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Emily Sharie Romelin

"Lets light up the sky, and set this place on fire."

0 · 281 views · located in Dofrey Asylum, Canada

a character in “Dofrey Asylum: Handed Over”, as played by Fallen


Emily Sharie Romelin
Nickname: Emi
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 10/31
Age: Eighteen
Room Number: 11
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 110
Eye Color: Red-orange (Which actually glow)
Hair Color: Deep red
Build: Curvacious figure, though thin.
Tattoos/Piercings: Emily has eight ear piercings, five on one ear and three on the other. One of them is a chain on her right ear. She has a belly button piercing, a tongue piercing, and snake bites.
Scars: Emily has scars on her back and her wrists - they seemed to have mostly healed, thus are from a younger age one would think.
Clothing Styles: Emily's clothing style varies. She has a tendency to favor urban clothing, or anything skimpy she can get her hands on - which then the style doesn't matter much. However, when it comes to colors, she likes black. She really likes black clothing, or multi colored clothing, but if it's anything you don't see her wearing it's the color white.
Appearance: Emily stands at six foot tall, with a curvy figure though thin and tone. She has pale skin, with deep red hair that hangs to her back and is thick, choppy, and layered. Her eyes are red-orange, and actually have a glow to them. She has thick dark long lashes, that flare out more than the norm. She has her ears pierced with a shocking eight piercings. Five on the left and three on the right, one of them being a chain at the bottom of her ear. She also has a tounge piercing, snake bite piercings (lip rings), and a belly button piercing. Her wings, when flying, are actually made of fire, and are extremely large.
Skills/Powers: While as a pureblood phoenix she has the natural ability to fly as a phoenix and has an affinity with fire (her fire, is actually gold with a hint of orange), Emily has two of her own abilities.

- Emily has the ability to summon mythical creatures and gods, either having them fight alongside her, or fusing with them taking on their powers and abilities - this varies from each creature or god. On occasion she can just tap into their minds without actually tapping into their powers as well.
- Emily can summon and create any weapon or fighting item at will and give it any affinity/element/appearance that she pleases. This can change constantly, and while using these abilities she is able to master whatever weapon she summons.

Disorder: Split personality disorder. Emily has a psychotic side to her, which is better left not messed with. So bad in fact, that she would kill people without having any remorse - and in her mind, she had good reason.
Species: Phoenix
Phobias/Fears: Oceans, large bodies of water, thunderstorms, dying alone, losing loved ones.
Bad Habits:

- Cranking up the heat, without realizing that it's not something everyone can take.
- Sighing loudly on purpose, when she is frustrated.
- Breaking whatever she is currently holding when angered.
- Threatening to kill whoever angers her (whether an empty threat or not.)

Good Qualities: Emily is very dependable and protective. If you need someone to take care of you or someone to keep you alive, she would be the person to depend on. She's a good shoulder to cry on, and person to come to with your problems - however, be careful she doesn't want to get revenge for your tears. She's physically and mentally strong, making her very independent - and if she weren't emotionally unstable, she could probably be a decent leader. She also has the inability to forget anything - this has it's downsides, though.
Bad Qualities: Her emotional instability, and her psychotic personality. She is unable to listen to other people if they tell her what to do, and she is extremely possessive and would probably seek blood from the person stealing too much attention from someone she cared about. Emily is not afraid to hate someone, and is perfectly fine with someone knowing how much she hates them. This means that she will not go out of her way to be cordial or nice to someone she doesn't like.
Sexual Background: Pansexual (Sometimes known as gender blind, Emily goes by emotional or physical attraction, and does not discriminate against gender or how one refers to ones gender.)


- Hot or extremely hot temperatures
- Flying
- Fire, in general.
- Music
- The open sky
- Nature
- Animals
- Mythical creatures
- Birds of all kinds
- Winged creatures
- Sweets
- Spicy foods
- Video games
- Play fighting
- Weapons - all weapons
- Shiny things
- Stuffed animals
- Being held


- Cold temperatures
- The snow
- Being told what to do
- Being tied down
- Confinement
- Rules
- Being talked down to
- Those her hurt others
- Tears / crying
- The weak
- Arrogance


Phoenix Form: x
Phoenix Wings: x

So begins...

