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Venellope Illings

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a character in “Do we need this kind of hero?”, as played by Ky-Lin


Venellope Illings


Just doesnt really step "out of line" not because shes not corrupted, just that the citizens arent important to her at all. She spends her time with the group that looks out for the resistance, they are more challenging and what officer in their right mind would say they dont love a good chase. On paper she is just a regular officer that makes sure that everyone follows the law, with a bit of unnecessary violence here and there. Off of paper she is one of the more prized guard dogs for the government and is well known in some groups.



Appearance Description
Short blue hair that tends to cover her eyes when she doesnt have her mask, when you can see her face it always looks tired or bored, others would notice her left eye is darkened. The mask has a small resemblance to a cat with its pointed ears and goes down to just above her mouth, a small mouth with small sharp teeth just inside it. She is short and most people mistake her for a child because of her structure, which is helpful in her job sense most people are against hurting her and her child-like body. Vene is also as thin as a rail and has small, pointed ears holding back most of her hair away from her face. Unless anyone looks incredibly close none dont notice the thin lines on her arms and down her chest.

Armor/Clothing ImageImage
On the job she where a simple uniform which isnt much but the police wear it as a symbol, not to really protect them. The rest of the time she is sporting a white dress that looks like it is just a normal little thing that is snug but comfortable on her. But because of her work with the government on her off time they gave her special little perks, one including her "civilian" clothes or civies. The material is an invention that was well kept from the public long ago, it was an attempt to keep the Resistance one step behind, and still is out of the eye of civilians to this day like a lot of things the government does. It is a highly evolved branch from nanotechnology that they turned into fibers and then she used the fibers to create a dress, just like the one she use to have when she was younger.

Speed: Through magical influences from her mother her body has the ability to move at the speed of light and not be harmed by it. To her moving at that speed is simple and everything around her slows down so much its like everything around her has stopped. Her body doesnt tire from moving that much so quickly so she is fine to even run across water and to the other side of the world without a labored breath.
Shielding: The magical influence her father presented to Vene was to create shields at will. She can only surround herself but its helped her through the years and she has yet to be able to find anything that has damaged her shield and it is soundproof.

Phobias / FearsImage
Once she was stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean for two months, she cant stand water and refuses to be anywhere near a body of water bigger than a very shallow tub.

Bad Habits / Vices
Taps nails on any flat surface if she is still for over a span of three seconds

Best Qualities
Vene is obsessively clean about everything, she never noticed how bad she was about cleaning everything and will probably never notice.

Worst Qualities
Doesnt get along with others

  • Running
  • High jacking rocket boots from work and flying around

  • The resistance
  • Her co-workers

Take down the resistance, maybe get a dog

Vene's parents were low class mages, not very skilled but they specialized in influencing magical gifts for children so that they have the magic to learn the skills given to them. Nothing out of the usual happened through her childhood, her family were simple law-abiding citizens that kept their head down and tried not to get themselves in trouble. When she grew Vene saw how the world was and wanted to try to change it, she rooted for the Resistance and wanted to help them in some way so she because an officer. She believed that maybe she could be like an inside man, help with giving plans and a little sabotage every once in a while, mainly she just wanted to give the citizens a little breathing room/a little relief. When she went to the academy she was one of the star pupils because of the gifts her parents had blessed her with and the knowledge she slaved and labored for. She was asked to help guard a person of importance while he was on a cruise ship to make sure that he wasn't harmed, she had no idea how he was important but she did her job as best as she could. That is until the Resistance attacked the boat and began taking down everyone, no citizens were passengers, and she was injured majorly. She was the only one to escape alive from it after one of her commanders had pulled her out from under a fallen part of the roof and threw her onto a safe boat, she had been almost freshly out of the academy and the youngest at the time. This was suppose to be an easy mission to help her get acquainted with the team and how everything was done in real life and not in an academy simulation. Vene was stranded in that boat for two months with no use of her limbs because of the roof had damaged her lower body and taken off part of her arms. She was kept alive because she drained her self and wrapped her shield tight enough to keep from bleeding out. During that time she promised she would make the Resistance pay no matter who died in the process and no matter how long it took her to do it. They outfitted her with knew legs and arms from the elbow down that matched her skin almost perfectly, since then shes been a star officer and helped in every way she could to take down the ones that made her like this.

