Adelaide "Ace" Penetary

You've got me all wrong. I only want some of your time, to start.

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a character in “Dofrey Asylum”, as played by Krisuvial


Name: Adelaide Penetary

Nickname: Ace

Ethnicity: German

Birthday: July 25th

Age: 19

Room Number: TBA

Height: 5'9

Weight: 120

Eye Color: Her eyes

Hair Color: Black

Build: Slim, but muscular, and very womanly and curvy [as to attract the opposite sex]

Tattoos/Piercings: On both ribs

Full back

Both wrists

Left hand

Scars: has a scar through the top of the left side of her lip, very small, but slightly noticeable.

Clothing Styles: She likes to wear corsets, but tries her best to cover up her body.

Appearance: Ace has the appearance of a beautiful woman, attracting the stares and time of many men. Although she tries to cover herself up, its exceptionally hard to miss how attractive she is.

Skills/Powers: The ability to tempt and attract men and imprint herself into their dreams, and exceptionally strong [she doesn't even realize how much].

Disorder: Ace is a very social person, but never allowed herself to hold a real relationship with anyone. Whenever a man comes onto her, or tries to get close to her she drags them in and then lashes out. She has a very angry personality, being bi-polar. She has killed several men, at least 4, without getting caught.

Species: Succubus

Phobias/Fears: Spiders, death, women, love, cell phones, television, people touching her without her permission, people openly staring at her, art

Bad Habits: biting her lips, being overly quiet, and she sometimes stops listening to people halfway through what they are saying, curses a lot

Good Qualities: friendly, beautiful, good at being calm [most of the time]

Bad Qualities: violent, curses a lot, accidentally draws men in without meaning to

Sexual Background: straight

Likes: men, animals, music, alcohol, reading, playing the piano

Dislikes: women, art, cell phones, television, loud noises

History: ask her

Other: Ace will always have a book with her, that was she does not have to socialize whenever she does not have to, or does not know any one

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