Emily Sharie Romelin's Story

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#, as written by Fallen
Emiliy Sharie Romelin

Emily's head hit the cement after being pushed forwards by one of the men. Her hands were in shackles and her feet were in chains, already she had put up quite the struggle and apparently a fight they were not expecting. She lay surrounded in nothing but darkness, her eyes now blindfolded, and her mouth covered in ducked tape. Apparently not only were they tired of her struggling, but the bullshit she was spewing as well. Her red hair was now tainted with crimson blood, having suffered injury from one of the men whom had attacked her. She could hear them shuffling around her, and them speaking to one another. "Game's over red, you pull that shit again and you're dead." Emily's head turned in the direction in which the voice came, but she was unable to respond. The voice was familiar, and she assumed it came from the man whom she has spit at early on - she made note to give him the most hell out of them all. She then felt someone picking her up, and she kicked violently, squirming as much as possible, managing to hit someone though she wasn't sure. "Damnit red!" She felt herself thrown into what seemed like a small space, her whole body slamming into the back of it. She screamed, though unaffective with the tape over her mouth. And heard as what she presumed to be doors closing in front of her. As she inched forwards, she hit her head on two bars - a cage? She felt around with her elbows, it was indeed a cage. What the hell is going on!? I don't need this shit! Emily tried to phase into fire - but it was not working. What!? She tried again, nothing. Angry, she hit the bars continuously, as if they would soon fall. I'll kill you, I'll kill all of you!

Moments before, she had been sleeping. She had woken to men in black suits bombarding her room demanding she come with them, which of course she did not cooperate with. Instinctively, she attacked them, all of them. Weapon were used, fire was thrown, injuries were made. But after what seemed like a fight she would win, one of them used a drug on her that made her whole body weak. This was when they grabbed her and shackled her. She continued to try and fight however, and she was pushed down onto her back and pinned, only to watch someone administer her with some sort of drug - twice. "To be sure." he said. That was when she spit on him, and ultimately when she was ducktaped and blindfolded. Everything from that moment on had went down hill, she was manhandled and treated like a ragdoll, and now she was in this cage going to who knows where because of who knew why.

Emily cursed to herself over and over, kicking the bars constantly and counting the turns and amount of minutes even seconds it took for them to get wherever they were going. But it would be hours, hours until the vehicle came to a complete halt. "Alright red, don't make this harder than it needs to be." someone said as the double doors were opened. Emily kicked the cage over and over again, I'll kill you, I'll kill you. She heard the cage as it was unlocked and lay still for a moment, until she was grabbed by her hair and pulled upward. Her chin faced the top of the van, but she was still unable to see anything. In that moment, she felt a slap across her face. "Present from me." the familiar voice said. Emily clenched her jaw, and was quickly pulled out and dragged, literally by two people. One on each side, it seemed there was also one person in front of her and two behind. "Enjoy yourself - psychotic bitch." She was flung into the air and landed hair on tile on her side. She heard the door slam behind her, her cuffs, blindfold, and tape still on. Big mistake.

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#, as written by Fallen
Emily Sharie Romelin

Emily lay silent for a moment, not too pleased that she was left confined, and unable to see or speak. She knew by now that she had not been kidnapped, this had been completely intentional, but she had no idea as to why. She was not human, but it wasn't as if she went around as a fiery bird soaring in the sky causing commotion and lighting things on fire. She moved around on the floor for a minute until she felt what she believed was a bed, and pulled herself up to her knees using her elbow. In that moment the door opened, and an unfamiliar voice spoke. "Time your your medicine." She froze at those words. Medicine? The fuck do you mean medicine? The foot steps grew closer and closer, and she heard them put down something - a tray perhaps and stop in front of her. Her tape was ripped off of her mouth and pills were immediately shoved into it. The man then put his hand over her mouth and put her in such a position that seemed to force her to swallow it. After she did so, he told her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. She did so obediently, and he seemed to be satisfied, walking away after. However, when the door closed, she made herself gag them up and spit them across the room. She was furious, first she was taken to this hell hole, and now they were force feeding her pills. Not only would she kill them, she would make sure they would suffer.