Hex Code
Blue Hosta

Weapon: G7B Caseless Sub-Machine Gun

Length (extended): 62.7 cm (24.68 in.)
Length (retracted): 47.4 cm (18.66 in.)
Weight: 3.17kg (7 lbs)
Cartridge Size: 11.43×23mm (.45 ACP) caseless rounds
Magazine Size: 25+1 rounds
Fire Style: Varied; can fire Single, 3 round Burst, or Full auto.
Fire Rate (Full Auto): 15rnds/sec (990rnds/mind)
Maximum Range: 200m (660ft)
Round styles: FMJ, Incendiary FMJ, Tracers
Misc: Has built-in Silencer, equipped with Reflex Sight and pistol grip

Theme Song

So begins...

Venellope Illings's Story


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
Venellope started off her day as she did every day before going to work: she woke-up refreshed and with a still sense of calm to go along with her fairly empty apartment, slurped an energy packet while reading through her work announcements, dressed, and went to head quarters. There she would sneak a pair of rocket boots out, nodding with a blank expression to anyone who looked at her, and fitted them onto her feet once she was outside once again. They were designed for the Swordsmen but these pair she had a colleague fix a little for some cash so they could be used by her as long as she tell upstairs. Of course he was discreetly fired and arrested before he saw anything but the boots were strangely never found in his workshop nor anywhere at the police station. Once there were on tightly Vene tapped her heels softly, taptap tap, and pure energy pushed out as she shot straight up into the air, as she did every day. The climb was a long one since long ago the building for police hq intertwined with one of the biggest companies in the country and the rest of the government. It was like free security for everyone around with the police there no one was really stupid enough to attack and with the company there was plenty of money for the government to do as it wants.
Vene reached the top of the building, tapping in a code to keep any flying Corrupted control from attacking her, and turned off the boots so she could stand still on the roof. Down below she could see the neat and uniform movements of all the citizens as they made their way to work before they would be late. The sight always amazed her which was why she made it part of her routine before work, it was peaceful and it was quiet, she never had any worries and the world felt calm. After staring for a quarter of an hour she stood up again to do her favourite part of her day and ran straight off of the roof and into the air. She fell quickly down the side of the building, she could feel her energy seeming to pop out of her skin as she became a quick breeze to the outside world, her speed picking up tremendously. Every morning she would follow this exactly routine and every morning she would stop herself with a surge of her boots at the ultimate last second. Now she could go into work, adrenaline pumping quickly in her veins, now she could pull on her police uniform and smooth her face to look professional for the citizens and for her co-workers. She hid the boots once again and took a glance at her feet, hearing the softest sound as the robotic parts moved as she wiggled her toes before slipping on her uniform boots.

She would never understand the uniform with no sleeves on it, a belt that was attached to her shirt, gloves that almost reached her elbos, almost long shorts/capris for girls, a flobby hat thing, and then thick soled boots. Although never said Vene was sure that if you werent in a special force than you were just a good little guard puppy, and if it did good it wouldnt get yelled at if it nipped a little too hard when playing. She had been in the force for six years and she had never seen a familiar face last for more than two years, some of the big dogs would play a little too roughly for the puppies. As she stepped out of the locker room she could feel the difference in the air ever sense her bosses had informed her of what they believe the Resistance had planned for tonight. Walking towards the main entrance to scan her badge so she could start work she pulled her hat so her bangs covered her eyes. She was sure today was going to get very interesting later on.


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Escape and Respite
--The Goddess appears before characters to tell them to get to the roof ASAP

-Two Resistance Extraction Craft arrives at the roof of the factory to pick up everyone:survivors, resistance agents, heroes, anyone who is not corrupted. You can choose which one you want to board

-Characters cover the escape the best they can

-Heavily armored Resistance Extraction craft will be able to sustain quite some damage, but heroes will protect it from as much damage as possible. The corrupted will be firing everything on site at the Extraction craft.

-Characters do not have to escape by the Extraction craft, but It will be hard to otherwise.

