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Do we need this kind of hero?



a part of Do we need this kind of hero?, by Syao4500.


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Brightside is a part of Do we need this kind of hero?.

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Adelaide Krause [12] Human Automaton
Markus [11] The Black Wolf Spellsword
Cordelia Jenkins [10] "I stand up next to a mountain, and I chop it down with the edge of my hand."
Takezo [10] The Devil's Right Arm
Corbin Joa [9] "Alright men, let's show these pranks how a real soldier fights."
Xander Atallis [4] Would you like a shot? Whiskey? Vodka?
Isabel Ashford [3] Tricky Rogue
Aida [3] The Ghost in the Machine
Renya Vanderhort [2] "Give me any weapon, I'll woop your butt!"

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Adelaide blinked several times in confusion when a child's voice came from the man's arm. It was obviously a little girl who affectionately referred to the man as daddy, after explaining that her name was Mabel, Adelaide determined she was some sort of AI. Her chipper disposition reminded her allot of the AI on her phone Nori, however Adelaide was sure the Mabel was much more advanced. She didn't understand why or how she took over, for he man whom Mabel had said was named Takezo.

"Um... okay.", Adelaide covered her eyes as she was told to do. However, she really didn't know why she had asked her to. There weren't any bright lights the Adelaide could see. But when she uncovered them she watched a group of the enemies sputter out and hit the floor with a thud... like they had suddenly lost power. Adelaide was still in a bit of shock as she was quickly scooped up in Takezo's arms bridal style, well Mabel did using Takezo's body. As they began to run around the corner, Adelaide couldn't help but wonder how and why Mabel had to take over for Takezo. What was so drastic that he would allow the AI to take over like she did? They moved very quickly, faster then a normal human being that's for sure. Takezo suit obviously gave him abilities that made him almost superhuman.

When they had put a good amount of distance between the things, they stopped again. Mabel instructed Adelaide to hop onto Takezo's back and hold on tightly. She nodded doing her best to hop up on the taller man's shoulders hoping she wasn't to heavy. She wrapped her arms around him tightly.

"Mabel..., do you know what these things are that are killing people... I've never seen anything like them before?"

She didn't know if Mabel knew or not, but from the way that Takezo had been fighting them before, she figured that she would have a better idea than Adelaide did. As they grew closer to the roof Adelaide could hear what sounded like some sort of aircrafts. It made Adelaide feel like there was hope they would make it out of this alive, even with the sound of bullets hitting metal she was beginning to calm and feel a little more relaxed.


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Her blade remained unwavering as she pointed it up the stairs, ready to catch any of the five knights who may have been dumb enough to give chase. However, the incoming fire faded away. She figured the knights were focusing their attention on the larger vessels that were approaching. She knew that if the knights were smart, they would have one of them keep an eye on the door. The last thing Cordelia wanted to do is telegraph her position again, else it make her actions more predictable. She decided to wait for whoever was approaching that her chi detected.

When she looked back once more, Cordelia spotted a man and a girl when they rounded a corner to ascend the steps to the rooftop access. Cordelia held up a free hand towards them to silently indicate them to stop. Her left hand kept the sword pointed upstairs, away from the incoming individuals.

The first two appeared to be a little girl and a man with some kind of prosthetic arm. Cordelia had never seen technology like this before. This world was very strange indeed, but the monk knew her fists proved stronger than the advanced-looking armour of the knights she had beaten so far. These two did not look like the soldiers Cordelia had fought. The girl was clearly a non-combatant, while the man’s armour looked vastly different. Unlike the bulky armour of the knights, this man’s armour was relatively tight-fitting. Considering he’s escorting a girl, it was safe to assume they were not on the same side as the knights who were attacking the approaching transport vessels.

The second appeared to be some kind of soldier in a suit not unlike the knights, but with a distinct lack of heavy metal plating or circuitry. The visor design was also very different. If he hadn't mentioned something about an evacuation, Cordelia would've thought the third individual was one of the knights.

“There are five knights lying in wait up there,” she told the non-knights, “I can’t reach them with their long-ranged weapons pinning me here.”

She then heard a scream coming from somewhere on the rooftop through the slightly more open door on the roof access. By the Goddess, did the knights hit an innocent up there?

“If you have anything long-ranged, I need at least a full second of cover,” she told the armoured individual who was carrying the girl.


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#, as written by Citadel
Markus busted through the big, blast doors leading to the street level, his eyes shooting up to the large buildings that surrounded him. He could hear the gunfire from the roof, half-expecting it to be perfectly honest. As he considered his next move, several armored vehicles approached him from both sides of the road. Infantrymen jumped out of the vehicles, pointing their guns toward Markus. Several Swordsmen were with them as well. Markus slowly reached for his sword and removed it from his back, cracking his neck as he did so. He wasn't a fool. If he took them head on he would be dead. But, he was just an idiot enough to try something insanely stupid. Dropping his sword as if meaning to give up, Markus hid his left hand beneath his cloak, raising the right one up in surrender. Knowing this would only make them hesitate a brief moment before opening fire, Markus called upon his shield in his right hand and pulled his left out to reveal another black javelin. He threw the dark energy at the closest armored vehicle, causing a massive explosion that chained to the other vehicles. Markus found himself flying backwards, hitting hard against the building and falling to his knees. The shield took the brunt of the hit, but Markus still felt quite a bit of pain.

The shield disappeared and Markus limped over to his sword while his regenerative abilities slowly began to heal his wounds. They were significantly slowed down, even the smallest scars taking much longer than normal to fade away. Picking up the sword, Markus looked around at his handy work, several burning vehicles and bodies littering the ground around him. "I hope that was just enough to cause a distraction for the people on the roof. If only just." Markus looked over to see a survivor crawling toward his gun. Markus walked over and put his foot across the Corrupted's arm pressing down hard enough on it for the soldier to scream out in pain. "I have to give it to you. Whoever you are, you're strong enough to force me to get creative." Markus brought his sword down on the survivor. Markus is not one to kill someone who can't kill themselves. But, he couldn't predict this new enemy. If he left even one alive, it would definitely come back to bite him in the ass. He was sure of it. "Normally, I would just run forward swinging my sword at anything that moved. This has given me some more experience in tactical thinking. Maybe I will learn something from this world." Markus through his sword over his back and closed his eyes. Cordelia was on the roof, that he knew. He was having a hard time finding the right energy in this world. It was teeming with life and decay, making it difficult to center his mind on finding his target. After a few seconds he opened his eye and looked right. "Ashford. I'm not sensing anyone else. She isn't far. Its my best bet right now." With that, Markus began walking in the general direction he sensed her. It wasn't magic that this ability was routed in. It was more like his feral instinct, something predators are born with. In the other world it was a pretty useless trait, but here he found a use for it.