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Isolde Larson

0 · 491 views · located in Doctor Mason's Academy for the Supernatural

a character in “Doctor Mason's Academy for the Supernatural”, as played by Circus Freak




A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
- George Bernard Shaw

Image☠Full Name☠
Isolde Anne Larson

Tizzer, or Iso



October 5th

Dual Citizenship;
Ireland || America

Caucasian || Irish










Long, curly Red

☠Eye Color☠
Hazel, W/Green Tones

☠Skin Color☠
Pallid White

☠Distinguishing Marks☠
Scar on Upper left corner of top Lip.
Birthmark on the back of her Neck.

Isolde in general is pretty, but often times doesn't feel that way. She slouches, wears baggy clothes, and has the shopping sense of an old woman. She likes to lounge around in hand me down t-shirts (from her brother!) and sweat pants that barely fit. She keeps her hair down most of the time, though finding it annoying when it gets in her face all the time. But if she is feeling particularly daring (which trust me, she won't often be) she will style it.

She can be described as always smiling, even though she isn't always cheerful. Most of the time this shy young woman smiles out of discomfort, and it has somewhat become a trademark for her. She wears make-up on days she feels like going the extra mile (which as usual isn't often) but usually its just eye shadow, lipstick, and a little bit of concealer to cover up any acne that decides to spring up. But she usually avoids make-up when she is feeling lazy.
Another thing to notice about her appearance is that she doesn't seem to have much color sense. She always wears mismatched socks and various other mismatched clothing. Top that off with her usual baggy style and its hard to tell whether she is trying for "individualist" or just plain lazy.



{Shy, Anxious, Disbelieving, Guarded)

Isolde has always had a hard time being around other people, whether because of her fear of hurting someone by accident or because she doesn't want to face any potential rejection. Either way she is always attempting to hide away her true feelings - which doesn't always work as she can be quite emotional at times. She stays guarded, keeping people at a distance until they prove to her they only have good intentions. She gets really anxious in many situations, even ones that don't particularly concern her. Its easy to tell when shes worried, simply by the way she gets really quiet.

She is also extremely shy. Which is also something that is easy to tell just from looking at her. Always hiding behind something or someone, and keeping her eyes downcast when speaking. She is so quiet most of the time that she can pretty much blend in to the background - a true wallflower. She has a hard time being loud or cheerful, the most she can achieve is smiling - which is her trademark feature. Most people don't have a hard time approaching Isolde as she gives off a friendly vibe, its more so that Isolde has a hard time putting her thoughts into words and holding a conversation with anyone who approaches her.

A side of Isolde that many get to see, but don't really understand is that she is extremely scared that she is going to hurt someone. Despite having worked on her control for so long she fears that her nervousness and emotional tendencies may trigger them to go out of control without her say so. She hates the idea that her power is capable of hurting another person - and possibly even killing them if she isn't careful. Though she has never killed anyone she still fears that she might in the future.

One of her redeeming qualities however is that she is kind, and has her heart in the right place. Even if she is afraid to talk to you that doesn't mean she doesn't still think about you. In fact, a small yearly habit of hers during Holiday Times is to make cards for everyone at Academy and find a way to give it to them without coming into direct contact with them. Which admittedly is a little bit creepy for anyone new, who hasn't yet experienced Isolde in all of her shy glory. If someone asks her for help she always tries her best to get them help, and rarely ever gets angry about things.


- Silence
- Snow/cold weather
- Rabbits
- Watching TV
- Driving
- Writing
- Sleeping
- The Library
- Class
- Wilderness

x- Forced Small-Talk
x- Hot Weather
x- Homework
x- Obligations
x- Bigots
x- Sundays
x- Her Power
x- Being Afraid
x- Anxiety/Panic Attacks
x- Closed in spaces[/left]


- Bites her lip
- Chews her nails
- Taps her fingers/feet
- Shakes her leg
- Never looks anyone in the eye
- Always touches her hair when she talks
- Has a habit of bouncing on her heels when standing

- Exceptional Writer
- Can Sing Well (Hates This Particular Talent)

- Always Afraid to speak up
- Extremely clumsy/accident prone
- Easily embarrassed
- Gets very emotional if provoked
- Isn't very versed in anything outside of literature
- Cannot think fast
- Can't run...or fight...or do anything physical to save her life.

