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Isabel Ashford

Tricky Rogue

0 · 351 views · located in Brightside

a character in “Do we need this kind of hero?”, as played by Teddybearhunter


Theme Song- Immortals

Isabel Ashford


Trickster Rogue



Appearance Description
Isabel has long black hair that reaches down past her shoulders. Her eyes are an amber color. She is 5’8 and weighs 120 pounds. Her skin is slightly pale and she has a slim figure. There are scars from sword and animal cuts on her back and legs. There is a small cut on her right cheek that is only noticeable up close.



Twin daggers, Whip, Rapier, Hand crossbow, and Darts

Isabel is an expert thief, she is skilled at stealth, picking locks, and deception. She is skilled at hand to hand combat and with a variety of bladed weapons. Isabel was gifted with a variety of abilities by the goddess, she is a skilled fighter, but is also a pretty decent mage.

Mirror Images- Isabel can create an illusions of herself that disappears when its touched. Isabel can enhance her mirror images with elemental magic and cause them to do elemental damage when they disappear.

Shadow walk – Isabel is capable of becoming invisible, but only if there is enough mana for her to do so. She enters the realm of shadows and enhances her blades with the magic from the shadow realm.

Illusions- Isabel can create illusions that can affect all senses except for touch.

Fire bolt- A small ball of fire that can be thrown at an enemy

Elemental blade- She can enchant her weapons with elemental energy

Mage hand- She can create a magical hand that does her bidding. It’s terrible for combat, but has many out of combat uses.

Spider climb- Allows Isabel to hold onto any solid surface

Lightning bolt- a blast of lightning

Quick step- Isabel is able to move quickly in short bursts. It appears to the untrained eye that she is teleporting, but she is just quicker than most humans can perceive.

Telekinesis- She is capable of moving objects mentally. The larger the object the more mana needed to move it.

Enhanced Senses- Isabel has enhanced senses; her senses are almost at the peak of human capability.

Necrosis- She is capable of striking a target with necrosis causing their organ tissue to start dying.

Poison Kiss- Isabel can poison a target with a single kiss, the longer the kiss the more deadly the poison.

Life drain- She can drain the life out of a target by touching them. This spell can heal her while it kills her sacrifice.

Blood shield- She is capable of creating a spherical shield of blood around herself by using the blood of others or her own.
Blades of blood- She can turn blood into crescent blades that she can control.

Summon voidwalker- She is capable of calling forth a creature from the void. A voidwalker is a shadowy figure that is vicious and hunts down whatever its master wishes it to.

Metamorphosis- By making a sacrifice of blood Isabel is capable of morphing herself into a shade. This form allows her to be inside the physical and spiritual plane. In this form she can move freely, it allows her to pass through solid objects unharmed. If she attacks a target she strikes at their life force not their physical body. This form puts strain on both Isabel’s body and mind.

Phobias / Fears
Death, losing her loved ones, mental torture, Not living a life worth something, Her father

Bad Habits / Vices
Isabel has a bad habit of being flirtatious, She steals things that she doesn’t need, She doesn’t know how to back down from a challenge, She likes to drink, She will often sneak off away from the group.

Best Qualities
Persuasive, Funny, determined, loyal, strong willed, Kind(if you are on her good side)

Worst Qualities
Little bit of a loner, Issues with her father, stubborn, treasure hoarder

  • chocolate
    Small animals
    Good fights

  • Stupid questions
    Boring conversations
    Clingy people
    Bitter drinks

Become richer, get her father’s approval, Find a partner worth her time


The Feels are real-I'm Just your Problem

Isabel grew up in a royal family. She was the daughter of a lord and had everything she could ever ask for. However, her father never approved of anything she did. She was the first born child and her father always wanted a son. For years Isabel did everything she could to please her father. She learned how to fight, how to ride a horse, and even learned the ways of politics. However, it did nothing to please her father. When her younger brother was born Isabel was basically casted aside. She decided to leave and find a place for she could be happy.

She joined a thief’s guild and learned all the tricks of the trade. She grew up to be an amazing thief and a skilled fighter. She eventually stumbled upon an ancient ruin while out on one of her usual adventures. In this ruin she was visited by the goddess and received her blessing. The goddess gave her skills beyond her years and allowed her to make a name for herself. She was joined by others who were also blessed by the goddess, together they were able to face any foe and come out victorious. They faced the darkness and won. When the goddess called upon her for another adventure Isabel was excited to begin.

Hex Code

Other Important Details
Isabel has a secret teddy bear named Archie. She keeps him in her backpack and would kill anyone who harmed him.

So begins...

Isabel Ashford's Story


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Character Portrait: Isabel Ashford Character Portrait: Markus Character Portrait: Adelaide Krause Character Portrait: Renya Vanderhort Character Portrait: Takezo Character Portrait: Cordelia Jenkins Character Portrait: Xander Atallis Character Portrait: Corbin Joa
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The Raid

Some starting plot points

-A Resistance espionage squad has been deployed to the Fujiimatsu Mechanical factory to glean vital intel about the rumored Corrupted superweapon.

-After the Resistance squad has breached the factory and searching for the intel that may or may not be there, corrupted units around the city begin forming a perimeter around the factory and is closing in to cut off escape. Corrupted stealth bombers are already flying through the skies.

-Some of the heroes arriving to Throst are teleported right into the heart of Fujiimatsu Mechanical Factory(Heroes could be teleported elsewhere initially.)

