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Aiden Carroll

Chivalry is silent.

0 · 205 views · located in Dofrey Asylum, Canada

a character in “Dofrey Asylum: Handed Over”, originally authored by Attie, as played by RolePlayGateway


Aiden Carroll
Chivalry is silent.
Nickname : N/A
Ethnicity : Austrian & French
Birthday : May 9th, 1990
Age : 22
Room Number: 24
Height: 6'3
Weight: 195lbs

Eye Color: L-Blue; R-Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown
Build: Toned; Average.
Tattoos/Piercings: None.
Scars: Few.
Clothing Styles : Like a gentleman, he can always be found in slacks and a buttoned down white shirt, or on special occasions (Like dinner with the group,) he is found in a full suit with jacket. Like so:
Appearance: The resemblance between his twin sister and he is strong - and would be identical if they were the same gender, or so their late parents told them. His hair is kept the length of the picture, and is only ever 'kept' well when in the full suit, which is then swept back out of his face and his facial hair is slim to none, or trimmed. Otherwise, he lets his five-o-clock shadow roam free about his features while his hair hides his eyes from the rest of the world - keeping them in their place. At a distance. When out of his living quarters, he is placed with a muzzle/mask over the bottom half of his face to keep his jaw locked. He appears to have no struggle when this is placed on him - rather like he requested it himself.


Species: Siren.
Siren's Song: claiming another in a trance and creating an illusion only they can see, whilst they are listening to the soothing voice. To anyone around who held their ears plugged/ or were immune to such effects, they would see only a ghost singing and the victim/s watching or in a trance.
Siren's Calm: His (honest) laughter can soothe heavy/raging tempers.
Siren's Charm: His voice, at a normal speech, rhythm, and tone... Still have a nauseating affect on those around him. Often, no harm is brought to anyone but only a great and desperate need for a nap. Because of this, Aiden has devoted himself to a life of silence to protect others.

Disorder: Social Anxiety Disorder, Manic Depressive, Suicide Attempted (Twice). Claustrophobic. - Delusional. (Lost in his own world a lot)
Phobias/Fears: Suffocation. Claustrophobia. Becoming Homicidal.
Bad Habits: Ignoring anything and everyone around him and getting lost in thought, or perhaps his own 'world'.
Good Qualities: Good hearted/natured. Wants to save people on instinct, rather than harm them. Wants to restrain his abnormalities and be 'normal'. Chivalry.
Bad Qualities : Noble to a fault with little to NO regard for his own life's preservation - he often attempts suicide as a means of keeping everyone safe from himself / throws himself in danger if it means saving another. He cares little of himself, and much of others.

Sexual Background: Straight. He is a virgin out of fear of himself.
Likes: Reading. Sketching. Taking walks. Yoga - to keep him patient with his devotion to silence.
Dislikes: Having great opinions or ideas and not being able to voice them without strain or energy taken to write them out.
Other: He holds the key to Edith's lingering in the mortal realm.


History: Both:
Edith and Aiden Carroll were born in to the world together, wailing like the healthy newborns they were despite their early arrival and small bodies. Their wailing was so 'horrific', it was said that half the staff left the room before they passed out from the migraine or nausea they felt. No doubt, in hindsight, this was the first sign of their unusual 'gifts', their mother would call it. However, to their father, it was the first sign of reality - leaving him to strongly believe that he'd been entranced this whole time by the siren of a witch she was and had produced her children to be. In his hysterics, he claimed she used him to breed more of her terrible kind! He left her, and shortly after, found himself overcome with guilt from his one-sided perception; it was this perception that led to his own suicide.

Left to parent both children on her own, their mother fled with them to Ireland and found herself a piece of land that was far from any civilization - leaving her and her children free to sing all they liked to themselves in their own, wonderful piece of world. Their happiness was present all their lives, and upon the right age, they were home schooled through the whole of grade school education. However, she could not keep them to herself forever, and upon their eighteenth birthdays, she agreed to let them go live their lives if only they promised to stay together.