- Losing control
- Hurting someone
- Getting hurt/dying
- Confinement
- Drowning


☠Family Tree☠
Mother and Father: Alonna Larson and Jim Larson (bio father - deceased)
Half-Sister(s): Jessalyn Larson , Camden Larson , Toria Larson

Isolde never knew her biological father beyond the fact that he was some important business man that often times was too busy at the office to come home and be an actual parent. At the time of his death she didn't exactly know how to react. On one hand he was her father, the man who took part in creating her. While he was also a stranger to her, and there were very few memories they could share between them. In the end the affect that his death had on Isolde was little more than the death of a distant relative. It hurt for a while, but it didn't last forever. Within months she was back to normal, and had gotten used to her mother being sad all the time.

Her power emergence happened in the summer before she would be turning eight. Being so young she barely understood what was happening, and at first it seemed really cool. She would show her mother the strange things she could do with her voice, mimicking sounds she would hear with ease. Her mother thought she was just really good at mimicry and didn't find anything strange about this at all. Until the powers began to rapidly emerge. Isolde could barely control what was happening around her anymore. Speakers would blow out if she walked near, and her own voice would go out of control. She didn't understand the full extent of what was happening until she accidentally made her radio pitch change so low that it nearly burst the neighbor girls eardrum when she came over to play.

After that incident Isoldes mother thought it best if she be somewhere that she could get a grip on her strange abilities. She found the Academy, and sent her there as soon as possible. She promised Isolde that she would only be staying at the Academy until she could control her power...but eventually months of waiting on her mother to return for her turned into Years. Isolde knew from then on that she had been abandoned. Instead of getting angry she tracked down a way to communicate with her mother and ended up writing her a letter. She never expected a return letter, but what came back didn't come from her mother, but rather a young girl who was claiming to be Isoldes half-sister.

Isoldes mother never contacted her even after the letter was sent, but for the past three years or so Isolde has been sending and receiving letters from her sister Camden in an attempt to find some closure about the whole situation. Camden and Isolde grew quickly attached despite never having met each other outside of the letters they send to each other.

☠Relationship Status☠
Currently N/A


Sound Manipulation/Audiokinesis is the ability to manipulate sound and sound waves. Isolde can create, shape and manipulate sound, a periodic disturbance of the medium (air, ground, water, etc) that radiates outward in straight lines in the form of a pressure wave. The effect these waves produce upon the ear is perceived as sound. She can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement.

At very low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage, and can easily burst an eardrum if used in a certain way, while high frequencies are used for sonar-like effects. Since sound vibrations can travel through most any form of medium, and defense by using physical barriers is difficult if not impossible. The vibrations caused by the sound waves is capable of affecting at the molecular level as well.

Create/generate and modify the loudness, pitch, and tone of sounds, even to destructive levels.
Voice Mimicry through pitch change.
Vibration Emission

Sonokinetic Combat: Using her power to distract/disorient an opponent.
Sonic Healing: can heal themselves or others by using sound by utilizing high frequency sound waves to shelter the body, revitalizing it to its max by manipulating the molecules and nerves via vibration to induce regeneration.

May be unable to create sound, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
Sound requires a medium to travel through, such as air, ground or water, though it can be virtually anything.
Sound Nullification can nullify user's powers.
Users of Sound Immunity or Sound Absorption are either immune or highly resistant.
Because she is extremely afraid of her powers she rarely uses them, and has very little practice with anything in the area of Healing or Combat with her powers.

Face Claim: Karen Gillan
Hex Color: #D66693

So begins...

Isolde Larson's Story