The door opened again, "Alright red, lets do this the easy way - time to eat." It was him, and she assumed he was accompanied by those from before, as multiple foot steps walked towards her she looked around trying to count the bodies. The same entourage as before, five of them. She felt her arm being grabbed, pulling her up on her feet. "Walk." she followed the person whom pulled her, and quite roughly, not speaking a word. She listened to her shackles as they hit the ground while she walked, she would need to get those off, she wasn't too worried about them however. Minor annoyance, if she had her abilities intact. She then heard some speaking around her, the voices seemed to belong to those her age. Accompanying them, the smell of food. Of course, the food didn't seem that appetizing, smelled like your average cafeteria food - if that. As she came to halt the man in front of her spoke, "Now play nice." he said, as he yanked her blindfold off causing her to jerk forward. She narrowed her eyes at him, your first. As the men walked away, she looked around the room to see some people grouping up and others sitting alone. This was all too familiar, and a little bit pathetic. She looked down at the shackles on her hands and grinned, quickly they started melting, as did the ones on her feet. As they fell off, she left them and walked towards the nearest table in which only one person occupied. It was a boy, with black hair, and wings.

Emily hopped onto the bench sitting across from the boy who seemed to be drowsing off. "Wakey wakey!." she shouted loudly. "Hi! I'm Emily, it's a pleasure to meet you!" she smiled. She leaned over to get a better look at his face. "Why are you here?" her voice was soft and timid. "Red!" Emily turned to see the man from before storming towards her. "Did I tell you you could take these off!?" he seemed to have a new pair of cuffs for her and he grabbed her wrist to put them on. Emily stood up and got in his face, "Did I tell you, you could interrupt my conversation?" Emily then leaned towards the man's ear. "Go fuck yourself." she whispered. The man then grabbed her and forced her hands to her sides - but Emily phased into fire and it caused him to back away immediately. She stood there, intangible fire, glaring at him. She looked him up at down for a moment, until she laughed maniacally. "It's so sad! Where are your syringes? Can't you play by yourself? Where are your body guards?" Two other men ran at her with some sort of weapons, weapons that didn't look natural and were completely foreign to her. Fun. She grinned.

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Chloe sighed as she ate her food. At least it's better than slop.. She thought. Her head then turned when she heard the doors open again. She was jumpy, and she ha d a reason to be. Being woken up by a scream isn't exactly comforting... She saw a male, looked about her age. He was pale and lean. She wondered what he was. A wizard? A werewolf? No, a vampire. Chloe used to go to secret creature meetings to find out what the other creatures were planning. She had always loved that about being a ghost, eavesdropping. She snapped out of her thoughts when the doors opened again. This time is was a girl, she had bright red hair and that's all she really noticed. Chloe watched as the red head ran towards the guy. She laughed, Isn't that cute.... A little whore. Chloe had never had a crush. ever. She had always been better friends with guys and that's all she saw it as. Friendship. She laughed again as she saw the guards and 'Lil whore fighting. She looked over at the guy who she had been chatting to and he intrigued her. He was alone in the corner but she noticed another guy alone at a table as well. Not being very social she stayed in her corner and just observed everyone.

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Baby's eyelids fluttered to life lazily. It was difficult to see with the overwhelming lights ahead of her. She could see hands moving in different directions and could hear the light muttering from one doctor to another. Scuffling of feet was easily made out but she could not manage to count how many pairs of footsteps there were before every other noise was drowned out by a panicked statement.
"She's waking up. Hurry! We need more anesthetics."
Baby grumbled a sort of displeased disagreement until she felt the sharp prick of a new hole in her body and she could feel the medicine coursing through her veins and blood stream. The only thing she was sure of was that they were operating on her, otherwise they wouldn't be trying to take away the pain they were causing.
She came in and out of conciousness for what felt like years. It seemed as though she were in a dream. Time was standing still and rushing past her at the same time.
How many days had she been kept in the back?
They were moving her again, but they expected her to be capable of standing on her own two feet. She was still shaky and without noticing, collapsed into the nearest nurses arms.

. . . . .