They did so. Aiden remained the quiet of the pair, refusing to speak for as long as he could remember finding out about what they were, what they could do to people. Edith, on the other hand, felt absolutely no remorse about using her ability to climb the charts of musical fame. As an opera singer, famed in London and France, he Siren's Song would leave the audience completely mesmerized by her performance, leaving them to believe the truth of every play or musical. By the end of the show, when her voice ceased, they always left with amazement on their face and the true sense that they'd been somewhere completely else than the seats in which they sat. Aiden didn't approve of her outward show of their abilities, but as the promise to their mother burdened him, he remained close by and performed silently as part of the stage crew -- and a watch dog for his sister.

Aiden: Upon the news of his sister's death, meeting her ghostly spirit, and realizing the horrorific conclusion she'd made after confronting the man she'd loved, Aiden realized as well that he would never be able to receive the kind of love he'd feel for anyone. Not without them under a spell. With this in mind, and his depression setting in, he fled with Edith close behind back to Ireland to find his mother.. But she was gone. No trace left other than legends of an old Banshee left in the ruins that was once their piece of happiness. It was this legend that Edith grew to feel fondly for, and agreed to take the footsteps left for her as the undead siren. Aiden, even more devastated, told his sister he wouldn't be around people... Not normal people. He'd heard of a place where others like them resided, a place where they could probably hold their own against him and his sister and not be harmed by their accidents and mistakes.

And so, today, he arrives with Edith close behind, bound by the promise made eternal to stay near him always.. a Haunting memory.

So begins...

Aiden Carroll's Story

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#, as written by Attie
There are some memories that make us laugh in afterthought, despite how horrifying they were in present time.
Other memories that we look back on make us shudder, they cause us to contemplate on why we did it, what we could have done to prevent it.
.... But I've learned to shut them off. No regrets. No remorse. I'm dead. There's nothing left to worry about.

Edith Carroll

Edith shook her head, having lingered outside of her 'room' for a while now, just simply watching the others down the hall and through the doors that would open here and there when a guard called for back up for the cafeteria. Another fight. How amusing, she thought to herself as she pretended to walk down the hallway. Truly, all that happened was a glide, though the softest tingling sensation shot through her body-less existence, causing the molecules that made up her ghostly entity to buzz, humming from the pleasure of pretending she were normal, that she was truly walking, that there was no transparency. She even pretended to lift up her hand and hold open the door for herself, though it didn't budge. She didn't have the density. She never would without some crazy voodoo or whatever those cracked sorcerers called it. Part of her longed for the ability to touch and feel things again, but on second thought, just breezing through the door as if it had no barrier properties at all brought the same rush through her.

The thought violated any body's privacy, and she liked that very much.

Drifting through the cafeteria, close to the ground as she pretended to walk across the floor, she 'bumped' in to another girl. She wasn't partaking in the fights going on, as it would seem, and looked completely and utterly lost. Confused. She must have been new. Had to be. Sizing her up in a quick 1-2-3, Edith determined that this one could be corrupted easily enough.

"Good morning, darling." The word poured from Edith's lips like a poisonous trap, and she all but expected the girl to talk to her like they were old friends with the way her 'charms' usually worked. But something was different about this one. - Did she have the ability to manipulate people with her voice, too? If she was affected by her 'charm', she didn't show it, or it was so little power to such a being that Edith couldn't tell. It almost frustrated her. "You're new here, hmm? Not going to join the others in the weekly brawl?"


Anyone with a sense of sanity would see the poison that I possess. It's sickening.
Anyone with half a sense of the insanity that I must possess, can imagine why I think the world is better off with me dead.
Anyone with no mind left at all can only imagine how messed up I must be if I'm not using this to my advantage...
That's probably my sister.

Aiden Carroll

Aiden had been up since well before the wake up checks were initiated to crowd the 'patients' to the cafeteria for food. It's not as if one was required to go, and some didn't, but if you wanted to eat, you had to stick to the institution's schedule or you'd miss out. Aiden felt damned if he did, damned if he didn't. Laying on his bed, on top of the sheets and such that he'd already made up an hour ago, he silently contemplated to himself the many things that buzzed through his head:
  • Why am I here?
  • Will this really protect anyone? What about the people in here with me?
  • Can they really handle themselves?
  • What are these 'meds' for? What are they doing to me?
  • What was the point of keeping my sister in her own room when she doesn't sleep? Eat? Touch anything?
  • Did they put some kind of magical barrier in her room to keep her locked up in there at the appropriate times, because she sure doesn't come invading my privacy too often.
  • I hope she's not hurting anyone here. I'd feel responsible.
  • I wonder if any of the pretty girls in this place are worth the trouble with all the shit they've got going on---

"Mr. Carroll?" Victoria, the nurse Aiden favored the most for her hospitality spoke, interrupting his thoughts. It was a pleasant surprise rather than a nuisance. "Just doin' checks, dear. Will you be attending breakfast this time? I think I saw your sister already head that way."

