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Don't Blame The Party

Starlight City


a part of Don't Blame The Party, by Blackclues.


Blackclues holds sovereignty over Starlight City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

333 readers have been here.


From a peaceful city, to a lonely wasteland. Starlight City is completely ruined.
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Starlight City is a part of Don't Blame The Party.

7 Characters Here

Desmea Oakford [8] "Woody. As in Buzz and Woody. As in Toy Story. Wow, you really are an imbecile aren't you?"
Danielle Pierce [8] "I've never heard a silence quite this loud."
Nash O. Ponder [8] The Whizz Kid
Jay Beatson [8] The Chatterbox
Caroline Shaw [8] The Relative
Connor Thompson [7] The Boy Next Door
Luther 'Ace' Wilson [1] "I'll make this quick and simple for you all."

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5 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jay Beatson Character Portrait: Caroline Shaw Character Portrait: Danielle Pierce Character Portrait: Nash O. Ponder Character Portrait: Desmea Oakford
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Jay 'Blah' Beatson

"You've got to be kidding me.."
Beyond the point of disbelief, Jay's eyes gazed upon the nightmare that appeared before him.

From the clean and well maintained city streets transformed to nothing but dust and rubble, sky piercing buildings, now reduced to dust and stone. Cars torn from the ground below, found themselves in the most unusual places..Like between the doors of a non-existing hospital.
It was silent. Too silent for Jay's liking. A ghostly breeze blew past the group, causing Jay to cringe as the sun began to rise over the horizon and yet not a single bird fluttered past the warming glow, instead, the sun only illuminated the destruction that displayed before their very eyes. The haunted orange glow, casting shadows big enough to stretch towards them.
Jay dared to cross the border into the city..He couldn't.
Everything that had happened at that party, was all too real; the music, the vibe, the drinks...But most importantly, that foreign meteor which invaded his home city. For the first time in his life, Jay was speechless...Lost for words, everything just became too much for him. His city. His house. His parents. All the things he carried about, was erased out of his life.

Looking down at his hands, hair hanging over his forehead, Jay had realised that everything that projected before him, was all too real. He now hated reality, he couldn't stand the memories of what things used to be, yet strangely his stomach had seemed to have caught butterflies. Something was wrong with that hospital, as each and every muscle within his body, twitched very slightly. Something was wrong.
He kept his mouth shut, seeming as words couldn't flow out of his big mouth, no. For this time, his throat had become dry as his face stained with moist tears of helplessness. His mind replayed that very night, over and over again, yet Jay couldn't help but notice that they actually made it out alive. They could have easily been a part of the wasteland which was once known as 'Starlight City' but they hadn't. What made them survive? Logically they should have been killed within an instant.

Jay looked over to the others, swiping away any evidence of that he was crying, followed by that childish sniffle that is constantly used by toddlers to show that they were finished with their temper trantrum. He didn't want them to know that he had been crying, yet alone upset at the very sight..He was afraid of them thinking any different of him, since he would usually get judged by everything that came out of his mouth.

His muscles were now contracting, tightening and straining, causing Jay to let out a groan of pain. His neck gave way to weight of his head, causing it to fall back as Jay collapsed down onto his knees. His eyes closed. With wildheart beats and his mind panicking, his body started to emit a dim green glow. Enduring all the pain, he couldn't help but wonder what on earth was happening to his sensitive body, was this the hosptial's doing? He did recieve a horrid stare by a nurse before he left...Or was he dying? Was this what death felt like? The pain that the people of Starlight City, had to put up with as the meteor made impact? Or was it a rapid death?
If he were to survive all this, Jay promised himself to ask Nash the load of questions that generated in his mind.

The pain gradually started to weaken, as his muscles started to calm down. Matter of fact, the green eyed chatterbox could now open his eyes, a slight part of him wishing that he was awoken in his bed, ready to regret everything that he had done the night before. But that sight never came. The eye-watering sight still projected infront of him, as Jay finally found his words again.

