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Aleighstar Neo Lovelock


0 · 193 views · located in Dofrey Asylum, Canada

a character in “Dofrey Asylum”, as played by ~*NovaleeTehNinja*~


Name- Aleighstar Neo Lovelock
Nickname- Aleigh, Star, Neo, Love
Birthday- October 4, 1996
Age- 15
Room Number-23
Height- 5'3
Eye Color-crystal blue almost a pale white
Hair Color- Black with pink highlights
Build- very small, and appearing fragile but with hidden strength.
Tattoos/Piercings- Snake bites, tongue piercing, belly button piercing
Disorders- Masochistic
Clothing Styles- Mainly things like this
Appearance –Aleigh is, as many vampires, quite alluring and beautiful. He has ink black hair with pink highlights that reaches about to his shoulders and choppy styled. He has pale blue/white eyes lined with thick lashes and also always lined in eyeliner. He has porcelain like skin that is clear, and pale. He has snake bites, tongue, and belly button piercings. His build is small for his age and height is also.
Species- Vampire
Skills/Powers – He can hypnotize any one into a brief control, only lasts for three to four minutes. He can manipulate water and ice.
Phobias/Fears –Being killed, being alone forever
Bad Habits – Pointing out others flaws or differences, when mad he tends to flip every one of, biting his lips.
Good Qualities- Once you have gained his friendship and loyalty you will have it forever, He Can be quite compassionate if you are his friend. He is very honest and would never lie to you.
Bad Qualities – He will put his input in asked for or not he will, he loves to be sarcastic, he has a bad habit of pointing out peoples flaws or differences.
Sexual Background- He has dated women but very much prefers men
-Dominating men
-taking walks at night
-being sarcastic
-his friends
-listening to rain
-bright lights
-loud people
-weak people
-any one stranger to him
History- He doesn’t feel comfortable sharing it with most people.

So begins...

Aleighstar Neo Lovelock's Story