I don't know what for. She hasn't eaten anything since.. He let out a sigh, leaving his thought's sentence cut off before Victoria entered the room, white angelic outfit and all with a hopeful smile plastered on her face.

"Why don't you leave that worrying you do for the staff? With the discovery of each new existence comes a new idea for things to accommodate them. Maybe they'll find a way to make ghost food, dear?" She laughed, and it was contagious because it caused a smile to creep out from the corners of his mouth.

"There, that's the smile I look for each morning. You know, you have every right to live in this world. Just like the others do. You just.. Well, you're safer here, dear." She patted his shoulder, nodding reassuringly as he looked up to her in silence. He was always silent, but she still made a way to carry a conversation between the two of them. It often led him to believe that she wasn't just a nurse - but maybe one of those psychics or someone who can read minds. -- Scary thought, though! Aiden's thoughts weren't always pure.

"Come on. Let it be a different day. Why don't you come to breakfast just this once? Maybe something will change your mind about everything? Help you? Make new friends."

It's hard to make friends when you're on a vow of silence.. he thought to himself, but she was so good at encouraging him when he was against ideas that he shrugged, leaning forward and lifting himself from the bed. She moved to let him up, assisting him before he steadied himself. She got a good look at him from toe to head and winked, "Always looking so sharp, Mr. Carroll."

She was correct, as usual. Taking a side-glance at the mirror, Aiden allowed himself the small hint of self-esteem. He was a very good looking man, especially in his long, wrinkle-free black slacks hanging from his hips and the open white, rolled sleeved shirt he wore that hugged his shoulders and let the rest fall off his toned arms. He began to button up the shirt before nodding in confirmation of his attendance to the cafeteria to Victoria, who seemed to understand well enough and beamed at him, closing the door behind herself. "Enjoy, Mr. Carroll."

Leaving the top two buttons undone, he tucked his shirt in to slacks and slipped on a pair of black, sleek house shoes that were open in the heel for easy slipping, but with the length of his pants, gave off the illusion that he was properly dressed for business. Nodding in approval of himself to the mirror, he exited the room and shut the door gently before continuing down the hallway and through the doors. Another brawl... Better have kept away from the food. It didn't take long before he spotted his sister, Edith, who appeared to be hovering around a girl he's never seen before. He only saw the back of her, trailing the sight of her long hair to her waist before shaking his head out of the thoughts proceeding. He took a deep breath, attempting to avoid and step over the others who were otherwise occupied and made his way over to the civil pair.

"Aiden, meet the new girl. I don't know her name yet." Edith grinned her eternally pearly whites at him before flashing the smile at the new girl. She drifted to the side, allowing Aiden the proper amount of room to join them and get a good look at the girl. His breath caught at the sight, arching a brow as he looked her over from the front this time. There were no visible signs -- well, not to him, -- of what 'species' this one was, but then again, even he and his sister looked normal to the regular eye. He simply nodded to his sister, keeping his eyes on the new girl before attempting to take her hand and bow before her, bringing his forehead to the backside of her hand before rising once more and moving to leave the girls. -- Food was on the mind, and not even the pretty new patient was going to ruin his ambition of putting something in to his stomach. It was the whole reason he braved leaving his room and jeopardizing everything, wasn't it?

"Don't mind him, new girl." Edith winked at her. Though she wasn't -trying- to use her voice for charm, if any weak-minded individuals were around and overheard her, they might have their attention attracted in her direction. Being a siren had it's blessings, but also it's curses. "He... doesn't talk very much. Or at all."