Dorian snatched a bright green apple off the top of the pile of fruit, rubbing it against his shirt before biting into the fresh produce product. They were probably the only things he trusted. Everything else had to be cooked, but this was natural. He spotted a bottle of water in an ice filled bowl at the end of the line and after observing that the seal had yet to be broken he was satisfied that it was okay for drinking. He twisted the lid and began chugging down the clear liquid desperately. Nearly finishing off the bottle, he pulled it away from his lips realizing he had also been more thirsty then he could have imagined.
A light hissing next to him drew him away from his inner thoughts and his eyes zeroed in on what he guessed was a female by her slender looking body, but it was hard to tell with the mask that hid away her features.
He couldn't help but to stare at her moving hair. Snakes had always interested him and his hand inched towards the green slithering reptiles until the woman spoke up.
His eyes followed the side of her face, observing the scaly composure once she had unlatched the mask.
Why was he so inclined to touch her? She had his full attention and he whispered a response.
"It doesn't seem like it will get me anywhere but in pain if I were to rebel."
His eyes finally tore away from her when there were new people entering the cafe. He followed the male that had dark hair with his eyes, watching him go to sit then a new redhead that seemed instantly drawn to him. He focused on his back that was turned to him, seeing that it was the other new guy that had come in with him that he'd caught a glance of.
The red head caught his gaze again. She seemed nice and her loud hair made his lips pull up to one side in a half smile.
His golden orbs drifted to the other woman across the room and they lay there for a few extra moments.
"My name is Dorian." He spoke to Medusa, finally peeling his eyes away from the others.
"And you are?" He asked, a full smile lighting up his face. He chuckled lightly, extending his hand to her as he attempted to search her face for her eyes.
Just before he had tilted his head enough to peek a glance, the doors busted open.
Two gaurds came in, hauling what he assumed was the werewolf he had seen in the hall. She was limp as a doll and he guessed they were bringing her back to set an example. Or to let her attempt to continue on throughout her usual schedule. Although in the state she was in, that didn't look very possible.
They threw her into the bench of an empty table and let her figure slump over onto the top of it.
The sudden slamming must have triggered her brain because she suddenly jerked and violently coughed, one hand on her chest. Once the episode had subsided her hand lowered to her stomach, her fingers lightly shaking as she touched something that appeared to hurt her because she was wincing.
She scowled towards the two gaurds that had begun to walk away, one of them laughing.
She seemed to try and say something, but it looked as though it were too difficult. Her eyebrows were low and her face unmoving from the disgusted experession.
As the two gaurds left, a nurse came rushing in...holding a stuffed animal? Dorian mused at this and followed the elderly woman with his curious eyes. She hurried over to the now doubled over werewolf and knelt down, whispering something to her that Dorian could not make out.
The girl took the animal and the nurse patted her thigh. He could hear the barely manageable, "Thank you, Nancy." The blonde's voice was strained and barely above a whisper.
The little nurse scurried out, being sure to lock the doors back.
Dorian turned to Medusa. "Does that happen often? Does everyone get a toy here?" His eyes went back to the broken blonde.
"She looks like she needs help." He started towards her but there was a sudden explosion of light and heat not far from him. The demon's eyes widened and he jumped quickly. He was going to run but he was frozen in fear. The redheaded chick had just burst into flames!
He swallowed his pride and cowered towards the farthest corner, trying to stabilize his breathing that had become broken and heavy.
"Please stop please stop please stop please stop please stop. Please stop!" He was yelling now his fists holding his temples as he tried to focus on something besides the fire in the room. But it was all he could think about as he brought his knuckles to his mouth, now feeling that he was shaking violently.