"That meteor was real...Everything, was real.." His voice cracked, still unable to believe reality.
"I'm pretty sure i'm not drunk either, but i swear to God..I really wish i was. I mean, look at this place? Where is everyone? Why are't we dead...And...And.." He paused, taking a glance at his footware, only to find a stain imprinted on them.
"Who did this to my shoes?" His voice echoed. Not because of the lack of civilisation, but because his voice had become so loud that it was louder than any shout. I've got to be drunk He thought, turning his head towards the others with a bemused expression painted all over his face.


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Connor Thompson

Connor's fists clenched into balls at the sight of what he used to call his home. A place where he had admittedly cursed at and hated on many occasions, but right then, it seemed like the best place in the world.
"You've got to be kidding me.."
The voice sounded distant in Connor's ears, so much that he couldn't even tell whether it was Blah or Nash that had said it. He didn't really care, either.

The town that had once been buzzing with life suddenly looked like a ghost town. A very much roughed up ghost town. A few cars had been thrown astray, and most buildings were unrecognizable. If the meteor could do that to buildings, it made him wonder what it could do to an ordinary human being. It made him wonder how he had gotten out alive.

He felt like bursting into tears, maybe from built up emotion, but instead decided to angrily kick a large stone over across the town border, yelling, "Fuck this!" as he did so. His voice echoed around the town, breaking the silence that had haunted it. His hand reached up to his neck and he started to rub it, a habit of his which he did when in distress.

He then remembered the rest of the group, and his eyes first turned to his girlfriend Danielle. He wanted to reach over and hold her hand, give her some comfort, but stayed in his place, as if some force was telling him no. Of course, there wasn't really any force, he just wasn't strong enough to beat his own willpower. He then looked over at Caroline, whom he assumed didn't like him very much. She was probably one of the youngest of the group, a child.

His eyes looked over at Desmea for a second, wondering if she would have anything to say, but just then Blah fell onto his knees. He took a step towards his friend to help him but practically jumped back when a green glow emitted from his body, not very noticeable but clear enough to see. It was a split second after Blah had fallen, however, that Connor felt a sharp pain through his head, and suddenly he was very dizzy. His legs started to shake slightly, hardly visible, but enough for Connor to notice, as if they were no longer strong enough to carry his body strength. He gritted his teeth and a line of sweat appeared across his forehead. He gave a quiet groan of pain as he tried to stay standing, but lost his concentration when he saw the dull blue glow lighting up his body. He fell to his knees, but as soon as his knees hit the ground, he snapped out of it and stood up again.

"What the hell was that?" he breathed, shaking his head to clear his thoughts. He wasn't really speaking to anyone, and it was a rhetorical question, as he knew well that none of them could answer that.

"That meteor was real...Everything, was real.." Jay said, his voice cracking. "I'm pretty sure i'm not drunk either, but i swear to God..I really wish i was. I mean, look at this place? Where is everyone? Why are't we dead...And...And.." he paused, and Connor wondered if he was expecting someone to answer his question, before Blah continued.

"Who did this to my shoes?" he yelled. Connor sighed, his eyes returning to the wrecked town in front of them.


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Character Portrait: Jay Beatson Character Portrait: Caroline Shaw Character Portrait: Danielle Pierce Character Portrait: Nash O. Ponder Character Portrait: Desmea Oakford Character Portrait: Connor Thompson
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Caroline Shaw

Caroline was simply looking around, trying to take all of the confusing things in, while also trying to remember to breath, and how to stand up.

Her town, her home, the only place she had ever known, was now ruined. Burnt. Destroyed. "You've got to be kidding me.." She recognized the voice without having to look and see that Jay had spoken. Even though everyone called him Blah, she had never been fond of the nickname, and still didn't use it. But it was his voice that had drawn her back into reality, brought her back down after being confused thanks to the unusual sights.

The world was quiet, seeming to lack the life that the town had been praised for. Now, all that was left was the destruction, and the natural light that shown over it gave it a messed up angelic glow. How had they survived? They were average teenagers, and they, out of all of the people at the party, had been the 6 to survive. It didn't seem possible. But maybe-

Caroline's thoughts were interrupted by Connor, kicking a large stone, then screaming out, "Fuck this!" She sighed. She was the youngest here, and she seemed to be reacting the most maturely. But then again, she was still trying to understand what happened. Caroline watched him rub his neck, the very act she had known him to do when he was upset. She was surprised that Jay wasn't talking. He was silent, probably with fright, and she couldn't blame him.