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#, as written by Attie
Aiden Carroll

By the time the events behind him in the cafeteria were cooling down -- or at least being settled by the guards -- most of the cooking staff had made themselves scarce. Rolling his eyes, annoyed with his supernatural inmates, Aiden reached over the counter and helped himself to the tiny boxes of cereal that one usually finds in school cafeteria. What is the point of a box this size? A serving size? Really? On that note, he grabbed two more boxes, reached for a plastic spoon that was wrapped up in sanitation plastic, and a paper bowl. He wasn't sure if the rule applied to everyone, or just him, but he was under regulation not to ever eat off of regular bowls and use normal silverware. He wasn't even permitted to throw away his plastics and paper. Instead, he had to hand them in to the guard or nurse at the exit of the room, so that they kept record of if he attempted to bring it to his room or even ate.

When he first got here, he thought the rule was stupid, but as time went on and the desire to use the utensils to rid the world of himself grew... He understood pretty clearly why they kept him so tightly protected.

He borrowed the counter to pour out the contents of his cereal into the bowl, tossed out the three boxes, and then made his way over to the drinks station, which among other things and flavors, milk in tiny cartons were in a mini-fridge. Reaching in and grabbing two cartons, one for the bowl and one for himself, he looked over his shoulder to see what was left of the room to inhabit in civilized eating habits. Naturally, by now, the lights were out and flickering as the staff attempted to restore power, and everyone who had been involved appeared to either be exiting, or being escorted. All that appeared to be left was his sister, the new girl, ... and Medusa.

Snakes. Man, she can't even -hide- her species from the world. What life must be like for her.. He didn't see her often, but when he did see her and others like her - altered physically by their species or supernatural abilities - he would almost always act upon sympathy or empathy, reflecting in his mind about how much harder things must be for them than his own problems. He wasn't sure if he did this to keep him from wanting to kill himself, the meds, or if he actually gave a damn about some people in this place, but his feelings were undeniably true.

After a moment's contemplation, he walked over to sit next to her at the table she managed to find that hadn't been destroyed or otherwise damaged. He didn't look at her. Even with the precautions she took to keep her eyes off anyone, he still got creeped out. Just a little, though. He felt it was no more odd that she be limited by sight than he by voice. And besides, if she couldn't look at him and make eye contact without turning him to stone - or whatever she may be capable of as a modern day gorgon (he wasn't sure) - what was the point of his own attempt?

Still, out of habit, he nodded in her direction before proceeding to chow down.

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Medusa became aware of the presence beside her, and glanced over in the direction of Aiden....though it was hard to gauge as her face was hidden away from view. She knew of the much as she knew of others that she'd seen around the place. He was extremely quiet...and she gathered that there was probably a good reason for it.
"Morning." she greeted quietly, figuring she should offer some common courtesy to the fellow, even if he wasn't endeavoring to speak to her. He wasn't actively avoiding her...and when you wer epartially scaly and had snakes for hair..that had to count for something, she thought.

Not long after that, the young man named Dorian made his way over, apparently having recovered himself. She decided it would be a bit insensitive to ask what that had been all about. If he didn't want to talk about it, she wasn't planning to push...and hopefully he'd return the sentiment.

"Yup. Everyone is apparently a wannabe Muhammed Ali this morning. It's getting really, really tiresome." she sighed as she finished eating the cereal and set the empty bowl down on the table.

"Some heavy ran into me while he was chasing one of the idiots and I hit my knee. Just a bruise or something I imagine."

She looked up as she was approached by the guards, brandishing the cuffs and implying that she was supposed to have them on her wrists for the duration of then trip to the rec room.
"Of course....just in case the person with the deadly gaze and the venomous hair suddenly decides 'you know, fuck that, I'll start punching people'...but's your funding you're wasting on buying cuffs for me.."

The gorgon extended her gloved hands out in front of her, the cuffs were snapped onto her wrists and she followed without complaint to the recreation room. Once there her hands were freed and she made her way to a seat, dropping down and pulling out the book she'd been carrying, intent on finishing 'The Fall of The House of Usher'...that was until she found herself taking note of who was in the room.

She caught sight of the Dorian, who'd gone over to the art supplies. Medusa had never really bothered with them, as the plates of her mask distorted her perception of colour. It was too difficult to try and work out how a picture might look without the tinting. That was not her concern however, and more that the girl who'd just called Baby a 'whore' and started the recent fight was standing there. There was no way that she'd be just allowed back unless either the staff were really playing favorites...or she'd snuck off.

