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Kim Yung Wook

"Ne, do you know-" *snores*

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a character in “Dofrey Asylum: Handed Over”, originally authored by PrincessBoy, as played by RolePlayGateway


Kim Yung Wook

Nickname: Yuche, means fluid as his shapeshifting is fluid and smooth. He mainly goes by that.
Age: 21
Birthday: June 21st
Ethnicity: Korean with some Chinese and American blood in him.
Sexual Background: Homosexual, but is really clueless about it.
Appearance: Because he's a shapeshifter, Yuche's appearance changes all the time. He's normal appearance, the one he was born with, goes a little something like this. He's 6'6", honestly, he's 5'2", but he likes to tower over everyone. He weighs 165lbs and that is the truth. His eyes are normally a dark brown, almost black, but he hates it. He transforms it to this because it's much more fun. His normal hair is quite long, going to mid-back and is like a chestnut color. It also curls slightly naturally. He actually likes his hair quite a lot, but he's also known to change it a lot like his eyes: slightly shorter and dark brown, thicker and black, dark brown and short with a slanted fringe, and bright blue and short with bangs right above the eyes. His built looks skinny at first look because he tends to wear baggy clothes at times, but it's quite the opposite. He's rather muscular and lean, his arms have muscles and has a six pack that'll make girls drool. He has plenty of tattoos, in which he has found out that he can't shift. The tattoos he has are: on his neck that spreads out on his collarbone, left forearm, right upper arm, right hipbone (Family, Healing, Anguish), mid-back (Strength, Honor, Family), left inner thigh, and right ankle. He doesn't have that many piercings, just one on his tongue and his belly button (Neon Pink and Electric Blue). He has gotten plenty of scars over the years, but those he can shift. His clothing style changes a lot though he keeps a certain necklace with him at all times (as seen in the picture). Here are some examples of his fashion sense: xlxlxlxlx
Good Qualities: Yuche's cheerfulness can brighten up a room anytime. He always all smiles and will listen to anybody who wants to talk. He's very friendly and a real cuddle buddy. He's good at cracking the most corniest jokes that you can't help, but smile. He's pretty smart, but no one really cares.
Bad Qualities: He can be quite the pervert when he wants to be, but he never calls it because he's quite clueless. Partially forgetful, tell him a secret and he'll forget. He's also naive and can't never tell the difference between enemies and friends even if they're right in front of his face. Gets drunk very easily and then he becomes all giggly and annoying.
Bad Habits: Major clutz, don't trust him with glass or expensive objects. Usually when the situation turns bad or not the way he wanted, he'll act like he doesn't understand English and can't speak it. He bites his nails frequently. Falling asleep at random times.
Phobias/Fears: Lightning and thunder, he has to be with someone during storms or he'll freak. Small phobia for heights, but nothing abnormal (he just gets a funny feeling in his stomach).
Likes: Reading, glasses, sleeping, snacking, listening to music, Korean and Chinese music, tattoos, smiles, shapeshifting (changing his hair color, height, etc.), adorable things, piercings, his muscles, sticking his tongue out at people, and sleeping (yes, there is a reason for it to be listed twice).
Dislikes: Some types of American cultures, smoking, alcohol (can't hold his liquor), frowns, staying awake, not blinking, anxiety, roller coasters, being alone at night, and blood.
Disorder: Narcolepsy and also suffers Chorea (in which he taps his fingers and feet all the time and he blinks a little more than normal) and just a bit of Hypersexuality (which increases sexual urges or sexual activity, though this only happens during the night, once a week, but don't worry, they keep him locked in his room when this happens as he never recalls what happens that next morning).
Species: Shapeshifter
Skills/Powers: He can transform into mostly everything except inanimate objects. He change his appearance, colors, etc. As far as with animals, he likes to change into foxes. So far, he can't shift his fangs and tattoos. When he does big transformations (like completely changing his body to another person or animal), he gets light headed and really hungry. Of course, he'll fall asleep too. He can keep up his shifting for a long time.
Room Number: 30
History: Much of it is unknown as Yuche can't remember it most of the time.
Other: Has fangs that can't transform either.

So begins...

Kim Yung Wook's Story

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"...Kim Yung Wook...Please come here...Umma's worried..."

A little Asian boy around the age of five was huddled in a corner, away from the scary woman who called herself mom. The boy's hair was changing colors rather randomly with a scared expression on his face. There were tears falling down red, bruised cheeks. His eyes seemed to be changing colors too. "...Umma won't hurt you...Just want a hug..." The boy's eyes stopped color changing as he decided to stand up and walk over to the dark woman. She engulfed him in her arms, hand cuffing his wrists together immediately as the kid collapsed into a deep sleep. "...Good boy...Listen to your Umma..." That's when the dragging torture started...

Yuche woke up with a startle, hearing the howling disrupted his beautiful sleep. "Aisssh! Baby...why did you...mmm..." He rubbed his eyes before his naturally medium length, chestnut brown hair quickly shifted into short, blue hair. His blackish eyes transformed into it usually style. He blinked before looking down at himself. His pajamas he had been wearing seemed to be very disheveled. One sleeve was off his shoulder while the buttons were mismatched. Ah, I must of fell asleep during supper again. He threw his covers off of him and stood up. He wavered a bit and then stretched his back until he heard a satisfying pop. He yawned, his fangs appearing larger then they really are. Just as he finished stretching, a nurse boy walked in with a cart of medication. The shapeshifter wasn't at all like most of the inmates that were here. He wasn't violent and blood thirsty or just plain angry all the time. He took his medication on time and well listened to what the staff told him to do. The nurse handed him his Narcolepsy medicine which helped him not collapse into sleep at multiple, random times. It didn't cure it all the way as it wears off around supper time and he still would sleep at random times, but it wasn't a lot like used to be. He also had two other medicines, one to help him lower the amount of tics that he has and the other one he doesn't know what it's for. The doctor said it has to do with Hyper-something. He just shrugged and took the medicine anyway. He watched the nurse boy blush a little when Yuche smiled at him (his fangs showing a bit) and ruffle his hair. The nurse hurried the cart out of his cell in silence. The shapeshifter just frowned in a disappointment before he found himself sprouting out his fox ears and tail. He turned to his bed and flopped onto it, hugging his pillows like a little child would. He felt bored, he didn't know what to do with Baby's yelling in the hall. He sighed as he left his pillow and, literally, rolled off the bed. He stepped out of his cell, peering out to look at the violent scene Baby was making. He winced at the look of it, but his ears twitched up as he saw Medusa watching too.

"...Meduuuusssssa!"Yuche whispered out to the gorgon. She wasn't violent like the others, so he was more like himself around her. "Baby wouldn't take pill?"he asked, his somewhat of a Asian accent creeping it's way in there.