-Corrupted stealth bombers will level the entire factory, even with their soldiers in there. Characters escape bombing by a hair

-The craft will take everyone to resistance Headquarters

-Heroes will be shown to a room and detained for a while but the situation will be explained to resistance leaders by character witnesses and heroes themselves.

-Heroes allowed to leave resistance HQ to explore city/look for other heroes.

You do not have to rush to get through all this, I am only posting this for future reference.


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#, as written by Ky-Lin
ImageVenelope spent the rest of her day doing her normal work routine which mainly was her patrolling the area she had been assigned to years before and a lot of paperwork. Paperwork isnt something you really think about when youre planning on becoming an officer for the government, but it is a huge part of everything done in most peoples life. The time felt like it was crawling as it got closer to calling it an end and start getting ready for the meeting at the factory. She had been notified that there would be a raid at an older factory, why theyre not sure, but the Resistance would be there and thats all she needed to know. Her mission was a simple and easy one, its just a bit delicate and she would need to be able to have a lot of will power. She was going to cover as a normal citizen at the factory while the mechs were attacking, then stick with them for as long as she can.

Vene got off early so she could go over the simple plan and get into her civies, also into the factory so she could find the perfect place to be when things went down. The most important part was she needed to be able to identify herself to the A.I. that was inside the factory, it was on the Corrupted side but its best to make sure it doesnt try to end her while the Raid is going. Simple procedure, all she needed to do was send a small frequency when she entered for a few seconds so she could be committed to the memory as an ally. She did this using the small device in her arm that worked as a little computer that they had set her up with along with many little things with her arms and legs. When the Raid went down she hid away or at least enough that it looked like she was a normal citizen scared out of her wits and afraid for her life. She followed a pair of people who she was sure was part of the Resistance, listening to them chatting until they got to a fork in the path, the man went one way soon after and the woman went another. Vene chose to follow the woman since the man sounded like he was going to get more people, whic ended up being her best bet seeing that people seemed to be attacking the woman as soon as she got the door open. Vene was sure she heard some yelling but it didnt matter, she had to make sure that they would pick her up and take her with them. So when the woman began fighting she moved, a surge of energy bursting through her as she walked calmly towards the roof entrance. Everything around her was still, there only being a small sign that anything around her changed its position.

Veneolope looked around at the scene, the Corrupted looking as bad as believed and Resistance being as heroic as citizens made them out to be. The fight was an interesting one, at least in the speed it was going now, she could see the bullets as they hung in the air. They moved the smallest bit as they made their way to the target they were aimed at and not being able to control herself Vene moved some. She spotted a few people on the fire escape when she went over to look over the side to see how tall this building was. It had nothing on her building but the view was still nice as she looked off into the distance. Really she should just kill everyone here and now but she couldnt hold onto this for much longer and she needed to find a place. There was one part of the roof that she could hide on, she could tell them she thought the roof would be safe and that it had been closer than the street had been. Tucking herself away she let the energy go and the world sped up again, to anyone else she wouldnt have even been a blur when she had been moving. After a moment she let out a frightened scream and she curled her body into a protective ball, she couldnt get tears to come out but besides that she felt that she was a fair actress.


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0.00 INK

Three weeks before The Raid.

"Wake up." boomed a voice that echoed out into the space, only to slowly fade out of existence.

Cold steel rested peacefully wired up to the machinery that spaced out and cupped around the edges of the small room. In the center, the cold steel, awoke, its optics, lit up a bright blue. Vision had returned, along with recollection of the last operations it had before shut down. It began to panic, for as it reviewed its short term memory banks, it found that almost all of it was wiped. It checked the backup... Corrupted... It checked the long term and the back up for that, wiped and corrupted. It was blind to the past, unable to remember, or gather what had happened, or why it shut down. Why did it even awake? It heard something, someone, a voice, it sounded so new, yet it returned life to its self.

"Come on now." Clank. "Focus, Aida. Focus on me." Clank. Clank. Clank.

It was being smacked, harshly. The vibrations of the hard metal connecting with hers alerted all her systems. She stopped with the recovery process, and began to make out the image in front of her. It had all been a blur when she lifted her lids for her optics to view. She must had been shut down for a long time, the boot up was so slow and cold, it could be closely related to a human waking from a coma, only to be smacked in the face three or four times. The worse wakeup call ever!