"Can't even face up to the consequences of your behaviour?" she remarked irritably to the girl, raising her voice a little to be heard, though keeping her gaze turned to the book. The snakes raised their heads, alerted to their owner's anger.
"You stab someone, call someone else a whore, get into a fight....god knows what's likely to happy to Baby seeing as she's already gotten carted off once today...and you think you can just wander in here? You're going to get into trouble and I'd suggest you didn't drag anybody else into it."

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#, as written by Attie
Edith Carroll

After her very brief conversation with the 'new girl', Edith let her gaze slip protectively to her brother. Snakes wasn't in any position that showed hostility, nor was the guy who joined her with the guards soon after, offering cuffs to escort them out and to recreation, no doubt. Edith's eyes twinkled with delight as she slipped away from the new girl's presence, moving to hover near her brother as the guards moved to him, offering the cuffs and the opportunity for Aiden to come willingly.

Placing her icy fingers on her brother's shoulders - or pretending to - Edith gazed at the guard's eyes, her voice full of venomous charm, "I don't think those will be necessary, boys. You work so hard keeping this place run properly, dealing with all those 'bad ones' ... Why don't you two grab yourselves some breakfast and I'll escort him instead. You'll be good, won't you, Aiden?" She turned her head, her gaze from the men to her brother with a smile. He returned a look not so pleasant - but she ignored it, winking as she bowed to the ever consenting guards, making their way over to the left overs.

Aiden Carroll

Aiden let out a sigh, placing his bowl on to the table, rising from his chair, and then making little to no objection physically to moving to the recreational room. Even if he didn't bother to map the place out in his mind, he knew where he was going thanks to the other guards who were still escorting Medusa. Following in after her, Edith right behind him, he took a look at today's activity and let out a soft sigh, opting to sneak a smile in before his sister glared at him. "Don't show them a weakness!" She hissed, but her 'voice' never worked on him. It never would. They were immune to each other.

As he made his way over to a free sketch pad and choice pencils, he picked up one marked HB on the side and began to idly draw as if he were continuing a picture he'd been working on for years. Edith let out a sigh at him, leaving his side to lean in on the conversation had by Chloe and Medusa, smirking from the corner of her mouth. She opened her mouth to say something, as well, but when the doors opened, Chloe vanished, and she knew better than to startle the shy girl even more by blowing her cover -- as fun of an idea as it sounded like.

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"Good morning, darling." Anna turned quickly, nearly falling over. Before her stood a strange girl. She seemed beautiful and friendly, though maybe not all there (in the daze of tiredness and confusion, she was oblivious to the obvious fact of her transparency). In order to keep her head together, she refused to let her voice be unsteadied or her gaze be lowered. "Hello, it's nice to... meet you..." There was something familiar in the way Edith looked at her, a certain smooth, dangerous aspect in her voice to which she was no stranger. Was it that she'd met her before, or- "You're new here, hmm? Not going to join the others in the weekly brawl?"

Before she could answer, her attention was drawn to a young man who'd entered the room. There was something about him that she quite liked, and it wasn't just his looks (which isn't to say that it did not cross her mind). "Aiden, meet the new girl. I don't know her name yet." Aiden, what a nice name... he took her hand and bowed, and Anna held her breath. Then, as quick as the strange young man had come, he was gone, dissapeared into the throng of inmates. She turned to Edith, one curious brow raised. "Don't mind him, new girl. He... doesn't talk very much. Or at all."

That was ok, neither did she.

"It's Anna, by the way." Anna's stare turned from that of simple attentiveness to curiosity as she watched her new aquantance walk away. Where before she'd seen only a girl who was a bit off, a bit ghostly, she now noticed that Edith was more than a little absent. She was transparent! Her forehead crumpled in confusion. "Wha..."

At that moment, the drugs began to wear off. Her mind no longer in a forced calm, the panic began to surge back in, as if someone had released the floodgates and everything that had been building up began to immersed the land. Her eyes grew wide in horror, her nails dug into her palms and her breathing became erratic. Even though she felt like she was drowning, Anna tried to convince herself that she could control it. But then her legs began to hurt. She toppled over with the searing pain, her arms wrapped around her waist as if to hold herself in. She began to shake on her knees, and she refused to speak for fear of what she might do. Finally, she managed to gain control enough to stop the shaking and open her mouth. Her voice came as only a whisper. "Where am I!?"