But looking around, she really did start to worry. What was going to happen to them now? Their parents, their friends, their family. They were all gone, and now they were left with only each other. And they didn't even really like each other. And what would the effects of the meteor be? They didn't have a house now, and it definitely wouldn't be good for their health. Especially their respiratory system. Seriously, would they have the life expectancy they would have before?

Caroline turned and looked at Jay, upset that he was so obviously sad. She could tell he had been crying, sniffling to show he was done, and trying to hide it. Her eyes opened wide, as she watched him fall to his knees, his body emitting a green light. To her right, Connor began to glow too, although he was glowing green. Both seemed to be in some type of pain, but before she could think too much about it, seemed as if all her muscles started working at once, her whole body heating up, and a faint glow of red could be seen. She gasped slightly, although her pain didn't seem to be as bad as that of the two boys, as she recovered quickly, and breathed out heavily.

She heard Jay start rambling as usual, but ignored his words at first. What had just happened to them? What was going on? She looked at the group she was with, questioningly, then started listening to Jay's talking, sighing as he went on, then started talking about his shoes.

"At least we don't have to clean up your house," she said to Danielle, not really trying to be funny, but it being her nature, that is just happened.


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Desmea Oakford or Woody

Deasmea was unaware of anything going on around her. The whole ride out here she had been watching the birds. She became fascinated at how they moved. Once they no longer appeared around her, she started studying the officer driving them around. She didn't remember his name but soon became fascinated with how he moved. She watched as every muscle moved. Now she was to busy looking out at the ruined city to notice the others around her.

Its like something out of a video game. How does this even happen. She thought to herself. The last thing she remebmered was going outside form hearing a noise. Then she woke up in a hospital. She thought they must have done it for a reason, that they had doen medical research on them or something. She couldn't believe what was right in front of her eyes.

She stumbled foreword, taking the step no one else seemed to be able to take. She stepped across the boarder. In the back of her mind she had the slight hope that it was all just an illusion and the whole town would be there to say 'Haha, we got you guys. You should have seen your faces.' She knew that wouldn't happen though. As she took the step her fears were confirmed. IT looked the same from the inside of the town.

She had lost everything she loved. Her home was gone, along with her brother. Now she was stuck with a group of people who probably hated ehr because she wasn't friends with 'Miss Popular.' She knew they were talking from the slight buzz in her ears, but she couldn't focus enough to understand what they were saying.

Soon she saw a green glow, then a blue, then a red. She wasn't sure what was happening but they diapeared quickly. She was just about to turn and look, but her body tensed up. It caused her to fall to the ground. She on her side, slightly curled into a ball. She realized that she started to glow as well, but this time a very dark almost black purple. Just like the other colors, hers soon disappeared. Her body relaxed, and she was free to move, but she laid there for a second.

When she finally sat up she looked around her. A shout near by caused her to tense up and cover her ears. When the shouting stopped, she relaxed some more and then seemed to feel every muscle in her body. The moved oddly and indecisively. She couldn't figure out what was going on and thought maybe she was just dizzy. She stared at the ground and faintly heard the others.


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Nash stares in confusion at the destroyed, barren landscape before him. The home he once knew lies in ruins before him. Not the type usually confused type, Nash feels strange about the entire situation. He's not sure if it's just the confusion running through his veins or if he's actually feeling something because everything he knows is gone. His mother, his father, their home. It's all gone. Besides them though, Nash doesn't really care about the rest of the city. He'd never been a popular kid at school, far too smart and way too weird to be accepted into any social circles. He'd been lucky that Jay befriended him long ago and stuck by him. He always supposed it was because Jay was a bit of an outcast himself, just a lot more able to function in society. Well, at least Jay could talk. Nash barely ever spoke unless he was completely comfortable with someone, which was a rare event.

