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Dogs of War

Dogs of War


The ancient Southern Nation of Tilea is a disputed and feudal land of city states and squabbling nobles as such it is a hotbed for Mercenaries and Solders of Fortune as well as adventurers and Sell Swords from all over the Old World.

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To the South of the Old World, beyond the Empire of men and their sometimes Bretonnian allies, lays the ancient land of Tilea, once a great and noble civilisation, now, however it is a divided land.

Lacking any form of central government, Tilea is split into numerous City States and Principalities with varying forms of Rule, from lazy dukes to bloodthirsty and power hungry Nobles to pampered princes and ambitious Warlords;

In this feudal land, disputes and squabbles are common, but that is not all that threatens the land, to the east lay the Apuccini Mountains, dangerous sloped infested with Greenskins and other, far darker creatures while the seas surrounding the Western and Southern coasts are a hotbed for pirates and to the north, lays the misty expanse of the Blighted Marsh in which hides the vast city of Skavenblight, home of the foul Ratmen.

For all its danger, faded glory and sad beauty, there is one thing alone that Tilea is renowned for throughout the Old World...

It's Mercenaries.


Tilea has no regular military, and all city states employ companies of mercenaries instead. The companies range from groups of hardened, professional soldiers who will honourably fulfill the terms of their contract to the letter, to unscrupulous rabble all too prone to rebellion, plundering, and treachery...

Adventurers, Sell swords, Soldiers of fortune, Bandits, Marauders and Pirates come from all corners of the world to seek their fortune in Tilea, there they rub shoulders with impoverished Nobles, wandering Dwarfs, Questing Knights and exiled Elves...
All races and classes come to Tilea, for the battles and adventurers are many, the threat of danger is constant and the rewards... Are rich.

You are one such adventurer, upon the outskirts of the great, Coastal City Port of Remas, stands 'The Bearded Dragon' a large, three storied tavern that is widely regarded as one of the best places for Mercenaries and Adventurers to find work as it is often used as a recruiting hotspot for any passing Paymaster to find likely persons to help with whatever trouble they may have.

The Taverns Landlord, John Black, is a grizzled and retired old Mercenary himself and many of his old comrades still visit looking for work, ale, a soft bed or perhaps just to listen to and tell tales of old battles, past adventures and departed friends never forgotten.

In short, it is a Mercenaries Tavern.

With its cavernous common room, well furnished lodgings and plentifully stocked bars, one of 'The Bearded Dragons' biggest attractions remains 'The Notice Board'
Located on the eastern wall of the Common Room 'The Board' as it is affectionately called, spans the entire length of the tavern as potential recruiters, employers, paymasters and even just those with problems come and put up notes, recruitment posters and pleas for aid upon the Eastern wall.

It is here that many a young adventurer has found the Quest that made him famous, the journey that granted him vast riches... Or the battle that led to his death.

For in Tilea, life is harsh and violent, but there is great wealth to be gained for those with the courage to seek it...

Toggle Rules

Character Sheet:

Age: (Remember, if you are only 15 you are Not yet going to be a master swordsman!)
Appearance: (No Anime!)
Equipment: (Basic equipment to start, better gear will be gained through questing.)
History: (Optional)


1: Have fun. Things can happen in this RP that may make you want to facepalm, but understand that if something terrible happens, and you make it through, you will be rewarded.

2: Be bold: Don't be afraid to lose something in this. Its a game! Who cares if someone is doing great? The better someone does the more likely they will get hit by a large, harsh event.

3. I will not be making a character and instead be NPCing, playing fate, and in effect taking on the role of 'Games Master' (For fans of D&D and older fans of Warhammer Quest), game-play will work in turns with me regularly posting events that characters should react to in order to move the story along while still giving players a chance to interact, at the end of each quest I will write up your 'results' including any boots to skill, wealth, equipment or renown you may have gained over the course of the adventure.

4. Be aware, your character can die in this. If you charge into a dragons lair alone, there is a very large chance you won't be coming back out alive. If your character dies, don't panic. You can always create another, however I wont be sending hordes of Trolls against you on the first adventure, there will be plenty of opportunity for your character to grow and develop.

5. If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me. It does not bother me in the least, and I can always spare the time.

6. Don't be rude to other people. I can not stand people who are rude, but don't let this stop you from stabbing someone in the back IC.

7. At the start of the roleplay, none of the characters will be particularly renowned or powerful, you don't have to be a seventeen your old sprog to start, you can be a moderately experienced Mercenary and adventurer, but you will not have 'made it big' just yet, that's what this RP is for...

8. Varied characters are a must, please be creative, I don't want to see an entire group of moody teenagers showing up at the tavern and avoiding eachother for the entire RP!!

