage as possible. The corrupted will be firing everything on site at the Extraction craft.

-Characters do not have to escape by the Extraction craft, but It will be hard to otherwise.

-Corrupted stealth bombers will level the entire factory, even with their soldiers in there. Characters escape bombing by a hair

-The craft will take everyone to resistance Headquarters

-Heroes will be shown to a room and detained for a while but the situation will be explained to resistance leaders by character witnesses and heroes themselves.

-Heroes allowed to leave resistance HQ to explore city/look for other heroes.

You do not have to rush to get through all this, I am only posting this for future reference.


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0.00 INK

Corbin was rushing for the evac point along with Elena via the Fire Escape when time seemed to slow down and eventually freeze, yet Corbin could still move freely.

"What the hell..?" He thinks out loud as a girl in white appears before him. "Greetings Corbin, or should I say the Blue Mist of Throst."This girl says to him, as he feels nothing but power eminate from her, no Thermal trace at all. "What... What are you? Who are you? Corbin begins to ask before she speaks again. "I am the Goddess, but that is not important at this time. What is important is that you escape this place with the Heroes who I have sent here to help you. She says as his mind immediately flashes back to the man and the door of light. "Yes, him and others like him. Now, I must go, my power wears thin. She says as she begins to disappate "Wait, I have so many questions!" He calls out as she vanishes and the world returns to normal. "Corbin, are you alright?" Elena asks as she looks back on her brother as Corbin shakes his head. "Aye, Im fine. But others on the roof arent, lets move." He says as he pushes forward.

As he clambers onto the roof, he notices 2 bodies being pinned down by Resistance fire in the stairwell, not Corrupted nor Innocent, but he knew what they were in the back of his mind. "Hold fire! Hold your fire you dumbasses!" Corbin screams at the Resistance soldiers, pushing their weapons down. "B-but Sir, they..."A Private tried to speak before Corbin shot him a look that would make Satan nervous, quickly shutting up the other soldier. "Listen here Private, you and these other chucklefucks just fired on our allies, and if you hit one so help me God I will kick all of your nuts up to your throats and tear em off myself! Is that clear?" Corbin says, absolutely livid as the other soldiers quickly nod in fear. "Good, now get in the choppers and prep for exfil, Im going to chat with our new friends." He barks as the Resistance members scramble, as Elena just stands there, shaken as her brother never gets visibly angry.

Corbin walks over to the stairway, weapons holstered and sniper on his back. Using the thermal lens of his helmet, he distinguishes the 2 are still there. "Listen, I dont know you two, and you dont know me, but if you want to serve your Goddess in mortal form, I highly suggest you come with me before this place is turned into rubble." He calls out down the stairs as he notices more activity from the Corrupted coming towards them.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Ky-Lin
ImageVenelope spent the rest of her day doing her normal work routine which mainly was her patrolling the area she had been assigned to years before and a lot of paperwork. Paperwork isnt something you really think about when youre planning on becoming an officer for the government, but it is a huge part of everything done in most peoples life. The time felt like it was crawling as it got closer to calling it an end and start getting ready for the meeting at the factory. She had been notified that there would be a raid at an older factory, why theyre not sure, but the Resistance would be there and thats all she needed to know. Her mission was a simple and easy one, its just a bit delicate and she would need to be able to have a lot of will power. She was going to cover as a normal citizen at the factory while the mechs were attacking, then stick with them for as long as she can.

Vene got off early so she could go over the simple plan and get into her civies, also into the factory so she could find the perfect place to be when things went down. The most important part was she needed to be able to identify herself to the A.I. that was inside the factory, it was on the Corrupted side but its best to make sure it doesnt try to end her while the Raid is going. Simple procedure, all she needed to do was send a small frequency when she entered for a few seconds so she could be committed to the memory as an ally. She did this using the small device in her arm that worked as a little computer that they had set her up with along with many little things with her arms and legs. When the Raid went down she hid away or at least enough that it looked like she was a normal citizen scared out of her wits and afraid for her life. She followed a pair of people who she was sure was part of the Resistance, listening to them chatting until they got to a fork in the path, the man went one way soon after and the woman went another. Vene chose to follow the woman since the man sounded like he was going to get more people, whic ended up being her best bet seeing that people seemed to be attacking the woman as soon as she got the door open. Vene was sure she heard some yelling but it didnt matter, she had to make sure that they would pick her up and take her with them. So when the woman began fighting she moved, a surge of energy bursting through her as she walked calmly towards the roof entrance. Everything around her was still, there only being a small sign that anything around her changed its position.

Veneolope looked around at the scene, the Corrupted looking as bad as believed and Resistance being as heroic as citizens made them out to be. The fight was an interesting one, at least in the speed it was going now, she could see the bullets as they hung in the air. They moved the smallest bit as they made their way to the target they were aimed at and not being able to control herself Vene moved some. She spotted a few people on the fire escape when she went over to look over the side to see how tall this building was. It had nothing on her building but the view was still nice as she looked off into the distance. Really she should just kill everyone here and now but she couldnt hold onto this for much longer and she needed to find a place. There was one part of the roof that she could hide on, she could tell them she thought the roof would be safe and that it had been closer than the street had been. Tucking herself away she let the energy go and the world sped up again, to anyone else she wouldnt have even been a blur when she had been moving. After a moment she let out a frightened scream and she curled her body into a protective ball, she couldnt get tears to come out but besides that she felt that she was a fair actress.