Still, Starlight City is all he's even known. The little house on a hill with a nice yard, and that large oak tree in the front had been his home for his entire sixteen years of life. Hell, he's pretty certain he was born in that house, just based off the other strange things his mother did.

Gone. Gone. Gone. The word rings through his head, reminding him of the waste before him, as if he needs a reminder with his eyes glued open as he further takes in the landscape. He needs to devour every detail, because that's just the way his mind works. The others are saying something, but he can't make out the words as he focuses on taking apart the ruble before him and examining the ruined city. His mind instantly begins working on calculations for the trajectory and size of the meteor, just for something to do. It's a bit of a stim for him; where others bite their nails or run the back of their neck (like Connor) when in distress, Nash started calculating things. He'd calculate the weight of a lady bug based on how much a lead moved when landed upon to make him feel better when talking to people, although it never helped.

I'm doing it again, he tells himself, trying to focus on the situation on hand. They can figure out the rest later, together, because all they have left is each other. A strange light from the corner of his eye catches his attention, then it is soon accompanied by another, then another: green, blue, red, violet. He sees the colors, then a sharp pain splits his skull, like the mother of all headaches, causing his legs to go out from under him. He falls to the ground, helpless and immobilized by the pain, and notices an orange glow surrounding his own body. Almost as quickly as the whole thing started though, it's over and the pain subsides along with the glow.

What's happening to us?, he asks himself.

And for the first time in his life, Nash doesn't have an answer.


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Danielle laughed. She hadn't even meant too, it was like her mind had just decided for her. After looking over to the person she had heard the words come from, she thought about going over to Carolina. They might have only been cousins, but sometimes she felt as if they were more like sisters instead. But she didn't go over to her, her legs wouldn't budge from her current spot. At that moment though, she just felt like she needed something to hold onto, like if she didn't she would just disappear. Gone, forever. But the person closest to her had just gotten off the ground and was complaining about his shoes, and the person she wanted to be with was at the other side of the group. Her eyes met his, and even though barely a second passed before she looked away again, she could feel the heat rising in her face, painting her cheeks a rosy color.

It really wasn't fair, the he was able to make her heart skip a beat with just a look.
Or the way that he broke her heart every time she saw him flirting with one of the other girls.

One by one, her friends dropped to the ground and began glowing. Nothing happened to her though, nothing. Ironically, she began to wonder what was wrong with herself, when really she should be wondering what was wrong with them. Jay, whom she still refused to call Blah no matter what the 'populars' said about her having a crush on him or something, had fallen first, beginning to glow green. It was pretty, actually, but the sound that came from him made Dani want to go over and ask him if he was okay. But she still couldn't bring herself to move, like something else had taken over her body.

What finally made her move was Connor. Watching him fall, Dani immediately moved towards him, or more so stumbled. The first thing she did was reach for his hand, blinking back tears as she tried to tune out what everyone was saying. Everyone was dead, but she could find no tears for them. The only thing that she was able to care about was the few people around her. Hell, she even felt bad for Desmea, and they had never gotten along. "C-Connor," she began, surprised that she was even able to form full words. Chewing on her bottom lip, she realized that it was the only thing she could say. There was nothing else to say. A sudden bright light blinded her suddenly, and it felt like forever had passed before she could see again, though it was probably less than a few seconds. After looking around at the others, and figuring out that they hadn't seen the light too, she shivered. What was going on?


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Luther 'Ace' Wilson

"How come you get to drive? I should be the one driving!"

"You don't even have a licence..."

"Your point?"

"His point is that you'd kiss us all as soon as you put your dirty hands on the wheel!"

With the temptation of pulling out the gun from under his seat and shooting them all in the head, constantly sounding like the best option, Luther's hands strained on the steering wheel. "Will all of you shut up?" Luther shighed, gently sliding the cat to a gentle stop. "This has nothing to do with our objective, so i suggest you all shut up, or you can get the fuck out of my car and take your sorry asses back home." He groaned, dragging a white cigarette out from his pocket, taking no time to light it.

"Psh, this car is horrible anyway.. Would better off taking the bus...Oh wait, the meteor got rid of them...Better still.."