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Baby's head moved slowly, her hand lifting away from the toy in her lap, shaking until it rested on the table in front of her. It looked as though she were using most of her strength to hold herself upright.
"Do I look oh-fucking-kay?" In that moment she moved her other hand to her stomach as she muttered a weak, "Shit!" She lay her head down and held back a whimper, her brows furrowing deeply.
"Those bastards will bloody pay." She assured, her British accent full of pure hatred.
She glanced towards the girl who had caused the other patient to flee and shrugged her shoulders, not moved by her what so ever.
She pulled herself up again and glanced back towards the other boy who was against the wall.
Although she had been through shit, the medicine was wearing and she could hear the light tinkle of thoughts. Everyone's names and emotions were the only things she could really pick up on because they were the strongest thing about them.
Dorian was the wimp that seemed nervous about fire. Baby thought over her judgment and decided that it wasn't fair when she had a terrible fear of the dark. He was trying to stay calm about the whole situation, but in doing so the effect of him came out in his body movements as he trembled violently.
Baby used to be worse about the dark. The Dorian guy seemed to have a tight grip on his fear, but she couldn't help it. Back when she was fifteen she would beg and plead and cry for minutes if someone even threatened to flip the switch. She remembered once when her brother had somehow screwed with the wires in her lock socket and taken all of the lightbulbs from her room. Of course, she was much younger at the time and it was the take off for her fear.
The blonde girl shook the memory away and her eyes flowed over the other inmates. She'd hardly payed any attention towards the new arrivals.
The dark haired boy was followed by a blonde ghost. Jacob and Chloe. Both were full of mixed emotions and Baby didn't even want to tear them away from the other thoughts in her head and hear what was going on. She stopped on the fire haired girl and scoffed, shaking her head. She reminded her of herself and for some reason, it really set her off. She was so used to being the one dragged away from bad behavior that seeing someone mirroring her reputation was also a little relieving. Maybe they wouldn't watch her so closely now that they had a hot head and she could disappear into the shadows.
Baby felt bad for Meddie. She was really the only one in the room she was well acquainted with and decided against laying on the table any longer. She scooped up Charlie, placing him in the crook of her arm and made her way towards the Gorgon.
She eyed the arrangement of tempting treats but knew better then to take any food from them. She settled on a small tangerine and used her painted, slightly sharpened black nails to easily dig into the orange skin of the fruit and begin to peel it away.
"Quite the day already." She mused, finally looking at the other female. She lightly laughed, watching her snakes that had slightly calmed down.
"Awh, it's okay." For some reason she had always had a way with animals, she guessed it was because she was one. But even the roughest bulldogs came to her in a slobbery mess. With her pointer finger she ran it under a couple different snakes' chins and found herself grinning.
She brought her hand away and looked at the food again, then to the mess on the floor.
"Here." She said, chuckling and grabbing a styrofoam bowl and remaking Medusa another bowl of cereal. She placed a spoon inside of the dish and handed it to her.
"Sorry that you spilled your food." She whispered.

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Chloe watched as Jake slowly walked away. She sat there for a moment, not thinking anything. Then she realized, The one time I try to be social he leaves.... Chloe looked back at Jake as he threw the guard against the wall, "I thought he was gonna watch the fight... Not make one?" She mumbled. Getting up from the table she walked to the big doors where two guards stood. "Can I go back to my cell? Please?" She begged. The guards just looked at each other and laughed. Chloe walked away and sat back down at the table. She then grabbed her necklace and began to play with it. Oh ya, well if they don't let me out... I'll sneak out! she thought. She made sure that no guards were looking and when the coast was clear she went invisible. She felt so comfortable when no one could see her. She walked over to the snake girl and by lil' whore. She held her laughs in just so she wouldn't be caught. She then got to Jake who was being handled by a guard. She was angry at him, he was so rude to her. She looked for a weapon and found a plastic knife in the cafeteria line. She quickly ran over to it and when she got back she stabbed Jake in the leg. She didn't say a word either. She just walked back to a table and became visible again.

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Chloe looked at the girl. She is challenging me? She watched, almost as in slow motion, the fist punch her in the stomach. "Bitch, you have no idea who you're dealing with!" She screamed as she punched her in the face. They got into a big cat fight, she couldn't really tell who was winning either. She could feel all the bruises that would be on her body. She was getting tired but wouldn't give up. She pulled hair and even used her nails. She only stopped when she felt manly hands on her arms. She was being pulled away by a guard, and it was about time. She guessed the guards had been laughing or enjoying the "show". "Can I please go back to my room now?" she asked wiping some blood off her forehead. The guards smirked, "You can go back to your room.... after your done in the lab" Her slight smile faded. The lad didn't sound good. Plus in all the movies she had seen about creatures, testing was never good. Never enjoyable either. She tried to pull away but the guard dragged her out of the room and into the hall. But Chloe managed to say "This isn't over" before being dragged out.