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Lucas K. Martin

" Look at me,i'm just sexy ".

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a character in “Do you love me ?”, as played by Fruity_Loopsxx




Basic Info

Name:Lucas K. Martin
Crush: Rikki


In general,he is a very generous person who has different feelings for the people he loves and cares much about them until they hate him and he can be very cocky when he gets really pissed off and people think they can decimate him,but he knows if he standed a chance with them then he would destroy them for what ever purpose they had with him no matter what.

He is a brute guy being the new one in the house and all since he can be a really cocky person a lot and handling things that people around the world know about.He can also be a hateful guy when things go awry and shit just don't go out like it should've.

He really can be a helpful person though because after what he's been through and the things he's had to endure people that he really needed for him but he never had love in fact,he had pain to deal with and for some reason this new family was something to look forward to for a while until they left but that would never happen because they are gonna stay in the house for a while until time lets them leave and he's making sure that happens.

.He was raped by his mother and he was put in a orphanage for a while until he reached the age of 16. after that he left school,quit sports and found that his friends were more .He got so messed up at times when he couldn't go to school anymore and he was never allowed back in college until he could fix himself but how could he ?

He later became associated with drug trafficking and violence within the criminal world until the thought came to him about what he had been through and what he had done.He had no help as he left the drugs but went to drinking and almost committed suicide on the day of his father's birthday who never visited him after all,Michael was a family disgrace and nobody wanted him in their family after he was broke and went to a time of depression until, him and his friends broke into this house and they think they have a plan.

If he was to stay away from the people outside and live his life then maybe he would be safe but who knows everyone is kinda on their own and he has to watch them and make sure they have fun.

[center]His Room


Theme Song

Rain rain won't go away
Cloud on my head every single day
This pain pain goes right inside
Breaking me down till I Just cry

Little Bully wants to play
Hits me every single day
Pain, Pain go right inside
Guess I'll Just have to let it slide

Drain drain all my life
why can't I just stop this strife
Rain rain, won't go away
Cloud on my head every single day

Beat on another kid
But not on me
Rain rain won't go away
Cloud on my head every single day

These games games that you play
Eventually I'll get up and say
No no not this time
I'm taking back what is mine

"With this faith
We will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair
A stone of hope
With this faith
We will be able to transform our nation
Into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood
With this faith
We will be able to stand up for freedom together
Knowing that we will be free one day
This will be the day
When all children will be able to sing with new meaning"
-The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Stand up
Take what's mine
Is what your trying to hide
I don't care
For the things that you say
I know that you are just one step away
From breaking down
Pick yourself up off the ground
I know that you are better than this

Open your eyes
Now is the time
To rise up
With Darkness will still shine
Idolize and deposed wrong or right
Will make it through to the other side.

So begins...

Lucas K. Martin's Story


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Character Portrait: Lucas K. Martin Character Portrait: Scarny Lee Pretige
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Lucas came back to the house while Scarny went to vault four . He couldn't blame her after all she was the last person he would think going down there . He slowly walked back to his room and turned off the lights while he sat down on his bed for a short moment . After that he left the room and went to the nearby shower as he took of his top and looked in the mirror . " What I see is nothing,I'm born a silent victim of my own family member and the woman I trusted when I was young brutally did this to me of all things".

He looked at his arm and the cut marks were there . He left the bathroom and went downstairs even if his shirt was off he couldn't care because it was kinda his and he could keep it that way as long as he ever wanted . He sat on the couch and turned on the Tv to channel 27 and was looking at downtown were a robbery had taken place . He slowly put his head back and fell asleep