Clank! "There we go, there she is. It’s been some time, Aida. Never thought I'd see you like this." the voice mustered through the raspy, muffled, noise.

Aida stared at the man's respirator. It was completely coated in black, with a small almost unnoticeable insignia or the corrupted faction. Very small, very concealed, meant for those who needed clarity, who needed to know friend from foe. You'd really need to know where to look to find that, it was the first thing Aida noticed. One of the many things made easy, when being an Artificial Intelligence. Aida then focused on the man's face, his eyes were grey, and bags hung low, showing fatigue, illness. A slight sense of familiarity came to her. This man was once someone close to her. She knew that much, but there was some hatred involved. His right eye twitched, and visible part of his facial features began to crumple up, as if he was disgusted that we would even look at him. With another swift motion, a large metal object came crashing down on her head.


The man stepped back, finally succeeding in the tiniest, visible dent left on Aida’s head, or at least, the shell she was using at the time. He huffed and puffed, the respirator enhancing the noise along with the small compressed room. No sound was leaving its walls, so it had a slight echo to it, regardless of how small it was in general. After a brief moment of fixing her sensors, Aida was able to make out vision clearly. The hits to the head didn’t help, mostly because that’s where she was at the time. Anywhere else on this old rig she was in could have been fine, but he just had to be hitting the spot where she spent the most time in. I guess it made sense; she was technically the brain of this shell for today.

The man took a seat in front of her, grasping one of the many long tubes hooked up to the android body. With his free hand he forcefully lifted up Aida head by the chin, so that she was looking directly at him once more.

“I’d thought you be as angry as me when you woke.” He spoke softly, examining her carefully,
The blank expression told him enough, the memory wiping did the trick, and that data he was receiving had proof of it. She was not faking the unfamiliarity. The man sigh, tugging on his thick black sweat shirt, leaving Aida to freely sulk her head. He adjusted his hat for a brief moment, covering up the little grey hair he had left.

“Do you know why you are here?” he asked.

After a brief pause, he was answered, “No.”

Her voice glitches and distorted, told him that her files were even more corrupted than he thought. At least they wouldn’t mix with her emotions now. The man paused, slouching in the chair.

“What do you remember, Aida?”

“I’m an A.I. A prototype, a successful study.”

“No. You are a failure.”

The sentence recalibrated her thoughts and processes.

“Explain. This does not compute with my information.”

“It’s false, might as well throw what’s left in there, out the window.”

What’s left…? Aida studied that sentence, and came up with the sour conclusion.

“I can’t remember anything…”

“Your damn right you can’t, we are keeping it that way. From this point on, I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know about yourself and then we are moving on, copy?”

She didn’t respond, the man sighed in frustration, taking the metal object once more, and slamming it against the android body.

“Do. You. Copy!? You listen to me and you listen well you little shit, I will shut you down the moment you give me the slightest bull. You answer when I ask, you do as I say. I am no longer going to tolerate even the slightest resistance from you. Not after the pain you caused me!” the man yelled in spite.

It took a moment, but in that time, Aida looked up at him, her lights flickering. Looks like the last hit really took something loose in the old rig. But the android was a damn hunk of junk anyway. Having to be wired up just to be operational, it was the only thing they could really put her into that she wouldn’t be able to just jump away to the nearest wireless connection. Tracking her would be almost impossible. So they put her in the first thing ever made for her, the android scrapped together when the PMC had little to no doe to operate on. Not liked it mattered anymore.

“What did I do?” she asked, her voice, giving off a saddening noise.

The man pointed to the respirator, “You see this thing? It never comes off of me, it the only thing that keeps me breathing, and alive. The most annoying iron lung in existence. You did this.”

Aida paused, “Sorry.”

The man chuckled softly, “No, you’re not. Or at least you wouldn’t be if you knew… Listen. This is all you get to know of your past, to keep notes. You were created… as the one thing to give my little company and edge in the competition.”

“You are the founder, my creator.” Aida spoke out.

“I’m the guy who paid the assholes to create you. Think of me as the seed to the egg.”

“One of my creators, then.” She corrected herself.