-The Corrupted leaders knew the Heroes would be teleported to Fujiimatsu, Resistance units are only there by coincidence.
Their orders were to allow no one to leave the factory alive. Troops will be positioned around the factory to gun or cut down anyone that leaves; stealth bombers will bomb the factory to erase any evidence.

-Operation takes place at night when factory workers are preparing to go home.

-Not all characters have to be on the scene.

-Heroes, could post about events leading up before their teleportation to Throst.

-A door of light transports the heroes to the new world

The roleplay is officially open.


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Character Portrait: Isabel Ashford
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Isabel sat at the head of a long dinner table with her feet kicked up. The room she was in was grand. It was decorated with paintings on the walls, jewels and treasures in glass cases, and a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling. She looked at the few men who were at the table with her. These men were all at least twice her age; they were all covered in battle scars and looked rugged. Each of them was decorated in jewels and wore clothing fit for the king. One of the men spoke up “Boss, we need to talk about the recent bandit problem. They are cutting into the profits of the thieves’ guild.” Isabel let out a sigh of disappointment. She took her feet off the table and looked toward her employees. “Don’t I pay you all to deal with these issues? If you are having problems with the bandits just deal with them. We tried diplomacy now we take action. Send a few men into their camp and poison their food supply.” The men all nodded at each other in agreement. The stood up from the table and bowed to Isabel before taking their leave. An older man with greying hair approached Isabel with a cup. She accepted it and looked at the man, she gave him a smile.

“Ah Gregory, what am I to do with these commanders I hired. They come to me for simple problems you would think they could use their own brains.” Gregory nodded to her “Your commanders just see you as a strong leader mistress they just want to make sure they have your approval.” Isabel stood up from the table and took a sip from the cup. She began walking away, but turned around quickly looking directly at Gregory. “You are a wise old man Gregory, I appreciate the wisdom.” She left the dining hall and went upstairs to her bed room. She opened the door to her room and saw one of her maids dusting. The woman made eye contact with Isabel and then bowed. Isabel simply smiled and walked out onto the balcony. She looked out at the land she owned. Her manor sat on an island surrounded by crystal clear water. Isabel turned her gaze when she heard a soft voice talking to her. When she faced the direction of the voice she saw the goddess looking at her. Isabel knew what it meant and gave the goddess a nod. She walked back into her room and started gathering her equipment. She looked at the maid and said “Tell Gregory he is in charge of the estate while I’m away.” The maid looked at Isabel with a confused look on her face “What do you mean mistress, where are you going.”

Isabel went back onto the balcony and jumped over the edge. In a flash of light Isabel was transported to a new location. She looked around and saw crowds of people rushing through the street and wheeled metal contractions transporting people to different locations. Isabel was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of this new land. She closed her eyes and focused on the sound of her own heartbeat. She drowned out the sounds of the world around her. When she finally opened her eyes everything seemed to calm down. The sounds were till loud, but were no longer overwhelming.

As she started to listen closely she could hear a voice in the distance screaming for help. She quickly made her way toward the voice and found a man attempting to rob a defenseless woman in an alley. Isabel silently made her way behind the robber and whispered in his ear “You are doing that all wrong.” The man freaked out and lashed out at Isabel. She saw that the man had a knife in his hand, she reacted by disarming the man. She drew a dagger from a sheath attached to her belt. She pointed it at the man and looked him over. “Is this what this world’s bandits are like? How pathetic. Your stance is all wrong and you have no idea how to keep your victim quiet.” Isabel moved toward the man, he tried to defend himself by punching her but she ducked under it and put the blade of her dagger at the man’s throat. “If you are going to rob someone you have to make sure you are good with a blade.” She looked at the woman the man was robbing and said “Pick up that knife and point it at him.” The woman picked up the knife and put it up to the man. Isabel backed away and said “Now make him hand over all his coin.” The woman started yelling for the man to hand over his money. Isabel simply chuckled and said “It looks like you can handle things from here.” She walked away from the scene and decided she would try to find the heart of the city. She had a feeling she could find her former companions there.


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Character Portrait: Isabel Ashford Character Portrait: Markus Character Portrait: Adelaide Krause Character Portrait: Renya Vanderhort Character Portrait: Takezo Character Portrait: Cordelia Jenkins Character Portrait: Xander Atallis Character Portrait: Corbin Joa Character Portrait: Venellope Illings Character Portrait: Aida
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Escape and Respite
--The Goddess appears before characters to tell them to get to the roof ASAP

-Two Resistance Extraction Craft arrives at the roof of the factory to pick up everyone:survivors, resistance agents, heroes, anyone who is not corrupted. You can choose which one you want to board

-Characters cover the escape the best they can

-Heavily armored Resistance Extraction craft will be able to sustain quite some damage, but heroes will protect it from as much damage as possible. The corrupted will be firing everything on site at the Extraction craft.

-Characters do not have to escape by the Extraction craft, but It will be hard to otherwise.

-Corrupted stealth bombers will level the entire factory, even with their soldiers in there. Characters escape bombing by a hair

-The craft will take everyone to resistance Headquarters

-Heroes will be shown to a room and detained for a while but the situation will be explained to resistance leaders by character witnesses and heroes themselves.

-Heroes allowed to leave resistance HQ to explore city/look for other heroes.

You do not have to rush to get through all this, I am only posting this for future reference.