9. I am going to be flexible with Warhammer Lore here to allow those who have not experienced it a chance to get involved, that mean No 'Lore Bores' if your jumping in after every post to nit pick everything someone did wrong (Unless it is extremely obvious, in which case I will pass on the message myself), you will be banned.

10. Last and not least, there is to be absolutely NO auto Hitting of other characters under any circumstance, if you attack someone they must always be given the chance to defend themselves.
No controlling of or moving of other players characters without permission either, unless it is done by me as part of the story (Say if someone disappears without warning), this Rule of Roleplaying is so elementary that there will be NO warning, just an instant ban and the death of your character.

-=Cast list=-

Gargrim- Hulking Orc Mercenary.

Lysander Valenhart- Silver tongued Elven Bard.

Cralix Grey- A mysterious human Rouge.

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Character Portrait: Gargrim
Character Portrait: Lysander Valenhart
Character Portrait: Cralix Grey


Character Portrait: Cralix Grey
Cralix Grey

"Is it really worth two knives in the back, then?"

Character Portrait: Lysander Valenhart
Lysander Valenhart

"How may this humble bard bewitch your eardrums this day, miladies?"

Character Portrait: Gargrim

"Oi, Wut ya lookin at Humie?"


Character Portrait: Lysander Valenhart
Lysander Valenhart

"How may this humble bard bewitch your eardrums this day, miladies?"

Character Portrait: Cralix Grey
Cralix Grey

"Is it really worth two knives in the back, then?"

Character Portrait: Gargrim

"Oi, Wut ya lookin at Humie?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Gargrim

"Oi, Wut ya lookin at Humie?"

Character Portrait: Lysander Valenhart
Lysander Valenhart

"How may this humble bard bewitch your eardrums this day, miladies?"

Character Portrait: Cralix Grey
Cralix Grey

"Is it really worth two knives in the back, then?"

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Most recent OOC posts in Dogs of War

Re: Dogs of War.

Oh and on the subject of events and combats, they will work thusly-

As GM I will be posting events and scenarios in old Warhammer Quest (Or more recent D&D) style to move the story along, for example you could all be walking through a mine tunnel when suddenly the roof caves in, or a hoard of Goblins come rushing out of a side passage towards you;

I will then give each player a chance to post their reactions, do you run away back up the tunnel? Charge forward with a loud battle cry? Stand back and start loosening arrows into the on-coming rush of Greenskins? Prepare a spell?

I will then roll up the results and put them on here, for example-
Joe kills three Goblins but takes a wound.
Mark killed one Goblin before getting knocked out.
Alwin downed four Goblins with his bow from way back up the tunnel.
Ulric hacked apart five Goblins with his axe, causing the remaining Greenskins to flee.

Then you can have at it and write up your characters experience as he happily hacks through Goblins... ;P

In the case of the rock, I will write up a post following your reactions and have it smash into the ground while you all scatter (Unless for some reason you chose to stand still.)

Basically you have open options in each situation but they will be influenced by sound tactics or playing to your characters strengths;
For example an Orc choosing charge headlong in swinging both weapons will get far better results than if he chose to stand back with a bow and arrow.

So plenty of freedom but remember, the foolish do not last long in the Old World.

With some boss battles, I may write the results up as a story like post, depending on the size of the encounter and the preference of the players.

So that about covers the Gameplay I think;

Best of luck!

Re: Dogs of War.

Well welcome aboard to our first set of Players, an Elfish bard, a Human Rouge and an Orcish...Um.. Orc...

A fine band of missfits!

Ok here's what's going to be happening, I'll leave it another day or so to see if any more players are interested in joining, as I've had a few PM's, then I shall start the Roleplay.
I'll start with an intro post in the Tavern from the Landlords point of view, which will focus mainly on 'The Board' (That's the Infamous, wall sized mass of recruiting posters) and the notes of interest that are posted there.

How you respond to these available jobs is entirely up to you, one of you may wish to look to recruit himself a team, another may want to take a job alone... But bear in mind, alone the risk is far greater... But so too may be the rewards.

The early 'Quest' or 'Job' options will all be fairly simple 'Teeth Cutting' missions, a chance for both me and you to get used the the characters and gain them a bit of coin and loot.

You may of course, choose to sit in the corner of the tavern and ignore 'The Board' that is entirely up to you... But you probably wont have as much fun.

Just a reminder, you can die in this, as the Old World is a vast and Dangerous place... But I wont be sending hordes of Daemons against you in the first turn!
So don't panic.

Right, I have ranted on long enough, welcome to Dogs of War and enjoy... You filthy band of Sell Swords!


Dogs of War.

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