“Right… Well. To make a long story short, you worked. You were made to be a person, a soul on a hard drive to say the least. I did this, because I knew it what my men needed if they were gonna listen to you. Today, we have this… basic software, not even close to truly command anyone, but you, you were perfect. So… Perfect.” He said, with a regretful tone in his voice.

He looked at her with sad eyes, eyes that said he had been fighting for too long, “But then. I made a mistake.”

Aida became alarmed, “A mistake?”

“I signed a deal, with an unknown company. It was the biggest payment yet, the thing that was gonna take me, take us somewhere in the world. That’s until I realize what I was giving up. See, before you were made, my little militia was nothing in comparison to these elite assholes. We had weapons from a decade ago, stuff that lower class citizens could be caught making in their garages and backyards…” he shook his head. “Every contact, a failure, every failure, I had a dozen messages to send, letting families know that their husbands and wives died trying to put food on the table. Every time, someone bigger, stronger would be on the other end of the road to stop my men. We never made a buck, we just lost lives. But in this economy, I hired those would couldn’t get hired themselves. I was giving peoples another chance, now I think I was just saving them from today.”

Aida gave out a glitched sighed, “So you made me?”

He looked up from his hands, “I did. I had you made to help the men in combat, to tell them where and what the enemy was doing and when they were doing it. But then you just had to get your hands dirty. It was a funny day; I remember being told that you were missing from the company’s computer system. I nearly lost my shit. But then, I was told, you were fighting alongside the men, in some, mech. Most likely stolen, you didn’t really understand possession and rights at the time, not that I cared. Either way, someone was pretty pissed to lose a battle mech like that, because you took every bullet that came at my men. It was that point… From then on, every mission since, you were there, alongside my boys, fighting like one of them. Doing two jobs at once, it was… amazing.”

Aida quivered, “So when did it all go wrong?”

He looked back down, cursing under his breath, “When I signed the deal with this shadow cooperation, it was a partnership. They would fund us for everything we needed, so long as they had rights to everything we had, including you. Next thing I know, I get an emergency call that your system was hacked, corrupted, and broken to all hell. You hooked up to the nearest mech, and went on a killing spree, unable to tell friend from foe. You killed, every last person in that tower, every solider, every civilian… Families… and then… you took of my fucking jaw, just before I shut you down.”

Aida was unmoving, but a small, voice could be heard, it sounded like a soft weeping.

“Turns out, that Shadow Company would end up being my boss, after my company fell apart, I still don’t know what happened to you, but I know it had something to do when I gave my rights over to those fucks, and gave them permission to tamper with you. Guess that’s what I get for wanting to be successful, I get turned on my partners and now I work for them.” He said in a sarcastic, defeated response.

Time passed, the room was silent, and the man finally spoke up, “So here I am, told by my employees to wake up the very thing that ruined it all. That’s all you need to know, if I tell you names you’ll start wailing like a child.”

“Please…” Aida wept, “I need to know who they were. I need… to apologies.”

“To what? The dead? You may be broken kid, but I know you understand that talking to the dead does nothing but waste time and darkens souls. I’m not telling you shit.” He snapped spitefully.

“So what then!? Is this it, you wipe my memories just to remind me I fucked up?” she busted out, her entire android body lunging forward, only to be held back by the tubes and wires keep it powered.

The man pushed her away by the face, “Easy now. I don’t really care anymore to be honest; I thought I just tell you enough to get the hatred going in ya. You’re going to need it.”


“You don’t listen well as you use to, I was supposed to wake you for a reason Hun. It’s time for you get to work. Now that I know you won’t be shooting everything that breathes, you can get back to the field again.”

Aida growled, gritting her teeth, “Turn me off.”

“Heh, I wish. Not my choice anymore sweetheart. The memory wipe was to reset you FOF(friend or foe) sensors, they were corrupted to all hell after that little hack. Now that you can tell apples from oranges, you gotta do what were made to do.”

“… what exactly was that, father of mine?”

“Don’t… call me that you little shit. You were made to fight, to observe and kill. You just work for the big guys now. The corrupted and immoral sweetheart, it’s gonna be fun.”

“Why did you beat me? With that... thing.” she suddenly asked, reminded of the dent on her favorite android.

