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Peter Philips IV

"If you win the rat race, if you come in first place, then a rat is all you'll be."

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a character in “Don't Starve”, as played by Youngblood Prince





"Come on; come up, while we're still young."

"Of all this uninvited altruism..."

{Full Name:}
"A tad bit of a mouthful to be honest with you."
Peter Ambrose Olivier Philips IV
{Birth Date:}
"Almost winter."
October 1st, 1969
"Old enough, at least, to know my way around."
"Not really an issue at the moment, eh?"

"Why don't you say what you mean?"

Depending on the season and amount of sun he's seen, Pete is blonde, light brunette, or dark brunette. He has blue eyes and the classic 'blue eyed blonde' beauty about him, but he isn't all that well muscled, as prior to the Insanity, he spent little time doing physical activities besides chopping wood for his cabin.
Reclusive, Peter's body language tends to be a little blocky and difficult to read. He's very good at forcing smiles, but beyond that he's often left with little ability to modulate expression. He has no tattoos or birthmarks, but does have a scar down his jaw on the left side about midway between his chin and ear.
Previously often found in proper attire and with carefully done hair, Pete now lets his hair stay messy and he lets his beard grow into stubble at least, although he's managed to fashion a razor with flint and such.

"All these homemade weapons you are fashioning are hellbent on doing us both in."

"Home, eh?"
London, 1990

Hunger: 200 | Health: 175 | Sanity: 150

Three(3) live, trapped rabbits | four(4) units of berries | four(4) units of seeds | a(1) carrot | a)1) fleshy bulb | a(1) backpack | an(1) axe | four(4) rabbit traps (set) | grass | twigs | one stack(20) logs | two(2) chests | one(1) bedroll | one(1) razor | one(1) firepit | one half stack(20) rocks | one(1) trinket from home

"Beautifully mutilated; insanely antiquated"

After twenty days in the Insanity, Peter's cracks are showing a lot more than they used to when he was back home. The instability in his mental state is an exposed nerve. He's become more compulsive in his actions, and much more desperate since becoming a survivor of the Insanity; most things are simply a thin veneer over the fear and desperation which goes into survival. A lot of his brain has simply turned off in favor of continued life.

Peter was always quiet, and this has only magnified in his current situation. That said, Peter often can be found talking to himself or inanimate objects just to have something to do with himself while he's mindlessly gathering or crafting something. When around people, however, Peter avoids eye contact and furthermore usually avoids extended interaction unless his survival or benefit can be reached by interaction. In most cases, Peter tries to be forgettable. He's made a life for himself in slipping through the cracks and continues to do so in the Insanity as best he can.

Terrified of both large bodies of water and extreme heights, Peter finds no comfort in the steep cliffs down to the ocean which he's often forced to be too close to while gathering. He's an anxious person, often fidgetty and almost never still. He worries too much and is an elaborate planner of everything he does. It's unheard of for Peter to talk without first thinking unless he's entirely alone. He tries to be overly polite and is rather soft and well spoken when given a chance.

While not necessarily shy, Peter tends to be the last person in a group to speak up or open up to people and tries to go unnoticed most of the time. From this, he's gained a certain skill with stealth and subtlety, although his blatant social inabilities still often get in the way of the latter.

"Let's begin at the beginning; let us revisit the past."

"Let's not and say we did, shall we?"
Deceased, most likely. Entirely unknown.

{Friends & Lovers:}
"What do you take me for?"
None at present.

{Known Languages:}
"I'm not the educated type."

The exact circumstances of Peter's birth are entirely unclear. His precise birth date is a mystery; the one listed with the authorities is largely speculation, and his name may as well be a mystery; upon research later in life, Peter could never find a Peter Philips I, II, or III anywhere even remotely close to where he was born. What is known is that he was born somewhere close to Munich, Germany, and was thereafter abandoned in a milk box belonging to the sheriff in his town, who discovered him only days before retiring to London. He was left with a card stating his full name and 'munich', and nothing more.

After the sheriff relocated Peter, he left him in a group home in a small town outside of London with some twelve other young children at the time. This is where Peter grew up, learning first and foremost to be polite and quiet, and that hard work would have to go into his life if he was to make anything of it. From this, Peter developed his mindless work ethic, and also his independence. When he was very young he ventured into the attic and taught himself to read from an old bible he found up there, and further, an almanac he found underneath it.

Peter was enchanted with wood working and painting from a young age alongside his voracious talent for reading books like he needed to do so in order to breathe. He spent many years in his youth at the carpenter's simply watching what the carpenter did and began assisting in the shop when he was ten, although he did very little and made no money. Upon turning sixteen, Peter was informed by his group home that he was free to leave and do as he liked. Or, more properly, he was told to get out.

From there, Peter immediately left town. He set off into the woods to find himself a small corner of the world where he wouldn't have to interact with people often. He succeeded, finding an old logger's cabin half a day's hike from town, and renovating it in a few short months. He spent much of his time in the cabin wood working and painting, and brought both goods to town whenever he returned for supplies or more books once he'd run out. He lived in his cabin five years before the voice started speaking to him through the clunky little radio he kept on while working, explaining that there was something he could create more amazing and awe-worthy than anything he'd ever created before, and that if he complied to do so, he could find more knowledge than he'd ever known existed. Of course, building the door and painting it into the wall was only the beginning of the fight for his life that Peter would, upon its completion, be drug into by the dark hands.

"You don't owe them anything."

Survivor #1
To know if there are others, and learn about the dark man. He'd like to attempt to understand the Insanity, at least in the vague sense. More pressing, though, is simply a goal for survival.
None official.
{FC: Hunter Parrish || HEX: #4D8BBA}

"Let's wash our hands of everything."

So begins...

Peter Philips IV's Story