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Domus Damnatorum

Devontic Manor, Present Day


a part of Domus Damnatorum, by xArmageddon.


xArmageddon holds sovereignty over Devontic Manor, Present Day, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Devontic Manor, Present Day is a part of Domus Damnatorum.

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Dalton Ackerson [21] "We're all going to die? Well, shit...."
Leo Pewitt [17] "Go to the party, they said...! It'll be FUN they said...!"
Emma Davis [14] "I wouldn't do that..."
Oliver Barnes [9] "Look around! Look where we are! Stuck in this place!"
Chloe De Luca [9] ~Life is full of beauty. Notice it.~
Jeanine James [9] "Don't worry, I'm a Doctor."

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It appeared as if he failed in his attempt to bring Emma back into this party. It upset him a bit, but what could he do? It'd be strange to beg her to stay, and pushing it would just make him appear to be a creep. So, he prompty gave up, and watched as she buckled herself, and turned the key to start the Prius....

The car didn't start.

She tried again, recieving the same result as a gift. The next action carried out by Emma was an attempt to call someone, which has results similar to her car. While he did have a light urge to laugh at the situation, because he could tell that she thought the world of her Prius, he realized that'd just piss her off, which her car and phone have already done.

"You can't be serious!" she shouted, slamming her palm against the steering wheel.

Dalton opened his mouth to suggest the cause for this; cold, possibly, but was cut off by Leo before anything could be made audible.

"What the FUCK is this?"

Dalton snapped around to see Leo with what appeared to be black ash ruining his jacket and some on his face. With a shared glance to Emma, he jogged back over to the door along with her to see what all the commotion was about, ignoring yet another but smaller gust of wind. It was more like a light breeze.

Sieben Gäste.
Keiner mehr, keiner weniger.

His eyes rested upon a message on the door that appeared to be in German. Unfortunately, Dalton only knew how to speak 'Merican, as he liked to say just to piss a few people off. Obviously he wasn't a retard and knew that it was in fact English he spoke, but some people didn't seem to notice that in his tone of voice.

"Seven, you say?" he asked lightly after Emma translated that one word. "Seven what?... Seven... guests?" he threw out an idea. This was mainly because the second word started with the letter G, but he couldn't read the language, so he'd have no problem being told this wasn't the correct translation of the second word.

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The temperature had dropped another few degrees since the group had gathered in front of the old mansion, and Chloe wanted desperately to get inside and change. It seems the had in fact over dressed for the occasion, and under dressed for the weather. Leo approached the old door, and soon a thick cloud of dust plumed from where he seemed to have slipped. Stepping forward she gripped the railing and leaned to see Leo covered in dust. It was difficult to hold back her chuckles.
"Are you alright-" she proceeded to ask, but the sight of the German on the door made her pause, "You're right, Seiben is Seven..."
Though the German was lost on her she began rooting through her bag, pulling out her tablet. Quickly with her fingers she tapped across the screen, and entered the phrase into her translator app. "Seven guests...No more, no less. she stated, slipping her tablet back into her bag.
"...I take french so, translator tools are a must....So does this mean that the door won't open until there are seven of us here?" she asked as she stepped up next to Leo, paying no mind to the dust in the air.

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Oliver watched Leo walk up to the mansion, he also noticed the girl deciding to head home. Probably not the worst decision in the world given the nature of the surroundings and the looming mansion that stood silent before them. Go make nice with the pretty girl who is leaving? Go help the kid from getting lost in the creepy Manson family manor? Yeah, not much of a decision there,Ollie thought as he turned to go after the girl. One of the other guys was already jogging over to her. Without missing a beat Ollie rounded out his turn and headed to the kid at the door. You win this one Romeo,he thought grudgingly to the man who had beaten him to the girl. He reached Leo's side just as he was uncovering the words on the door.

"Creepy German is always a good sign..." he muttered, mostly to himself.

The girl he had decided to go talk to walked up next to him to examine the words on the door as well. Well that worked out nicely,Ollie thought to himself, smiling a bit.

Sieben means seven, that's all I know,the girl next to him said. Ollie's smile slowly went away as he looked closer at the door.

"Well if Sieben means seven, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say that Gaste means guest and if my math is right," he looked around at all the guest, "we just about hit that quota."

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"You're right, sieben is seven," said the flashy girl. Both Dalton and the taller guy had guessed the following word meant "guests". Emma nodded, but the second line still flustered her.

Keiner mehr, keiner weniger.

The word keiner had sparked in her mind, but the translation just wouldn't come to her. The flashy girl slid out her phone and clicked around, then looked up.

"No more, no less."

Emma snapped her finger, the translation kindling the phrase like a light bulb. A mental "duh" appeared in her mind. "I take French, so translator tools are a must," the girl added, then brought up a good question: will the door only open if there are seven of us present? Emma shrugged, then further inspected the handle. "Doesn't look like it'll open; maybe the host is waiting until everyone is here to unlock it."

She looked back at her car and sighed, then turned to the tall guy. "We didn't get your name."

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