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Tia Hinderson

0 · 82 views · located in Blakewood High

a character in “Dont Trust What You See”, as played by Mousie


  1. Name:Tia Hinderson
  2. Age:17
  3. What are you: Werewolf
  4. Description/pic: ... 1246127181
  5. Long brown hair and mocha eyes with an orange twist Tia's a beaut with pale skin in the winter and tanned in the summer. You'll usually see her with that darn fur hat on her head but you love her for it. She has two piercings but removes the nose piercing regularly. She's a fair sized thing standing at 5'4 with tiny size 4 feet which couldnt contrast more to her wolf form!
  6. Personality: Tia's a funny girl and wouldn't aim to hurt a soul. With a heart of gold she's not the baby of the group she could stand her own ground just prefers to keep a cool head. Tia's mature just small. Though she wouldnt aim to hurt a soul when in her wolf form animal instinct gets the better of anyone and she could settle you with a rather dramatic beating! This is why if ever she shifts she gets as far away from anyone else as she can for their own benifit. Never has she shifted near her friends. Its why keeping a heart on her sleeve is prohibited. (will add)
  7. Gender: Girl 1
  8. Height: 5'4
  9. Weight: 86Ibs
  10. Usual Attire: She usually wears baggy knitwear/ jumpers with leggings or bare legs and flats/ heels. Her underwear whether it be lacy or for comfort will always be in the form of female boxers. To bed she'll wear a large of the shoulder t-shirt and little bed shorts.
  11. Gifts: She's a werewolf. She has a heightened sense of smell, seeing and hearing though she swears she partially deaf from her ipod. Everything else is captured within her wolf form i.e strength and speed.
  12. Likes: She loves bannanas on toast!
  13. Hot coffee..
  14. Cold tea..
  15. ..three sugars in both.
  16. She likes the sensation of looking good.
  17. Affection.
  18. Helping out her friends as best she can.
  19. Buscuits!
  20. Dislikes: Haters.
  21. Those who purposely try and irritate her.
  22. Pervs.
  23. Those who hide the buscuits from her ¬¬
  24. Sexual preferance: Men!
  25. Username: Mousie
  26. Werewolf image :) ... 9d0909.jpg

So begins...

Tia Hinderson's Story