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Amaya Iris Koyaki

She's a handicap 17 year old girl in a wheelchair, which she was bound to from a plane crash in North Carolina as a child.

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a character in “Don't Be Embarassed”, as played by Rinzentaru


Physical Description: Amaya has light skin. She barely goes outside, so she doesn't have much of a tan line. She has short hair, which is a soft brown, the boldness of it is well above visible. The hair is almost like a boy's hair, but longer. She wears a lot of collared shirts, and button up blouses, to fit her shy and playful personality. She also normally wears khakis, but when she feels like it, she wears jeans. Amaya is bound to a wheelchair. Not fancy or anything. It's thin structure makes it easy to move, so... It's not automatic, by the way. She has brown eyes, and freckles on her face.


Personality: She's quite shy, but once you become her friend, you can tell-- she enjoys being around people, and being talked too. Sometimes, she can give an attitude, but it's mostly playful, trying to mess with her victim. Oh yeah, playful. She's very playful (when you're her friend.) She tends to like to be close to people, she doesn't enjoy being looked at as pitiful, and she ABSOLUTELY hates being left out of stuff due to her disability, but she has to deal with it all of the time.

Equipment & Abilities: Wheel chair. School stuff? I'm not sure. Abilities?... Modern day realism, so.. no like magic or nothin'..

Historical Background: As a child, she was very athletic. She played volleyball and soccer in school. Then on her vacation to North Carolina from California.. on the decent, the plane had issues. The back of the plane had ripped off after colliding with a high speed jet. And she fell into the forest below along with many other people. The plane was close to landing, so it wasn't as high as a plane would normally fly.. but she lost her legs due to that crash. That fall. After she was able to go home from the hospital, everything changed. Her parents acted different. They blamed themselves for it-- the crash. They blamed her suffering on themselves, while Amaya didn't. She was logical, and still is. She blames the jet. The pilots, and herself, since she chose North Carolina. Eventually, she's moved to a new school and everything. She's struggling though, even though she's so clever. So smart.

Name: Amaya Iris Koyaki
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Above
Clothing: Above
Likes: Gliders, Art, Music, Singing.
Dislikes: Being left out due to her disability. Water. (she can't swim)
Hobbies: Reading books, drawing, watching movies.
Personality: Above
Background: Above

So begins...

Amaya Iris Koyaki's Story

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#, as written by Aniihya
The door slid open and Kokoro saw a girl in a wheelchair mumble something. Kokoro then said: "Hi ho! Welcome to the club! Two already? Nice. I hope we get at least one more. It will be a fun year." Kokoro then smiled. The other girl in the room, Shio then let out a quiet: "Um, it is nice to meet you. I hope it will be a nice year." She tried to be as polite as she could. Shio wondered if she would leave the club being as confident as Kokoro was or if she would still be a little scaredy cat who has a hard time overcoming shyness.