“Why not? Had to get my years of aggression out somehow.”

“How long was I out?”

“Years… Now listen up, we can do this two ways, you can will do as I say, or the guys upstairs and activate the failsafe, and you will lose everything bit of emotion that makes you. These are your options, so when I download you the briefing for the mission, don’t argue, don’t whine, don’t do a damn thing but what’s on the fine print, do that, and you will at least keep what little soul you have left. I’d hate to see you end up a shell of your former self.”

With that, the download came in a second later. The mission was observing an event to take place three weeks from now. There would be a single operative, named Vene, for short. It would be clear that she would make herself know to Aida before the raid begins, so she knows not to do anything brash if need be. Her mission, her focus, would to use the cameras of the factor, to record the arrivals of these mysterious adversary’s. She was to get as much information as possible, anything from facial features, to combat potential, as well as anything else of importance. By the time the corrupted soldiers did their job, she would have a file made for each one of “heros” for her newly made bosses to read. This way, they can track them down if needed, but more importantly, she needed to focus on how they got there in the first place. Just what brought them here? They had enough information to know them the enemy would appear in the factor, but not how. For now, she would leave the elimination to the corrupted troops; she would be making sure that Vene’s cover stayed as well as streaming information out to the corrupted, so they would know just what they were up against. If anything else went wrong, she wouldn’t be allowed to directly intervene unless told to by her officer or by any other higher up.

Three weeks later…

Everything went wrong, resistance was spotted, a large firefight busted out, and it would seem that the enemy appearing from what seemed like, doors of light, were too much for the corrupted troops. At least Vene had successfully blended in, and it would seem she would be rescued by the resistance along with the rest of them. That was a great bonus, taking out two birds with one stone. Aida didn’t know if her newly found bosses knew of the resistances HQ, but judging on the situation, Aida doubted that the rescues ship would take them anywhere else… That is, if the bombers didn’t make it there first. If that was the case, Vene would be gone with the rest of the factor.

Aida, adjusted a camera, placed in the top edge corner of one of the many stairways. This one just so happened to be the observing the door to the roof top. Once they were out there, there would be known more footage she could collect from any of the still working factor cameras, but she had a feeling, with everything she captured, that her bosses wouldn’t be disappointed. The camera’s captured faces, they would be able to identify lots of these people in the future, if they somehow made it out.


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0.00 INK

Her blade remained unwavering as she pointed it up the stairs, ready to catch any of the five knights who may have been dumb enough to give chase. However, the incoming fire faded away. She figured the knights were focusing their attention on the larger vessels that were approaching. She knew that if the knights were smart, they would have one of them keep an eye on the door. The last thing Cordelia wanted to do is telegraph her position again, else it make her actions more predictable. She decided to wait for whoever was approaching that her chi detected.

When she looked back once more, Cordelia spotted a man and a girl when they rounded a corner to ascend the steps to the rooftop access. Cordelia held up a free hand towards them to silently indicate them to stop. Her left hand kept the sword pointed upstairs, away from the incoming individuals.

The first two appeared to be a little girl and a man with some kind of prosthetic arm. Cordelia had never seen technology like this before. This world was very strange indeed, but the monk knew her fists proved stronger than the advanced-looking armour of the knights she had beaten so far. These two did not look like the soldiers Cordelia had fought. The girl was clearly a non-combatant, while the man’s armour looked vastly different. Unlike the bulky armour of the knights, this man’s armour was relatively tight-fitting. Considering he’s escorting a girl, it was safe to assume they were not on the same side as the knights who were attacking the approaching transport vessels.

The second appeared to be some kind of soldier in a suit not unlike the knights, but with a distinct lack of heavy metal plating or circuitry. The visor design was also very different. If he hadn't mentioned something about an evacuation, Cordelia would've thought the third individual was one of the knights.

“There are five knights lying in wait up there,” she told the non-knights, “I can’t reach them with their long-ranged weapons pinning me here.”

She then heard a scream coming from somewhere on the rooftop through the slightly more open door on the roof access. By the Goddess, did the knights hit an innocent up there?

“If you have anything long-ranged, I need at least a full second of cover,” she told the armoured individual who was carrying the girl.