"What was that! I dare you to say that again."

"Look, where's that light coming from?" The detective lauched forward out of his seat, pointing his lanky finger directly straight ahead.

The car became silent as the engine turned off. Each and every one of them within the car had their eyes glued to the sight that was before them. Along the border of the city, stood the teens. One after another, showing signs of pain as multiple colours radiated from their bodies.
"Well would you look at that.." Trailing off from his own sentance, Luther wined the window down to allow the lingering smoke out of the car. "So this is what the meteor has given them?" Gradually taking another puff of his pleasure stick, Luther put his legs on top of the steering wheel, watching their movements carefully. Raising an eyebrow, Luther found his voice again. "One of them knows that we're here."
"How do you know, huh?" A detective questioned, staring at Luther. "Look at them, their homes...Are nothing but rubble and dust..I hardly think that they'd have any time to wonder what the hell is behind them."
"Not to mention that they have no idea what side effect that the meteor might have on them." Another cut in, taking her ipad out of it's case. "This is beyond paranormal."

"Yes but neither do we, yet we have to realise that this is all reality, and we must act before they realise that...Or slip into the public eye, for that matter." Luther pondered, throwing his cigarette out of the window, allowing it to burn out. "Sooner or later they're going to start wondering around, i'm pretty sure that at least one of them will suggest that finding the meteorite, would be the most acceptable idea."
"So what's our next move?" She questioned, glancing up from the ipad.

There was a breif silence, before Luther spoke once more.
"We find the meteorite before they do."

The engine of the car sprung into ignition.


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Jay 'Blah' Beatson

Jay chuckled at Caroline's little comment, imagining the state that it would be in now. Come to think of it, would it even be standing now? Such an expensive building, reduced to rubble in a matter of seconds...Would that be considered as a waste of money? These useless thoughts buzzed around in Jay's head, who was currently fighting the temptation to let out another word. Wiping the dust, that had found itself on his face, with his sleeve, Jay decided that it would be wise to also step over the border. Yet why did it seem so much more than the seperation of two cities? As his trainer stepped over the invisible line his heart rate increased, as if he was facing death right into it's pictureless eyes.

Shuddering, Jay convinced himself to walk a little further until he was a few feet away from the group. The scent of destruction and flames hung in the air, with no sign of any life anywhere, there was no surprise to the fact that the only thing that could be heard, were the voices of the others and a distant car engine. "I don't like this feeling.. Whispering to himself, Jay looked down at his hands once more, which still possessed a faint tint of green, and gritted his teeth. His body was trying to tell him something, like he was missing something...But what? Looking back at the others and waving slightly to gain their attention, Jay found his words once more and started to project them with little effort.

"Well are we going to stand here all day? I want to..." He trailed off, and sighed deeply noticing that there was no home to return to, or no family. Yet he wasn't crying.

The city was never this quiet. It was never this empty. It seemed as if he had stepped right into abormality and there was no way out, no signs of anything going back to normal and so, Jay was forced into surrendering to the harsh reality that was now. There was no point of moping about his losses, or the fact that he'd probably have no one else other than his group of friends, the thought of them strangely made him feel warm inside. A feeling that he liked. "Okay positives, think positives...Well i guess there will be no more babysitting...No more worrying about what others think of me? Nah..Everyone will have their opinions...But wait, everyone is dead? Okay. That isn't a positive...But still- Wait, what's that?"

A glow pulsed in the distance, from where it seemed to be around the area that Danielle lived. It wasn't the sun, because that was still rising, it was something else...And his body felt attracted to it. No, going to it will only be something even weirder..Like an ailen or something...Aha! Imagine that. An alien, roaming around the city...'We come in peace' 'Take us to your leader'...Now that would make my day. Just as much as his mouth loved to babble, his mind loved creating weird scenarios, which only helped his spirits. Jay knew that going to the light would probably be dangerous, but...He could never know until he found out.

Ensured that the others would probably follow, Jay's casual steps had now turned into a rushed dash towards the pulsing light, jumping over collapsed structures and vehicles, only showing no signs of slowing down. He needed to find out what that light was.